The Legend of the Seventh Virgin (2020)

The Legend of the Seventh Virgin Victoria Holt The Legend of the Seventh Virgin According to the legend six novices living in a Cornish convent strayed from their vows and were turned to stone The seventh faced quite a different fate Years later when the convent became the famil
  • Title: The Legend of the Seventh Virgin
  • Author: Victoria Holt
  • ISBN: 9780449211236
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin Victoria Holt According to the legend, six novices living in a Cornish convent strayed from their vows and were turned to stone The seventh faced quite a different fate Years later when the convent became the family mansion of the St Larnston family, fate beckoned to another young virgin.Kerensa Carlee was only a cottage girl, but she possessed great ambition and greater beauty anAccording to the legend, six novices living in a Cornish convent strayed from their vows and were turned to stone The seventh faced quite a different fate Years later when the convent became the family mansion of the St Larnston family, fate beckoned to another young virgin.Kerensa Carlee was only a cottage girl, but she possessed great ambition and greater beauty and she knew how to use them both Working in the legend haunted mansion as a lady s maid, Kerensa began her perilous journey into womanhood She stirred old memories and mysteries, and brought to that quiet corner of Victorian Cornwall moonlight madness and an ancient vengeance
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin Victoria Holt

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    458 Victoria Holt
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One thought on “The Legend of the Seventh Virgin

  1. Brandy

    Oddly enough, this is actually one of my favorite books There were many times throughout reading it when I wanted to slap one or of the characters But let s face it, not every book should be about some incredibly wonderful person that triumphs over character faults to move on and live happily ever after It is a great book and does an amazing job of pointing out that having what you wish for is not necessarily a dream come true.

  2. Lynn Spencer

    This is one of Victoria Holt s earlier books, and I really liked it because it s somewhat different in tone from many 1960s gothics The heroine, Karensa Carlee, is a bit of an antiheroine Early on, we learn that she grew up poor in the cottages surrounding a grand estate in Cornwall The gulf between her social station and that of the St Larnston family owning the estate looms large in her life.Through a series of chance circumstances, Karensa ends up being befriended by Mellyora, daughter of the [...]

  3. Marianna

    I loved this book both now and when I first read it almost 30 years ago I loved Mellyora and Karensa so much that I actually wanted to name my kids by those two names of course my husband said no There is something in this book that lends to learning life s lessons and growing up that you don t find in many books being written today The characters are strong whether they have good or bad qualities the strength in those qualities is well defined and clearly fits into the story I love how there is [...]

  4. Greg

    Way back when, my mother and I were reading the same gothic romances It was a nice break from all that high school required reading like Hamlet and All the King s Men and Pride and Prejudice , etc And I still today read an occasional gothic But this one, Seventh Virgin , I remember as being particularly good along with the Christmas decorations and roaring fireplace and winter vacation from school , almost on par with Rebecca True, this is a genre often overlooked by serious readers But I like t [...]

  5. Arismeire

    J li muitos livros de Victoria Holt e este foi um dos que mais desgostei O clima g tico est l , mas apenas isto clima Nada realmente acontece al m das maquina es da protagonista e relata sua vida desde os doze anos, voltando um pouco no tempo para relatar o que lhe havia acontecido antes de chegar a Cornualha, onde vivia com a av e o irm o Holt tem o h bito de relatar as vidas de suas protagonistas desde a inf ncia, mas geralmente um processo muito agrad vel de ler, j que favorece a inteira o co [...]

  6. Sophie

    I m pretty sure that when I read this back in the seventies I hated it What kind of a gothic romance doesn t have a happy ending But reading it now, I can appreciate the fitness of it a little I suspect the author wants us to agree that Kerensa hasn t grown enough to warrant any than a hopeful ending But really, I think there were people who behaved a lot worse than she did Her husband for one, who knocked up a village girl and then assisted her to her death Not to mention Kerensa s grandmothe [...]

  7. Rachel

    I picked a pretty decent Holt to start with I had been interested in reading the author since Lauren Willig whose Pink Carnation books I adore mentioned that a Holt book was an influence on her Night Jasmine installment in the Pink series The Legend of the Seventh Virgin is always engaging and has a nice tone of melodrama throughout The lead character is a bit problematic, though she has a great name Kerensa Carlee Appropriately soap opera ish, no She is complex but not likeable enough in the en [...]

