Murder On The Menu (2020)

Murder On The Menu Zanna Mackenzie Murder On The Menu Lizzie Carter desperately needed to escape from the disaster of her old life but her new one is shaping up to be even worse After Lizzie s new boss celebrity chef Armand is stabbed in his own kitche
  • Title: Murder On The Menu
  • Author: Zanna Mackenzie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Murder On The Menu Zanna Mackenzie Lizzie Carter desperately needed to escape from the disaster of her old life but her new one is shaping up to be even worse After Lizzie s new boss, celebrity chef Armand, is stabbed in his own kitchen, Lizzie finds herself at the top of the suspect list Determined to clear her name she s forced to enlist the services of her new neighbour, Celebrity Crimes InvestigationLizzie Carter desperately needed to escape from the disaster of her old life but her new one is shaping up to be even worse After Lizzie s new boss, celebrity chef Armand, is stabbed in his own kitchen, Lizzie finds herself at the top of the suspect list Determined to clear her name she s forced to enlist the services of her new neighbour, Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency CCIA special agent Jack Mathis, who s been suspended from his duties for reasons unknown Given his reputation, Lizzie figures it s best not to ask too many questions of him she only needs the rogue agent to help her catch Armand s real killer The fact that Jack is a good looking guy is not lost on her, but he s clearly also trouble And Lizzie s got than enough of that in her life already Can Lizzie save herself from getting arrested and manage to resist her special agent sidekick s considerable charms and gorgeous smile Will they solve the culinary murder mystery or will her new life land her in a prison cell If you love fun cozy murder mysteries, with plenty of romance, comedy, intrigue and adventure, then don t miss out grab your copy of Murder On The Menu today Join Lizzie as she becomes an amateur sleuth battling to keep her freedom and her sanity all while attempting to bake a cake that s actually edible
Murder On The Menu Zanna Mackenzie

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One thought on “Murder On The Menu

  1. Carol

    This is the first book I have read by Zanna McKenzie and I enjoyed this book If you like fast reading romance mystery books with a strong female character, then this book is for you Lizzie leaves her journalist boyfriend in London and moves into the farmhouse in Cumbria that was left to her by her aunt and uncle She takes a job at Veggies as a waitress until she can make enough money from the farm When Celebrity Chef Armand is murdered, Lizzie finds herself on the top of the suspect list Lizzie [...]

  2. Kathleen

    In Murder On The Menu, the first book in the Celebrity Mystery Series, author Zanna Mackenzie weaves an entertaining cozy mystery tale that will keep the reader engaged and wanting .Lizzie Carter leaves London after breaking up with her journalist boyfriend to restart her life at a farmhouse that she inherited from her aunt and uncle in the scenic English countryside of Cumbria She gets a job as a waitress at a local restaurant called The Veggies, but when her new boss and celebrity Chef Armand [...]

  3. Linda

    I was given his ARC in exchange for an honest review and I fell in love with book one Taking a sabbatical from her disaster of old life in London, Lizzie Carter moves into her inherited rural farm in Cumbria and takes a job to waitress in the only restaurant for miles around to supplement her income as the farm needs work She hates her womanizing celebrity chef boss as he hits on anything that wears a skirt She wants nothing to do with men as she has split in a nasty way from her reporter boyfri [...]

  4. Mary

    Lizzie has left her job in London after calling it quits with her journalist boyfriend Her uncle has passed away and left her the farm in Cumbria Struggling to make ends meet, she is working part time as a waitress at the local restaurant with Celebrity Chef Armand Chef Armand is a bit of a creepy perv, and one evening Lizzie is forced to stay late after her shift to work on a special assignment As she is leaving to head home that evening, she sees a dark figure darting across the parking lot Th [...]

  5. Toni

    Lizzie Carter is hiding away from her old life and I think we can all relate to that I found it easy to jump into this characters shoes and ride along with her during the stress of discovering she was the main suspect in the murder of a celebrity chef she was working for in a small farming community Luckily, Jack Mathis, a CCIA Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency agent is helping out his brother in a neighboring farm He has the know how to assist Lizzie during her time of need This was no easy [...]

  6. Teresa Kander

    This was a really fun read Lizzie and Jack make a good team and their interactions can be hilarious at times.This story has all the ingredients for a perfect cozy mystery a spunky heroine, a handsome leading man, a murder mystery that keeps you guessing to the very end, and a little bit of romance It also has a cast of supporting characters who add their own spice to the story I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

  7. Caroline Fardig

    A fantastic start to a great new series I was very pleased to find a new series by Zanna Mackenzie I love her Amber Reed series, and this one didn t disappoint Murder on the Menu is fun and romantic I love the new team of Lizzie and Jack This book has everything you want in a cozy a great mystery that left me guessing until the end, a hunky leading man, a straight talking heroine, and a cast of memorable characters The descriptions of the area left me wanting to plan a vacation there I can t wai [...]

  8. Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton

    This was really good A mystery and a romance all rolled into one I loved the two main characters, Lizzie and Jack It s Lizzie s sleezy and obnoxious boss, Chef Armond who is murdered in his own restaurant late at night, after Lizzie is the last to leave, and the last person other than the killer to see him alive Of course the cops suspect her, but Jack, a suspended agent with the CCIA, comes to her rescue and helps her solve the mystery while they begin to fall in love A really good mystery and [...]

  9. Rhonda

    What a fun read I loved this book I liked the story with all it s complexities I loved the characters The reading was easy and the book kept you reading until the end Great who done it Given copy for honest review.

  10. Wanda

    Another book set in England in a little village It was a cute easy read with some romance and a murder If you like those cozy mysteries I recommend this one for you.

