Affiliations, Aliens & Other Profitable Pursuits (2020)

Affiliations, Aliens & Other Profitable Pursuits Lyn Gala Affiliations Aliens Other Profitable Pursuits A desire for status has brought Ondry and Liam to a human world to trade but dealing with humans has brought up all the old pain in Liam s heart Even though Ondry would do anything to protect his bel
  • Title: Affiliations, Aliens & Other Profitable Pursuits
  • Author: Lyn Gala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Affiliations, Aliens & Other Profitable Pursuits Lyn Gala A desire for status has brought Ondry and Liam to a human world to trade, but dealing with humans has brought up all the old pain in Liam s heart Even though Ondry would do anything to protect his beloved palteia, he doesn t know how to protect Liam from himself Worse, Ondry isn t sure how to shield Liam from the shifting politics on the Rownt ship where the Calti GrandmA desire for status has brought Ondry and Liam to a human world to trade, but dealing with humans has brought up all the old pain in Liam s heart Even though Ondry would do anything to protect his beloved palteia, he doesn t know how to protect Liam from himself Worse, Ondry isn t sure how to shield Liam from the shifting politics on the Rownt ship where the Calti Grandmothers are nothing like the ones they left behind on the planet.With everything in their lives changing, Ondry and Liam have only each other If Ondry can t find a way to defend Liam from the ghosts of the past and overcome the impossibly short life span of a human, their small family might be over long before either of them is ready to let go Ondry has always been a dominant and possessive Rownt, and with Liam in danger, those traits are necessary as he challenges the world to protect his lover.
Affiliations, Aliens & Other Profitable Pursuits Lyn Gala

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    Lyn Gala

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    No images will be included in this review.Because I still can t envision Ondry The dark haired guy on the covers makes a gorgeous Liam The Ondry on the covers has a very human like, muscular male torso in a purplish color and a tale, yet in this book the Rownt are described as being turtle like But regardless of the mystery that is Ondry s appearance, he and Liam are solid This is very much an established couple story You are so beautifully mine, Ondry whispered I know of no joy that equals this [...]

  2. Sheziss

    100% this It s difficult for me to write this because I ve never written a proper review of this series But I think it s about time to say that my heart is a victim of acute inflammation every time I read something about this couple Why is that 1 HEATThey are not sexually compatible Ondry considers it unproductive procreation But It Is So HOT There are not many scenes but the few we get to see are than enough to rise the temperature several degrees But it s not to kill some bugs, it s just acti [...]

  3. Lyn Gala

    This is coming out near the end of the month and I m negotiating with Loose Id for something special we ll see how it goes.

  4. Julio Genao

    her liam and ondry 3 was good.him i read both sequels back to back and they made me crazy an endless series of conversations and next to nothing happens, anywhere together the books were like 500 pages of people explaining things to one another but i bet all anyone will remember is the tail sex.her ah well not all, but him oblivious sometimes the text would explain something about ondry in liam POV, and then ondry would do something in that vein in the next scene to illustrate it, which just hap [...]

  5. Optimist ♰King"s Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

    I feel like LG just performed the ilsil on me.I don t know how she combines making me feel so relaxed and affected simultaneously, but I ll just accept it as the gift it is You know how you read some series that focus on a couple and as it progresses it gets stale Nothing could be further from the truth where Liam and Ondry are concerned Their story just keeps evolving and drawing me in over and over.I spent the entire day with either a smile on my face or fighting off my feels at the simple tru [...]

  6. Vivian

    Ondry and Liam never enough.Well, this had a lot of the human v rownt interaction and cultural misunderstandings as the Grandmothers negotiate with humans Misconceptions and sheer bafflement ensue It is another interesting addition to their evolving lives, but action packed it is not So, if you want drama then this is really not going to suit This is a quiet and methodical look at the sociological differences between the species and how Ondry and Liam s relationship grows in their new home on th [...]

  7. Chelsea

    Reread October 2017 such lovliness I desperately need the fourth book ReviewHow wonderful was that I m just so happy right now This was slow paced than the others, as in there was no heart thumping drama or situations these two had to navigate, it was just Liam understanding his place with humans and the Rownt and Ondry being protective and lovely, he was not always the biggest fan of the humans Ondry wondered if any of the officers or Grandmothers would care if he broke one human.He s makes me [...]

  8. Shin Mon Thway

    Oh what a delightful and fantastic read I never want Ondry and Liam s adventure to end Lyn Gala could publish a hundred books in this series and I m sure I ll read them all I love it So we start from where we were left off from book 2 Ondry was named tuk ranked by oldest grandmother in Deidell and now he and Liam are on a spaceship traveling to earth to do trades with humans The situation is a mess since the grandmothers on the ship neither acknowledge nor deny Ondry s tuk status While Ondry is [...]

  9. Lilia Ford

    Holy shit do I love this series I read this through the day it came out and then promptly reread it how s that for a recommendation It s hard to put into words what makes this strange story so original and lovely except maybe that so much of it is about words, about the difficulties and potential of communication, and how the meaning of certain key words embody and impact culture and perspective So little happens in this volume no attacks by predators or evil officers, nothing that we d usually [...]

  10. Adam

    You know, I never could have guessed that I would swoon over a fictional 7 foot, purple, turtle looking, tailsex having alien Affiliations, Aliens, and Other Profitable Pursuits is slow paced, even so than the previous two books This is sci fi without the explosions, hyperdrives, and life or death situations It s a look at how humans, and other sentient creatures, interact In book 3, Liam returns to human society with Ondry by his side Interacting with other humans shows Liam how much his way o [...]