  8. Amanda Hoeck

    To be perfectly honest I was steadily becoming less interested in this book as the story progressed The main character having, as one had put it, no redeemable traits, I tired of her ambitions and thought about just shelving the book However when I had time to kill at a laundry mat, I decided to read the last few chapters just to see how it ends I had heard that it didn t have a happy ending but I couldn t disagree The last few chapters make the whole book I don t like spoilers, but if you star [...]

  9. Kelley Ross

    This book reminded me a lot of Jane Eyre, which probably explains why I liked it so much At first the setting was hard to get used to because it was so foreign, but as the book went on Cornwall grew to seem and like England I never quite got used to Mellyora s name, which sounds strange every time I pronounce it in my head Kerensa is a very strong character and I really enjoyed the fact that her Spanish looks were dramatized throughout the novel The ending was a surprise and didn t quite favor [...]

  10. Teinevai

    This is one of my favourites, don t know why but just was at the time of me reading it, of course if I were to read it now it probably would not get as many stars but I am going from memory here.Sorry I should point out that I read this book over 22 years ago I remember reading some of it on the train on my way home from school and being so intrigued with it I almost missed my stop.

  11. Sandra Hahn

    This is one of my favorite books of all time It s not a sappy romance novel at all and like Gone with the Wind, the heroine is strong and couldn t care less about getting a man, until later when she s met the rest of her goals Just a really interesting story set back when.

  12. Felicia Marie Ciaudelli

    This is the first Victoria Holy book that I ever read back in 1977 I was hooked from the beginning

  13. Neja

    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

  14. Bonnie

    This was a great story Didn t end like the other Victoria Holt books I have read so far but it made me love it for that reason.

  15. Song-yun

    Perhaps it s just me I came across this book by accident Gave it a try It s not poorly written, but it doesn t work for me.The Legend of the Seventh Virgin is a story about a social climbing heroin, or anti heroin, if you may Kerensa Carlee will do whatever it takes to get what she desires, which, in the story, is mostly about the fear of being looked down I m not particularly into reading damsel in distress, and I can say I always prefer heroins with strong characters, but Kerensa is very diffi [...]

  16. Vivian

    Set in Cornwall, probably mid to late 1800 s, and narrated by beautiful Kerensa as she spins her rags to riches story She is driven by pride and ambition for those she holds dear, skillfully bending others to her will She is championed by her wise grandmother and her charitable friend, Mellyora.As the story winds to a conclusion Kerensa comes to see that perhaps she has not been the spider spinning her web so much as being caught up in a web of which she was unaware.She reminded me of Scarlet O [...]

  17. Ana

    Es la primera vez que realmente deseo que no pase lo que la protagonista desea, sino todo lo contrario Kerensa Carlee no es la hero na, es la antihero na de la historia El final compensa mucho de lo que pasa en la historia, y es incre ble c mo esta autora logra que sea muy dif cil soltar uno de sus libros despu s de empezar a leer.

  18. Lorrane Gloriya

    I was so fascinated by Victoria HoltThe Demon Lover that I gave another try on one of her books and this is quite good and very engaging.

  19. C.C. Yager

    Kerensa Carlee has a dream that she firmly believes she wants to fulfill and she works hard to fulfill it in this engrossing story But is this dream what she really wants Victoria Holt has given us a superb example of a main character who thinks she wants something, works for it, only to discover that maybe it wasn t what she truly wanted after all Holt shows the reader in page after page how Kerensa is thinking, what she is feeling, and how she rationalizes things to herself She also reveals Ke [...]

  20. Phil Syphe

    Although not the most exciting of plots throughout, certain scenes were expertly drawn, proving highly engaging Certain elements were predictable but the unfolding events were well crafted enough for this to not matter.One episode near the end of the book, which I won t describe in detail as it would serve as a spoiler, had potential to be ten times enthralling than it actually transpired to be, owing to Ms Holt underplaying it Every so often I read a book like this in which the author creates [...]

