Throttled (2020)

Throttled Elizabeth Lee Throttled Reid Travers knows how to win Becoming Motocross royalty was always the plan and he was willing to make sacrifices along the way to reach his goal Sacrifices he thought he could live with until he re
  • Title: Throttled
  • Author: Elizabeth Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Throttled Elizabeth Lee Reid Travers knows how to win Becoming Motocross royalty was always the plan, and he was willing to make sacrifices along the way to reach his goal Sacrifices he thought he could live with until he returned to the small town where he grew up and learned to ride, and, importantly, where he fell in love.When fate sends Nora Bennett back into his life, he takes one looReid Travers knows how to win Becoming Motocross royalty was always the plan, and he was willing to make sacrifices along the way to reach his goal Sacrifices he thought he could live with until he returned to the small town where he grew up and learned to ride, and, importantly, where he fell in love.When fate sends Nora Bennett back into his life, he takes one look at her and realizes that he made a huge mistake breaking up with her seven years ago Now, he ll do whatever it takes to win her back As Reid sets out to earn her forgiveness and convince her that the guy she s dating is not the one for her, Nora finds herself torn between what her head is telling her and what her heart wants It s a race he never expected to be in, for a girl he can t stand to lose again.
Throttled Elizabeth Lee

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    375 Elizabeth Lee
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  1. Aestas Book Blog

    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 stars SQUEEE I love love LOVED this book It s a gorgeous, heart warming second chance romance and I m fully serious when I say I loved everything about it The hero is a famous Motocross racer who returns to his hometown to realize that the girl he left behind when he went to follow his dreams still holds his heart and this time, he s willing to do everything and anything in his power to win back her trust and prove that he still loves her than anything.This was truly [...]

  2. Jennifer Kyle

    3.75 STARS Reid Travers was made to ride motocross and I was made to be his number one fan Even history couldn t change that fact Elizabeth Lee delivered a light, entertaining, second chance love story This is the first book of her new series and it is a standalone, as the next book will be based on another couple All books will pertain to motocross racing in some aspect Reid Travers is a professional motocross racer and has returned to his hometown after a seven year absence He very quickly run [...]

  3. Michelle

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review image error Reid Travers is my new book boyfriend I absolutely loved Throttled by Elizabeth Lee I have only read three books from this author and she has managed to get me addicted and hooked to her books Elizabeth Lee, you have officially put yourself on my oneclick authors Throttled was one of the sweetest and emotionally charged second chance romance done right I am a big fan of second chance romance trope and Ms Lee has beautifully exec [...]

  4. Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart

    3 Revved up StarsIt is always nice to pick up a freebie and get a pretty good read out of it Throttled is a fast read of a second chance love story Nora and Reid fell in love in high school in a small town He was destined for fame as he was taking on the motor cross world by storm They had big dreams together until he left her behind Seven long years and nothing has dulled the flame either had lit years ago.Fairly predictable that when the prodigal son returns home he has a mission to find Nora [...]

  5. Michelle

    Got 2 luv a hot bikerReid a hot pro biker who as been a away 4 a while he is back 2 build his parents a dream house he left a lot of memories here an he left his gorgeous girlfriend Nora 2 mend a broken heart well thinks have changed now an when he gets 2 c her again he is hit with the feelings that he had when he left Its not like he just left he wanted 2 help his parents have a better life an he would of brought Nora with him but he didn t want 2 put that on her he wanted her 2 finish school a [...]

  6. Ellen at Book Bellas

    Small town life Check Motocross racing Check Second chance romance Check LOVED all of the sweet elements of this sweet and sexy and heart pounding romance from Elizabeth Lee THROTTLED is a throughly entertaining, exciting and refreshing romance with all of the hot and sexy elements you would expect from a book that features motocross racing Reid and Nora were high school sweethearts until he suddenly left her and their small town to chase his dreams of becoming a world class motocross racer She [...]

  7. Jamie

    LOVED IT What a fabulous second chance at love story Pretty much zero angst, perfect chemistry, perfect steam and romantic Such an easy story to enjoy and get lost in I thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely looking forward to the next book in this series

  8. Jessica

    I am so excited to help spread the word about Elizabeth Lee s latest novel, Throttled I love that it was a surprise release for many and she did a great job of keeping this book under wraps I really enjoyed this first book in her new series and I am already ready to get my hands on the next book Not only did I fall for Reid and Nora, but I completely fell for Reid s brother, Hoyt, his best friend Brett, and Nora s sister, Georgia I am really hoping we get to see them again soon in the next book [...]

  9. Lara

    Let s just pretend I never read this book, okay I mean, I did somehow enjoy it but the editing of this novel was simply awful, just way, way too many typos and sentences that didn t really make a lot of sense The plot and the characters are extremely clich driven but as I didn t expect anything else that was just okay.Still not one of the better NA romances I have read so far.

  10. Amy

    Some choices damn near kill you and when you think you can live with them, that you can finally stand to live with what you ve done, you see something that knocks you right back down Throttled follows the story of Nora and Reid Nora and Reid had a love like no other They had big plans and thought that they d always be together Until one day, Reid makes a choice A choice that tears their entire world apart Now, five years later, Reid has returned home When Reid runs into Nora again, it s as thoug [...]

