The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories (2020)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories F. Scott Fitzgerald The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Other Stories What happens when a man lives his life backwards or a family owns a diamond as big as the Ritz Hotel How can a boring girl become popular a careless young woman become sensible or a cut glass bowl
  • Title: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories
  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • ISBN: 9780194610018
  • Page: 373
  • Format: None
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories F. Scott Fitzgerald What happens when a man lives his life backwards, or a family owns a diamond as big as the Ritz Hotel How can a boring girl become popular, a careless young woman become sensible, or a cut glass bowl destroy a married woman s life What does a young man do to save the girl that he likes from an evil ghost, or to forget old feelings for a woman when she marries anoWhat happens when a man lives his life backwards, or a family owns a diamond as big as the Ritz Hotel How can a boring girl become popular, a careless young woman become sensible, or a cut glass bowl destroy a married woman s life What does a young man do to save the girl that he likes from an evil ghost, or to forget old feelings for a woman when she marries another man Read this collection of short stories by one of America s finest storytellers to find out.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories F. Scott Fitzgerald

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One thought on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & Other Stories

  1. Elaine

    I didn t like this short story Maybe I was expecting because the concept has so much promise But it was short, sad, and I could not willingly suspend my disbelief regarding how people reacted to Benjamin, from the doctors in the beginning to his very own family throughout I also found it a little bit difficult to believe how Benjamin reacted in turn, as well It read like a synopsis than a story Fitzgerald doesn t explore any of Benjamin s relationships it s like a play by play of each decade [...]

  2. Cristina Daranuța

    E ti exact la v rsta cea mai romantic , continu ea Cincizeci de ani Dou zeci i cinci e prea cinic i sofisticat treizeci e numai bun pentru paloarea excesului de munc patruzeci e v rsta pove tilor lungi, care dureaz c t un trabuc fumat n ntregime aizeci e ah, aizeci e prea aproape de aptezeci dar cincizeci e cu adev rat floarea v rstei O ador Mintea lui ajunsese acea splendid tabula rasa care r m ne uneori n urma educa iei universitare

  3. Amber

    The Offshore Pirate This was ultimately my favorite short story of the book The story is about Ardita a snobbish young woman who believes she can do whatever she pleases Ardita is a great character and her attitude towards everyone made me giggle, it was just so entertaining on how she treats everyone She throws a half eaten lemon at her own uncle, rude and childish but funny as hell The story actually begins on Ardita s uncle s ship, she is suppose to head to shore and meet the man she is to ma [...]

  4. Mary Overton

    I read the title story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, being curious myself about how it inspired the 2008 movie of the same name A mediocre film based on a great premise a person aging backward The story was first collected in TALES OF THE JAZZ AGE, 1922, with the following note by Fitzgerald This story was inspired by a remark of Mark Twain s to the effect that it was a pity that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst part at the end By trying the experiment upon only [...]

  5. Janet

    If you re thinking about reading this because you loved the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , you may be disappointed There are very few similarities with the story and movie but if you like me are a fan of F Scott Fitzgerald s writing, you will enjoy these stories Benjamin Button is a very minor part of them This is quite a varied collection The Jazz Age and Flapper Stories have their highs and lows yet I appreciated the historical perspective that the stories gave me The reader needs [...]

  6. Djrmel

    audiobook read by Grover Gardiner I d like to be positive about these stories, but as the collection progressed, a single, sad thought kept coming to my mind Fitzgerald really was a one hit wonder That might be unfair, in that these stories are his early works, but they were published, so they do stand as a part of his body of work The titled story is pretty good, especially in concept And the arc of the main character gives an interesting look at what would happen if we really were mature whe [...]

  7. Melissa Rochelle

    I never loved The Great Gatsby in high schoolI seem to recall thinking Gatsby was a buttface and Daisy was an idiot Maybe I should read it again, because I really enjoyed this collection of short stories Yes, there were some I didn t like, but my favorites than make up for those that I didn t like Bernice Bobs Her Hair warrants a second reading, Marjorie deserved what she got in the end Justice for the unfavored girl Head Shoulders autifully bitter ending take on O.Henry s The gift The Curious [...]

