Liam's Bride (2020)

Liam's Bride Emma Alisyn Liam s Bride A BBW beauty and an Alpha Bear are having a baby Curvy gardener Meredith may be the daughter of the man who killed Alpha Bear Gerald Conroy fifteen years ago but Gerald s son Liam can t help wanting
  • Title: Liam's Bride
  • Author: Emma Alisyn
  • ISBN: 9781517331634
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
Liam's Bride Emma Alisyn A BBW beauty and an Alpha Bear are having a baby Curvy gardener Meredith may be the daughter of the man who killed Alpha Bear Gerald Conroy fifteen years ago, but Gerald s son Liam can t help wanting to make the red haired beauty his mate Of course, he has no idea whose daughter his stubborn tenant is, only that she has dared insult his food and demand he renew the leas A BBW beauty and an Alpha Bear are having a baby Curvy gardener Meredith may be the daughter of the man who killed Alpha Bear Gerald Conroy fifteen years ago, but Gerald s son Liam can t help wanting to make the red haired beauty his mate Of course, he has no idea whose daughter his stubborn tenant is, only that she has dared insult his food and demand he renew the lease for her after school program Meredith is reluctant to succumb to their attraction especially when she fears the tall, broody Chef may reject her when he discovers the truth After one scorching night of passion, she may no longer have a choice but to confront him with her secret or raise their baby on her own A 41K standalone steamy werebear shifter romance suited for readers who like their heroines curvy and their hero s tall, Alpha and all teddy Bear First in the Clan Conroy Bears series.
Liam's Bride Emma Alisyn

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    406 Emma Alisyn
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One thought on “Liam's Bride

  1. Robin

    Liam s Bride starts out rather slowly but speeds up, way up, fast and doesn t stop moving The plot advances, the plot thickens, the plot isn t quite finished yet, I hope since it feels like the author missed something near the end since it ended so abruptly.Spoiler belowAs I said the plot advances but it feels like it moves far too fast One minute Meredith is a teacher cum councillor who s facing eviction for her teens group, the next she s attracted to the new owner and the next Yeah, too fast [...]

  2. Monique

    Note that this review is of my opinion, and what some may like, others may detest And we all know the old saying about opinions Speaking ofSomething told me to take a look at a few reviews when I got to 50% of the book being read I should have heeded that somethingIt started out okay, then took a complete nosedive for me I don t like anal sex in M F romance books, let alone it being forced Add to that, the nasty crude language associated with some of the scenesNO THANK YOU There was nothing sexy [...]

  3. Xiamera

    When I first started reading and I basically got the gist, I looked at the remaining pages and wondered where the rest of the story would meander and go, since it was pretty straightforward I don t think I had gotten anywhere near page 100 when this happened, so to me what came next could have probably been summed up in five pages It honestly felt like no time was passing When in actuality, apparently weeks were going by So one star goes for Liam s sister reaction, which I felt was way overboard [...]

  4. Shasha

    While the writing was entertaining, I had to skim the angry punishment sex view spoiler he demands oral, then pounds into her, then takes her in her anus hide spoiler Meredith s growth out of her fear and prejudice felt wishy washy I am interested in the next story.Mature content, anal

  5. Sue Davis

    Love This Story This was really good You can just think what it would be like Finding someone who finally interest you than you fear them, who is also drawn to you but a secret of who you father is could make him hate you He says he doesn t need to know what you think he needs to know, your relieved Pregnant then he thinks you lied , a kid is attacked but your bad father tried to help her and was nearly killed Finally a HEA with love, familiar and friends Looking forward to the rest of this ser [...]

