Wrong Number, Right Guy (2020)

Wrong Number, Right Guy Elle Casey Wrong Number Right Guy When a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans she knows something is very wrong Her sister has sent out an SOS but when May gets there she s nowhere to be
  • Title: Wrong Number, Right Guy
  • Author: Elle Casey
  • ISBN: 9781503947450
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
Wrong Number, Right Guy Elle Casey When a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans, she knows something is very wrong Her sister has sent out an SOS, but when May gets there, she s nowhere to be found and May is the one in trouble she s wearing pink espadrilles, she s got a Chihuahua in her purse, and she s in the middle of a shootout.After tall, muscular Ozzie comeWhen a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans, she knows something is very wrong Her sister has sent out an SOS, but when May gets there, she s nowhere to be found and May is the one in trouble she s wearing pink espadrilles, she s got a Chihuahua in her purse, and she s in the middle of a shootout.After tall, muscular Ozzie comes to her rescue, May has no choice but to follow him to safety At the headquarters of his private security firm, the Bourbon Street Boys, she finds a refuge for the night and the offer of a job But it s not long before a gun toting stalker isn t the only complication in May s life the time she spends with Ozzie, the less she can deny that they ve got some serious chemistry A wrong number got her into this mess Will it also get her the right guy
Wrong Number, Right Guy Elle Casey

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    424 Elle Casey
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One thought on “Wrong Number, Right Guy

  1. Candace

    I picked up this Audible book, under my Kindle Unlimited membership, some time ago It was in the I ll get to it eventually category, with no particular rush I hadn t heard much about it and I didn t have any expectations It was a nice surprise to find a funny, cute story with endearing characters.May, the heroine, was a riot With her pint sized dog, Felix, in tow, she was a force to be reckoned with Her constant misadventures and humorous antics kept me laughing all the way through this story.Wh [...]

  2. Lisa

    4 Little Bo Peep Stars Muscles, muscles, hard butts and pecs,Why must I keep my libido in check Wrong Number, Right Guy is the first book in Elle Casey s new series entitled The Bourbon Street Boys I am a big fan of this author and her versatile writing style This book turned out to be a fun read with a great blend of action, humour, romance and sexy times.Twenty nine year old May Wexler is a single, play it safe, freelance wedding and portrait photographer When she receives a text from someone [...]

  3. Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    My friend Kelly is on a smexy times reading kick this last week Something about her anniversary happening and not wanting to spend any money she makes do with the smut o ramaI m sure her husband is smiling about right now.She suggested I go ahead and get off my ass and read this one with her.My dog Zoe found out there was some Chihuahua action going on in this book and her ears perked up The story starts out with May getting some text messages from what she thinks is her sister s new phone Her s [...]

  4. Jennifer Kyle

    DNF 77%I really hate to DNF an Elle Casey book because I have read several books by her and they have been hits However, this one was sadly a full blown miss for me In fact, by the halfway point, I was forcing myself to keep going and skimmed as far as I got reluctantly I loved the start of the story and the cover I loved that both hero and heroine dogs were instrumental throughout because they were so very cute The heroine s sister was really likable character as well but the heroine was annoyi [...]

  5. Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Wrong Number, Right Guy is book one in the Bourbon Street Boys series by Elle Casey This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley, Montlake Publishing and Elle Casey I sadly have to inform all of my former book boyfriends to move over, there is a new book boyfriend in town, and his name is Ozzie This book was perfection It was hilariously funny, sexy, sweet, and just wonderful.Oh to describe May Bo Peep Wexler She is a photographer but to survive, she is f [...]

  6. Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    3 Mister Crazy Mountain Man Grizzly Bear Person Stars Yeah Right Here, Mister Crazy Mountain Man Grizzly Bear Person, why don t you come on over to my house and murder me in my living room That sounds like fun Wrong Number, Right Guy, the first book for The Bourbon Street Boys Series, was just okay for me I love Elle Casey and I love her Shine Not Burn Series So when I seen this book on Netgalley I was so excited to get it, but sadly I couldn t stand the heroine of the book, May May drove me cra [...]

  7. Laura

    ARC kindly provided by Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you a lot What if I m too scared I ll ease your mind What if I m worried you ll break my heart I ll show you that you re crazy to think that Blurb When a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans, she knows something is very wrong Her sister has sent out an SOS, but when May gets there, she s nowhere to be found and May is the one in trouble she s wearing pink espadrille [...]

  8. Brandi

    DNF 46%I really wanted to like this one, but it just was not working for me The heroine was not the brightest crayon in the box, by far and the hero was meh May was annoyingly dense, and in no way seemed like a 29 year old woman and Oz didn t have much personality Unremarkable characters combined with a somewhat silly storyline, Wrong Number, Right Guy left me underwhelmed I ve enjoyed other work by this author, but unfortunately this one was a huge miss for me ARC provided by Netgalley in excha [...]

