My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. (2020)

My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King Yolanda King Dexter Scott King My Life with Martin Luther King Jr Originally written for an adult audience in this absorbing moving and important story of the growth of the Civil Rights Movement has been revised especially for young adults Introduction by th
  • Title: My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Author: Coretta Scott King Yolanda King Dexter Scott King
  • ISBN: 9780140368055
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Unknown Binding
My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King Yolanda King Dexter Scott King Originally written for an adult audience in 1969, this absorbing, moving, and important story of the growth of the Civil Rights Movement has been revised especially for young adults Introduction by the author s children, Bernice, Dexter, Martin, and Yolanda King 16 page photo insert.
My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King Yolanda King Dexter Scott King

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    Coretta Scott King Yolanda King Dexter Scott King

One thought on “My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.

  1. LaRae

    The book earned four stars instead of five because it is so rose colored Coretta paints her husband as a larger than life hero bordering on sainthood, which he was not However, the story of the Movement was riveting Everyone should know this story.

  2. Cynthia Egbert

    I need to understand this part of history and this memoir is a powerful beginning but it should not be the only book I read on the Civil Rights Movement or even on Martin Luther King Jr This gave me an inside look at the passion that existed that formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and really offered the nearest to Gandhi and his ideas that our culture would allow But Coretta s view is pretty tightly focused and I need to study things beyond this view, although this was a great j [...]

  3. Karen O"Brien-Hall

    This book is dedicated to THE MEMORY OF MY LATE HUSBAND whose noble life of unselfish devotion to love, justice, and truth I was privileged to share, and from that sharing derived immeasurable fulfilment and to OUR FOUR CHILDREN Yolanda, Martin III, Dexter, and Bernice who may live to see the realization of The Dream The release of the movie Selma reminded me of a book I have loved since a dear friend gave it to me for my 21st birthday, just a little over two years after Dr King was assassinated [...]

  4. J L Kruse

    My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr is Mrs King s life story, told in her own words, in exactly the way she wanted to tell it Beautifully written, it captures her journey from Marion, Alabama, to Antioch and then to the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where she first met Martin Luther King, Jr The narrative is full of the small details that made Mrs King the wonderful person she was her love of music her gracefully approachable demeanor, her amazing intellect and work ethic.Indeed, [...]

  5. Debbie Jarrell

    This book was published in 1969, and is the story of MLK Jr, his wife Coretta and their four children It gives a brief history of their lives before they met, and what it was like growing up black in a segregated South It tells of King s involvement in the Civil Rights movement, how other key people such as the Kennedys were also involved, how King came to be in Memphis where he was assassinated, and tells a little of Coretta s life after her husband s death.I admit that I knew very little about [...]

  6. Adrienna

    As I am reading this book, I feel like I am there Coretta Scott King delivers a story from a humble, courageous, and admirable heart She left her own musical career, to follow the dreams of her leader, who is the head of her household , and husband Martin Luther King She speaks truthfully, how she saw the minor flaws when she first met Martin, and how it quickly transgressed into a divine connection of love for a leader of all time I am mesmerized into this story, and history unfolds from a time [...]

  7. Dr.J.G.

    An inspiring era of history of and a major figure of US history and his life story by someone who knew him intimately than others Small things remain when they are not within logic until they are explained, often It was perplexing why someone had to convert to another branch of what ought to be considered the same religion, and to undergo baptism by immersion as if her own baptism by sprinkling were not good enough This obviously leads one to see that while a religion is presented to outsiders [...]

  8. Toni

    This turned out to be a great book to read this week I loved seeing Coretta s view of the Civil Rights Movement By the time she wrote the book, she had some good perspective on it She points out that whenever there was a big set back in the movement, such as the assassination of JFK, that the set back actually propelled the movement forward When JFK died, the Civil Rights bill was stuck in Congress, but then was passed to honor JFK s life If many of the civil rights workers not met such violence [...]

  9. Tanya

    She quickly became a woman I admired after reading this book My respects usually follow women of outspoken strengths and opinions but here is a woman, a wife, a mother who wrestled with her husband s choices and sacrifices to alter history and correct what should have been a natural right You get a strong sense of the danger this family walked through, lived in and rose from to attain equality for all Inspiring and touching

  10. Tracy

    I m still not a fan of biographies and autobiographies, but I am glad I took the time to read this I have been taught about the Civil Rights Movement and MLK, but it was really perspective changing to put it in the context of home, family, and religion.

  11. Nathan

    Great really inspired me to consider radical commitment to my goals that extremism can be extremism for good That the greatest may be the most humble That those in the background may be incredibly important as well not just Coretta but so many others in the various movements MLK Jr led.

  12. Heidi

    I thought this was a really great insight to the life of Martin Luther King I have a much greater appreciation for all that he did, endured and his wife and family as well I didn t realize how young he was when he was killed.

  13. Lesa

    I really enjoyed this book She was a very good writer I even cried at the end Especially at her speech given in Memphis day before funeral And parts of a sermon he gave 2 months before death on how he want his funeral to be.

  14. Melody

    Absolutely fantastic book Cant get intimate with the life of this man than from his own wife Also has transcripts of some of his most powerful speeches and sermons and Coretta also provides a facinating insight into her own history with civil rights

  15. Lee Yahnker

    Having lived through civil rights and the assignation of MLK I didn t realize how much I didn t know about him Very well written We lost a great leader the day he died.

  16. Cathy

    Powerful book, a beautiful entry point into learning about the man who is now legend Coretta s viewpoint is touching and insightful.

  17. Pat Gill

    Interesting and surprising look at the joys and sorrows of the King family as MLK rose in power and influence.

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