Dreaming With A Broken Heart (2020)

Dreaming With A Broken Heart Mary J. Williams Dreaming With A Broken Heart Hollywood is a cutthroat town Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers It s time for them to step out of their parents shadow S TIME FOR THEM TO BECOME LEGENDS Garrett Landis is Hollywood s g
  • Title: Dreaming With A Broken Heart
  • Author: Mary J. Williams
  • ISBN: 9781311938596
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
Dreaming With A Broken Heart Mary J. Williams Hollywood is a cutthroat town.Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers.It s time for them to step out of their parents shadow S TIME FOR THEM TO BECOME LEGENDS.Garrett Landis is Hollywood s golden boy.If he wants to make a movie, it gets made.If he wants a woman, he only has to snap his fingers.The moment he meets Jade Marlow he knows she s different.She s theHollywood is a cutthroat town.Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers.It s time for them to step out of their parents shadow S TIME FOR THEM TO BECOME LEGENDS.Garrett Landis is Hollywood s golden boy.If he wants to make a movie, it gets made.If he wants a woman, he only has to snap his fingers.The moment he meets Jade Marlow he knows she s different.She s the first woman to get under his skin The first woman he can t have.Jade Marlow is desperate to leave behind her tragic past.Her ex husband wants her dead Her father is her worst enemy.Jade wants Garrett, but she refuses to drag him into her mess of a life.The attraction is undeniable.What happens when your head tells you to stay away, but your heart won t listen Sex is easy.Falling in love It s the hardest thing they will ever do.But it could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them.
Dreaming With A Broken Heart Mary J. Williams

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    Mary J. Williams

One thought on “Dreaming With A Broken Heart

  1. Gwen Sargeant

    This is my first book by Mary J Williams I was blown away with the storyline I started the book in the morning and tried to wrap Christmas presents in between chapters Trust me it doesn t work What should have taken a couple of hours of wrapping took 7 hours I couldn t begin to put the book down The characters Garrett and Jade melted my heart in so many ways Garrett with his passion of love for Jade, his patience and determination Jade is determined to overcome and grow a backbone to stand up fo [...]

  2. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm

    Abandoned by her own mom Verbally abused by her dad Physically assaulted by her husband Jade Marlow is that Broken Scarred Scandalized Pitied Frowned upon The list of negatives go on If only they knew what she really was inside Born into the sights and sounds of Hollywood Living the lifestyle of the rich and famous Loved by celebrity parents Adored by his rambunctious brothers A respected movie director Life is good for Garrett Landis Until he saw Jade Marlow Again.He offered his helping hand Sh [...]

  3. Ivy

    I really enjoyed this book As with Mary s other books, the characters are strong, sensitive and smart The story is well developed and well edited which makes it even enjoyable to read I love the relationship between Garret and Jade I highly recommend this book and I m looking forward to reading other books by Ms Williams Definitely an author to follow

  4. Keep Calm Novel On

    The group Read It Reap provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.Garrett Landis is the son of Hollywood royalty He is surrounded by a supportive family filled with unconditional love His pure spirit immediately draws the reader into his world Jade Marlow is the only child of a wealthy controlling father Behind closed gates and doors her world is filled with pain She has been verbally and emotionally abused by her father and physically abused by her ex husband Her scars are dee [...]

  5. Pauline Frost

    I received an ARC copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review As a Hollywood story being told this is a series to follow along on I laughed and cried to get through this book but was pulled in from the start As every family in America suffers some kind of pain in their lifes it still hurts to follow along in this story of just how you never know what goes on behind closed doors I loved the Landis family and yes they have their way of always making sure to cover each others back if th [...]

  6. Lady Heather

    A copy of this book has been provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  7. ʝαиє

    image error This book is very sad and intense during the first half If you re ok with it, please continue to read the book.This book is provide by Shut Up Read group.Oh my I just completed the book I felt very upset while reading the first half I m thinking to myself, thank god I don t have such a father figure in my life Or should I say I did not know anyone like that in my life Jade s life is so sad that have me thinking is there anyway I can go inside the book to slap, kick and kill her fathe [...]

  8. Carolina Godinho

    I was given an ARC in exchange of an honest review.What a nice story Well written and engaging The relationship between Garrett and Jade evolved smoothly even with all the troubles caused by Jade s father and her ex husband I loved how she overcame her fears and weakness.I think the detail about Garrett s eyes was really endearing His eyes are grey, but they become purple when he s thinking about his love for Jade.I fell in love with all the Landis, they re perfect and I certainly hope each one [...]

  9. Barbara

    Good read Hollywood power couple have four sons and all are in the movie business You want people to know who you are not who your parents are Treat everyone with respect, from the lowliest crew member to the head of the studio The most important thing In this business, trust no one except brothers Where does romance fall in this situation

  10. Michelle Quintana

    This book was sent to me from Netgalley This is the first book in a new series by this author and I really did like reading it This is the story of Jade and Garrett and how their love affair started and ended It is a bittersweet love story that shows how strong a person can actually be when they set their mind to it Even though they run the same social circles, they had limited interactions with each other due to the reputation Jade had as the Ice Queen Jade is a socialite while Garrett is a mov [...]

  11. Andrea

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Jade had been abandoned and abused by everyone that was supposed to love and protect her Until Garrett But Garrett s struggling to convince her she is worthy of his love and that she can change her life From the get go, I loved this author s writing style The story flowed organically through the thoughts of the characters and their interactions, rather than just a dictation of what was happening It was written with some time hopping [...]

