Desert Warrior (2020)

Desert Warrior Nalini Singh Desert Warrior The sheikh must have his bride A Reader Favorite Story from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nalini Singh The time has come for Tariq al Huzzein to take the reins of his family s desert
  • Title: Desert Warrior
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Desert Warrior Nalini Singh The sheikh must have his bride A Reader Favorite Story from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nalini Singh The time has come for Tariq al Huzzein to take the reins of his family s desert kingdom But the role requires a bride, which means he must reclaim the woman who broke his heart years before in New Zealand Now that he s lured her to this distant landThe sheikh must have his bride A Reader Favorite Story from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nalini Singh The time has come for Tariq al Huzzein to take the reins of his family s desert kingdom But the role requires a bride, which means he must reclaim the woman who broke his heart years before in New Zealand Now that he s lured her to this distant land, he means to keep his new bride here forever But, once again, Jasmine Coleridge s blend of innocence and sensuality threatens to bring the haughty sheikh to his knees and makes him wonder who is the true prisoner
Desert Warrior Nalini Singh

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    461 Nalini Singh
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One thought on “Desert Warrior

  1. Dina

    I m not a big fan of Sheikh books but I m a huge fan of Nalini Singh, so I had to read this book I don t regret reading it it was a good, average book but it s a blessing to know that NS s writing has vastly improved since this first release.

  2. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    This was a powerful book wrapped in a short package I thought the emotional connection between the characters was riveting, and it grabbed you on the first page of the book The story doesn t reinvent the wheel It s very much in the vein of Harlequin Presents with the heroine who ran away from the powerful man who imitimidated her because of her love for him But what Singh does with it is so wonderful, that you don t mind that it s a short read Highly recommended for fans of sheikh books, Singh, [...]

  3. Lisarenee

    Do not put even one foot on Zulheil soil unless you are ready to stay forever You will not get past the airport gates before I kidnap you Four years ago Jasmine had to choose between her family and the love of her life For four years she s regretted her decision When she heard Tariq s parents had died she decided to make the bold move to visit him and see if there was a way to mend their relationship Her family made it clear that if she went to him to never come back She had no idea how much her [...]

  4. Fani *loves angst*

    3.5 starsOk, this had quite a few problems and carried a load a cliches usually found in harlequins Despite that, I really enjoyed it and became involved in the heroes drama It was an angsty, emotional story of two people who had fallen in love four years ago, but the heroine, 18 at the time, refused to leave her family and follow the hero, to his sheikdom Now, stronger and wiser, she decided to leave everyone behind and get another chance at her old love, who apparently hasn t forgotten her and [...]

  5. Mollie *scoutrmom*

    This was an OK romance story with a naive dilettante of a heroine who needs a bit assertiveness, and a clueless macho guy who keeps breaking her heart trying to protect his own Only once in the entire 186 pages did he utter those three little words, and only in explaining why he chose not to take a second wife after all Idiot The worldbuilding in this desert kingdom did not seem a believable setting We are asked to believe there is an oil producing desert kingdom of seminomadic people who are n [...]

  6. Jess the Romanceaholic

    I hope to write a full review soon, but have to crack the whip on the review queue a bit first.Typical category romance, with plenty of Big Misunderstandings, a Big Secret that really doesn t seem like it should be that big of a deal , a heroine who just can t control her hormones around the hero, and a continuity error or two ie on the cruise ship, did she wear the same clothes for two weeks Not that bad, but not that good, and certainly not as good as Ms Singh s PNR s 3 5 Stars Note I read thi [...]

  7. Laura (Kyahgirl)

    1 5 1 star DNFOh my god, do NOT read this book and think you re seeing a good example of Nalini Singh s writing style Read the Psy Changeling series and pretend you never saw this book Asshat s and twinks abound Enough said.

  8. Aoi

    Wow This was written way back in 2003, Ms Singh packed a pretty powerful punch with her writing even then.

  9. Maggie

    Oh, man This oneNalini Singh as I ve mentioned is one of my favorite RN writers wrote this one years ago for a Harlequin series I would never have bought this one it came as a twofer with Lord of the Abyss from Netgalley , because, honestly, I don t really trust really old work from authors that I love see Lisa Kleypas see Jill Shalvis It s bound to be disappointing.Jasmine and Tariq were head over heels falling in love until Jasmine s emotionally abusive family made her choose between Tariq the [...]

  10. thuy

    I hate to give a low score to a Nalini Singh book but I really wasn t a huge fan of either the hero or the heroine in this one Jasmine is only 18 when she meets and falls in love with Tariq, son of the sheikh of a desert kingdom Young and insecure, her family convinces her to leave Tariq and end the relationship Four years go by when Jasmine hears of Tariq s father, the sheikh passing Having matured in the last four years and come into her own, Jasmine has realized the mistake she made in leavin [...]

