Jax's Dilemma (2020)

Jax's Dilemma Chiah Wilder Jax s Dilemma Jax Sergeant At Arms of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club likes his women easy Raised in the outlaw biker world Jax has bedded women than he can count The only things on his mind are big ass Harleys
  • Title: Jax's Dilemma
  • Author: Chiah Wilder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Jax's Dilemma Chiah Wilder Jax, Sergeant At Arms of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club, likes his women easy Raised in the outlaw biker world, Jax has bedded women than he can count The only things on his mind are big ass Harleys, scorching whiskey, and pretty women who can spread on command Then he meets Cherri the stripper with ice blue eyes and white blonde hair He wants her in his bed SheJax, Sergeant At Arms of the Insurgents Motorcycle Club, likes his women easy Raised in the outlaw biker world, Jax has bedded women than he can count The only things on his mind are big ass Harleys, scorching whiskey, and pretty women who can spread on command Then he meets Cherri the stripper with ice blue eyes and white blonde hair He wants her in his bed She would rather not Cherri has complicated stamped all over her Jax doesn t need a woman like her messing up his life Too bad he can t stop thinking about her Cherri ran away from a bad situation back home She has secrets she hasn t shared with anyone Stripping is her means of making enough money to start a new life, and nothing s going to screw up her plans Then she meets Jax He s gorgeous, sexy, and a cocky bastard His tattooed, ripped chest and biceps make her drool She knows she should run far away from him, but her body wants him in the worst way Just as she begins to relax, her past collides with her new life Cherri must navigate a deadly obstacle course littered with outlaw motorcycle clubs and a power hungry politician Jax won t stop until he claims Cherri He vows to protect and love Cherri no matter what When put to the test, will Jax betray his family the Insurgents MC or will he lose the woman he loves forever The Insurgents MC series are standalone romance novels This is Jax and Cherri s love story This book contains violence, strong language, sensitive issues, and steamy sexual scenes HEA No cliffhangers The book is intended for readers over the age of 18 Previous Titles in this Series Hawk s Property Book 1
Jax's Dilemma Chiah Wilder

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    240 Chiah Wilder
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One thought on “Jax's Dilemma

  1. Carissa

    Chiah Wilder does not disappoint in Jax s Dilemma She created a riveting tale of brutality in it s most savage form Forged with some prominent themes and tackling certain forms of addiction Chiah Wilder makes us believe that there isn t hope She instils hatred and anger Pain and remorse Love and loss, but mostly, she gives us two lost children adapting to their circumstances and coming out on top The journey of each is vastly different from the other, yet the pain is still lingering from their p [...]

  2. Kristina

    This story is beyond ridiculous The H keeps going on on about how he only wants the h, only has eyes for the h.d the WHOLE TIME he s constantly screwing other women WTF This was so stupiddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  3. Fre06 Begum

    Manwhore , sex scenes with ow, having sex with other people even after being with main mc,no I did not enjoy this book even though the writing was actually pretty good.

  4. Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love*

    cheater manwhore rape prostitution over the top sugar daddy child club whore dumb plot

  5. Tpagirl

    Jax s Dilemma was the second book in the Insurgents MC by Chiah Wilder Jax was the Sergeant at Arms for the Insurgents MC He was born and raised in the MC and fit the description of the typical biker player.Cherri Benoit was a stripper at the Insurgents strip club, Dream House She was strong, independent, had a hard and unfair childhood and was keeping an abundance of secrets I struggled with Jax on this one He was so disrespectful to Cherri as a woman that it wasn t surprising that she wouldn t [...]

  6. JudyB

    I thoroughly enjoyed book one of this series and was very much looking forward to this one Unfortunately this book failed to capture me like book one did and I struggled to give it 3 stars Jax and Cherri aggravated me to no end with their back and forth silly struggles and often had me skipping pages The characters came across as very young, immature people who lacked the maturity to make a commitment and stick with it The continued reference to a 40 year old member being old old man really put [...]

  7. Amy Williams

    NoI love MC books I m disappointed with this one Back and forth between h and h Sleep with her,then sleep with someone else to get back at her because she is afraid of a relationship H says I will do my best to be faithful I liked the first book in this series This one was a long drawn out back and forth, I want you but not enough to not sleep with other people If these books continue,I hope the storyline improves.

  8. Elizabeth Ayala

    I thought Jax and Cherri really shouldn t be together Jax is a manwhore,hypocrite and Cherri s past has fucked her up she thinks everything that goes wrong is her fault I swear the amount of times Jax called Cherri a whore I m shocked anyone would want him He says he cares for her and her pussys his but he s still going to fuck other woman WTF I really didn t like this book especially the end where the club beats the shit out of him and she just acts like la di da that s normal.

  9. Tana

    Jax s Dilemma Insurgents MC 2 by Chiah WilderI enjoyed Jax s Dilemma, good read, well written and will continue to read this series.

  10. Beth

    1 starOk so while not the worst book I ve ever read this comes close Not really to do with the writing but it went from bad to worse, I wasn t a fan of what was happening at the start of the book but by the 65% mark I was skim reading just to find out what happened since I had gotten so far into the book Rape, prostitution and murder were just some of the things I hated about this book, and yes I purposely used the hate word because my dislike was that intense of the content this book contained, [...]

  11. Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    This is a wickedly good read I read it pretty quickly as I couldn t put it down I m reluctant to say much about the storyline as the book description tells us enough of a teaser I thought the storyline was great I found it emotional and angsty with taboo subjects that give it the darkish theme My heart broke for Cherri and I love how this author can portray the characters as real Really enjoyed this story Looking forward to reading of this series.