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Everyone I follow on GR all shelved this as a DNF so OF COURSE that means I m 5 Starring it Not even sorry I loved this stinking book and I m shouting it from the rooftops This time I even strong armed Shelby into buddy reading it and she liked it too proving once and for all that we do indeed read most everything incorrectly It all begins with self employed photographer May s sister and her broke ass phone At her wit s end with her three young kids and h [...]

  10. Celeste

    Full review now posted Original review can be found at Booknest.Do you have any idea how long it s been since I read a book that actually made me laugh out loud Me neither, but I know it s been a looooong time This is a book that never in a million years would ve popped up on my radar without the prodding of my mom She found this book will prowling the Kindle Unlimited store, and called me in near tears, she was laughing so hard She begged me to read it I decided to at least read the first chapt [...]

  11. Denisa

    Well now, it seems like miracles are possible.Normally, I hate idiots I DNF books after the first 10 pages if I just smell a character that is annoying the hell out of me So, I have to hand it to you Casey, you surprised me Think it s the first time that I actually liked an idiot No clue what you did or how you did it, but you made me curious enough to read this book and even liking it So why only 3 stars Well, the ending was cut short I finished this book and all I could think about was where a [...]

  12. Jen

    After reading several books from Elle Casey, I was excited to read her Bourbon Street Boys series Wrong Number, Right Guy is the first book of the series May Wexler is a freelance photographer She s close to her sister, Jen, and thinks nothing of it when she receives a text from an unknown number She just assumes it s her sister who was getting a new phone The text asks her to come to a bar in downtown New Orleans, so off May goes It turns out that the text was from a wrong number, but May didn [...]

  13. Michelle

    It s a wrap at 38% I loved other books by this author but this one not so much Jeez May is on my nerves She reminds me of OR I have no idea how she has a job and her own apartment She s 29 years old and she s so damn dingy I lmao at first but now I can t take it any longer It s no longer funny any I should of looked at other reviews before I started this one

  14. Kainat 《HUFFLEPUFF & PROUD》

    2.5 stars.Not the worst, but I ve definitely read better So our heroine calls the hero for the very first time A gruff voice answers This better be good, it says Are you the guy with the horrible beard I ask, my voice breathless and way too high Come again You re the Bourbon Street guy, right Well, I m the bimbo with the dog from the bar, who s not a bimbo by the way I need your help Again WTF IS THIS SHIT And why am I enjoying it so much

  15. PaigeBookdragon

    Yes Thank you, Jack my love This explains the book in one piece.I m not new to Elle Casey s writing I enjoyed her LOVE IN NEW YORK series and when I saw that Shelby and Kelly gave this one 5 stars each, I decided to abandon the books I was reading and read this little hottie instead.Muscles, muscles, hard butts and pecs,Why must I keep my libido in check Elle Casey is a writer who knows how to create a crazy heroine and a crazy scene I ve got a lot of laugh out loud moments in this book and the [...]

  16. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker

    Full Review I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.May s divorced sister has been a little on edge lately and when she receives a text from a number she doesn t recognize asking for reinforcements, May figures her sister has finally gotten a new phone The texts get increasingly stranger but May just worries that her sister s kids have finally sent her over the edge, so she hurries to rescue her from a [...]

  17. Shannon Moore

    Actual Rating 2.5 Stars Well, I liked Ozzie Does that count I do have a few problems with this story and I think they attribute to why I just couldn t get into it May was suppose to be a 29 year old freelance photographer, but I got no sense of any of this other than it being mentioned that she takes pictures Nothing about what she does, her equipment, her business or passion, nothing As for the maturity part, there were times I could ve confused May with a sixteen year old having a schoolyard c [...]

  18. Claire Robinson

    1 None of this makes a single bit of sense Star.DNF 38%Elle Casey is one of my top finds of 2015 after reading the Shine Not Burn series a couple of months ago I had absolutely no hesitation in grabbing Wrong Number, Right Guy from Netgalley, and no doubt I would love the bones of it like I did with the other books.Not so much sadly, it started out great, I was in fits of giggles with the predictive texting and I though I was onto another winner from the author But although it is well written an [...]

  19. Jayme

    Great potential, but lack of the great hero I have a hard time rating this book Just as I love do bookshelves tagging, here I do not know what to choose I m confused, so I decided not to rating it at all.The idea for the book was very refreshing You see, it starts insanely I do not know if it was a joke or what I was ready that she wakes up from a crazy dream at any time I could not believe it was actually happening, and foolishness heroine But after some time it was even funny and you can even [...]