  11. ♥Knhebek, hbeebti♥

    Warning This review rating is based on my feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes You should read the book to form your own opinion thoughts Read on Rating 4 StarsCover I like itCliffhanger I think is the last oneSo, one day while visiting my cousin went to a goodwill in her hometown, they had a lot of books, huge section, i was just looking when i saw Nalini Singh , obviously i grabbed it and didn t let go It had not only one story but 2, this one and Lord Of The Abyss.This is not a paranormal b [...]

  12. Esra

    I was almost given 4 stars if tariq wasn t such an asshole he was the most annoying male character of nalini singh s writing worlds It was unbelievableit was a good story anyway I love nalini 3

  13. Paraphrodite

    A hard Hero with a wounded heart A gutsy heroine with a vulnerable secret An exotic fairytale locale Misunderstandings and a wicked sister This is a perfect example of the desert sheikh fantasy romance Escapism at its best Loved it

  14. Christy Stewart

    The most interesting part of this book was the leading lady s secret I stuck with it to find out what it wasd then I found out and it was nothing The build up to the reveal and the reveal itself was anticlimactic.I love Singh, though I forgive her.

  15. Anne

    I m not into sheiks At all.And this is a romance about a girl and her sheik So, yeah.However, Nalini Singh is a good enough writer that I not only finished it, I m also giving it 3 stars Nuff said.

  16. Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    2.5 starsThis didn t work for me It was tedious and needlessly drawn out The conflict wasn t engaging, the made up desert kingdom wasn t convincing, and I had to force myself to finish I ve had my fill of alphahole sheikhs for a while.

  17. Jenny

    Angsty, sweet romance that melted my heart Heroine was too precious for words and hero so alpha but so obviously smitten I adored both characters Very passionate and heartbreaking in a good way.

  18. Sassafrass

    ok, well it was about what I expected I certainly like her later work better I just don t understand why Jasmine had to hide her secret from Tariq It had no bearing on her just on the people who were supposed to love her.I thought Tariq was an ass most of the book.I thought the narrator did a great job with the voices.

  19. Elisa Vangelisti

    D accordo che per noi occidentali il mito del bell arabo padrone attira, ma qui non siamo a livelli di Neanderthal di pi Ho terminato l estratto nella speranza che fosse uno scherzo, invece pare proprio sia il filo conduttore del romanzo Sconsigliatissimo.

  20. Mary

    This is one of the earlier books by this author and is missing many of the things that I enjoy from her skills Parts were painful to read Almost didn t finish.

  21. Kathy Davie

    Part of the Silhouette Desire romance series, 1529 to be exact My TakeA romance of thwarted love with the female half of it supposedly braving all sorts of dangers to be with the man she loves And Singh does start off making us think that somehow Jasmine doesn t want to be in Zulheil when actually she s desperately hoping that Tariq still wants her.Sure, he s angry with her and it takes almost the entire story before he figures out that she was too young at the time He has also finally learned h [...]

  22. Virginia

    Four years ago, while studying irrigation techniques in New Zealand, Prince Tariq of Zulheil met and fell in love with Jasmine At 18 years old, she was na ve, lacked self confidence, and ultimately bowed to her family s pressure to send the man she loved away It was a six month affair that left them both brokenhearted when he returned to his sheikdom When Jasmine flies to Zulheil to comfort Tariq after his parents death, he goes a step beyond his promise to kidnap her and tricks her into marryin [...]

  23. Angie (Mind Malfunction)

    Desert Warrior is a romance by Nalini Singh I ve read Nalini s Psy Changeling and Guild Hunter Series and decided to give this one a try I m not a big fan of romance and found it very hard to like the characters the beginning As the book went on, I started to enjoy it even though my head kept yelling that it was a typical romance novel and I m not a fan of the typical romance novel Well, my heart overtook my head and I fell for the characters Jasmine is a New Zealand native who met Tariq, a Zulh [...]

  24. Melinda

    This was a really fun story and I am happy that I got the opportunity to read some of Nalini s other work I also realized that there are certain tropes of sheik romances and I was expecting this one to be different I think that it is different but not by much There are just certain tropes of this genre that are offensive in an exoticized other sort of way The tropes generally are about primitiveness and savageness but always with a lust for white women And while some elements of this are in this [...]

  25. (yikes)

    I felt uncomfortable reading this our heroine is a white lady who enters a marriage with large hints of duress with a half white half arabic sheikh of a small middle eastern country Say what There was so much menacing, dominant undertones that were NOT sexy at all And the machismo The strange appropriation of arabic culture Do I spot a white washed, sexist and unrealistic romance Yes Please don t see this novel as a model for other harlequin novels or any other romance novels I promise they are [...]

  26. Elsie Williams

    I am a huge Nalini Singh fan and just recently discovered that this is her first published book I quickly found myself lost in the complicated relationship between Jasmine and Tariq Tariq is the man she left 4 years ago because of her family This book begins where she is coming back to see him after the devastating loss of his parents From the first page, my heart was captivated in the beautiful world that is Tariq s kingdom He is a powerful alpha male which I adore that swore if Jasmine ever ca [...]

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