The Thirteen Problems (2020)

The Thirteen Problems Agatha Christie The Thirteen Problems What s better than Agatha Christie thirteen Agatha Christies A baker s dozen of fiendishly told tales in which indomitable sleuth Miss Jane Marple plays host to some of the most clever crimes and crim
  • Title: The Thirteen Problems
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780451200204
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
The Thirteen Problems Agatha Christie What s better than Agatha Christie thirteen Agatha Christies A baker s dozen of fiendishly told tales in which indomitable sleuth Miss Jane Marple plays host to some of the most clever crimes and criminals.
The Thirteen Problems Agatha Christie

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    Agatha Christie

One thought on “The Thirteen Problems

  1. Dannii Elle

    If you need thirteen little reasons to convince yourself that Christie is the actualqueenof crime fiction, then look no further These thirteen tales are bound with a loose narrative that links them all, and each one had me sleuthing and deducing to solve the crime before the beloved Miss Marple did As with much of Christie s work, I found this a very autobiographical piece All the characters, at one point, display interests that match Christie s own, and speak of anecdotes that parallel her own [...]

  2. Susan

    Before Miss Marple appeared in her first, full length novel, she featured in short stories the first in 1927 This collection was first published in 1932 The Murder at the Vicarage, the first Miss Marple novel appeared in 1930 Although these are short stories, there are links which make these enjoyable than some collections of random stories.We begin with stories told at a group called, The Tuesday Night Club, in which Miss Marple, her nephew, Raymond West, artist, Joyce Lempriere, solicitor, Mr [...]

  3. Luffy

    Miss Marple is the queen of whimsy, just as Dame Agatha Christie is the queen of crime Back ramrod straight, twinkling eyes, sometimes hands busy with knitting, there seems always something to what meets the eye, with Jane Marple.There are some people who, when young, have an air of old people who have been airbrushed into false youth But there are other people, who, when old, you can imagine them how they must ve looked when they were into their thirties.Miss Marple is a throwback to an early [...]

  4. Nandakishore Varma

    When one utters the word detective or sleuth , what is the image that comes to mind A studious gentleman with monocle wandering about with a magnifying glass A trench coated, lantern jawed, hard boiled individual prowling the back alleys of dark America Or a little, pink old lady sitting in the corner, trying to catch up on her knitting For fans of Agatha Christie s Miss Marple, the third image is as valid as the first two.This unlikely detective relies on her intimate knowledge of human nature, [...]

  5. abby

    This book also published under the title Thirteen Problems is out of print and that s a shame Miss Marple s nephew Raymond West, who shows up at the end of Murder at the Vicarage, holds parties on Tuesday nights at this aunt s house Miss Marple is not so much an invited guest, but rather hangs in the background working on her knitting The group gets to talking about unsolved crimes Each member tell one story of something they witnessed that had baffled them, and the other members of the party tr [...]

  6. Estefani

    5 Stars2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge A book with a number in the title.Que libro tan ingenioso, primero que leo de Agatha Christie Aunque el desarrollo de cada misterio es denso y prolongado, cada uno es igual de interesante Son historias cortas de misterios, en las cuales Miss Marple se encuentra reunida con grupos de personajes que quedan fascinados por su habilidad de ver y entender la naturaleza del ser humano y as poder descifrar cada uno de los problemas que cada uno de ellos iba exponie [...]

  7. Laurel Young

    I m probably a bit than halfway through re reading Dame Agatha s canon I admit that I ve been disagreeably surprised by the number of adventure novels mixed in with the mysteries she actually wrote a great many of the former, but there is a reason her reputation rests exclusively on the latter After plodding through one too many of her random adventurer in exotic locale with vague political intrigue novels, I found myself starting to feel a bit soured on my Year of Agatha and decided to return [...]

  8. Adrian

    Another wonderful Marple book, this time 13 short stories not that you d guess from the title lol As per usual Joan Hickson, sorry I mean Miss Marple, was at her absolute best As with the majority of Agatha Christie books, I know I read this eons ago, but thankfully I only remembered a couple of the stories, so was able to play guess the perpetrator along with the collected ensemble at St Mary Mead Very enjoyable again, now onto the next ha ha What a fantastic challenge this is.

  9. Francis

    I like Miss Marple, I really do She has sparkling blue eyes, a demure smile, a friendly disposition, an inquisitive mind She has a simple country charm and a prolific knowledge of poisons She makes us yearn for tea, good company, good conversation, cozy quilted chairs and warm fires However, when Miss Marple is taken in concentrated doses rapidly told to back Lets say, the tea becomes a bit sweet, the fire too warm and the conversation condescending Yes, Miss Marple, the old biddy that she is, i [...]

  10. Ms. Smartarse

    Several people get together during various occasions, and they decide to tell stories of the mysterious murder kind To a fan of historical romances, I suppose this would count as the equivalent of parlor games Only so much fun And to make things even interesting, the storyteller won t at first reveal the murderer s identity.A book with 13 distinct puzzles penned by Agatha Christie Christmas has indeed come early Specifically by 2 days, according to the date I started reading this book Each and [...]

