Mothering Sunday (2020)

Mothering Sunday Graham Swift Mothering Sunday A luminous intensely moving tale that begins with a secret lovers assignation in the spring of then unfolds to reveal the whole of a remarkable life Twenty two year old Jane Fairchild has worke
  • Title: Mothering Sunday
  • Author: Graham Swift
  • ISBN: 9781101947524
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
Mothering Sunday Graham Swift A luminous, intensely moving tale that begins with a secret lovers assignation in the spring of 1924, then unfolds to reveal the whole of a remarkable life.Twenty two year old Jane Fairchild has worked as a maid at an English country house since she was sixteen For almost all of those years she has been the clandestine lover to Paul Sheringham, young heir of a neighborinA luminous, intensely moving tale that begins with a secret lovers assignation in the spring of 1924, then unfolds to reveal the whole of a remarkable life.Twenty two year old Jane Fairchild has worked as a maid at an English country house since she was sixteen For almost all of those years she has been the clandestine lover to Paul Sheringham, young heir of a neighboring house The two now meet on an unseasonably warm March day Mothering Sunday a day that will change Jane s life forever As the narrative moves back and forth from 1924 to the end of the century, what we know and understand about Jane about the way she loves, thinks, feels, sees, remembers expands with every vividly captured moment Her story is one of profound self discovery, and through her, Graham Swift has created an emotionally soaring, deeply affecting work of fiction.
Mothering Sunday Graham Swift

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One thought on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Ilse

    The gathering evening, the apricot light, the gauzy green gold world, was impossibly beautiful Take a look at this self conscious woman stretched out languorously with her head on a blue cushion, entirely at ease in her sublimely languid nakedness Amedeo Modigliani s Reclining Nude on the cover of this enchanting novella perfectly conjures the mysteries surrounding the young protagonist of Mothering Sunday, Jane Fairchild The sultry look in her nearly closed eyes How would you imagine her life, [...]

  2. Agnieszka

    enjoy your youth Mothering Sunday Such an old fashioned name for the day when servants had their day off so they could go home, visit families In this day the whole world order seemed to be reversed and landlords without daily help of their servants were childly helpless and the routine of housework almost ruined Mothering Sunday is a record of one single day, 30 March 1924 and its heroine Jane Fairchild is twenty two then and works at Nivens household as a maid She s an orphan, a foundling with [...]

  3. Robin

    Feast your eyesGolden Rain by Leon Francois ComerreThe first half of this seductive novella, Jane Fairchild is reclining much like this nude, a post coital feast for the eyes of her lover Paul She also feasts on him, his thoroughbred body and the minutia of his every movement It is a slow, sensual feast for the reader too, as we share this very private time, which proves to be pivotal in our heroine s life, Mothering Sunday 1924.Jane is a maid at Beechwood, and today Paul, the dashing young mast [...]

  4. Karen❄️

    A secret 7 yr love affair between a young English country maid Jane Fairchild, and a wealthy heir Paul Sheringham, from a neighboring property It is spring of 1924 This tells how the events of one day, shaped the life of Jane who lived well into her 90 s

  5. Trish

    This delicious short novel is in many ways a Mother s Day dream It is a novel short enough to be read in a long, lazy afternoon it is a novel for mature audiences, weathered in relationships and outcomes, who bring a kind of life knowledge to one remarkable spring day in 1924 when sunlight poured over yellow and green fields and not a smudge marred the bright blue of the sky In March a day like June, warm and golden, pregnant with potential and possibility The strange undercurrent of foreboding [...]

  6. Diane Barnes

    This is totally my kind of book The story of a woman s life told through the events of one day in 1924 Beautiful writing Graham Swift is one of my favorite authors, I m never disappointed in his books.

  7. Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan Mothering Sunday Nevisande Graham Swift ISBN 1101947527 ISBN13 9781101947524 Dar 177 Safhe Saal e Chap 2016

  8. Julie Ehlers

    In Mothering Sunday, a young man and a young woman who really shouldn t be consorting with each other have an afternoon assignation Then the young man leaves, and the young woman, our protagonist, wanders around his house naked for a while, thinking the same thoughts over and over again She thinks a lot about the fact that she s naked, for instance And she thinks a lot about a patch of semen left on the sheet of the bed upstairs No offense to any men reading this, but most women just don t think [...]