  11. Charles Ray

    Unlucky in love, Lizzie Carter left her high powered PR job in London for small town life when her uncle died and left her his farm Now, she spends her days trying to learn to bake, tending the farm, and working as a waitress for a celebrity chef who is a bit too hands on with the female employees.Then the grabby chef ends up stabbed in the kitchen of his restaurant, and Lizzie, the last known person to see him alive, is suspect number one Jack Mathis, brother of a neighbor, a suspended special [...]

  12. Janet L. Hage

    Murder of a top chefMy boss is terrible He cannot keep his hands off not only me but every female within arms length When I go to work after the boss keeps her after work and makes another pass at her, I find that I am the last known person to see him before he is found dead with a knife in back I am now first on the list of murder suspects Mark, the neighbor s brother is a detective, etc, on leave, and he jumps in to prove her innocent Well developed mystery with well developed characterization [...]

  13. Cheryl

    This is the first in the series and first time reading this author The main character is Lizzie and she is the last person to see her boss alive After he is murdered , The cops start looking at her as the main suspect She ends up teaming up with her neighbors brother Jack, who solves celebrity crimes for real They have a heck of a time figuring out who did it and almost get killed doing it I loved it Look forward to many adventures.

  14. Sharon M. Turner

    A Dead Chef A Mysterious Neighbor An Innocent Suspect.Lizzie escapes her lecherous boss late one night, only to find that he s been killed when she returns to work the next day Help comes in the form of her new neighbor With his mysterious past can she trust him, especially with the miserable past she is escaping Suspect after suspect pass through their investigation Who will be proven to be the knife wielding murderer

  15. Karin

    I have heard of a humorous mystery, a romantic mystery and a cozy mystery But this is my first humorous, romantic, cozy mystery I didn t really know what I was letting myself in for I ended up enjoying the story very much and I recommend it even though I didn t guess who dun it till the end

  16. Susie Chamberlain

    So Enjoyed This Book The descriptions were great of the town, people and they are detailed It was so good I felt like I was in the town and riding around in Daisy and the crazy back roads with all the twist and turns What was really great was i had in my mind who the killer was NOT Really enjoyable snd worth the read

  17. Holly

    Fun, light cozy mysteryJust what I like in a cozy mystery interesting but normal characters, a great mystery romance Lizzie inherits a house so she relocates She meets Jack who is helping his brother on the farm next door The chef at the restaurant Lizzie works at is murdered Who did it A really enjoyable cozy mystery

  18. Patricia Knudslien

    Great readIt feels as though you are right there with the characters as the plot moves along Lots of twists and turns It is an easy fun read.

  19. Sandra Olson

    Loved itGreat story spun with enough details to keep you guessing Loved the setting and characters Hope they keep up the good work.

  20. Amber

    MuderThis books was a cute quick read, I enjoyed trying to figure out the killer right a long with them

  21. Marcia-Lee Finocchio

    A very entertaining story Murder on the Menu was a wonderful book, enjoyed reading this story, I am glad that this is a series Can t wait to read the others

  22. Robin Resch

    I have read this book in the past and re read it Liked it just as much as the first time Liked the story line, characters and setting.

  23. Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)

    Not read this author before but I like mysteries that surround food, though this one didn t have a lot to do with food as much as the person who was killed was a chef.Lizzie works for a creep at a restaurant dubbed The Veggies by those who eat there Chef Armand is a jerk and hits on all the ladies and Lizzie is one of them She might have wished he was dead or dreamed of it happening but she never thought it would actually happen and her be the prime suspect.Someone killed Armand on the night he [...]

  24. Sapphyria

    After severing ties with her life in London, Lizzie comes back to her hometown to run the small farm left to her by relatives In order to make ends meet, Lizzie works for an upscale restaurant that is owned by an octopus After a particularly long shift with Armand, the owner, Lizzie is glad for an escape The next morning she returns to work only to be told that he s been murdered As the last person to see him alive, Lizzie is now suspect number one.Fortunately, her neighbor s brother is in town [...]

  25. Carole

    If you enjoy a cozy mystery with a celebrity murder, a little romance, lots of suspects, a challenging plot, likeable characters, set in a pretty English village then you re going to love Murder on the Menu.When Lizzie leaves the bright lights of London to return to her roots in the quiet and quaint Cumbrian hills in the North of England she doesn t expect to be the main suspect in the murder of her celebrity chef boss Armand A boss who she dislikes intensely as he is a pretentious, loud, obnoxi [...]

  26. Paula Ratcliffe

    This book follows Lizzie Carter as she trying to piece back her life since leaving London Her new boss Armand after flirting with Lizzie the night before Lizzie finds him dead and she winds up as a suspect she inlists the help of Jack Mathis whose visiting his brother and offers to clear Lizzie s name Will Jack be able to clear Lizzie s name before she finds herself in a prison cell Lizzie and Jack are investigating on their own trying to clear Lizzie s name and figure out who killed her boss an [...]

  27. Laura Reading

    A fun combination of mystery, romance and scandal.Jack is every girl s dream for the boy next door Who wouldn t want their own personal spy Lizzie is overcoming a trauma she can t bear to talk about This had me curious through the whole book Armand is the dread hated boss, so when he is murdered it is a combination of shock and relief for the community Small towns make the best settings for cozy mysteries This is a great read for the beach or curled up by a fire Written in easy dialogue with new [...]

  28. Suzi Willis

    .Murder On The Menu is delicious The was a nice, clean entertaining mystery romance I would recommend it to anyone Lizzie moved to Cumbria from London to get away from an ex boyfriend and she inherited her uncles farm too Scary things happen at her waitressing job where she works for a jerk of a chef who has the decency to get stabbed with his cooking knife Seriously it s a cute story.

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