  21. Melissa

    This is the story of Kerensa Carlee, an young orphaned child who left the fishing village she was born and raised in, with her young brother, after the death of her father She heads to the town of St Larnston to find the maternal grandmother she had never met Life with Granny Bee, a wise woman, is good They have a small warm cottage and food to eat thanks to Granny Bee s clients who are always leaving food and other gifts in thanks to her help with herbs and the powers they say she has to see in [...]

  22. Susan Williams

    If you re a gothic romance enthusiast, they don t make em better than this I got hooked on Victoria Holt as a high school junior Her gothic romances actually have storylines and just enough sex to hint at but not overwhelm a sheltered teenager Holt, also writing under the pseudonym Jean Plaidy and Phillipa Carr infuses her romances with regional and historical references.The Legend of the Seventh Virgin spins the tale of strong willed cottage girl, Kerensa Carlee Kerensa is fascinated by the anc [...]

  23. Andrea Hickman Walker

    I have to admit myself rather unimpressed by this book It was a good story, but rather too much of one of those wandering romances than what it should ve been The main character is a narcissist with a god complex and just plain irritating to boot and there s a funny expression my dictionary of idioms gives an explanation but no etymology unfortunately What I think was meant to be a twist at the end was blazingly obvious and the final couple of chapters were just plain anticlimatic.Frankly, the b [...]

  24. Sheryl Tribble

    A not very gothic y gothic There s an old abbey complete with haunting historical legend that has multiple impacts on the heroine, but the closest we get to a brooding hero is the cold hearted guy her best friend crushes on, who never remotely interests the heroine in a romantic sense And it s not so much about the heroine being persecuted by vague evil forces as it is about a willful heroine striving to get her dreams by any means possible The writing is solid and the characters interesting wel [...]

  25. Ceruleancat

    Slow read as I have labyrinthitis and reading is not easy And I hate it Picked up the book because it was in my car when I was getting an MRI of my head and had to waitd wait I love the smell of this book that old book smell, pages tanned and fragrant, the print slightly faded It s written in 1964, apparently, in that modern faux Gothic, faux Victorian of English countryside, romanticised class warfare, and the heroine who is proud, headstrong, and of course, beautiful There s a really wonderful [...]

  26. Noemia

    A complicated story about a complicated ambitious girl who lived in a cottage in the woods of Cornwall and whose main ambition was one day become the Lady of St Larnston Abbas, a purpose that eventually she achieved but things didn t turn out quite as she planned in the end.This was the first book I read from Victoria Holt back maybe in 1988 when I bought the portuguese version I didn t register the reading dates then Now that I can no longer buy books in Portuguese due to some stupid law that c [...]

  27. Christina

    I grew up reading my mom s Victoria Holt novels, and I am still a sucker for historical romances, although I know I m supposed to be too sophisticated and well educated to like pulp fiction like this However, this book was far below Holt s usual quality Extraordinarily melodramatic, with a very unlikable heroine, and a Cornwall dialect that seemed tortured and unnatural I can t say I ll ever read this one again It was remarkable only in that SPOILER it had an unhappy ending the only one of her n [...]

  28. Julie

    Okay, so this book was really hard to get into and didn t really pick up until almost half way through, the characters in it were pretty much despicable including the heroine who as far as I can tell had NO redeeming qualities whatsoever , and it ended oddly and dissatisfying That all being said, I actually really kind of liked it It would have been better if the heroine had redeemed herself and become someone I could root for, or even like, or if there had been a better climax at the end But al [...]

  29. Penelope Marzec

    This was the second time I read this book I read it previously when I was considerably younger decades ago Though I ve always been a fan of Victoria Holt, I didn t find this book as intriguing as some of her other efforts I suspect this was due to the heroine s character I found her too self centered Nevertheless, the secondary characters, the setting, and the historical details were all well done.

  30. Chhaya Verma

    It may seem odd But i couldn t bring myself to like this book it s such a boring stuff Yeah, some characters like kerensa and mellyora are perfectly written but there are still many things which makes a story unforgettable and this book lacks them I didn t mean to offend someone or their views, this is just my point of view.

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