Bourne to Love Emma (2020)

Bourne to Love Emma MacKenzie K. Paxton Bourne to Love Emma Jason Davies has been out of the SEALs for three years and is busier than ever working for a private security company that takes on missions the government can t or won t approve He s never been a bel
  • Title: Bourne to Love Emma
  • Author: MacKenzie K. Paxton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bourne to Love Emma MacKenzie K. Paxton Jason Davies has been out of the SEALs for three years and is busier than ever working for a private security company that takes on missions the government can t or won t approve He s never been a believer in love at first sight, but that was before he met his new neighbor, Emma He sets his sights on finding out about her and discovers that she has a daughter WhenJason Davies has been out of the SEALs for three years and is busier than ever working for a private security company that takes on missions the government can t or won t approve He s never been a believer in love at first sight, but that was before he met his new neighbor, Emma He sets his sights on finding out about her and discovers that she has a daughter When a case he s working overlaps with Emma s past, his first priority is keeping her and her daughter safe The time he spends with them, the he realizes his heart is already on the line Emma Parsons just got out of a marriage that ended badly The last thing she s looking for is a new man, but she starts to wonder if she can just use her sexy neighbor to scratch her proverbial itch Then her past comes calling and Jason risks everything to protect her and Mia Emma soon discovers that her heart has been involved for far too long Will love truly find a way What if neither of them is looking for it Bourne to Love Emma is a full length, standalone novel of than 71k words Author note This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence Mature readers only PPS MacKenzie K Paxton believes in true love, fidelity and Happily Ever After and these beliefs are apparent in her novels.
Bourne to Love Emma MacKenzie K. Paxton

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    334 MacKenzie K. Paxton
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  1. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

    I adored this sweet story Jason was perfect and I loved how their relationship started and how it grew So many books out there are all about angst and I just felt this was perfect by not adding relationship angst and just having suspense outside which just strengthened the romance Very hot scenes and lots of passion Sweet and heartwarming scenes with big strong sexy Seal and precious little Mia Jason was all in from early on and I loved it I will be stalking this author from here on out By far J [...]

  2. CC

    3.5 starsI know some of my GR friends will think I am crazy for this rating, but there were just some aspects that kept me from a higher rating.Overall, this was a sweet totally safe book about a single mother falling in love with the guy next door It was a slow build up which is not something I prefer , but had a little suspense aspect to it as well.Jason is a sweet Hero and Emma was pretty good too Her little girl Mia seemed cute, but I think there were some missed opportunities for cute scene [...]

  3. Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers**

    Book Facts Bourne to Love EmmaGenre Contemporary Suspense RomancePart of a Series Installment SeriesStandalone Cliffhanger view spoiler Standalone hide spoiler M F M M M M F etc view spoiler M F hide spoiler Multi Luv n M nages view spoiler No hide spoiler Was There Descriptive Sex view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Amount of Sex in The Book 1 10 view spoiler 5 hide spoiler Overall Steam Factor Chemistry view spoiler 6 hide spoiler HEA HFN etc Ending vie [...]

  4. Erika

    4.5 stars This was super sweet I just finished reading the epilogue and came right here to write my review SoI am in a happy and romantically fulfilled mood.MacKenzie K Paxton did a fantastic job with Bourne to Love Emma, her first published book This had so much to enjoy a wonderfully sweet romance exciting suspense a non manwhore, sexy, brave, honorable, affectionate, protective and generous leading man, Jason a sweet, smart and nurturing leading woman, Emma an adorable baby toddler, Mia inclu [...]

  5. Barbara➰

    SoTotal stars 4.5 rounded upJason 5 AWESOME HERO Stars Emma 3 Could have been a little better starsMia 5 Too cute for words 2 Year Old StarsThis turned out to be a pretty good book for a debut novel Jason was an awesome hero He was possessive and protective not to mention HOT I mentally thumped my chest and yelled because she is mine and she has been well and thoroughly claimed Fuckin A Jason is an ex Navy SEAL He works for John at Red Stone Emma is a divorced mother who works from home doing te [...]

