Calumet City (2020)

Calumet City CharlieNewton Calumet City May be an ex library book with library markings features and stamps Has some wear on the cover Has clean unmarked pages Binding is tight and in excellent condition Buy with confidence
  • Title: Calumet City
  • Author: CharlieNewton
  • ISBN: 9781416533221
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
Calumet City CharlieNewton May be an ex library book, with library markings, features, and stamps.Has some wear on the cover.Has clean, unmarked pages Binding is tight and in excellent condition.Buy with confidence
Calumet City CharlieNewton

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    301 CharlieNewton
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One thought on “Calumet City

  1. Paul Pessolano

    Calumet City by Charlie Newton, published by Touchstone Books.Category Mystery Thriller Publication Date March 04, 2008.If you are looking for a crime noir story this book fits the category to a T.Calumet City is just east of Chicago one might even call it a suburb of Chicago It is a town that was built on the steel industry that has fallen on hard times with the collapse of the steel industry.Patti Black, a decorated police officer, in the Chicago Police Department is one of a kind She has a st [...]

  2. Jim

    Pretty awesome Patti Black is a tough cop with a dark past, abused as a foster child, escaping to an alcohol soaked life on the streets She clawed her way back, only to be threatened by the evil from her past.She is threatened by Gangster Disciples, who vow revenge for fellow gang members killed in a shootout Internal Affairs want to destroy her career The Feds are trying to tie her to a corruption case they have going against the department and the mayor Plus, she suspects that the man who sexu [...]

  3. Michael

    DIRTY HARRY HAS A SISTER Calamet City by Charlie Newton was nominated for an Edgar Award this year for the best 1st novel of 2008.Patti Black survived a childhood that could only be described as horrific Her parents died in an auto accident and she was placed in a children s home where she was raped numerous times before escaping at age 16.After a few career turns she joined the Chicago PD and becomes one of the most decorated cops on the force She s assigned to raid and uncover stolen merchandi [...]

  4. Tom Arthur

    I have often used the Edgar Awards as a means of finding new writers in the mystery genre to read After finishing this book I can only say that 2009 must have been a bad year as Mr Newton s effort garnered him an Edgar nomination for Best First Novel The plot is all over the map and lacks any semblance of cohesion, purpose, or direction The book is rife with undecipherable acronyms and cop speak buzz words.I visited Mr Newton s website to look for perhaps his take on what this novel is about and [...]

  5. Johnny

    The momentum is relentless It hits the ground running and rarely lets up with some very powerful and tense moments throughout the story.It can get a little heavy handed at times I felt like every page had at least one paragraph reminding me that Patti Black was a cop on the edge and how intense everything was for her This gripe is purely a personal one, not a flaw I am drawn to stories that retain a certain amount of ambiguity in the motivation of characters rather than Oliver Stoning me to dea [...]

  6. Wesley

    Started slow, but got really good as I finished it Read it if you like cop dramas this one s pretty dark.

  7. Sandie

    Utilizing the mean streets of Chicago and the sin city hamlet of Calumet City a town known for strip clubs whose colorful past has included the likes of Al Capone as the backdrop for this violent noir, Charlie Newton gives his readers a look at the big city that the Chamber of Commerce is definitely not featuring in it s Spend Your Vacation With Us promotions Calumet City exposes readers not only to the dark underbelly of the big city, complete with crooked politicians so what s new and real lif [...]

  8. Jim

    Patti Black is the central character of this tale She is a decorated, seventeen year veteran of the Chicago Police Department who works in one of the toughest districts in the city Events quickly turn her attention from her regular police work to some very scary stuff from her past, a past she has hidden from everyone who knows her now The past she thought she had buried was in CALUMET CITY and she is forced to revisit her past in order to stop a series of current day murders.The atmosphere is b [...]

  9. Victoria

    What a polished debut heavy on characters, plots, and style Newton really excelled in all three of these areas, making this book a pleasure to read The narrative style is very distinct, which may take a little bit of getting used to, but once you grow accustomed to it, coupled with the nonstop action, this became a very fast read Though I live in Chicago, this showed a side of the city that I had never read about before in fiction The digs from the North South division of the city, made me laugh [...]

  10. Scott E

    Awfully good for a first book I d like to give it a high 3, but can t give a 4 Everything happens exactly where you expect it to, and the escape scenes are too simple that take up too many pages There are large scenes in this 388pg book that add at best very little to the overall story Could have benefited from tighter editing.On a general note, a book that is told completely in 1st person where the writer is the opposite sex always loses a few believability points to me And this is the perfect [...]

  11. Rob Kitchin

    Calumet City starts with a bang and the pace continues to build from there, the tension being steadily ratcheted up as Patti bounces from one crisis to the next whilst slowly disintegrating mentally as the pressure mounts The writing is taut, and Newton quickly hooks the reader in and drags them along compelled to find out what happens next Whilst the story relies on too many coincidences and entanglements, at one level it doesn t really matter the entertainment and the realism of ghetto policin [...]

  12. Bob

    I m trying to think of saving graces, which probably isn t good for any endorsement Calumet City is maybe, maybe an average pulp novel Being a Chicago guy, the heroine s travels back and forth across the city made for good reminiscing, and maybe that s the saving grace, but only if you re a Chicagoan.Growing up on the South Side I spent enough time listening to people who couldn t complete a sentence without using the f word that I m sure the street talk that permeates Calumet City is still as r [...]