  11. mark monday

    Choose Your Own Adventure You are a book club and you specialize in mystery and murder It is a grand old time There is also a quasi member of the club, an Angela Lansbury type, a dotty biddy from the old school You try to include her but you also find yourself talking around her It is hard not to be condescending there is so little she knows of the modern world Still, her archaic point of view is at times quaintly charming At times you are shocked by her preposterous conclusions, but you humor h [...]

  12. Paula

    3.5 stars I love Miss Marple but I definitely prefer the novels to short stories They were all enjoyable but a bit forgettable ExceptThe Blue Geranium that one I most definitely will not forget Loved the ghost story vibe.

  13. Chas Smash

    Adoro a la Se ora Marple Me gust mucho en Un Cad ver en la Biblioteca aunque su participaci n all fue relativamente excasa Aqu desarrolla todo su arsenal desenmascarando en su estilo a los culpables en las trece peque as historias que se presentan aqu Bastante rebuscados s lo acert una y me considero a mi manera una experta pero narrados con destreza.4,25 5

  14. Damaskcat

    This is a collection of thirteen short stories told by the members of the Tuesday Club which includes Miss Marple The group of friends each tell the story of various mysteries they have come across during their lives professional and private and invite the others to work out the solutions Naturally Miss Marple is the person who provides the correct solutions.My particular favourite is the Blue Geranium which I always find particularly sinister though the solution is simple in the end The Idol of [...]

  15. Kirsty

    The second Miss Marple book, and whilst not my favourite thus far, it is packed with fascinating mysteries and clever conclusions The stories are collected under the guise of a Tuesday Night Club , in which six characters including, of course, Miss Marple get together to see if their minds are sharp enough to get to the bottom of assorted mysteries The overarching structure works so well, and the individual stories are so clever that they could easily have been turned into longer novels Undoubte [...]

  16. Lea

    I prefer novels to short stories, but these 13 short mysteries were fun to read on my break Some were like riddles, that you can try to solve, some were a bit too farfetched for me The best parts were Miss Marple s nuggets of wisdom, she s a really fantastic character.

  17. Dorin

    Miss Marple ghice te tot, chiar dac nu are absolut nicio logic i i lipsesc informa iile vezi ultimele dou povestiri.13 probleme e o culegere de 13 povestiri Nu m a convins de la prima poveste, dar ideea acelui club de rezolvat crime mi se pare foarte simpatic , i a crescut cu mine n timp Devine mai conving toare pe m sur ce nainteaz n poveste.Majoritatea povestirilor sunt discutate n acest club din care face parte i Miss Marple i de fiecare dat Miss Marple ghice te, folosind n elepciunea omului [...]

  18. Uncle

    Agatha Christie s compilation of Miss Marple stories, The Thirteen Problems, was published in 1932 It marks the second appearance in book form of Christie s beloved spinster sleuth, Miss Jane Marple, whose debut in The Murder at the Vicarage had occurred only two years earlier Miss Marple is my favorite Christie character I love the contradiction of the wooly headed old dear, who despite living in a quaint English village, has an uncanny, some might say ruthless, awareness of the absolute worst [...]

  19. Constantine

    Rating 3.0 5.0I love Miss Marple books because they are deep and the main characters are usually developed and have a significant existence I cannot say the same about this though for several reasons I liked it too but not as much as the other books in the series The book consists of short stories with Miss Marple being in all of them I would say that it is a bit of over dosage from having Miss Marple solving each and every mystery herself in all of them without being a part in them Yep she kep [...]

  20. Felicity Disco

    This is a story collection, so it s Miss Marple calmly outsmarting the mansplainers 13 times in a row, and therefore THE BEST.

  21. John Frankham

    Very rarely do I really like short stories, but this coherent and character establishing book of thirteen Miss Marple stories was an exception Well written, lots of sly humour at the characters involved A set of six murder cases narrated at a meeting at Miss Marples , then six at her friend Dolly Bantry s Only Miss Marple could solve these problems, although I did solve one Then the last story is of an actual murder in St Mary Mead, and Miss Marple is able to tell the retired commissioner of po [...]

  22. Lou Robinson

    Amazing, a Miss Marple book that I m convinced I ve never read and I really did devour Agatha Christie novels as a kid Thirteen whimsical problems, discussed over dinner And of course, Miss Marple hones in on the right answer every time, with her vast knowledge of village life and human nature Nothing like a good old murder mystery or two Or thirteen.

  23. Ririn

    Maybe because they were short stories, some were not as complicated as Agatha Christie s usual tales In other words, I could guess correctly what and how it happens in some of the cases given P

  24. Cleo Bannister

    So after finally allowing Miss Marple into my life just last year with Murder at the Vicarage, I decided to try another book which featured this sharp, yet elderly spinster of St Mary Mead What I didn t quite appreciate was that The Thirteen Problems wasn t really the second book in the series as denoted by but a collection of linked, but essentially short stories, featuring the accidental detective.The collection starts with The Tuesday Night club held at Miss Marple s house where each of the s [...]

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