  11. 1-Click Addict Support Group

    WHY OH WHY HAVE I NEVER READ A MOTOCROSS BOOK BEFORE NOW I may have a new flavor to add to my addiction.This book was HOT, and fun, and all about second chances Nora and Reid dated in high school, until he left her to chase his dream at being a professional motocross racer They never really got over each other but when Reid shows back up in town, Nora is not so easily persuaded to forgive him.I really, really loved this book It was sweet, fun and had me hooked from the beginning There is a lot o [...]

  12. Luisa Rivas

    A little mehI started this book with high expectations because it had such high ratings and was recommended by a book blogger I follow Sadly, I found the book to be normal, not spectacular It s a cute story about a Motocross star rider who comes back to his hometown, after achieving spectacular success in his sport There he sees his high school sweetheart and realizes he should never have dumped her for his dreams Five hears ago, he broke off with her because he was moving to Texas with his fami [...]

  13. JL

    This is a story about Reid Travers who is a Motocross star rider His life was planned and he s willing to sacrifice anything even dumping his girlfriend for his dreams He made awful decisions in life He thought that he can just live with it until he returned back in town with his success and fate sends him back to Nora Bennett, a real estate agent who happened to be his ex girlfriend seven years ago Reid then realized that he was so stupid for breaking up with her and he wanted her back in his l [...]

  14. Mojo_Mama

    Spoiler Alert This H was not a Man Ho when they were separated And the h has a boyfriend The tides have turned Thought I d get that out there for you SG Ladies So this is another safety gang safe, sweet and fluffy reading experience from Ms Lee I think that may be her pattern but this is only the second novel I ve read from this author buddy read weekend has me finishing this series So far her books seem perfect for a good time between heavy or dark reads They re the kind of books that remind me [...]

  15. ~Dawn~TUG

    I always love a second chance romance book, friends and young first loves that never shake the feeling This one was no different The angst was palpable from the first chapter The anger and hurt rolled off of Nora like a stream, but the one think she could not contain was the love that these two not only shared but still share Her current boyfriend is that guy you know the douchey one from every high school movie made ever The jealous, over zealous, can t quite measure up guy that creates the div [...]

  16. Three Chicks

    Review by Lisa KaneSecond chance at love romances just make me swoon Seriously, they give me the stomach plummets with their heated arguments about their break up there s always a few of those in these stories and my eyes usually get wet at some secret that is revealed Throttled checks off all my necessary boxes for a great love the second time around Reid Travers is a professional free style motor cross rider He s back in his home town to buy back the land his parents owned years ago They sold [...]

  17. Beth

    4.5 Motocross StarsOh My Hot guys Dirt Engines revving This is a my kinda read once again reminded me exactly why I loved riding on his bike He balanced us with his feet on the ground, but his hands had other plans.Reid is a motocross star He travels the world riding his bike Winning races Making the impossible jumps look easy What the world doesn t see is the responsibility he feels The responsibility he feels to take care of his parents who left their home to enable Reid to chase his dream I m [...]

  18. Rithy

    So much feels This was my first Elizabeth Lee book and now it definitely will not be my last Reid was uber sweet below the hot, baddass motocross rider we first see I fell in love with his inner dialogue and we got to see how he really had everyone s best interest at heart When he loves he is all in Nora was a great heroine She was strong and yet very fragile She lost the love of her life, thought he wanted bigger and better just not with her in the picture Is it any wonder she was hostile as we [...]

  19. Lynn

    Typical New Adult book I keep breaking up with you and yet here I am again giving you another try I keep thinking you ll be different and will surprise me Then I get into the book and I discover that there have been no changes and the same characters are there that are actually lust driven teenagers trapped in 20 year old bodies Things are rather shallow This break up is my fault for going back to you thinking you were going to be different Of course you re not and nothing has changed You re sti [...]

  20. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

    Read this ages ago and I seem to remember liking it I don t remember if it falls under the safety gang rules or not though.

  21. Sbell

    This was an enjoyable, quick read I loved the characters, and there was not much angst This was a second chance romance and I was rooting for the couple the entire time I have to say that I understood why Reid left, but I don t understand why he stayed away so long, and why he never once contacted Nora I also understand why Nora never contacted Reid, but it was unbelievable to me considering what she had to tell him The no contact was what made me rate the book lower because Reid confessed to lo [...]

  22. Jess

    3.5 racing stars Entertaining enjoyable fast paced read with little angst Just what I was looking for Reid is a Motor cross racer Nora is a real estate agent They were high school sweet hearts He left Breaking her heart, but not for the reasons she had always assumed He s back in town Building a dream house for his parents She s in a crap relationship and can t help all the feelings that pop to the forefront when they have a first chance encounter Reid will do whatever he can to get her back The [...]

  23. TheresaDK

    3.5 stars Although it wasn t quite what I expected, I really enjoyed Throttled Parts of it felt a bit YA, and although there is plenty of drama the level of angst is low I expected a edgy read with a dirty talking, badass dirt bike racer Reid is neither What he is is sweet, loyal, stubborn as hell and in a whole lotta love with Nora don t you just love that name Reid has a lot of grovelling to do and he does a really good job Nora and Reid s road to finding each other is not one riddled with un [...]

  24. Erica

    This was the perfect read for me after coming off a New Adult hiatus I loved it because it was a completely realistic story that still kept my attention It wasn t full of mushy gushy stuff that bored me to tears It was perfectly balanced with all of the feels I m excited to read about Georgia, Brett, and Hoyt PS I hope Brett gets a hold of Gregurich

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