Unicorn vs. Goblins (2020)

Unicorn vs. Goblins Dana Simpson Unicorn vs Goblins Not every kid skips a rock across a pond and winds up with a unicorn best friend right The popular friendship of Phoebe and Her Unicorn is back for a third collection of adventures so heavenly they h
  • Title: Unicorn vs. Goblins
  • Author: Dana Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781449476281
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
Unicorn vs. Goblins Dana Simpson Not every kid skips a rock across a pond and winds up with a unicorn best friend, right The popular friendship of Phoebe and Her Unicorn is back for a third collection of adventures so heavenly they had to be shared.School s out That means no teachers, no books, and lots of time to compliment Marigold Heavenly Nostrils on her good looks In this third volume, PNot every kid skips a rock across a pond and winds up with a unicorn best friend, right The popular friendship of Phoebe and Her Unicorn is back for a third collection of adventures so heavenly they had to be shared.School s out That means no teachers, no books, and lots of time to compliment Marigold Heavenly Nostrils on her good looks In this third volume, Phoebe and her obligational best friend, Marigold, learn that summer still has plenty of surprises for the both of them All of our old friends are back Phoebe s part time frenemy Dakota, upon whom Marigold has bestowed sentient hair, Phoebe s goofy parents, and even Lord Splendid Humility but please, ignore his magnificence if you can Have fun as Phoebe and Marigold continue the Phoebegold Detective Agency, spend a week at Wolfgang Music Camp, and find themselves in misadventures, thanks to Marigold s enchanted sparkles Along the way, Phoebe makes some new friends, such as Sue her unique clarinet playing bunkmate, Florence Unfortunate Nostrils, Marigold s estranged sister, and Camp Wolfgang s lake monster who enjoys tacos and Wi Fi When school resumes, read along as Phoebe enjoys or suffers from a brief case of popularity, mentally catalogs her grievances against dodge ball, and, with Marigold s help, rescues Dakota and her hair from the queen of the goblins Through these wacky adventures, Phoebe and Marigold learn that their friendship is the second most magical thing of all, after Marigold s beauty, of course Includes an introduction by Cory Doctorow and his daughter Poesy
Unicorn vs. Goblins Dana Simpson

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    Dana Simpson

One thought on “Unicorn vs. Goblins

  1. LolaReviewer

    I believe I ve said this recently, but I think every kid should read this series Although it looks girly, what I like about it most is its witty dialog and endearing characters The beautiful colours and adorable images sure don t cause any problem either, but I certainly wouldn t be reading this series for its graphics alone It would be like reading a novel for the writing and not for anything else There should be harmony between all the elements and that s what we have here This is the third bo [...]

  2. Mitticus

    3, 5 sparkling stars.This book is listed for children between 9 12 y.o.I didn t read the previous books, so I was a little lost at the beginning thinking the Unicorn was some kind of imaginary friend But it happens to be her best friend companion I m sure you are wondering a Unicorn Well, like the NoticeMeNot HP and the Mist Percy Jackson , they havetatat n the Shield of Boringness view spoiler hide spoiler Those scary things like starting a new friendship, summer camp, a new school term, adults [...]

  3. Mary Catelli

    Ah, titles The continuing adventures of Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, very few of which involve goblins.Some do Also Dakota, camp, bringing Marigold to show and tell and suffering the consequences, stealing coffee and its results, Marigold s sister Florence when asked how she can have a sister when she has no parent, Marigold points out that Phoebe has no sister but still has parents , being accused of stealing a ball, and , including a number of gag a day ones.

  4. Jim

    A cute book Cory Doctorow in his intro is right this has an appeal to kids and adults But I may not have loved it as much as he did Don t get me wrong, it s a fun book, and full of laughs But I guess I didn t think the laughs and insights were consistent Is it bad that I measure a book of humor by how much I laugh out loud There are some pretty funny cartoons that are interspersed with some that aren t so inspired This might be suited for spreading out and reading cartoon by cartoon, rather tha [...]

  5. Prince William Public Library System

    In this third volume, it s summer break for Phoebe and her best friend, a unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils Join them for summer adventures including a staring contest with goblins, music summer camp and rooming with a girl who is pretty sure she has never killed anyone , trying coffee for the first time and so much This book is filled with hilarity for kids and adults alike It reads like a continuous comic strip than a graphic novel and it s not necessary to read the other volumes firs [...]

  6. amomentsilence

    3.75 StarsI thought this was an adorable readke so many other reviews here, I was a bit lost at first, seeing as this was my very first Phoebe and Unicorn book However, I quickly figured out what was going on, and found the relatable to a kid content matter engaging, fun, and whimsical I would definitely recommend this middle grade book to any kid who wanted a new book to read.

  7. Rachel"s Book Reviews

    Still a huge fan of this duo and also, Dana This one is definitely consistent with the others in the series Full review soon Yay unicorns

  8. Stefanie Kellum

    Just when I thought this series couldn t possibly get any funnier, it goes and makes Trapper Keeper AND Backstreet Boys references

  9. Lea

    This is shorter than volume 2 but just as entertaining Many of the frames I had to read out loud to share the joy I enjoy Phoebe and Marigold and their adventures Good message and fun, realistic sans unicorn issues people have.

