Every Little Step: My Story (2020)

Every Little Step: My Story Bobby Brown Every Little Step My Story For the first time ever the controversial and polarizing bad boy of RB tells the raw and unvarnished story of his life from New Edition to Whitney and beyond In MY PREROGATIVE Brown will for the fir
  • Title: Every Little Step: My Story
  • Author: Bobby Brown
  • ISBN: 9780062442550
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
Every Little Step: My Story Bobby Brown For the first time ever, the controversial and polarizing bad boy of RB tells the raw and unvarnished story of his life from New Edition to Whitney and beyond In MY PREROGATIVE, Brown will for the first time tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston.Bobby Brown has been one of the most compelFor the first time ever, the controversial and polarizing bad boy of RB tells the raw and unvarnished story of his life from New Edition to Whitney and beyond In MY PREROGATIVE, Brown will for the first time tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston.Bobby Brown has been one of the most compelling American artists of the past 30 years, a magnetic and talented figure who successfully crossed over many musical genres, including RB and hip hop, as well as the mainstream In the late 1980s, the former front man of New Edition had a wildly successful solo career especially with the launch of DON T BE CRUEL garnering multiple hits on the Billboard top ten list, as well as several Grammy, American Music, and Soul Train awards But Brown put his career on hold to be with the woman he loved American music royalty Whitney Houston The marriage between Brown and Houston was perhaps the most closely watched and talked about marriage of the 1990 s a pairing that obsessed the public and the gossip industry Now, for the first time, the world will be able to hear the truth from the mouth of America s bad boy himself Raw and powerful, MY PREROGATIVE is the story of a man who has been on the top of the mountain and in the depths of the valley and who is now finally ready to talk about his career and family life, from the passion and the excess to his creative inspirations and massive musical success.On the process of writing this book, Bobby says, Right after I signed on to write my story, I went through one of the most agonizing traumas I had ever experienced with the death of my daughter But I was surprised by how therapeutic it was to work on this project, to look at the entire arc of my life and to realize that although there has been considerable pain, I have also been incredibly blessed I hope my fans and other readers of this book will be entertained by this trip into the crazy, exciting, fascinating world of Bobby Brown And I hope they will feel that I have been as honest and open with them in these pages as I have tried to be my entire life.
Every Little Step: My Story Bobby Brown

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One thought on “Every Little Step: My Story

  1. Shakeia

    This book was true to what I know of Bobby Brown Some of his stories were so outlandishly hilarious that they bordered on sounding completely unreal However, when one considers the source, you can kind of assume he s not lying There was triumph, tragedy, and lots of interesting tidbits I ve always wondered why Bobby kept silent for so long Perhaps for the sake of his late wife and his late daughter He certainly told his side of things with this memoir Ladies and gents, the king of RB.

  2. Candy

    Just wow Bobby let it all out in this book It was great to get to know him on a personal level He told it all He discussed his loves, his fears, the drug use, his marriage and his lost Say what you want about Bobby, he without a doubt has made many mistakes but he is just a man trying to make it through life This book left me with a strong admiration for his strength through his many struggles, losing Whitney and the ultimate heartache of losing his child I m rooting for him and hoping he contin [...]

  3. J Beckett

    I ll admit, I am an incorrigible fan of biographies, but I ve discovered that biographies are usually one of two things profound hits or astronomical misses often filled with so much fluff the story gets lost in loads of overzealous and gregarious bull So when a copy of Every Little Step was made available to me, I was excitedly hesitant I questioned whether I d even read this book, after all, I knew this story In fact, the entire world knew this often sordid, perhaps morbid, story For over a de [...]

  4. Vannessa Anderson

    what has been said about me has been speculation from people who didn t know what they were talking about It s usually wrong and usually intended to make me look bad That s how public images work They slap a label on you and that s who you are the facts be damned Coming from the projects, to me money did mean everything it was always a major motivating force in my life But what happens when that motivator is taken away What s going to drive you if you were raised in the suburbs and didn t want f [...]

  5. Gina *loves sunshine*

    giving this 3.5 stars it was entertaining So the question is.who should read this book Fans of Bobby Brown.I grew up in the New Edition Bobby Brown era My friends and I knew all the dance moves from the Every Little step video youtube watch v P0FKz just went and watched it and that was a trip down memory lane Anyway my opinion on this book was only written so Bobby could tell his side of the Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina story which was interesting He would never have publicly said these th [...]

  6. Kristen Anderson

    This was an interesting read, and a fast one, but I felt like there was information missing and incomplete He was very honest about his failures and successes, which I appreciated I would have liked to have read about New Edition, especially his life long friendship with Ralph Tresvant, but those years were shortchanged so he could spend several chapters trashing Whitney Houston and her family The interludes from his children, family, and friends were a nice touch.

  7. Michael

    Bobby Brown as a person never impressed me much, he was simply a man married to Whitney Houston To my surprise, I was shocked with the misconceptions about him as a person, he had to endure a lot to be seen in the public eye at the age of 14 Now I am aware that he was in a vocal group, New Edition but honestly never really had interest to hear any of his music Mainly because I never knew much about him to determine whether his music appealed to me or not Back to the review, this really changed m [...]

  8. Maya B

    I really enjoyed how well this book was put together It was as if Bobby Brown was having a conversation with his readers Its was filled with laughter and pain I recommend to fans.

