Wayward Son (2020)

Wayward Son K. Renee Wayward Son Collette Kindrick is running On her anniversary she caught her boyfriend sleeping with someone else Heartbroken she packs just enough to get by and runs to the city that never sleeps A chance encoun
  • Title: Wayward Son
  • Author: K. Renee
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  • Page: 352
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Wayward Son K. Renee Collette Kindrick is running On her anniversary, she caught her boyfriend sleeping with someone else Heartbroken, she packs just enough to get by and runs to the city that never sleeps A chance encounter brings her into Dominic s path and she falls head over heels for the biker Dominic Davoli has had his life planned out since he was born He is destined to be the nextCollette Kindrick is running On her anniversary, she caught her boyfriend sleeping with someone else Heartbroken, she packs just enough to get by and runs to the city that never sleeps A chance encounter brings her into Dominic s path and she falls head over heels for the biker Dominic Davoli has had his life planned out since he was born He is destined to be the next Wayward Saints president Meeting Coley was never part of his plan, but, once he s had her, he can t let go.One wrong move lands Dom in jail, threatening everything he is trying to hold on to.Will their differences tear them apart, or will Dom claim Coley as his ole lady and keep her in Vegas with him
Wayward Son K. Renee

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    352 K. Renee
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One thought on “Wayward Son

  1. Paige

    4.5 Devoted StarsWayward Son is the fourth book in the Wayward Saints MC series It follows the family of the president of the MC Wayward Son is about Dom, the oldest son and next Wayward Saints President of the current MC President After watching his sister and two MC brothers find the love of their lives, it s finally his turn IMO, this is the K Renee at her best and this is her best work to date and that s saying something because I loved Wayward Angel The story was well told and I adored Dom [...]

  2. Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)

    What you find when you aren t lookingI love the Wayward Saints MC family With the president having so many kids, there s lots of room for growth I really enjoy spending time with my favorite characters in each book as they remain part of the ongoing story Wayward Son focuses on Dominic, who is the oldest son He is in line to become president when his father decides to step down, so his load is heavy He has no intention of spending than one night with any woman A relationship is the last thing i [...]

  3. Smut Hut

    Dominic is one hot sexy biker He totally deserves happiness and one night he may have found it in a women who was running away from her past.Colette also known as Coley is such a sweet women who left her now ex boyfriend after she caught him having sex with another women She ran away only to run into some bikers at a barG I loved this story Who wouldn t love Dom and Coley Their love story is so sweet and happens so fast I wish it didn t end and kept going I want to know about the club in Califo [...]

  4. michelleShelly

    With every book in this series I think this one is my favorite, well this one IS my favorite I love That Coley has spunk on one hand and the other she has a huge heart And Dom He gets my heart beating and wanting me to look for my own biker Wayward Son has a great story line and the writing is fantastic Just like the other books in this series, it has everything your looking for in a MC book I absolutely loved it

  5. Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

    Wayward Son Wayward Saints 4 by K.Renee is the next book in this series You could read this as a standalone but, as I have stated after reading each of the previous books, I don t recommend it because the storylines do interact overlap with each other and the best way to enjoy this series would be to start at the beginning This story focuses on Dom, Anslie s brother and Cason s son and Collette Coley Wow, I am not sure where to begin with their story For me the story started off good and then BA [...]

  6. JB's Book Obsession - Jennifer

    Collette Kindrick catches her boyfriend cheating on her and she decides to run for the hills Heart broken and alone she finds herself in Vegas Just when she is at her lowest fate brings Dominic Davoli into her life He is a sexy biker, just the kind of complication Collette doesn t need in her life But she can t resist his charming smile He makes her feel beautiful and wanted two things she has never felt.Dominick is destined to be the next president of the Wayward Saints MC His father is gearing [...]

  7. Tiffany Readz

    3.5 Stars Hmmmmmm while really liking Cason s story in book three, I am again not a huge fan of Dom s story One thing I really like about all of the Wayward Saints series is that every book mentions all characters While focusing on certain couples per book, we are still involved with each family member as well This review may spoil earlier books in the series So far each of the Wayward Saints have been single and mingling with club whores since they were in their teens, the dad included As soon [...]

  8. Diary of a Book Addict

    Wayward Son is the fourth book in the Wayward Saint s series and focuses on Dominic Dom Davoli and Collette Coley Kindrick.Dom is the oldest son of the Wayward Saint MC and next in line for the gavel He s a man whore who has never envisioned himself with an ole lady or family but all of his plans go out of the window when Coley walks into the Midnight Tavern bar Coley is not like any of the girls Dom has ever been with before and he wants to make her his.After discovering her fianc screwing some [...]

  9. Vera Quinn

    Dom is wickedly sexy Wayward Son Colely Kenderick is trying to run from a life she wants to leave behind After seeing her dreams destroyed in front of her she packs her bag and just drives She ends up in Sin City before she knows it Now she needs to put her cheating ex behind her and move on Then she walks into a bar and again her life is turned upside down by the sexiest man she has ever seen Dom Davoli is the next in line to run the Wayward Saints MC He loves his blood family and his MC family [...]

  10. Wednesday Stanley

    I feel like besides Cason s book, that Dom s book is the one I have been looking most forward to in this series I will say this before you read this book, some of this story takes place before Wayward Beginning So you maybe a little confused if you haven t read that or any of the other books I love Dom, have loved him from the beginning of the series He s been the older mysterious brother that we have seen pieces of throughout the series But just haven t really gotten to know yet You can tell ho [...]