  20. Carmen Rae

    So this turned up in my feeds a while ago and I added it to my TBR list as it was getting some solid star ratings and the blurb sounded interesting but sadly it slowly slipped down the pile and got over looked Until I saw the blurb for the second one and figured I had to read it So I immediately one clicked this and started it this morning.I thought I knew was I was in for I figured it was going to be an action packed suspense novel that was all about the shooting and trying to figure out who th [...]

  21. BookLover

    ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Publishing in exchange for a honest review.I ve read some mixed reviews of this book but I really enjoyed it I found the inner workings of May s mind to be hilarious, the unbelievable situations she found herself in ridiculously awesome and Ozzie a mixture of aloof sweetness and holy hotness.I loved the blend of danger, humour and romance More than that, May s inner dialogue kept the story light, even when seriousness was in play Her intera [...]

  22. Jasmine

    Actual rating 2.5 5 starsTo be honest, I think I don t get the point of this entire story most of the time while reading it I mean, I was eager to find out WHY WAS MAY the female mc FOLLOWED or TEXTED by a wrong number or TURNED OUT TO BE THE TARGET after that very first night in the bikers club all this time however, not until I flipped through the book was at about 97% of the book did I finally know the truth To my disappointment, the truth wasn t even fascinating or creative enough.As for the [...]

  23. Ashley Marie

    This was really cute, really funny, but was definitely not my favorite of the few Casey books I ve read I loved Oz, and I loved the team dynamic, but I never really jumped on the May train I found her to be kind of annoying, although, she did have her moments I laughed quite a few times, I love funny books, and Casey is most certainly good for them I just thought it was really rushed, and I felt it was really missing some key components for me to want to give it higher than 3 stars.I would consi [...]

  24. Ashleyjo

    The first half is entertaining The second half just doesn t work for me And the end is equivalent to being dunked in 30 yr old cheese sauce for 2.0 seconds and sent on your merry way First HalfListen, this isn t a serious book It s kinda like a SNL skit Yeah, the byline may be a serious topic ie the president discussing nuclear Iran, but the premise is jest.So, if you re looking for a serious suspense, romance Keep looking If you re looking for a light, fly by the eyerolls type of comedy, the fi [...]

  25. Viri

    DNF 39%La verdad empez muy bien Pero conforme iba avanzando con la lectura, me fui desconectando cada vez m s La protagonista me pareci muy irritable.Sus pensamientos eran de lo m s absurdos y el que estuviera narrado solo desde su punto de vista no me gust.Conmigo no ha funcionado.

  26. Ivy Deluca

    3 stars The Good I have a soft spot for the screwball comedy The slightly ditzy heroine who s convinced she s right, even when she s horribly wrong The one who stumbles into danger and yet it all works out for her Depending on how it s done, I can get behind that It can be fun, escapist fantasy, and that s what this book is kinda crazy but fun with a dash of romance I ve enjoyed Ms Casey s writing in the past I enjoyed Shine Not Burn , and this is has her humor all over it It starts with some pr [...]

  27. Selly - Leggere Romanticamente

    Penso che alla fine gli dar 3.5, per il finale frettoloso Per l ho trovato in generale molto carino e ironico La protagonista uno spasso leggereromanticamente Grazie ad Crossing arriva in Italia una nuova autrice dalla penna romantica e particolarmente ironica L uomo giusto al numero sbagliato il primo libro della serie contemporary romance The Bourbon Street Boys, ma da ritenersi autoconclusivo Questo primo libro ci introduce tutto il gruppo della Bourbon Street Boys, una societ di sicurezza pr [...]

  28. Sybil aka Lala

    I almost loved May The Meat Cleaver Wexler who was an entertaining h I love a quirky and neurotic heroine Her inner monologue was funny for the most part and I found her to be feisty and brave But she had moments of idiocy, and I could never respect a female above the age of thirteen who uses phrases like bat poop crazy.I almost liked the H, who was the strong silent type, but I think it says something when you connect to the secondary characters than you do to the H I don t know very much abou [...]

  29. Tarsis

    Sinceramente me encant Me hizo re r much simo desde el primer momento.Wrong Number, Right Guy, cuenta la historia de una chica llamada May, que termina en un bar de motociclistas con su peque o chihuahua bajo el brazo al recibir un mensaje equivocado y pensar que era de su hermana All conoce a un barbudo musculoso que la salva de ser tiroteada Ese mismo d a, descubre que el barbudo est muy lejos de ser el malo de la pel cula y que al contrario, trabaja con el gobierno y tiene su empresa de segur [...]

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