The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3 (2020)

The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3 SierraRose The Billionaire s Fake Girlfriend Part This is Part Part is FREE Rebecca and Marcus continue their plans to get married She struggles with all the media attention and responsibilities of being Marcus s future wife The pressure is tough
  • Title: The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3
  • Author: SierraRose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3 SierraRose This is Part 3 Part 1 is FREE Rebecca and Marcus continue their plans to get married She struggles with all the media attention and responsibilities of being Marcus s future wife The pressure is tough but she vows not to break Can love conquer all
The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3 SierraRose

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    416 SierraRose
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One thought on “The Billionaire's Fake Girlfriend - Part 3

  1. raylene smith

    FireyKept my attention and couldn t put it down I could feel and see all Just want of their story.

  2. Barbara "Cookie" Serfaty Williams

    The Billionaire s Fake Girlfriend Part 3 Billionaire Saga The continuous love story of Marcus and Rebecca You are invited to the wedding of Marcus and Rebecca Rebecca and Marcus ate also have a baby and the PR man does not want everyone to know Great wedding story, lots of pre wedding fighting and pre baby fighting too.

  3. Em Taylor

    I enjoyed this book, just not as much as book one and two It didn t have the same pizazz as the first two That said, I did love the Russian dress designer She was the highlight And the PR guy Billings.

  4. Andrea Mccormick

    Hot BillionaireYes please Finally got my happily ever after Love the story line, my only real complaint is that through all three books, sometimes Marcus name is spelled Marcus, other times is Markus slightly confusing and annoying Other than that I love the story

  5. Kristy Watson

    I can t believe this series is over I wished it had went on with the story after the big day I m glad that they finally gave in the the connection and fell in love for real.

  6. Heather

    Rebecca is pregnant and Marcus is thrilled Not that either of them has ever given any thought to having children or for that matter where their relationship is going In fact, marriage and children are Rebecca s two biggest fears and she been faced with both of them in a very short period of time.The rest of this book is the trials and tribulations of trying to have a relationship, plan a wedding, and be pregnant all while trying to deal with a media that wants to eat you up and spit you out It s [...]

  7. Donna Feibusch

    An Awesome Read The Billionaire s Fake Girlfriend Part 3 the Billionaire Saga , all about Rebecca White an nursing assistant actress billionaire Marcus Taylor who hires her to be his fake girlfriend in part one then proposes marriage at the end of part one In part two she becomes his real fianc and they get pregnant at the end In part three they are so happy and can t wait to get married and start their life together because a baby is on he way Read this three part story, because it is hot and s [...]

  8. Susan

    I loved this series You do need to read the whole series in order, but it is worth it This book started out right where the last book ended Marcus, a billionaire playboy, had made a deal with Rebecca, a want to be actress for her to be his fake girlfriend to clean up his image, which then turned into bring his fake fiance They had just recently became to each other, when Rebecca found out she was pregnant, and the last book ended with her telling Marcus the news At first in this book when Marcu [...]

  9. Jeannie

    The conclusion to Becca and Marcus romance The wedding preparations are in full swing, but the story picks up where the previous story ended, when Bex tells Marcus she s pregnant He surprises her with his reaction to the news but all isn t smooth sailing and the two have a few rocky patches to over come, but they work out their problems and we are treated to the wedding of the year I liked this story, the characters were well written and relatable, the quick wit and humour appealed to me a lot a [...]

  10. Beth

    Couldn t stop laughingThis is a very romantic story that is so much fun to read Rebecca is a nursing assistant who is trying to become an actress She runs into Marcus on her way to work and nothing is the same again He is a billionaire who is trying to clean up his life and image He s never met anyone as funny as Rebecca who also doesn t care about his wealth He hired her to be his fake girlfriend and she s so great that he falls in love with her It s funny, romantic, irreverent, and perfect.

  11. Lisa Lawson

    The Billionaires Fake Girlfriend Part 3 ReviewMarcus and Rebecca surrender to their feelings and the ruse wedding becomes real Rebecca has to come to terms with being in the public eye and being deemed a gold digger Marcus has to decide what he really wants , a family or the deal of a lifetime A great end to a fantastic series Kudos Sierra Rose I read the whole series in one day 5 stars

  12. Kathi Kelley

    Well written, good character development with depth of the principal characters deeping over the course of the three parts I liked that the author included an epilogue Again I would assign a sexy score of 4.5 I genuinely think that the author shows a lot of promise and I for one will continue to check out her work.

  13. BelindaPage

    Must read If you haven t read this series you have done yourself a disservice Its full of passion, love, laughs, and witty banter between all the characters not just thee main ones It is a well written series and worth the read.

  14. Jeanne M Reeder

    The trilogy was interesting and pretty well written, BUTIt should have all been in one book I will not be buying any further books by Sierra Rose because I believe this marketing ploy is cheating and unethical

  15. Catherine Marie Meyer

    okay, what s nextese billionaire series are interesting for a below poverty level disabled plus I m also disabled from working two and three jobs to support my two kids, who are parents of their own children.

  16. Tiffany Shaw

    Predictable as hell There s not much to be said about this book There was not one jaw dropping moment that made me sit on the edge of my seat The whole thing was so cliche from beginning to end 3 stars is all I could muster.

  17. Melissa M Henderson

    Love True Happy EndingsI really enjoyed all three books My only complaint was I thought the second and third books were a little high priced I would read again since i paid for them.

  18. McKayla Schutt

    Great endWell I didn t mean to but I finished the book in under 48 hours It would have been sooner but two kids take up time I loved it so much that I couldn t put it down Recommend to others

  19. Paula Genereau

    Can love top everything Her plans to marry Marcus are still in order but she is still having trouble dealing with all the fame popularity that goes with itWhat a awesome book Thanks hurricane readers book review for the chance to read review

  20. Yaritza Trevino

    Loved itIt was as sweet of an ending as ever I have never been into billionaire romance stories but I have to admit after reading the first book that was free I was hooked Glad it all worked out

  21. Lorraine Brattin

    Couldn t have ended it better.Absolutely loved the complete story of Marcus and Rebecca I got real attached to all of the characters including the peacock Eduardo Even he gets a happy ending Thanks Sierra for a wonderful read.

  22. Tabathya

    Excellent This author tells a great story I was laughing hysterically at so many parts of this book I can t wait to read other stories from this author.

  23. Tenille

    Pretty bad Very predictable and no depth whatsoever to this part of the story.The books could easily have been combined into one.

  24. Sheila Lord

    Great seriesGreat ending to a great series, I m glad I went and read all three books it was well worth it I just fell in love with Becca and Marcushad to see how it ended

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