  6. Cyndi

    I really liked this book It was sweet and none of the drama was about the H and h Jason and Emma are neighbors and once they meet they are both attracted to each other Their relationship moves quickly, but realistically Jason was a strong, hunky military man and Emma was a petite single mom Her daughter Mia was adorable and Jason was very sweet with her The drama comes from a case Jason is working on and Emma s ex husband going cuckoo The ex husband stuff was wrapped up nicely and for once we di [...]

  7. Denna✌

    I loved loved loved this book This was my first read by this author and certainly won t be my last Those sex scenes Excuse me a min while I fan myself Haha Jason you beautiful man you I loved him so much Emma was a awesome h and a even better mother Great book, will definitely be reading in this series Safety Note No ow om other than her ex stalker

  8. SB*needs low angst books*

    I have to say that while this was a good book I still wasn t in love with it.The story is about divorcee Emma Parsons and her daughter Mia They live next door to hot guy Jason Davies They are attracted to each other but Jason is gun shy but gets over that quickly and she is gun shy because of her past divorce She ends up being in danger from her ex and Jason comes in to keep her safe I liked the characters but it was a really slow read for me I kept putting it down so it didn t keep my full atte [...]

  9. I.Heart.Romance

    4.5 Stars Possible Spoilers BOOK 1 Can be read as a standalone Full length Kindle loc 4122 HERO Jason Davies, 37 Ex Navy SEAL, now a hacker operative for RED Stone security company He s strong, protective, sweet, sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent 6 4 , broad, muscular with dark hair cut close to his head, gray eyes HEROINE Emma Parsons, 30 Technical writer, single mother to two year old daughter, Mia Recently divorced from her awful, cheating husband She s a great mother, kind, caring but maybe [...]

  10. Mandy

    3.5Very sweet single parent romance It was a bit cheesy at times but the suspense was good and the sex scenes were quick but hot Loved Jason and his interactions with Mia I look forward to reading by this author.

  11. NMmomof4

    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a little above just ok for me I didn t quite understand the jump into the relationship It seemed as though they were flirting then they were fully invested I didn t get the development of feelings that I like to have, so I didn t fully get the connection I have this issue often with suspenseful romances, and it might be because there is often so much other things going on that distract me I also didn t feel connected to the characters as much as I like Other tha [...]

  12. Rachel Regina

    Over rating 4 starsTriggers view spoiler Absolutely none No cheating, no love triangle, no sex with om ow, no push pull, no om ow drama hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler Our hero wasn t a virgin by any means but didn t come off as a manwhore at all Our heroine hasn t been with anyone since her separation 2 years prior Obviously, she had an adorable baby to worry about hide spoiler This book was super cute I love love loved our little toddler She was so sweet and her scenes were endearing, [...]

  13. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

    Really liked this one Hero was not a manwhore a miracle , no OW drama Her ex is a baddie, but that was about it in the OM drama Nice light read.

  14. Ashleyjo

    I want to preface by saying that this is the author s first book, that I m impressed with the quality of writing as such Maybe Too Perfect She s the sugary sweet single mommy that s always doing the right thing always a little vulnerable and girly without being TSTL She s a lady on the street and freak in the sheets She cooks She cleans She s smart She s a great mom He s the self proclaimed bachelor due to his military militant lifestyle He s handsome, kind, thoughtful, patient, and honest.He ch [...]

  15. Victoria

    3.5 RATINGNote At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through s Kindle Unlimited program To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group group show

  16. Mags

    4.5 A really enjoyable story, I was hooked from the very beginning and could of happily read this story in one go and would of done if I hadn t needed to sleep The story itself was great to read, and had a real mixture of suspense, intrigue and romance The main characters Jason Nicknamed Bourne and Emma were really likable as were the few other characters who worked for R.E.D and I am looking forward to reading from this series in the future Although I must confess to being a little confused th [...]