  11. R * A Reader Obsessed *

    I ve said this before this isn t your conventional romance, but what a romance it is Probably the most romantic thus far in this series, as Ondry and Liam s relationship continues to evolve There s actually a purpose, a goal that is driving Ondry to ensure his beloved palteia remains by his side for many years beyond natural biology Language philosophical human Rownt barriers abound, bringing many questions and few assurances However what remains steadfast are the feelings these two have for eac [...]

  12. Susan

    Re read Agust 2017Still so amazing God, I love this series In this installment Liam and Ondry move to the Calti, a Rownt ship They are asked to help in trade with humans But Ondry is afraid how this will affect Liam Liam is hesitant himself, since he doesn t have the best experiences with the human race He d rather stay with Ondry and the Rownt and not deal with humans at allI can t seem to get enough of Ondry and Liam Ondry would do anything for Liam, even give up his rank, which is most import [...]

  13. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣

    Full reviewage on Prism Book Alliance Sigh Liam Ondry Me Happy.When Ondry hovered over him, Liam felt so wonderfully trapped He needed another word for it because trapped had such negative associations, and Liam loved this feeling It was love and caring and safety and comfort all in one Trapped was not fearing the future because Ondry would never let go Every time Ondry pinned him down, Liam had physical proof that he could trust Ondry to always want him always hold him close Sometimes the old f [...]

  14. Kaje Harper

    I do love this series Of all the human and alien in love stories I ve read, this one is the most able to make me believe the alien is truly not just some variant of human, and yet to also convince me that these are two people who belong together romantically The first two books and wonderful short snippet stories gave us Liam trying to survive and thrive on the Rownt world, in a culture very alien to his own Fortunately there is one aspect that makes him and Ondry fit together like lock and key [...]

  15. Karen

    I started this series as a buddy read here on GR with several friends, Lisazj1 Lisa, Stacey, Amy, Lila, Heather K and Anna joined us along the way, plus there were guest appearances from Jill, Jenn, Eepa Tully Thank you all for stopping by joining the buddy read and just generally adding to the fun After Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts some of us carried right on through to the ende end being this Affiliations, Aliens and Other Profitable Pursuits, or at least it s the ending for now. [...]

  16. Argona

    The perfect addition to this wonderful series I specially love how Rownt society and ranks like Tuk were further explained and that humanity finally had a chance to redeem itself It s amazing how insightful this story is into human mind and society And as always when it comes to Ondry and Liam, the linguist in me had a lot of fun I hope there is to read I really want a female to leave an eggling at Ondry s doorstep Starts daydreaming

  17. Jewel

    I want , MORE I do have the prequel, though, so I will try to make do But, damn, I loved this series so hard One of my favorite sci fi series, for sure.

  18. Tully Vincent

    4.5 StarsBook 3 is slow and languid but it s also full of depth We get a dual POV with Ondry and Liam, which I very much enjoyed Seeing his side of Liam s claiming was fascinating Diallo is there but is not a focus which pleased me Focus is back tightly on the relationship of Ondry and Liam, how they interact with each other and with Rownts and humans The guys are now off the Rownt home planet and into a huge spaceship so Ondry can advance his status through trade as well as eventually get in c [...]

  19. Jeanne "Divinae"

    It has happened I finally was able to read it But it took me a while to get around to reviewing it As the end was nearing I realized two things which made me super excited and also sad at the same time.Super excited because THERE WILL BE ANOTHER book coming from this series That calls for some celebration On the sad note, we are still left in the unknown Will they be able to find a way to extend Liam s human life I am hoping so or I ll be a very very very sad panda.Liam and Ondry are have new ch [...]

  20. FantasyLiving

    This is the most interesting series I have ever read I love the world building and the social construct that has been created for the Rownt The discovery of the culture is the best part I love Ondry and his perspective The development of his character has been like opening a treasure chest Liam s age in comparison to the species he lives with makes him appear much younger than 40 years It s a little disconcerting really But the relationship is lovely, and the low angst leaves of the world to ex [...]

  21. Emma Sea

    I enjoyed this than 2, probably because Diallo takes a back seat in this book I found the last 1 4 particularly gripping, once everyone stopped being quite so mysterious and oblique and exceedingly Rownt I was a tiny bit perturbed by the plot development relating to Mora, but the solid conceptualization of Rownt culture than makes up for that I love the touch with the kids toys in the corridors of the multi generational ship Thank you to my elf buddy for gifting me this about ten minutes befor [...]

  22. Lisazj1

    4.5 stars Love this series so much The characters well, Ondry Liam, anyway wrapped me right around their fingers, I was completely invested in them and found myself personally outraged on their behalf many times, LOL The author did an outstanding job with her world and the characters and the society she created with the Rownt Their interaction with each other, their very otherness with their way of thinking made their dealings with humans fascinating Though Ondry himself was undeniably alien, hi [...]

  23. Ami

    3.75 stars rounded upI still have my head spinning when it comes to understanding Rownt culture but I had to give thumbs up to Lyn Gala for building that, of course.What I totally LOVED was the devotion of Ondry and Liam as a couple It was just so wonderful and romantic to read Especially know that Ondry knows about the human s habit to kiss ha I kind of liked Framkie for challenging Liam s loyalty and love towards Ondry or the Rownt because it was a sound argument Not like Framkie seemed like h [...]

  24. Paul

    This was another excellent instalment in this series I don t know if Lyn Gala is going to proceed with another book but it s left open for one and I really hope she does

  25. ConM

    I loved this, my favorite of the series, so far I like reading about established couples Also, the human and Rowant interactions were riveting reading This was also sexier than 2, a win.

  26. Cory

    I seriously love these two so much I m really happy that view spoiler they brought kissing into the mix hide spoiler Ondry and Liam are from two different worlds but they are so, so, so, right together I really love this series

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