  8. Jenny

    This is F Scott Fitzgerald Of course, I loved it I would have given it five stars, but stories like Tarquin of Cheapside and Jemina make that impossible Still, it s a good collection of Fitzgerald s Jazz Age stories Off the top of my head, my favorite stories are May Day, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, The Lees of Happiness, The Ice Palace, The Cut Glass Bowl, Head and Shoulders, Off Shore Pirate, and Four Fists I m sure there are that I really liked, but again, I m doing this off the top of my head, n [...]

  9. Siobhan

    I had been planning to read The Great Gatsby for years and picked up a copy when I was browsing a soon to close local Borders This book was next to it, so I scooped up a copy of this as well I m probably the last person on the planet to fall in love with F Scott Fitzgerald What a writer His sentences are so finely crafted and the stories are jewels to treasure He so captures the era in which he wrote at least as far as I can tell 0

  10. Elisha

    The Jelly Bean 1.5 starsThis was my least favourite short story in the whole collection, which was pretty worrying considering that I read this one first It didn t really appeal to me at all I m awarding it an extra 0.5 star because I did like the character of Nancy, I just didn t like her storyline or anyone s storyline for that matter This was a poor story in my opinion and it s a real shame that it s the first one in the anthology After reading this one, I must admit that I dreaded the other [...]

  11. Grant

    Sadly I dropped it in the bath with me last night, it immediately swelled to the size of a loaf of bread I only got to May Day Which means I have not read the famous Diamond As Big As the Ritz, nor the titular Benjamin Button Ah well, it was got for just a dollar from the Salvation Army and I didn t mind that I was slowly ruining it in the bath Save that, normally I can get to the end of a book before it comes apart in my hands Second book I ve dropped in the bath, which is not bad, considering [...]

  12. Kristin

    Disclaimer This review rating is specifically for the short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button If you are looking for a review of the entire book then others perhaps will be helpful.I really liked the movie version of this story and it s what drew me to this as I m sure most people can attest to as well Cate Blanchett is other worldly and I loved the deep narrative of life, love, and in between However, this story is so far removed from the movie that the only similarity it bears is the [...]

  13. Thom Swennes

    A circle is a line curved to infinity Often life is described as a circle one is born, grows up, hopefully falls in love, has children, grows old, mourns and then dies only to repeat this in another dimension What a truly beautiful thought Who can find fault with this It is simple Now, change the direction of this circle of life That is what F Scot Fitzgerald did in his amazing story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Mr and Mrs Roger Button have a baby That doesn t sound, in itself particularl [...]

  14. Kristi

    I thought Fitzgerald s writing was clever and imaginative and moving and vivid I also think he s a very sad, disillusioned, jaded, unhappy man The only other Fitzgerald book I ve read was The Great Gatsby, but this mix of short stories confirms what I suspected about him His world view seems to be that anything that appears to be good is merely a fa ade over a darker truth, and that the only purpose of a relationship is to get something out of it Every single woman he portrayed was either an old [...]

  15. Katie R. Herring

    As a whole, this collection of short stories is okay Individually though, some of these stories are phenomenal My favorites were The Offshore Pirate,Head and Shoulders,Bernice Bobs Her Hair,The Four Fists,Porcelain and Pink,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,And The Lees of Happiness.I would definitely recommend this collection, but beware, this tale of Benjamin Button is quite different from the movie The ploy is still the same, though A man aging backwards.F Scott, I am happy to say, is still [...]

  16. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    There seems to be a number of versions of this book, all with different selections The one I read contained the following stories, all of which I had read previously in other publications 1 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button This was one of my two favorites Interesting and funny story about backwards aging 2 Babylon Revisited My other favorite Really captures an era and the sad consequences of self indulgence 3 Three Hours Between Planes4 The Bridal Party5 The Lost Decade 3.5 stars overall, bec [...]

