We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere (2020)

We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere Gillian Anderson Jennifer Nadel We A Manifesto for Women Everywhere Imagine a sisterhood across all creeds and cultures An unspoken agreement that we as women will support and encourage one another That we will remember we don t know what struggles each of us may be
  • Title: We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere
  • Author: Gillian Anderson Jennifer Nadel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere Gillian Anderson Jennifer Nadel Imagine a sisterhood across all creeds and cultures An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another That we will remember we don t know what struggles each of us may be facing elsewhere in our lives and so we will assume that each of us is doing our best So begins WE an inspiring, empowering, and provocative manifesto for change Change tImagine a sisterhood across all creeds and cultures An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another That we will remember we don t know what struggles each of us may be facing elsewhere in our lives and so we will assume that each of us is doing our best So begins WE an inspiring, empowering, and provocative manifesto for change Change that we can all effect, one woman at a time Change that provides a crucial and timely antidote to the have it all superwoman culture and instead focuses on what will make each and every one of us happier and free Change that provides an answer to the nagging sense of is that it that almost all of us can succumb to when we wake in the dead of night.Written by actress Gillian Anderson and journalist Jennifer Nadel two friends who for the last decade have stumbled along together, learning, failing, crying, laughing, and trying again WE is a not a theoretical treatise but instead a rallying cry to create a life that has greater meaning and purpose Combining tools that are practical, psychological and spiritual, WE is both a process and a vision for a fulfilling way of living And a truly inspiring vision of a happier, emotionally rewarding future we can all create together
We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere Gillian Anderson Jennifer Nadel

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    382 Gillian Anderson Jennifer Nadel
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One thought on “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

  1. Hannah Bisley

    This book is very much an introduction to self care, moving on from harmful behaviours, setting boundaries, and thinking beyond yourself onto how you can make of an impact in the world If you are already familiar with these topics, or already do a lot of activism and volunteering, then I doubt there will be much that is radical or new for you here That said if you haven t really considered these topics before, and you feel depressed or that something in your life isn t right, I feel this would [...]

  2. Brenda

    THE BOOK EVERY WOMAN NEEDS It makes you take a hard look at yourself and changes what you see Change comes from within Gillian and Jennifer talk about their own experiences throughout, how they are like every woman despite being in the public eyeFrom menopause, child rearing, self esteem, and relationships they are human and vulnerable to how they are perceived by the world They offer 9 basic principles to live by It is a journey that should not be taken aloneInvite your sisters along for the ri [...]

  3. Victoria

    DNF p 39There s a lot of good, deep, interesting material in this book But I d like it to be four times as concise and less than half as long WE has LITERALLY SIX PREFACES and right now I just can t.

  4. Lisa Bergin

    An interesting read and if your first dip into self help etc not a bad one It does borrow heavily from others works and I did find the authors personal contributions a tad self indulgent, in fact at one point I renamed the book ME That said there are some good exercises and principles within.

  5. Lucy

    It started out reasonably well, but they lost me in the last two chapters with the old spiritual but not religious chestnut, going on about a higher power that may or may not be God and things like prayer works Statements like In place of the value systems that religions once provided for most of us is a gaping spiritual void, the old religion values equivalence and a mention of tithing as a way that people once gave what they could to those who needed it Really You think that tithes went to peo [...]

  6. Sarah Johnson

    It was a perfectly fine self help book, though I didn t really feel they covered any new ground.

  7. Megan Mullins

    I wasn t completely sold on everything in here, but I got a lot out of the topics of dealing with resentment and adding kindness to your life.

  8. Melissa

    In some ways, I m sad that this book has to exist, but happy that it does for those who need it Basically, it says that it s okay to like yourself, do nice things for yourself, take time out of your day for yourself when you re sick or just need a moment to breathe Listening to the authors stress that you should try to find something you re grateful for every day and that you should do something fun at least once a week kind of heart my heart a little Well, here it goes I m grateful that I don t [...]

