When Nothing Is All You've Got (2020)

When Nothing Is All You've Got Kirsty Dallas When Nothing Is All You ve Got AVAILABLE NOW AT AND KU Move like the wind protect your face keep your eyes on the target and don t get dead I am the daughter of a King but I am no princess I am loathed by many but feared by To
  • Title: When Nothing Is All You've Got
  • Author: Kirsty Dallas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: None
When Nothing Is All You've Got Kirsty Dallas AVAILABLE NOW AT AND KU Move like the wind, protect your face, keep your eyes on the target, and don t get dead I am the daughter of a King,but I am no princess.I am loathed by many,but feared by .To one I was nothing,to another I am everything.I am a pawn in their game,a fighter in their ring.My name is Nada,and this is life in the underworld If your heart stAVAILABLE NOW AT AND KU Move like the wind, protect your face, keep your eyes on the target, and don t get dead I am the daughter of a King,but I am no princess.I am loathed by many,but feared by .To one I was nothing,to another I am everything.I am a pawn in their game,a fighter in their ring.My name is Nada,and this is life in the underworld If your heart still beats and air still fills your lungs, you get up and you keep fighting I am the son to good people,But I am not a good person.Blood stains my hands,Murder marks my soul.To one, I am everything,To others, I am nothing.I am a soldier of death,A dark assassin in their prison.My name is Shadow,And this is life in the Underworld.A standalone Dystopian novelDue to sexual content, violence and bad language, this book is recommended for readers 18 years It is a DARK dystopian romance Darkt beautiful.There are flashbacks of a rape scene that may be triggers for some readers goo L9NKXh
When Nothing Is All You've Got Kirsty Dallas

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    Kirsty Dallas

One thought on “When Nothing Is All You've Got

  1. Stacey is Sassy

    When Nothing and Shadow come together there is HOPE.WoW I m not sure I can do this book justice with my little old words When Nothing Is All You ve Got sure does pack a punch This book was gritty and dark, but I never felt smothered in its darkness I did not feel claustrophobic when I was pushed down into the bowels of the earth where there was no light to be found, I was led by a beacon Nothing How can a father call his child Nada, specifically to make her know that she is nothing to him Why wo [...]

  2. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat"s Crazy About Books ⚛

    Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Kirsty Dallas in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE When Nothing Is All You ve Got AUTHOR Kirsty Dallas GENRE A standalone Dystopian novelRELEASE DATE April 15th, 2016MY RATINGA complex story that isn t just a romance, it s a battle of wits, a battle of survival, only the tough surviveThis may not be something I would usually read in this genre Dystopian BUT bugga me as soon as I started this I couldn t put it down, my eyes were glued to my ipa [...]

  3. Ashleyjo

    What s WhatUnderground prison ruled by the FMC s tyrant father and his soldiers FMC is super badass fighter MMC is her father s right hand lap dog Think the prison in Chronicles of Riddick Think the toughness of Kyra and Riddick So, this badass chick is hardened because her father robs her of her innocence, uses her as a fighter, and just all around terrorizes her She s turned into a killing machine in a place where emotions like trust, love, etc will get you nothing but a knife in the back or b [...]

  4. Bev

    I actually don t know where to start with my review and am not going to go over the story, that s been done to death in other reviews already But what I will say is that whilst I loved the story and the writing I struggled with the constant and relentless violence, cruelty and apathy thereof as well as the gross neglect and abuse I get it s fiction but I really did struggle to get my head around it at times, and I felt this actually detracted from the story Take away the constant and relentless [...]

  5. Ivy Deluca

    A definite change of pace Kirsty Dallas is an author I like to read because her books make me snort laugh Her porn star romances are funny and engaging I can still picture Decker helicoptering.if you don t know what I mean, check it out Anyway, when I read the blurb for this book, I wasn t sure how to take it It s about as non funny as it gets It s definitely dystopian and it s got some seriously dark and tragic moments Yet Ms Dallas has pulled it off I may have cringed at times and held my brea [...]

  6. Kirsty Dallas

    I am a massive fan of all things Dystopian, I never thought I d write one, though My niche seemed to fall nicely into contemporary and comedy romance BUT, this story needed to be written, my head would have exploded if I didn t get it out right away truly, it could happen.Inspired by the combination of hope and resilience, hate and fear, When Nothing Is All You ve Got is a romance set in an Underground world of sin and debauchery Caught in the harsh environment of this ugly world is a glimmer of [...]