  9. Chris Blocker

    Any music fan can probably tell you a story about how they first fell in love with music For me, it was 1988 I was nine years old and my music collection was comprised of four cassettes Purple Rain, Thriller, Bad, and Weird Al Yankovic in 3 D I enjoyed each of these albums and many of their songs, but I hadn t fallen in love Then I heard My Prerogative on the radio It wasn t that exact moment that I became a die hard fan of Bobby Brown, but I was certainly headed that way Within months, Brown s [...]

  10. KWilson

    INTRO This book is NOT appropriate for children He glorifies drugs, alcohol and illicit sex with no remorse or maturity BAD A financial ripoff It s over 330 pages But after nearly every chapter there is a pro Bobby essay from his relatives, friends and music colleagues One of the essays 10 pages is written by his former mistress now wife Then there s a lot of very negative stuff about Whitney, of course The remainder of the text is 1.5 spaced instead of single spaced, thus increasing the pages a [...]

  11. Rebecca

    I am going to be real I didn t think I would like this book but I really enjoyed it It was written as if you were hanging out with Bobby and he was telling you about different things that happened in his life Bobby Brown is a character which I think made this book that much better to read Do I believe everything in the book I don t know but I didn t live the life he did and it is his perspective of how things were I would definitely recommend this book though.

  12. Desiree Watson

    Bobby Brown tells his side of the story, how Whitney introduced him to cocaine, how he made the decision to get off of drugs and how he tried to get Whitney to stop How he wished he had been a better father to Bobbi Christina and ultimately how he remarried and found the love and peace he had been looking for Read September 2016

  13. Amy

    This book was actually way better than I anticipated it to be I have a new found respect for Bobby after reading this.

  14. Byron

    This reads like Bobby wrote it himself in a not so good way It was written with a co author, who does a lot of these as told to books, but it doesn t seem like he s done much here other than present very lightly edited transcripts of interviews It s also padded out quite a bit with interviews with other random people in Bobby s life, including his brother, some of his kids and Ralph Tresvant.There s a huge emphasis on gossip, particularly as it relates to the deaths of Whitney and Bobbi Kristin [...]

  15. Selena Haskins

    Bobby was a bubble ready to burst I m glad he finally had the opportunity to share it Believe me, he has no cut cards in this book He seemed very honest about his tough upbringing in Boston, and being with the group New Edition He shares his side about his marriages to Whitney Houston and his current wife, and he doesn t hold back about the baby mama drama he s experienced nor with his opinions about the entertainment industry s impact on his life Having grown up with no guidance or role models, [...]

  16. Joi

    I enjoyed this book The only problem I had with it is that I listened to it on audior some reason Bobby sounded like this was his first time reading the book his reading wasn t fluid, it was choppy like he had to read each word 1 by 1, like he was sounding the word out.

  17. Todd Bristow

    I was hoping to get in depth stories about his New Edition days and solo career, but that part felt glossed over to spend time on his drama days with Whitney Probably what other people want in this bio, but not me.

  18. Melanie Weser

    He s a bit whiney in telling the story of his life I listened to the audio book and the cadence of the reading threw me off I had to increase the speed It was good to hear his side of the Whitney and Bobby Christina stories There is always behind what the media will tell.

  19. Anissa Sheppard

    Almost stopped listening in the beginning cause Bobby s reading voice was like a lil kid but I really enjoyed the story.

  20. Terrence

    It was going places initially towards the end it seemed petty and redundant He spent a great deal of time trying to convince the reader that he s a really good guy and that Whitney wasn t an angel.

  21. Andrea

    I don t know how much of this book was true but it was entertaining and interesting The narration was pretty awful just stumbling along, though there were moments where the author s true self showed through.

  22. Krystol

    Wow I can t believe how fast it took me to read this book I absolutely loved it The tragedies were hard to read even though I knew it was coming, but the happiness that Bobby and his family now has is very inspiring I m a huge NE and Bobby Brown fan and I must say I m happy that Bobby was able to speak his truth I look forward to seeing his biopic.

  23. Terik H. King

    If only you could believe any of itI mostly enjoyed reading this book, and even better that it s on the Kindle, so that I won t have to pass it on the shelf regularly.It made me feel for Bobby Brown, but I can t get past the fact that he has told boldface LIES in interviews in the past, so it s hard to tell fact from fiction with him in general As far as the things he said that didn t paint Whitney in the best light, welle s not here to contest the claims I ESPECIALLY feel the book lost credibil [...]

  24. Tamara Evans

    I ll be the first to admit that I ve always viewed Bobby Brown as a over the top jerk who acts without thinking and could care less about anyone else After I finished reading his biography, however, I realize that he is an actual person who have managed to survive and thrive despite being faced with tragedy Throughout the course of the book, the reader is given a front row seat to Bobby s childhood as well as the start of his music career, his role as a member of New Edition and his eventual sol [...]

  25. Shannon

    Every Little Step My StoryIt is always interesting for me to look into the lives of celebrities and see how incredibly crazy they can be I think most will agree Bobby Brown s life is at the top of the list when it comes to crazy In this book Bobby shares details of his time with New Edition, as a solo artist, his various romantic relationships including his marriage to Whitney and his children In the end I m left with the impression of a man with a big heart who may not have always done the righ [...]

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