  9. hyacinthine

    2 ish The preface claims it isn t a self help book but it totally is While it is framed a lot around women s experiences, it s not an actively feminist book The best parts were little anecdotes after each section where the authors wrote about her own experience Their lives are interesting and the advice was better for me to absorb through those stories than instructions I got this as I m a huge Gillian Anderson fan so I wouldn t recommend it as a self help book but definitely not as feminist tex [...]

  10. Jenb16

    A great introduction to mindfulness and self help This feminist manifesto is structured to incorporate a holistic approach to living better and is geared primarily toward women, but can obviously include men as well While I didn t find any of the 9 Principles revolutionary, I still enjoyed reading about these positive attitudes to adopt and refresh my mind with things I already know and should reinforce in my own life I found this book very easy to understand and simple to follow This is why it [...]

  11. Julia Rice

    Both a self help guidebook and a feminist call to action The authors discuss candidly their struggles with depression and mental health issues They offer a new approach to a meaningful life First, there are what they cal the essential daily practices of showing gratitude, being gentle with ourselves and others, taking responsibility for self care, and meditation Then there are the nine principles honesty, acceptance, courage, trust, humility, peace, love, joy and kindness, each of which is disc [...]

  12. Jackie

    A must read for young women which covers many topics with the goal of allowing you to become your best, most kind self Not a perfect self, but a good self Loved this read Brought a sense of calm to my lunch breaks.

  13. Becky

    In full disclosure I read this because it s Scully, and I was interested to see what she had to say on pre menopause, based on her Lenny letter That said, it was not a book about that, but about self care I did learn a few things, but it was long winded and I ended up skimming a lot.

  14. Isabell

    Meine komplette Rezension isabellsbooks MEINE MEINUNGDas Buch schwingt gleich zu Beginn sehr hohe T ne von seiner eigenen Wirksamkeit, was mich als Leserin erstmal skeptisch gemacht hat, da ich mir nicht vorstellen konnte, dass dieses Buch nun so viel in mir ver ndern und bewirken w rde.Dennoch fand ich, dass diese Selbst berzeugung des Buches, so viel bewegen und ver ndern zu k nnen, mich sehr neugierig gemacht hat und motiviert hat, selbst herauszufinden, was hinter den eigenen Lobpreisungen s [...]

  15. Donna

    Since I m an X Files Fan, I picked this out of curiosity to hear what Gillian had to say I was very impressed I have read and listened to all kinds of self help new age books before Most share the same principles, this one is different Thankfully no sugar and syrupy talk, and sticks to spiritual talk rather than religious I think it appeals to a educated brain One item I found very interesting was the scientific proof in animal s anyway that a person s inner behaviors fears or habits might be p [...]

  16. Dani Kass

    I was surprised at how much I liked this book, especially given that I bought it only to get into an event with Gillian or, really, because I thought it came with a book signing it didn t, the book was presigned However I came to own it, it was sitting on my bookshelf and I overpaid for it, so I figured I might as well read it.Self help books aren t something I d ever touched before excluding the glorious Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed , so this was uncomfortable for me to read But when [...]

  17. Sue Smith

    a slow and thoughtful read Great ideas that all begin from within Best lesson like yourself so you can like others.Still working on that, but there s some great grounding ideas in this book to help.

  18. Blog-A-Holic

    Zum Inhalt Warum sind so viele von uns Frauen immer noch in Selbstkritik, Abh ngigkeit und selbstverletzendem Verhalten gefangen Wie viel gl cklicher und st rker w ren wir, wenn wir statt uns in st ndigem Wettkampf gegeneinander zu wenden unsere Kr fte vereinigen und einander mitf hlend begegnen w rden WIR ist eine Bewegung, die Ver nderung herbeif hren will, ein Manifest f r eine weibliche Revolution, f r eine bewusste Kehrtwende WIR fordert jede von uns auf, die Ver nderung zu sein und die Rei [...]

  19. Kristen

    I ve followed Gillian Anderson for years, and most recently on her social media handles Seeing her posts regarding social issues, I found that I generally agreed with her stances, and so I was excited to read the book, We, writen by her and Jennifer Nadel.Lets get this out of the way right off the bat if you re a Scully Bedelia Stella Media etc fan, and you re hoping for some sort of weird intersect between a feminine manifesto and the X Files, you re going to end up disappointed We has nothing [...]