  7. Willow Brooks

    This book touched me in just the right way I know it s categorized as a dystopian romance, however this book was so much than that I don t even know how to review it because it was that deep and moving to me Nada was one tough little heifer Her father was a colossal Bastard who didn t give a crap about her He treated her like crap, literally About 99% of the story takes place in the underworld which is actually a prison for criminals The underworld is deep, deep, deep in the ground Each person [...]

  8. Michelle [Helen Geek]

    04 30 2016 4 StarsI was rather surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did There were editing errors enough that I lowered my rating a bit I d read this author again.Happy Reading

  9. Shari Kay

    This wasdifferent Dark with a contradictory, violent world Out of my comfort zone at times and definitely not a safe read Nada is the daughter of the King of the underworld which is basically a throw away prison for a now black and white society above ground that does not believe in second chances or mitigating circumstance If a crime is committedyou get thrown in the pit with no chance of parole We don t really learn much about life on the surface Just the bare bones I would have liked .Nada wa [...]

  10. Ari Reavis

    Dnf at 31%At this point the hero has had 2 sexual encounters with other women This just ruins a romance for me I m out.

  11. Tessa

    OMG 4.5 stars at least I couldn t stop thinking about the book, even when it was done My one complaint was I wanted the end to be even longer It ended perfectly, but I just wanted of that world I can see a book two for it, and yet, it ended perfectly sighs So good.

  12. Megan Fall

    I wasn t sure about this book when I started it, but it quickly captivated me Shadow was such a hard, brutal man that I wasn t sure I liked him Nada was fierce in her own way, fighting to survive I loved how this book ended So much action and lots of tears The perfect dystopia book

  13. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews

    mind blown Epic This was amazing REVIEW When nothing is all you ve got by Kirsty DallasHope, is all they have I m not sure what I have left of a heart, Nada, but whatever I have left is I m not even sure I can do this book the justice with my simple words in this review I m typing When asked to review when nothing is all you ve got, I was really hesitant, not because it s a Dystopian cos I love all things para, UF and Fantasy But because I normally stray away from your darker stories But in sayi [...]

  14. Mae

    4.5 Nada Stars This book was amazingly good It s so different from the books I ve been reading lately.It s set in a future where our world is divided into two parts the underworld for the bad folks and the above ground world for the good folks Nada, our heroine, whose name means nothing is a young ass kicking female fighter by profession and as a means of survival who was born in the underworld The King of this world, Kingsley, is her father a heartless, cold, calculating demon of a man who dete [...]

  15. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis story begins with Nada being the best fighter of the underworld, and having the father who is king wanting to kill her But he needs her right now because she makes him money The problem is when Shadow is told to keep an eye on her things start to get a little bit interesting Nada and Shadow each have pasts that haunt them, but Nada is fierce and Shadow is willing to do anything to protect her However, this could end up leading to their ruin This bo [...]

  16. Kylie

    A BUCKET LIST MUST READ OMG.what a freaking awesome read Just FREAKIN A I love every aspect of this book Cover, story line, words that are said, actions that are taken, the names of each character, the list goes on.It would make an awesome movie and is KD s best work yet Whilst reading I kept thinking OMG this is amazingease keep going and don t disappoint And KD went above and beyond and delivered I can t recommend reading this book enough It s a bucket list must read The sooner you start the s [...]

  17. Suzanne (Lily)

    A thought provoking dark story Take a moment to look at the cover of this book It didn t catch my attention until I started to write my review The imagery of the colourful butterfly against the monotone background was all I needed to get my thoughts flowing I know so many covers incorporate a butterfly into them, but the way it stands out against the unidentifiable girl woman balancing it on her finger signified the essence of what I took from the story.Nada is an innocent within the Underworld [...]

  18. Tori Valenzuela

    Kirsty Dallas was gracious enough to give me an ARC in exchange for an honest review Let me begin by saying wow amazing no words can explain I am a huge fan of dystopian, post apocalyptic genre, but this book just captivated me from beginning to end The story s setting is in an underground prison system called the Underworld The Underworld is separated by sector colors defining how bad your crime was that landed you in the underworld Red Sector is the worst representing the murderers and rapists [...]