  9. Hugh

    It has been several years since I read anything by Graham Swift, but I enjoyed this quiet novella Most of the book is set on a single day in 1924 The book has an anonymous third person narrator, but is told from the perspective of Jane Fairchild, an orphan working as a maid in a small country house, who has been involved with Paul Sheringham, a prosperous young neighbour who is due to marry largely for money a few weeks later He invites her there for Mothering Sunday, having ensured that the ho [...]

  10. Pat

    Giorno di festa Coito ergo sumCoito.Ha pensato a tutto, Paul Persino al contraccettivo diaframma, tenete a mente La giovane Jane, cameriera trovatella a servizio della famiglia Niven, da qualche anno ha una relazione col rampollo di casa Sheringham Prima la pagava, poi promossala amica ha evitato la spesa Lui risparmia, e lei non si sente pi una prostituta In fondo, Amica, meglio ancora che amante E di amanti ne avr un buon numero in seguito, quando sar a Oxford Tanti di questo avrebbe fatto un [...]

  11. Antonomasia

    4.5 One of those books for which I wish it was possible to write two reviews addressed to different sets of people, although my rating wouldn t change There are the friends to whom I d like to point out that this is middlebrow litfic and that they probably wouldn t like it but it is a particularly well written example of its type and contains some meta stuff about writing that might not be uninteresting if they found themselves stuck with a copy of it at a station library relative s house etc In [...]

  12. Jr Bacdayan

    It is hard to find words with such sincerity and warmth for literature, for life This isn t perfect, but it feels genuine the way only fiction can It s simple yet its depth is staggering No matter what I say, it will be hard to convey these concepts best felt That s why I m going to skip the discussion and urge you to get yourself a copy It s best read, experienced, and through it lived Well, isn t that what books are for anyway

  13. Jill

    There never was a day like this, nor even would or could be again The day in question is Mothering Day, the day that servants were allowed off to visit their families It is also the last time that Jane Fairchild, a servant girl, and Paul Sheringham, an upper class neighbor, will meet for their tryst before he marries up and moves to London.The day a perfect sunny March day that feels like June will start off languishingly and sensually yet will take surprising turns The initial pace is unhurrie [...]

  14. John Purcell

    Delicious That s what this book is Delicious Mothering Sunday reveals Graham Swift to be a master at the peak of his powers Imagine an artist, a Matisse or a Picasso, deftly sketching a scene or a portrait a line drawing, seemingly effortless for them to do, just something to capture a moment, to capture a mood It looks like magic to us, and yet to them, a commonplace The result of genius and experience.I imagine Graham Swift talking to his editor about Mothering Sunday The editor grasping it li [...]

  15. Simon

    Almost five stars because frankly I was completely swept up by it and Janes tale of an affair, with a man she shouldn t have, told at the time and in hindsight There s a subtle nature to it that makes it beautiful to read and quite heartbreaking in parts An upside down, flipped around Cinderella story in some ways, though it is the act of a princely type that makes the change in Janes life as well as the man.

  16. Sally Green

    I found this book exceptionally moving Beautifully told and on the face of it this is a simple story, although the structure is not straightforward though it s never confusing I m sure other reviews can tell you the characters if you want to know I always prefer not to though I have to say that character of Paul is hardly described but each aspect is perfect.We know there is going to be a bad thing happening and we re told the bad thing half way through the book The build up to and inevitability [...]

  17. Bianca

    Another author ticked off of my non existent list of authors I need to read.Mothering Sunday is aimlessly meandering through one day 30th of March, 1924 in the life of the twenty two year old Jane Fairchild, who s a maid She s been having a seven year amorous relationship with Paul Sheringham, an upper class young man, who s soon to marry for convenience On that particular day, a day when servants were given the day off to go visit their mothers or families, Jane goes into Paul s house, for yet [...]

  18. Ettore1207

    Non posso dire che mi sia dispiaciuto leggerlo, per passer molto presto fra i dimenticabili La storia avvincente piena di carica erotica menzionata in copertina non sono proprio riuscito a coglierla N avvincente n , tanto meno, piena di carica erotica, ma forse un limite tutto mio dato che per motivi anagrafici e non essendo io emulo di SB trattasi ormai di argomento che mi lascia tiepido.Buona parte del romanzo si svolge quasi tutto in un unica giornata Vi si narra dapprima l a fra la cameriera [...]