  11. Donna

    I absolutely love the characters in K Renee s books and Dom and Colette are no different Colette is a strong female character who will not let a man walk all over her Dom is, well, a sexy, alpha bad boy biker with a huge heart They fall in love instantaneously, which I m not a huge fan of, but let s face it, I read fiction for a reason so I ll embrace it The book has drama galore and we get peeks into the lives of characters from past books, all a plus I must say, I think this is my favorite boo [...]

  12. Trisha

    Collette has a douche as a boyfriend, Danny She walks in on him and someone else together on their 2 year anniversary She leaves and ends up in Las Vegas She ends up at a bar and runs into muscle She then meets Anslie and she invites Coley to sit with her and the Wayward Saints She meets them all and is instantly attracted to Dom A while later they end up at her hotel Dom says you know it should feel like that every time darlin If not, then I m not doing my job That is the moment she realizes Da [...]

  13. Sassy Southern

    Wayward Son is book 4 in the Wayward Saints Series, I loved this book Dominic is not looking for love but when Collette walks into the bar that night Dom has everything planned out and doesn t need the distraction of a woman like Collette if he wants to become the next MC president Collette leaves her home and finds herself in Las Vegas and wants nothing to do with men She came home and found her boyfriend was sleeping with someone very close to her What she didn t expect is how fast she would [...]

  14. Miahnstef

    This book is nothing short of 5 stars Coley after catching her cheating ex screwing a woman she knew had to get out of Texas She packed her stuff and drove to Vegas after a long exhausting trip in than one way decides she needs a drink and decides to walk in this Tavern down the street Seeing all the bikes and the run down tavern was a bit intimidating until she walks in seeing the hottest guys she s ever seen Dominic son of the prez, wasn t looking for an old lady when he saw Coley for the fir [...]

  15. Chianti Summers

    Received an ARC for an honest review K Renee gives us a fantastic hot read that the characters work well together Coley is a young woman that deserves so much than what she has received Dom is sexy as sin and an alpha that is hot as hell Coley and Dom meet by chance and they have an attraction that cannot be denied A little twist and a little turn keeps you going with this read The conversations between Dom and Coley have meaning to them than words Will Coley be able to accept all of Dom Will [...]

  16. She Hearts Books

    Collette and Dominic meet when they least expect it She is escaping a relationship after finding her man with another woman He has plans that didn t include her Neither can deny the attraction they have for each other and fall head over heels They come up against a few unexpected bumps along the way including him getting arrested and put in jail I loved that they had an insta love that was so solid that they could weather some storms so early They are scorching hot, but also have that swoon wort [...]

  17. Meaghan Royce- Love Infinity Book Blog

    I love all of K Renee s books Although, I still love Brantley the most, Dom is one hot biker I love that he s all big and tough, but falls for Coley so intensely They definitely have their own problems in this book, but overcome them with loyalty and love This book definitely leaves you with questions as the end but this isn t a bad thing I love that all the characters stories weave together and that we get to see them all in the different books I love this series and can t wait to read

  18. Catherine

    I read this book three days ago and can barely remember it I know I ended up skipping through so basically it s a DNF Some people don t rate books they DNF but if a book can t hold my interest I have no problem giving it a 1 So, it didn t hold my attention, I didn t feel anything for the lead characters and the storyline wasn t particularly original The writing wasn t terrible, but again, didn t exactly have me panting.

  19. Roz Ward

    Holy smokes Pure hotness Coley is so sweet and deserves so much than Danny Dom is as hot as they come He s so alpha it s scarily sexy There s some typo s and some parts of the writing is a little choppy but it doesn t distract from the story at all and I found myself ignoring the world so I could read on, I couldn t get enough It was great seeing of Anslie and Brant as well Axle is cute as hell Intrigued as to who the mother is and why that tramp had him

  20. Lynette

    Insta love can be cheesy as hell but for this book it just works.Dom H An alpha male with chicks of all kinds at his beck and call Dom sees something different in Colette Colette h Running as far away as possible from a cheating ex, she ends up in the same town as Dom They fall for each other fast and hard Can t wait for the next book

  21. Darla

    Seriously loved this series since book one there s no stopping my love now Brantley has always been my favorite but holy wow is Dominic so completely sharing that top spot with him Dom Coley are absolutely perfect for each other Can t wait for .

  22. Nicole

    Plenty of hot scenes but no real depth to the plot to sustain this VERY fast relationship The heroine was the usual i barely speak but i m extremely interesting I liked the idea of this couple and there were some cute scenes.

  23. Jos

    2.5 3 Stars, Ehhhhh somewhat disappointing I did enjoy catching up with the previous characters but this couple was a bit immature and disappointing

  24. Lanetteh36

    Great bookLove this series, it has just enough of sex and trouble in it to make it a great book I would recommend it to anyone

  25. Melissa Reader

    OMG best story ever Dominic and Collette have such a great and fast love story I couldn t put it down I need book 5 sooner rather than later though

  26. Jordan

    I liked the book but I personally thought it moved a bit too fast As soon as she got to Vegas she immediately became best friends with Anslie I mean literally, as soon as she walks into the bar Anslie is already saying she really likes her when the have barely said two words to each other Not only this, but within less than 2 hours of knowing Anslie she was already talking about Dom Besides that though I quite enjoyed the book.

  27. Charlotte Isaac

    This is fourth book in series And it just gets better and better as you go through the series This story is Dominic s and Coley story.I love them both, even though it s fast pace you can tell how much their feelings are true.I love how Coley stands by her man through thick and thin.I love how Dominic, changes his ways but also stays true to himself.I can t wait to read .

  28. Monique

    Loved itI love this series Every time I read one of these books I can t put it down until I finish it I finished reading this book within a day One of my favorite MC series, has a lot of romance and very hot sexy scenes and of course hot bikers.

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