  12. Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’

    For some reason this book took me forever to finish I guess because I got annoyed with the whole back and forth thing between Jax and Cherri.And after a while I just wanted to slap Jax cause seriously he was suppose to be in love with Cherri but yet he still sleeps around and says it doesn t mean anything.I am hoping that Chas is going to be so much better

  13. R

    Series getting much better As with any mc you have to get past the book to meet the crewese guys are hot and as usual the sex is sexy and the ho s are bitchy Love the mix

  14. Lustful Literature

    JOSIE S REVIEW This book is a far darker and gritty read than Hawks Property Jax and Cherri are two very complexed characters with their own traumatic stories to tell Ms Wilder has done an amazing job with this 2nd book in the Insurgents MC series What I like a lot about her writing is that the stories in this MC are not the same, they are each very different, very intriguing and suspenseful Jax s Dilemma is told in dual POV s and the story is filled with angst, drama, jealously, suspense, viole [...]

  15. Dana Busenbark

    What do you do when your woman has been brutalized, raped, tortured, made to feel like she was less than nothing and that she was a bad girl and not worthy of anyone Well, this is Cherri and Jax s story Cherri has never trusted men, she always found a happy place to go to in her mind while men were having sex with her However, Jax has come into her life and he is the one man that she cannot go to her happy place with What does he do as the SAA for the Insurgents when it comes to Cherri, his brot [...]

  16. Jennifer Pierson

    WOW I LOVED Hawk s Property so much, but the author took it up a notch in Jax s Dilemma, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT Cherri ran away from a nightmare at home She doesn t trust anyone enough to tell her secrets, and has been on the run for a while After the Insurgents MC rescued her from evil men, she now works at their club as a stripper There is no time for anything that even resembles strings, that is until she meets Jax He has been raised in the MC most of his life, is allergic to relationship [...]

  17. AmyCrull

    I was given this for an honest review I honestly gave this book a 3.5 star rating First off I m a huge fan of MC books but I can t always read the really graphic ones and this is one of those I also don t like for the lead male character to be an A e Jax was definitely one of those He played these two woman like a game of chess He was so into Cherri but since she shot him down many times I might add, he moves on to a love sick stripper who he also treats like crap I realize he s a bada biker but [...]

  18. Marie

    Cherri has been brutalized, raped, tortured, made to feel like she was less than nothing and that she was a bad girl and not worthy of anyone That is a lot for any one person to have to deal with Add in the secrets that she is carrying and it is a miracle she has broken under the pressure.Jax grew up in the Insurgents MC and is a huge man whore He is not a one woman man but there is something about Cherri that makes him rethink his position He wants her and for than a one night stand When he fi [...]

  19. Melissa Mendoza

    You belong to me, sweetness You always have, ever since I laid eyes on you We lost our way for a while, but we re back, and I m never letting you go Got that Never Letting You GO 5 disturbingly dark stars This book will bring you to your knees with each turn of the page It s dark and so delicious Cherri has severe trust issues when it comes to men While sleeping with men, she always zones out and finds a different place to be In walks Jax and with him she can t seem to zone out during their sexu [...]

  20. Natasha

    This was a good readbut personal triggers being Unfaithful made it a not so great read i want my books to be romance.wn and dirty but the H was so real that in his though process that he can be forgiven so read it because its a real romance but if u want a warm happy romance then give it a miss but i will read the next in this seriese out in Dec happy happy

  21. Torre

    To much of the cheating going on I wasn t a fan of this storydidn t even want to give 1 star That s too many in my book.

  22. Paula White

    Lucky enough to beta read this it was great Wanted to slap Jax a few times but hey it is an MC book Chiah is an author I will keep a look out for

  23. Taya

    I really enjoy Ms Wilder s novels, I started with the Night Rebels series first and then this series So far I prefer her newer novels That being said, I adored Jax I kinda had a feeling I would The relationship between Cherri and Jax was almost comical, it would probably drive most people nuts The whole I like you but I don t want you so I m going to make you jealous kind of attitude usually annoys me to no end, but with what happened to Cherri in her past I can understand why she acted the way [...]

  24. Sarah

    Book two of the Insurgents MC series by Chiah Wilder Jax is the Insurgents sergeant at arms which means he protects the club from their enemy and assess threats that could affect the clubs but through the book he doesn t seem to do much with protecting club he does mess with Cherri life making it so she cant strip or do lap dancing so she not making the type of money you would if she had I really struggled with Jax because i really disliked him and Cherri character was bland with a whole load of [...]

  25. Karen Bullock

    I don t know what it is, but every time I read a 2nd book in any series, the book is a flop for me True for this one too Now don t get me wrong, the writing is solid on this story but the behavior of the characters is disappointing Communication is key between characters and Jax came across as arrogant and bossy Usually ok and a common thread for most MC books but the lack of communication between him and Cherri was just crazy, off the wall.Jax, also did not come across as the super tough Sgt ar [...]

  26. Renee Sturgill

    Jax s Dilemma After a pause from reading the first book in the Insurgents MC Series I have picked back up and I gotta say I look forward to reading the rest of the series Cherri has an extreme past that has dictated the way she is around guys and how she can t trust them, but when she spends some time with Jax she feels something different, he even finds out she has a little girl that no one knew about But they both have trust issues with one another and when Cherri s past comes back seeking her [...]

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