  19. Holly

    Simply wonderful I d never really warmed to Graham Swift in the past, but now think I need to revisit his earlier novels And I d much rather read Swift doing English eroticism than Ian McEwan any day On Chesil Beach came to mind, but how different this is The novel la is relatively elliptical but contains entire worlds and thoughts and time periods, and there are tiny asides that speak volumes causing me to agree with with the NYT critic quoted on the back cover who said that the depth of field [...]

  20. Michael

    Centering on a single afternoon in the life of Jane Fairchild, Mothering Sunday is a short and bittersweet read In 1924, Jane is an orphaned maid with two things on her mind, books and the local landowner s son, Paul Sheringham On Mothering Sunday, it is tradition for maids to be with their mothers, but for Jane, she spends what will be her last day of intimacy with Paul who is due to be married in a few weeks to a woman of high social standings.This would be a day that would make the Jane into [...]

  21. Ron Charles

    Graham Swift s Mothering Sunday seems at first like a grab for some Downton Abbey love, but it s really a demonstration of what this Booker winner can do in the tight space of a single day.The novella focuses on March 30, 1924, when there were no longer horses in Berkshire, England A servant girl named Jane Fairchild takes advantage of the holiday to slip off to the Sheringhams grand home and sleep with Master Paul Seven years earlier, when they were teenagers, Paul paid her for sex, but now the [...]

  22. Joachim Stoop

    Oh, how I disliked this short novel It s a really thin where did I read this before story Much ado about nothing The language is ok, but never wow I was quite amazed by how such a short book could have such a nagging tone.When I read the positive reviews on this one, I feel that we read a totally different book.

  23. switterbug (Betsey)

    Once upon a time, is half of Swift s sly first line, before the boys were killed is a fairytale opening followed by a gut punch And that won t be the last of those moments that hit you like a fist I ve never read Swift before, but his acute word choices, lean prose, subversive undertones, recursive prose, and refined layering mark him as a mature word master and subtle storyteller This tale centers on the life of Jane, a maid to an upper class family, set in Berkshire, England, 1924, on Motherin [...]

  24. Fiona MacDonald

    A delicate and gentle novel about the intricacies of class and the relationships that shape people behind closed doors The novel is primarily set on Mothering Sunday in 1924 and revolves around a 7 year affair that involves Jane the maid and Paul the Master of the house On Mothering Sunday the pair meet as usual, this time before Paul goes to meet his wife to be in Henley but neither realizes the enormity of a tragedy that will soon befall them A really clever narrative that needs to be savoured [...]

  25. Mosco

    Paul E stato un incidente o si suicidato Sono passati 70 anni, Jay ha vissuto una vita piena e intensa, si affrancata da un origine umilissima attraverso i libri e la scrittura, una donna libera e ironica, ha avuto tanti uomini e un marito amatissimo perso troppo presto, ma ogni tanto ci torna su con il pensiero Paul, amico mio, mio primo a, ma eri poi un a quel giorno, dopo aver fatto sesso con me, hai avuto un incidente o ti sei schiantato apposta E perch ti sei schiantato Per non dover sottos [...]

  26. Eleanor

    An exquisite jewel of a book as delicate as a feather, yet heavy with the terrible griefs and losses of the 20th century Beautifully done A work of art by a master.

  27. Myriam

    All the scenes All the scenes that never occur, but wait in the wings of possibility A wonderfully lyrical novel, sensual and sensuous and deeply moving to read slowly so as not to miss anything of its intenseness, its many subtle layers, the beauty of the language.It s a love story, but also a story of emancipation, of loss and grief, of trying to grasp the meaning of things although many things in life oh so many than we think can never be explained at all Swift doesn t explain them, nor even [...]

  28. Perry

    An Indelible AndanteAfter a lusty, au naturel start in a sun filled bedroom, this welterweight novel poignantly portrays the spirit of a woman who soared The narrative travels through her meditations on a March 1924 day as a 22 year old maid, who never knew the mother who left her in a basket on orphanage doorsteps, floating forward on her ponderings in that day, perched on vivid images and stark emotions of its indelible moments.This compact, soul kindling book then reveals how a life in the da [...]

  29. Rebecca Foster

    2.5 If you re expecting a cozy tale of maternal love, let the Modigliani nude on the U.K cover wipe that notion out of your mind Part of me was impressed by Swift s compact picture of one sexy, fateful day in 1924 and the reverberations it had for a budding writer even decades later Interesting class connotations, too But another part of me thought, isn t this what you would get if Ian McEwan directed a middling episode of Downton Abbey It has undeniable similarities to Atonement and On Chesil B [...]

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