  6. Elizabeth Stokes

    Good shifter read This is the first book I have read from this author I have to say I was not disappointed The storyline was great pulling in characters to start what I hope will be an awesome series Oh I loved the subtle subliminal lol BOOK REVIEW message, it worked Good bear shifter read and I m gonna get to the next book

  7. Christina Luberts

    liked this short read You have Liam and Meredith who need to except each other for differences Can Liam get over Meredith being human and what her dad did to his family The only thing that I felt could have been better is a few scenes that was in one place, than all of a sudden in another place with nothing showing that they moved to another room or place For a short read it was good.

  8. Robyn

    The Mothers Den decide to hold a lottery, ten men s names will be pulled and they are required to marry humans Liam is Alpha of the Conroy Den and his name is pulled Liam is attracted to Meredith and as she is to him but her father killed his father When their relationship becomes serious she tried to tell him but he doesn t want to listen.

  9. Megan

    Didn t feel like 300 pages Which is a good thing I got to say, I m not that impressed with the editing Not sure if its the edition I m reading but there isn t much seperation between sections It went from they re making up to her checking her phone and there wasn t a gap in betweenStory is ok Not HP about the anal sex but thats her bum not mine.

  10. Patti Ashley

    Great storyThe heroine has a huge secret and the tension of telling the hero is stretched out perfectly The uncertainty of the relationship is very realistic Liam can be an jackass but he realizes his flaws and acknowledges them, which is huge for an alpha Wish Brick s story had been bigger Hopefully she will get her own bear.

  11. Ti

    A really good story almost ruined by a sex scene involving very very stupid punishment and dominance themes, including painful, forced anal sex It would have been 4 stars if had not been included and possibly 3 if included, but there was a warning in the blurb Too bad Certainly does not make me want to try another by this author.

  12. Marie Rich

    Loved ItThis is a super cute bearwere romance All the essential ingredients, sexy alpha, bbw, a little violence and hea Note to author inappropriate to put in shameless plugs about reviews

  13. Stephanne88

    Good first bookGlad I stumbled across this book Good read Has romance, steam, mystery, and alittle suspense Would recommend this book and will be getting the second book right now Read this in one day Took off one star for some grammar errors Give this book a try

  14. Mary Martell

    Loved itI loved this book It was a tale of courage, strength, love, and forgiveness Can Liam forgive the woman he loves, the daughter of the man who wronged him

  15. (^ε^)-☆ Aphrodite (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)

    Rating 1.5 Had high hope for this book because of all the high ratings The plot sounded interesting but the story just wasn t well told The author could have definitely made things interesting The story was just blah I felt bad for Meredith s father He spends years in jail and changes yet Meredith brushes him aside I don t feel like she even gave him a chance to prove that he changed Liam and Meredith s relationship was way too fast and complicated I wished the author could have made Meredith p [...]

  16. Dora

    Meredith was the program director of Teens and Greens and was worried because the program was going to lose the leasing The owner of the building Liam Conroy was going to open a werebear culinary school and needed the building To add to her problems her father was released from the penitentiary earlier He had killed a bear shifter in what he called an accident and was sentence to jail Now he was on parole and wanted to go home with her and she didn t knew what to do Her father had been a rough m [...]

  17. Heather

    Liam s Bride had a promising start It had the ability to go above and beyond the other shifter romances Liam was being forced to find a human mate because his clan s blood was dying He hated humans because his father was murdered by one So, that put a sour taste in his mouth, as it should have Liam is a chef that owns a resturant, it s sey to see a man know his way around the kitchen and seeing the man cook for the woman was a nice change His mate, Meredith, who is the daughter of his father s k [...]

  18. Cindy Caron

    An awesome story that touches on the subject of guilt by association, with lots of hurting, patience, and an overabundance of love that will help almost anyone break through the barriers we put up to protect our most vulnerable organ, our heart Meredith has harboured a pain in her heart for over twenty years, believing the acts of her father so many years ago were all her fault, even though she was such a young child at the time She has never forgiven herself, and pays penance for her crimes eve [...]