  13. Robert

    Sometimes you find a book by a new author that you have not read before So you decide to give it a whack That is what I did with this find on the library shelf When I checked the reviews it did pretty well And I was not that impressed That is why opinions are like a holes, we all have one The style of writing seemed choppy from the get go And while the story was decent the author decided to add some twists And then the author decided to add some twists, and and and Soon it seemed he got exha [...]

  14. Tony Acree

    Calumet City, by Charlie Newton, is by far the best first book by any of the authors I ve read, and I ve read a ton of them The book tells the story of Chicago police officer Patti Black, from her troubled past to her all to real present Newton takes you on a pure adrenaline ride If you like your thrillers safe and sunny, read a different book If you want a book that will make you want to read parts of it with the doors locked, the lights on and a gun by your night stand, then read Calumet City [...]

  15. Michael Kelberer

    It s dark It s ultimately good Mr Newton has a style where the first person narrative is so true that it s hard to follow He s verbed so many nouns that I often don t know what just happened He buttoned the remote for example So when I read at my normal pace I often found myself into a new scene and aware that something important had happened without any idea of what I d dismiss it out of had, but I know another mystery writer who has this same style, guy by the name of James Lee Burke Let s see [...]

  16. Dariosk

    this is a perfect 2 and a half starsr a site for readers, the 5 star rating systemis kind of moronic, isn t it Patti Black is interesting, and Charlie Newton writespretty well.My problem with this novel is that it is all too much.She goes through too much, constantly, and the persistentdrops of her horrifying past instead of being intriguingbecome extremely annoyingulda been a good one.

  17. Marge

    The only reason I picked this book up was because Calumet City, IL is where my husband grew up The geography of the book also included an area that I had lived my first thirteen years in Mount Greenwood This is not normally the type of book I would read, but I was curious to see how much truth was in the fiction It was fairly true to the geography of the area, plus included an excellent story to boot I would recommend this book to anyone that likes police noir police procedure.

  18. David

    Charlie Newton takes some interesting risks and largely succeeds in his first person female Chicago detective s narration of her efforts to escape from a horrid childhood and young adult past She can barely out run her ghosts, some of whom are still very present, as she simultaneously deals with an entrenched Chicago police department with very few allies Action is a little over the top in a Lee Child kind of way, nothing we haven t seen before Recommended.

  19. Nicgetz

    Charlie may have left Chicago but it is clear Chicago has not left Charlie His descriptions and the general feeling of the city are as accurate as could be I m a life long Chicagoan and can say with certainty he captures the city in this book He also captured my attention I could not put it down It could have been set any where and I m sure I would have felt the same Raw,gritty and real I felt I was there Can t wait to pick up another work by him.

  20. Sandy Kell

    I started off really liking this the writing, the main character, the energy and the Chicago setting is terrific and original But the the pace and angst never let up like being stuck on a rollercoaster and you can t get off and by halfway, I felt exhausted just trying to follow the plot That said, I will still give his second book, Start Shooting , and try.

  21. Doug Branscombe

    This was a very strange book for me There was a little too much of an ugly past coming back to haunt people in the present time Characters are all linked a little too cleanly and Patti Black, the main character is a lot too flawed for me She s fighting inner demons that I never completely understood.

  22. Ramsey

    Great debut cop noir set in Chicago Like much great noir, place in this case Chicago, Evanston to Cal City and all good, bad and ugly points in between functions as a character Newton does a great job evoking it.

  23. Abholler

    Very good female lead a highly decorated cop surprisingly, written by a man The writer s debut novel, but it s very assured The story is not new, but it s very well told and exciting, moves along.

  24. Monica

    Liked the Patti Black character and her voice both very well done Newton can write dialogue and action scenes well But the plot is designed to make an adrenalin junkie s day and it just runs away with itself Too many twists and turns, too many coincidences, just too much stuff Too bad.

  25. Stephanie Foust

    Highly charged action filled debut novel set in Chicago The protagonist survived a horrific childhood only to find that herself facing some of her demons from Calumet City after almost 20 yrs as a cop.

  26. Michael

    Nice and Dark Hard to put down since the action never stops I don t get creeped out too easily but this one gave me the chills at times One of the better crime suspense books i ve read lately Looking forward to the release of his other books.

  27. Laura

    Gritty, realistic, hardboiled Patti Black is a real character and Charlie Newton has brought her to life so the reader knows her and feels for her I felt I knew Calumet City and Chicago through Charlie s eyes Terrific first novel Highly recommend.

  28. Don McQuinn

    A lot of books tell you how it is No one does it with the elan of Charlie Newton He writes of a world so dark only his style can capture it and match it If you want to read about the belly of the beast, here it is Be warned every page is another step into addiction.

  29. Stephen Rynkiewicz

    All action all the time Much Chicago name checking but little scene setting, and some archetypal local characters I wish had been fleshed out a bit Pickup via Rick Kogan, whom I hear from far across the newsroom but in this case from WGN podcast Sequel on sale at Costco.

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