  20. Filippa

    3.5 starts from me This is a very spiritual book, it s self help than feminist in my opinion, which is no problem in itself I think this will most likely be great for many women and there are definitely parts of this book I will bring with me.

  21. Kim

    I m not really one for self help books, but it s still nice to see your feelings reflected in the observations of two successful women Here s hoping others, both men and women, feel just as validated and inspired by their words.

  22. Stefania Siano

    4,5 stelleWE non solo una piacevole e stimolante lettura, ma un manuale che insegna a vedere la vita con occhi diversi, a considerare noi stesse sotto un altra luce.I primi capitoli si soffermano sulla nascita del libro, sul perch WE NOI, e sul percorso che il lettore intraprender iniziando il manuale che altro non che un viaggio basato su nove principi, punti semplici e apparentemente banali, ma che sono in grado di cambiare la vita Non un modello che si pu imporre a forza sul nostro consueto s [...]

  23. James

    Already planning to start a Meetup group focused around this book, applying the Essentials and Principles discussed What this could mean for so many of us women who have been struggling through the obstacles in our paths the addictions, depression, self criticisms, alienation, politics, relationships that don t support us, and the effect this has on our daughters, sons, significant others, the world at large We, most of us, know deep inside what feels virtuous, healthy, right but so many of us l [...]

  24. Laura Naysmith

    To be honest I only got this book because it was co written by Gillian Anderson but after having listened to the whole thing I do honestly believe this book has the power to help you change your life, if you are willing to put the work in Both authors bravely share some of their own personal struggles and their own rock bottoms ooh, Matron Jennifer Nadel herself talks of her struggles with clinical depression that saw her being hospitalised and how the techniques mentioned in this book helped to [...]

  25. Tanja

    This book is a nice introduction to self care and basic psychology, supplemented with personal anecdotes and experiences by two people you d expect to have it all They also included some interesting statistical or scientific facts and named the appropriate source so you can read about it something that is not always a given I have to admit that I did not do the exercises explained here, but that does not mean I might not do them at a later time point Some even sound familiar and remind me of ou [...]

  26. Ellen

    I always like to try out new books by going to the Library and getting the audiobook, listen, then decide whether or not to add it my home library Try before you buy I m glad I did that in this case because Jennifer and Gillian narrate the book themselves which always ups the interest for me To hear the authors voice interpreting their words is so much convincing that just reading the book myself.Although not one I would buy, I feel there is some new and updated information in it However, I thi [...]

  27. Mildred

    I just got this from the public library, and read right through it Very inspirational ways to make positive changes in the lives of woman, worldwide I was a little put off by the word, Manifesto, in the title Did not have a Manifesto feeling More a huge resource for putting Love, Joy, Meaning, Understanding, Peace of Mind and Happiness into your life, while being supportive to other woman, worldwide I did learn something new that surprised me That the women that live in the Vatican, do not have [...]

  28. Brian

    This book is trite and formulaic, and rips off a million ideas and sayings from A.A s 12 Steps without credit, making these ideas seem like he authors when in fact, they just took it from what they obviously learned from their own participation in a 12 step program If that s not shameful enough, their calling this a manifesto is laughable it s a rehash of every self help book and idea written in the past 20 years, re packaged into a proposed program called WE that the authors suggest women join [...]

  29. Lena

    I have read this book and also listened to the audible version I have learned so much about myself from this book It is life changing I am thankful that the authors were completely honest with us readers So many of the subjects talked about in this book seem to be taboo in society However, it is a part of life We all do it We all have bodily functions We all have feelings We all fail at one thing or another I have learned that it is ok to talk about things, bodily functions, feelings, emotions, [...]

  30. Mary

    I think to read this book, you need to be in the right place mentally, emotionally, and environmentally The book has quite a bit of the messages in other self help books, much like the Melody Beattie books on codependency If you are in a place to make changes, not angry or bitter, then you will be able to do the exercises easily Also, you need to make time to do the exercises, so if you have kids or lots of obligations, you might not get as much out of it I get how self help books might be what [...]

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