  12. Jeannie Zelos

    Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Mary J Williams Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre romance I love the film rock star trope so was really looking forward to this I found the start slow though, and for most of the first third at least just didn t feel the chemistry between Garret and Jade Her story is sad, scary, and heart breaking and I really felt for her, but for her to have this connection to Garret who she d met once, three years before took a leap a bit too far for me I m all for gett [...]

  13. Brigitte

    Life in Hollywood is not always what it seems Garrett is from a family, involved in the film industry He is a successful director who works hard and plays hard He doesn t have time to settle down because of his busy schedule which takes him to distant filming locations He is very close to his brothers and parents They are all down to earth despite their fame and fortune Jade is from a wealthy family but unlike Garrett, her life is not her own On the surface, she appears to have everything, anyon [...]

  14. Cathy Cole

    This was my first Mary J Williams book but it will certainly NOT be my last I loved this book I started reading it in between plays of the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots playoff game and soon, the book held my attention than the close scoring game It was no contest, actually By the time the Denver Broncos were Super Bowl bound and the Carolina Panthers were well on their way, I was in love with Landis family in general and Garrett in particular He and his brothers were wonderful charac [...]

  15. Taisie

    Garrett Landis is Hollywood royalty, son of a famous producer and award winning actress His three brothers are all in the business as is Garrett, who is a noted director He notices Jade Marlow one night at a party Jade is a socialite who grew up near him but never was in his circles.They spend the evening together, and Garrett is intrigued but has to go out of town When he returns, Jade is married.Fast forward a few years and they make contact again Jade, who has been mentally abused by her fath [...]

  16. Christina Browne

    Waking up in a cheap motel with a already married women he believes he is the better man who can treat her better her husband demands her back when he is home,.Garrett wants to give up the situation but cant Garett also has a family that doesnt know about his extra activities.Garett is A Movie Star and his brothers also have a part in the movie business Garett Took Jade for A Ride and Offered A Vacation for A Couple of Weeks Which She Refused He Asked for Her To Wait Two Weeks for Him B the Time [...]

  17. Diana Cardenas

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved this book I had the opportunity to talk with Mary and instantly liked her, so I was super excited to read this and had extremely high expectations, let me tell you, It s better than I anticipated You know you love a book when you need to know what happens next, and I m glad there s a second to this I enjoyed every part of this book, Garret, and his family were perfect, not to clich but just perfect enough to ma [...]

  18. Pallavi Bansod

    Absolutely amazing I couldn t keep it down Beautifully written a story about a girl, Jade who is emotionally abused by her father Jade is stuck in her house with a father who constantly keeps on eye on everything she does, whom she meets and controls absolutely everything in her life including the person she marries Her husband abuses her and almost kills her Somehow Jade survives With the help of friends and her lover, Jade becomes strong and starts to fight back She finds a backbone and leaves [...]

  19. Kazz Mossman

    I won this book at an event and didn t know what to expect, a romance book It turned out to be my best read of the year I loved this book I loved Garrett and his family and the fact it was set in Hollywood amongst movie stars that made it so much exciting Jade is beautiful and broken Garretts helps her grow strong again as pluck up the confidence to leave her wicked father and all that he controls in her life There is also some great minor character who each have a very important part to play i [...]

  20. Lisa

    Jade has been controlled, demeaned and verbally abused by her father her whole life Then he bullies her into a marriage with a physically abusive man who almost killed her Garrett is a successful movie director used to women falling at his feet and wishes the elusive Jade would He wants her very much, but her baggage makes that something she doesn t think is possible This book took a while to take off but turned into a really great read At first, the interesting characters and story idea were bo [...]

  21. Laurel

    I received a free copy of this in exchange for an independent review Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood movie scene there are two main players Jade who is broken and damaged by her past An emotionally abusive father and a physically abusive ex Garrett a successful movie director, with a wonderful and supportive family set up When they embark in a relationship and a love affair it is magical He helps her to heal Barrett s warmth, affection and support helps her to heal He is the ideal lead [...]

  22. Tina Henry

    The story centers around a famous Hollywood family s son Garrett Landis and Jade Marlow Jade has a mentally abusive past and she went through horrible attack and almost died Garrett s kind, gentle and very protective raised in a loving family The two are total opposites She s trying to break away from her past and he s trying to be there for her I thoroughly enjoyed the love story and am looking forward to the next book in the Hollywood Legend Series.

  23. Shannon Godwin

    WOW This book was great I loved reading about Jade Garrett s story Jade tries to keep Garrett out of her drama Garrett is determined to win her over She isn t like any of the other women he s had Garrett is not use to not getting what he wants so Jade has really turned him inside out Their attraction is unbelievable and I loved reading how things turn out I can t wait to read from Mary You will not want to put this book down.

  24. Linda Cotter

    Interesting story, and mostly fun This is the first book I have read by Mary, and in some parts it was a little slow going Otherwise, the story and characters were a lot of fun written in the third person, which I am totally not used to, was also great once I was comfortable with it I m going to be looking for in this series

  25. Angela

    This was a great book that I really enjoyed reading This was the first book I had read by this author but I can guarantee that it won t be the last I can t wait to read from this author.I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

  26. Dawn Foster

    I recieved an advanced copy for a honest review I must say Thank you to Mary for writing a wonderful story Following Garrett and Jade as they work past the problems in their life to find a love that made them stronger A wonderful love story, and look forward to reading the next book.

  27. Elaine Dempsey gumbs

    This book hit home for me as soon as I started it Garrett is a God among men Can he save her Read and find out

  28. Irene

    My review Five stars would have been my rating if not for the overrated sexual descriptions Fantastic characters and a love story not to be forgotten

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