Eat Fat, Get Thin (2020)

Eat Fat, Get Thin Mark Hyman Eat Fat Get Thin Originally released by Hachettee Audio A
  • Title: Eat Fat, Get Thin
  • Author: Mark Hyman
  • ISBN: 9781478911623
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Audiobook
Eat Fat, Get Thin Mark Hyman Originally released by Hachettee Audio A2015.
Eat Fat, Get Thin Mark Hyman

  • [✓ Eat Fat, Get Thin || ✓ PDF Read by ë Mark Hyman]
    116 Mark Hyman
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One thought on “Eat Fat, Get Thin

  1. Joyce

    I have been reading health and nutrition books since I was pregnant in 1970 This is the most up to date and he put the info I had read from many sources in one simple easy to understand book Since I had read similar things earlier, I didn t learn a lot If you haven t kept up with research or cared about the importance of organic etc this would be an excellent choice He lays out a healthy diet very much like what I put myself on in late 2014 and lost 30 lbs Got rid of 95% of my allergies, helped [...]

  2. Squibart

    Before I read this book I was a fat Midwestern American And after reading this book I am still a fat Midwestern American I am not a credible source on the eating program contained in this book as I have not tried it I am merely a reader who is telling you what I found in the pages of the book This book is full of information on how the typical American diet is a poisonous all you can eat buffet I did learn some interesting facts such as the stuff that comes out of beaver anal glands is featured [...]

  3. Andrew T. Garcia

    This is not exclusively a diet weight loss book Read it for the sound up to date nutrition 2.0 information it contains Dietary fat speeds up metabolism Carbohydrates not dietary fats turn into saturated fats in your blood Dietary fat reduces inflammation Diets high in fat promote weight loss If you have read or browsed Dr Hyman s other books, you can track the evolution in his thinking He s 100% convinced of the science behind low carb, high good fat eating and that comes through in his writing [...]

  4. Donna

    I read a lot of books like this I enjoy the research and and posture the authors adopt They all think their book is the definitive answer to what ails people But putting that aside, I also love the research that is coming out and how this area is constantly evolving to a better understanding on how the body functions and what it needs to stay healthy I grew up on the four basic food groups and the food pyramid that replaced that I grew up thinking eating fat was bad, so I find that where modern [...]

  5. Becky

    I almost wish that Eat Fat, Get Thin had been divided into two books One book presenting the historical overview, the scientific research, and the essential philosophy behind the concept of eating fat to lose weight The other book presenting his 21 day weight loss plan The first book which I imagine consisting of Part I and Part II How Did We Get Into This Big, Fat Mess and Separating Fat From Fiction , I would have given three stars The second book which I imagine consisting of Part III and Par [...]

  6. Leslie

    Sell Book, Get RichOver fifteen years ago, my allergist told me that sardines were healthy and good for the brain She said the body needed fat and that sugar was poison and addicting I mentioned it to the other doctor I saw regularly, my psychiatrist He said that low fat diets were very bad, and that just getting cholesterol tested was not telling the whole story He also told me that to get any benefit from fish oil supplements, I d have to take so many that I d actually smell like a bucket of f [...]

  7. Yvonne O'connor

    While the science behind this is compelling, unless you are a millionaire or live on a farm of your own, you cannot realistically adopt this diet long term The groceries alone would be cost prohibitive, not to mention the supplements and planning involved in this At that point, would this new life you have be worth living when you literally cannot eat anything out there

  8. Katie Augley

    I saw Dr.Hyman on PBS and he made sense to me I bought the book and began the 21 days I am now into my 2nd week with 9 days to go I lost 5 lbs Then gained 1 back I am at the point where I don t want to eat because I can t stand my choices any I now hate the taste of coconut I ve tried almond flour in many odd concoctions.I am sick of eggs I eat chicken twice a day I have thrown food out because the taste was awful The only thing palatable is fruit and you are only permitted half a cup a day I am [...]

  9. Denyse Loeb

    Honestly, he lost me at being fat makes you over eat I was over eating BEFORE I was fat Add in other bits that just didn t quite make sense and his no grains, breads, or legumes approach plus the input from someone I trust and I was done There are some good points in the book, but to have to fact check almost every page is exhausting.

  10. Regina De Los Reyes

    Great book, well written and a lot of information Nothing new however to me as I m always reading the latest research etc in regards to health Basically talks about the low fat diet craze and how many have cut the fat have now increased carb and sugar consumption included in low fat type snacks Basic nutrition sense to eat whole foods, less garbage foods and processed foods Ok to eat fats such as coconut oils, olive oil, nuts, whole eggs and butter And cut out all processed foods, sugar, dairy e [...]

  11. Sharon

    I would say that overall the advice in the this book is mostly sound eat whole foods, mostly plant based Hyman calls this a pegan diet, combining the best of paleo and vegan diets I feel that the level of meat fish chicken consumption that he suggests is quite high My main issue is the number of tests he recommends as well as the supplements I do not think that this is realistic for most people.

  12. Samantha

    Good information on why it is important to have healthy fats in our diets This really is the KETO diet very similar to Whole30 After you follow his 21 day plan he tries to combine a Paleo and Vegan diet as he says they both have good qualities he calls it the pagan diet.