  17. Bellezza

    For once, the film outdid the short story A bizarre tale, which seems to me to cleverly mock adult expectations for their children specifically and life generally It varies greatly from the movie one possiblity could be that the book was about 50 pages long whereas the film added all kinds of bits to add up to almost three hours The two are quite dissimilar, in fact, and I was disappointed in reading this knowing that F Scott Fitzgeral was its author.

  18. Martin

    Enjoying this book so far, I forgot how much I used to enjoy Fitzgerald s stories, it has been a long time since I read him But I really brought the book to read Benjamin Button, I loved the movie but it was a real stretch from the short story.It was breath taking, there was an emotional connection that made you keep reading until the last page It s a beautiful story that can make you giggle or cry, but it s worth every last tear.

  19. Karla

    The only story that truly interested me was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button I read a few of the others but they seemed to end without ever stating a plot I realize that they are short stories, but they seemed like UNFINISHED stories to me.

  20. Jessika

    Like others who reviewed this edition, the stories were great but the editing was terrible Actually bad enough to be distracting.

  21. Brianna

    Youth in this jazz nourished generation is temperamentally restless Wow Where do I start I m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this book I ve read Great Gatsby and fell in love with Fitzgerald s writing style and vivid characters, but felt unsatisfied with the length of the novel and some of its pretensions Getting on my hands on a book of his short stories and plays worked out perfectly Having read them now, I can see his short stories is where he really thrives Maybe Great Gatsby [...]

  22. Olea

    Ca mul i, probabil, am c utat cartea dup ce am v zut filmul, ca s cunosc sursa acestuia Sar n ochi diferen ele mai nt i de dimensiune, filmul pare s se fi bazat pe un roman, at t este de amplu i de populat, pe c nd povestirea este scurt anii trec repede n toate povestirile acestea de tinere e ale lui Fitzgerald O deosebire major filmul e patetic, uman, povestirea este foarte seac , nemiloas n povestire, anturajul personajului este agasat de evolu ia lui, i repro eaz inten ia, capriciul, i cere s [...]

  23. Jim

    The audiobook includes 4 short stories, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons , The Diamond as Big as The Ritz , Tarquin of Cheapside , and O Russet Witch Only the like bookends, only the first and last story are interesting, and I had to restart O Russet Witch because I was completely so bored by Tarquin of Cheapside , that I still have no idea what that story was even about and didn t realize that a new story had begun What s apparent in this collection is the rampant racism of the day, that ev [...]

  24. Noha

    To these two life had come quickly and gone, leaving no bitterness, but pity not disillusion, but only pain There was already enough moonlight when they shook hands for each to see the gathered kindness in the other s eyes I love Fitzgerald s style and choice of words but I never thought I d enjoy this book this much since short stories aren t generally my favorite.This is by far the best collection of short stories I ve ever read.You ll find everything in this book Happiness and pain and fantas [...]

  25. Kristen Coffin

    This unlikely story begins on a sea that was a blue dream, as colorful as blue silk stockings, and beneath a sky as blue as the irises of children s eyes from The Offshore Pirate To be honest I really thought that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was an actual book since the movie was so in depth I was surprised to find out it was just a short story.This collection is really diverse, lots of stories but my favorite wasn t Benjamin Button the reason I had bought the collection in the first pla [...]

  26. Jerilyn

    Full disclosure I checked out this collection only because I ve been meaning to read Benjamin Button since the movie came out a few years ago No, I did not see the movie Such an intriguing concept for a story Peculiar Not at all believable, of course Whatever made Fitzgerald think about this idea He nearly ignores the mother I mean really, the old man didn t fit in a crib in the hospital, so how was he born Physically, how

  27. Tabitha

    This was good but also very strange I thought each was purposefully confusing, with the strangest being Tarquin of Cheapside I reread Tarquin probably 6 times and then read a lit major s explanation and still felt like, huh None of the characters was particularly relatable for me but I don t think that was his goal I suspect his goal was to surprise and confoundmission accomplished.

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