  10. Sarri

    Ajoittain hauskakin sarjakuva tyt st ja h nen yksisarvisesta yst v st n Sarjakuva toimii v h n yhden sivun strippi tyyliin, tosin tarinassa on jatkumo Muistuttaa hieman Lassi ja Leevi sarjakuvaa, tosin t m n kohderyhm on selke sti lapset Mukana on kaikenlaisia populaarimusiikkit kyj kyll vanhemmillekin Aikas s p meininki.

  11. Nancy Kotkin

    Text 3 starsArt 4 starsAnother volume of compiled comic strips about the precocious little girl Phoebe and her magical bff, the unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils The goblins enter very late in the book starting on pg 143 and don t stay long leaving on pg 153 Not as funny as previous compilations in this series.

  12. Melissa

    Cory Doctorow said it best in the introduction It s easy to compare Phoebe to Calvin and Marigold to Hobbesif Hobbes was a snarky unicorn and Calvin was an awesome little girl And, if Hobbes could also talk to Calvin s parents and friends and teachers Phoebe is an awesome, relate able, modern 9 year old, whose best friend happens to be a magical and snarky unicorn named Marigold Heavenly Nostrils Hilarity ensues as they go about their days together and in this volume, we find Phoebe attending su [...]

  13. Elke

    A cute little collection of comic strips about a little girl and her friend, which happens to be a unicorn It was fun to see them interact, but a lot of the stories felt repetitive, especially if you read this book in one session As it was, the unicorn with its sparkling personality started getting on my nerves eventually, but I guess most little girls will love it However, I suggest to read just a snippet every now and then to keep the whole thing entertaining.I especially liked the scenes with [...]

  14. MC Bonet

    This is the first Phoebe and Marigold book I have read There s something about it that doesn t allow me to fully like it Marigold is so vain that it annoys me However, this is a kids series, and I can see how some children would find Marigold charming I like the use of vocabulary in this book The author didn t dumb it down for the intended audience, though some scenarios I think are above some children Read it with your children Talk to them about some of the scenes and encourage the use of the [...]

  15. Holly Letson

    Books from the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series are always fun to read Nothing extra, just pure fluff, but fun as a time killer Her Unicorn is really conceited, though Thanks, NetGalley for providing me a review copy.

  16. Kristen

    I enjoyed this third collection of Phoebe and her Unicorn adventures For my full thoughts, see my review at No Flying No Tights noflyingnotights 2016 01 2.

  17. erin

    What re you, the recap fairy I m not gonna be because you should just dive in for yourself There are so many gems of sharpness in these books they are just such fun to read even aloud because that s how this is rolling with kiddo right now.

  18. Hebah

    Another fun installment Torn between plowing through volume 4 and grabbing 5 off Netgalley, or trying to pace myself so I don t run out

  19. Lydia

    Phoebe and Marigold are back with adventures Phoebe starts meeting Goblins in this one, and Dakota s magic hair starts having a life of it s own Phoebe and Marigold are so much fun And I m not even saying that because I m an animal person which, Marigold would probably take offense at being compared to anyway they have such wonderful humor and lovely attitudes So often best friends are shown as being abusive to each other mostly verbally and these two don t do that They speak truth to each othe [...]

  20. Jesse Baggs

    A super cute book that my daughter enjoyed, but the writing didn t quite do it for me Unicorn vs Goblins is a collection of newspaper strips, so there s a beginning and end to each page s strip This would be fine if each strip stood alone and was really interesting or funny, but for the most part the ideas and jokes here are pretty mild Complicating things further, there are a few longer storylines that take place over multiple pages This isn t anything the average comic strip reader won t have [...]

  21. Travis Mueller

    Not much to say really Continuation of a series, it continues to display the same humor and wit as the previous books I have this weird feeling that I had read some of the strips before, which is possible since I know they can be found online, but I also didn t recall what came of them, so perhaps not I thought there should have been about music camp, and Phoebe s crazy bunk mate there, as well as the lake monster.

  22. Mary Mckelvin

    Wellunfortunately I gave it 3 stars and that s only because it made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions If it didn t do that I would have given it a 2.rry It was the title It didn t make sense to me the goblin was mention at nearly the end p.g148 and only for 10 pages I feel the title should have been Unicorns vs Creatures random thought A dragon, magical hair not sure if considered a creature but is magically and a goblin was a part of the story All the characters are in sync and it still t [...]

  23. Kest Schwartzman

    This isn t actually a five star book It is pleasurable, not exceptional But I love Todd the candy breathing dragon He s quite possibly my favorite ever fictional character He s only on one page of this book, and that s enough to get it at least one whole extra star from me So cute So tiny So Stripy Barfs icecream What can one want from a dragon

  24. Mary Ellen

    I loved vol 1 and 2, but so so sadly, this one left much to be desired They felt like recycled jokes with nothing new and original The charm of their relationship just wasn t there like it was in the other two I am hoping she was just having an off year and that the next books will bring back the characters and originality.

  25. Julia Erlanger

    Glorious fun, although not as good as the first two books Love the intro from Cory Doctorow and his daughter He says all the right things about why this comic is so great, and why comparisons to Calvin and Hobbes are inadequate.

  26. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)

    Another great addition to the series There were maybe 3 pages that I loved a lot I might copy and frame one and maybe 4 that either weren t funny or were being casual about something serious Overall this series is a feel good read for me and I love watching them interact.

  27. Trisa

    Every time my heart feels too heavy, Phoebe and Marigold have a way of bringing me back again So much lighthearted fun and humor mixed with a healthy dose of nostalgia and subtle wisdom please

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