  19. Rose Bassett

    A great start to a new series It lays the groundwork and introduces characters that will follow in books At least you hope to see these characters in the next series because you like them This is a well written full story that has great character depth, has good emotional depth too You meet the characters that are pertinent to this story and you would like to see I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series I just got the 2nd book in the series Meredith has tried to stay low key her [...]

  20. Karen

    Liam s Bride, Clan Conroy Brides Series, Book One, 191 pages.This is the first book I ve read by Emma Alisyn and I found it to be well written and engaging She does a good job of character development and world building and provides a quick read that isn t simplistic It is a standalone series opener with an HEA and I will definitely read of the series.Meredith has a teaching degree but doesn t want to leave her home town to find a full time job She works two jobs, barely getting by, but her pas [...]

  21. Sherill

    CAPTIVATING STEAMY ROMANCE LIAM S BRIDE Clan Conroy Bride book 1 A captivating romantic story.This story features Liam, a heart stopping gorgeous, charismatic bear shifter, Alpha to the Clan and Chef restaurant owner Meredith, a fiery red headed, curvy, beautiful human, and teacher of teens in an after school program Brick, a young teen girl being abused.What you ll find in this story a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters spectacular story line, picturesque and dynamic scene de [...]

  22. Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)

    This is the first book in the Clan Conroy series, and starts with the Alpha Bear himself, Liam He has been ordered by the Mother s Council to find a human bride in order to widen the gene pool He isn t too happy about this, until he meets Meredith and his Bear sits up and takes notice Meredith doesn t want to be attracted to Liam, especially considering the secret she hides However, when it comes to Shifters and their Mates, nothing usually gets in their way not even murder.This is a fast paced [...]

  23. Judith

    Liam s BrideLiam is alpha of his clan The Mothers have chosen 10 names of male bear shifters to mate humans to save their clan Meredith is human and teaching troubled teens to garden Liam has bought the Y and is turning it into a culinary school Meredith tries to get a meeting with Liam to allow her to keep her school and garden at the Y This book is very well written and enjoyable.

  24. Tanja

    we start the series with the alpha of the clan he bought the local school complex and is planning to overhaul it completely that is until meredith enters the picture and fights for her own program and students she actually has a smart pitch to convince him to let her staye s then intriguing him and his bear and it doesn t take him long before he s on board with his bear, that they both want to see a lot of her.when meredith figures out who the new owner is, she plans on how to plea for her stu [...]

  25. Christina Bowling

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the first book by this author that I ve read, and I definitely plan on reading by her Meredith is a gardening teacher at the old YMCA building, where she runs the Teens and Greens program And Liam is the new owner of said building, who Meredith needs to convince to renew her lease Meredith has a secret and it adds an extra layer of suspense to the plot while you wait for Liam to find out that secret I really liked seeing Meredith and Li [...]

  26. Susan

    Wonderful We have Liam, Alpha Werebear Chef, that has been chosen to be one of the males to mate with a human female and have lots of cubs to introduce new genes into their den Then, he meets Meredith, a human female, that is wanting him to let them keep their lease in a building that he owns for a program that she does for local teens They have lots of chemistry from the beginning, but she is keeping a secret that her father is the man that had killed Liam s father This book is definitely a boo [...]

  27. Barbara

    Given to me for an honest review There are many strings don t know how else to describe them in this book I ve read other books and the author made a mess of the strings Ms Alisyn ties all these strings together in a believable way Meredith teaches at risk teenagers how to grow food Their building has been bought by a chef who wants the whole building and grounds for his project Her father has been released from prison and needs a place to stay Alpha Conroy is one of 10 bears who have to find hu [...]

  28. Lisa

    Liam is a businessman that take very little thought into other and how they may feel So when he buys a building that means something ro someone he doesn t see it That is until he meets the woman Meredith works with teens that want to learn about gardening and what products they can make from what they grow She took this and one other job as a way to pay the bills When she learns that the building she is renting space from was sold she has to try and get the owner to let her stay The problem bein [...]

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