  19. Cjfrost

    I received an Arc in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the romance between Nada and Shadow Although it is not hearts, flowers and candle light dinners.This is life in the underworld which is a prison below ground, where you live in your own tunnel depending upon the severity of your crime.White Innocent born to the underworld.Blue Petty crime, theft, vandalism.Yellow Arson, kidnapping.Red Murder, rape Dungeon under the red Paedophiles and the Beast.Nada is assigned to the red area, although s [...]

  20. Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog

    3.25 stars This was an interesting and different book I liked parts of it, but it was also quite dark and depressing This is a dystopian romance set in an America where criminals are sent to live in an underground society after they commit a crime The underground society is governed by an evil man named Kingsley Kingsley s daughter is Nada, an innocent who was born underground She is hated by him and used as his pawn to gain power and riches by him making her cage fight She is just trying to sur [...]

  21. Ambre

    I received an Arc from the author for an honest review It was a nice departure for this author from the other books that I have read from her This author always has strong female lead characters in some shape or form in her books, but Nada is a bad ass Usually, they start off almost looking weak and then begin to realize that they are strong and grow into it, but not Nada She is strong from the get go, not just for herself but for others around her It is very rare that I read Dystopian type of s [...]

  22. Karen

    3.5 stars for a well written and unique storyAlthough I liked this book, I didn t love it I guess Dystopia and Urban Fantasy just isn t my thing I struggled at times with the dark underworld, the fighting, the unfortunates and the different coloured sectors There were even times I wondered what was going on and had to go back and re read parts I was born to the Underworld King, but I am no Princess I am nothing, and then again, to some I am everything In an effort to subdue me, they use me as a [...]

  23. Sandy Abraham

    Well what a story, not usually my genre but I still loved it Dark, outright confronting, compelling reading with a love story that is different to say the least I couldn t put this book down and read it in record time, which is something for me.Nada is fast and deadly in the cage, but can show tenderness to the innocents She was born underground in among the worst of humanity, hated by her father, the King, she was taken under the wing of DeJon He taught her to fight just so she could survive an [...]

  24. Rogue Reader

    I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book I love para, dystopian, and fantasy romance, so it was right up my alley, and it didn t disappoint When Nothing Is All You ve Got takes you into an anti utopian world, believable, and beautifully built The characters are each flawed, as they should be for the environment they have found themselves bound to, and their flaws are what make them so loveable Nada s unquestionable strength, Shadow s dark, intense soul, Dejohn s resilience and quiet love, R [...]

  25. Jemina Venter

    Torturously beautiful When Nothing Is All You ve Got is a phenomenal read From the beginning, I was _IN_ Nada s Underworld Phenomenal Super charged with badassedness, it evoked so many potent emotions in me through what Nada and Shadow went through and felt along the way So much heart and pain in this story It s a dark read, but one well worth your time This may be my new favourite Kirsty Dallas read, and I don t stay that lightheartedly I love her comedies I love her contemporary romances Viole [...]

  26. Clarice

    This was one of the best books I have read this year I loved it Yes this book has dark elements to it, but it also has a beautiful romance in a very unforgiving world I loved the world that was created by this author and really liked the story It kept me reading and wondering what would happen next This book does have an HEA, which is always a must for me Don t let the dark elements in this book keep you from reading it You ll be missing out

  27. Nancy

    Rounded up to 4I love the idea of this book but I wanted of a connection with the characters With all that happened to them I should have felt The author told the story, but I didn t feel the story.

  28. Jamie

    I got this book from a Lucky Dip at Riveting Reads Australia I m honestly not sure that what I write here is going to do this book justice though because holy mother of awesome books The book is dark, and may have some triggers for some people but honestly I could not put it down, it is the best lucky dip ever Power plays, romance, fighting, killing to survive it s kinda got a bit of everything Just when you think you know what s happening something else pushes it aside There is a LOT of violenc [...]

  29. Quinn Stone

    Definitely one of my favorite books I loved this world, so violent, dark and brutal Nada was a badass bitch with attitude, but I loved she had a vulnerability to her which made her human and believable This book played out like a movie in my head as I read through the pages I just didn t want it to stop Could totally see this on the big screen So much love for this book and this author.

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