  17. Cindy Davis

    I liked this book than I expected to when I saw that it only had two reviews on and none here It wasn t exactly what I expected, but that ended up being okay because I actually liked where it went The hero was really sexy and I enjoyed the parts that were about his job and going on missions There aren t any other books by this authro but I hope there s later I found this book on kindle unlimited under military romances I couldn t find it like that on here

  18. Marcella

    This book sounded interesting, but it s written from a 1st person POV, so that s a minus in my eyes Further, it is written in present tense, which I don t enjoy either But worst of all the author often forgets she s writing in present tense, so it s a jumble of present and past tense, sometimes even in the same sentence A horrible mess, which I couldn t finish.

  19. Hailey

    This was just ok for me had a bit of a hard time connecting with Jason and Emma Didn t really feel the love between them and the writing was ok but I couldn t decide if the author wanted to go with first person present tense or not Just a bit muddled But other than that ok story.

  20. Melanie

    A nice easy read with loveable characters, humour, super sweet romance and plenty of sexytime I loved it and will be looking out for .

  21. Eyvette Abreu

    I really liked this book It was a sweet easy read.Jason is an ex Navy seal with an impressive service record and is now working for R.E.D Recon, Exploit, Destroy He is also a hacker.Emma is a technical writer and the single mother of a one year old named Mia She is divorced from Dan, who is a horrid man.They are neighbors and they meet in an awkward, but funny situation After they meet he goesback to his mission, which is bringing down a drug trafficker with other team members of R.E.D and she g [...]

  22. Jo

    I read a lot of romance books A lot And in the past, they have been a little formulaic Kind of like romance by numbers So I try and read books that seem a little different from the run of the mill This appeared to me to be one of those books And, as I read it, I was pleasantly surprised This story has a decent plot, and a strong female lead Additionally, there was the hot, ex military guy All good so far.The author created characters with a really intense and palpable connection between them, an [...]

  23. Tcat

    FIVE STARS I don t usually take the time to write reviews and I most definitely don t give out 5 star ratings very often I usually just rate them accordingly on Good Reads This is the first book by this author and she has definitely found her calling in the Romance genre Please right You will love this book Try it today

  24. Laura K. Randolph

    Great start to a new series.It s a great debut book for Ms Paxton Really good story and characters that draw you in from the beginning and hold you until the end The hot sex doesn t hurt either.

  25. E.M. Shue

    LikedI liked this story I really liked the humanity in Jason, his feelings of not being worthy Thank you I can t wait to start 2.

  26. Nicole Locker

    My ReviewFOUR STARSWhat worked This book had me hooked right from the prologue I already hated the scumbag of a husband who was asking for a divorce, and already felt a connection to Emma, the protagonist In Chapter 1 and throughout the book, I was literally laughing out loud at the dialogue between Emma and her friend Heather In fact, Heather was hilarious, and further on in the book, I thought she was kind of a bad ass I was also hysterically laughing when Jason Davies was introduced to the st [...]

  27. BleuBelle

    My main issue with this book was the writing The author mixed past tense and present tense It got confusing and it just irritated my a lot This is one of the BASICS in writing Choose your time in which you want to write and then stay in that time I know it s not always easy, but this has to be one of the minimum standards for writing a book Or not And to tell you the truth, I wasn t really feeling Emma and Jason s relationship There was no spark, no chemistry Everything seemed a little bit super [...]

  28. Jennifer

    DNF 59% It s not horrible, and I love the H It just isn t enough to keep me going and the h keeps doing the dumbest things view spoiler things like not reporting when he ex beats on her and almost rapes her She says he wasn t like that before so it probably was a one time thing because he was drunk Even though he also says things that make you know he s been stalking her, but hey, that can t be important After she knows she is in danger she leaves her security key in her car in plain sight and l [...]

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