  13. Rachel Blom

    The actual info in the book is interesting, if somewhat hard to follow at times You d have to be a doctor or at least have a background in bio or chem to understand all this Since I failed both, I sorta glanced through certain sections But I get the main point, which is that fat isn t nearly as bad for you as has been claimed and that some sorts of fat are actually very good for you So far, so good.It s in the second part of the book that I got frustrated The author claims to advocate natural, h [...]

  14. Cindy

    Highly recommend reading this book for the info on heart disease and high cholesterol Gives a list of the specific tests you should be asking for to determine heart health that your Dr probably isn t checking Program seems sound and the recipes look good I borrowed this from the library, but may have to buy a copy to use as a reference.

  15. J.D. Knutson

    This guy does not properly represent his research, skewing things to support his perspective He also has no discussion of nutrient density, of course choosing to focus on fat The plain fact is, animal fat has shown to WORSEN insulin response I was unimpressed.

  16. Carrie Kintz

    The information is incredible and helpful I m starting on my 21 day detox and will see if it fits what I need for my own health issues But I learned so much good stuff so far.

  17. Mary

    I care as much as Dr Hyman does, so I felt compelled to speak out Was a certified Natural Therapeutics Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist for than twenty years, have a firm foundation Also worked for physicians for about fourteen years and know how and what they think I believe Hyman cares, but I do have concerns Guys like Chopra and Oz, with their new age piecemeal unqualified advice outside their profession, worry me.Hyman went to Tibet for a while, probably where the fat in tea idea i [...]

  18. Msjodi777

    For the most part book was ok, well laid out, but a bit too much of the author talking about how wonderful he is which got boring Author also seems to forget that most readers will not be able to afford all of the grass fed, and free range ingredients he is saying must be a part of their life Needs to wake up to the real world.

  19. Debsb

    Mind expanding information on how we ve been lied to for years about what makes us fat Do I sound bitter I am.

  20. Alexandra Pittock

    I bought this book because I m interested in nutritional science and had read some other books recently that supported the idea of eating high amounts of fat and cutting sugar The first part of this book did give some good science and reasoned arguments on fat intake based on good quality studies Unfortunately from then on the book deteriorated.First, Dr Hyman posits that, in order to succeed and be healthy, one needs lots of bizarre supplements Not only does he provide zero scientific evidence [...]

  21. Sally

    Most fats are good for you Surprised You ve not read all the evidence Handily collated by a dedicated doctor, along with his eating plan for healthy weight loss As an Atkins fan I was already aware of some of this info but this book goes much further.I just wish there were a UK edition my excuse for not starting the diet yet.I took ages finishing as the last section was recipes a bit boring but I did want to say I d read the whole book Also I have been so busy fighting Brexit and reading The New [...]

  22. Lee Miller

    A plea to embrace a low sugar, low carbohydrate diet Similar to his earlier The Blood Sugar Solution, so unless, like me, you benefit from receiving similar information from different sources, you may not need both books About two thirds is an entertaining and accessible review of the scientific literature The last third is a diet plan with recipes The plan includes how to prepare your kitchen, staples and seasonings to keep on hand, a review of cooking techniques, a twenty one day initial diet, [...]

  23. Penny Tunnell

    Very current Dr Hyman never disappoints He combines what works in Paleo with what works for vegans and carefully explains the science His Pegan way of eating is described in great detail with plenty of how tos, recipes, and suggestions to help you uncover your own personal best food plan for a long healthy life.

  24. Martha Kahn

    As another reviewer said, this is the most up to date information on diet and nutrition that I have read to date If I had only known this 20 years ago, I would not be a pre diabetic today I highly recommend this book.

  25. Andrew Obrigewitsch

    This is an analysis of what pseudo foodscience has done to our society and how removing fats from our diet as bad , despite eating them for thousands of years has resulted in fat people than ever.

  26. Denise

    excited about this one just started but liking his approach than Myers who was a bit Nazi ish about her guidelines

  27. Tasha Nichole

    I remember a few years when I d pass this book and scoff because of the title Because of my health issues, I went vegan I m allergic to dairy and most meat would make me feel achy and sore I home cook most meals and had started to leave out oils of any kind from my cooking, thinking that would help me lose weight faster It didn t I wasn t satisfied from my meals and I craved bad food This summer, everything I ve researched and known about food hasn t been completely true Or there s to the story [...]

  28. Rojel

    I have been on a high carb, low fat diet most of my life, growing up and living in North India In the 1980 s and 1990 s like in the US, middle class India was bombarded by the perils of fat in your diet things like desi ghee, butter, eggs were considered evil as they contributed to heart disease This book completely turns the fat is bad theory on it s head, citing several studies in the process The crux of what the book proposes is that fat in itself is not bad cholesterol clogging the arteries [...]

  29. Rhonda Sue

    Another nutrition book done This must be my 10th nutrition book so much of the information here is repetitive but this one focused on eating good fats like EVVO, coconut oil, avocado oil, and eating whole foods, veggies, limited fruits, eliminating processed foods and gluten This book basically corroborates other popular books of this ilk Dr Hyman goes through the usual science behind the nutrition and offers a 21 day program to detox and get yourself off the high carbs, gluten, and sugars There [...]

  30. Jason Cox

    Temporary review I m putting this book to the test and trying to implement it in daily life.I like that the author gets into the data and refutes a lot of the bad advice that have been circulated extensively since the 70 s There is a lot of discussion of healthy practices and why they re healthy There are recommendations for specific vitamins supplements and even initial lab testing a person should consider requesting to see where their body stands at the beginning of their lifestyle change.The [...]

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