A Catch of Consequence (2020)

A Catch of Consequence Diana Norman A Catch of Consequence A captivating historical novel from the national bestselling author as Ariana Franklin of Mistress of the Art of Death Makepeace Burke serves Patriots at her late father s tavern on the Boston water
  • Title: A Catch of Consequence
  • Author: Diana Norman
  • ISBN: 9780425190159
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
A Catch of Consequence Diana Norman A captivating historical novel from the national bestselling author, as Ariana Franklin, of Mistress of the Art of Death Makepeace Burke serves Patriots at her late father s tavern on the Boston waterfront in 1765 and hates the redcoats with a vengeance But even she can t watch an angry mob drown an Englishman She rescues him and nurses him back to health and falls in lA captivating historical novel from the national bestselling author, as Ariana Franklin, of Mistress of the Art of Death Makepeace Burke serves Patriots at her late father s tavern on the Boston waterfront in 1765 and hates the redcoats with a vengeance But even she can t watch an angry mob drown an Englishman She rescues him and nurses him back to health and falls in love In Patriot Boston, hers is an unforgivable sin made worse by the fact that her Englishman turns out be the aristocratic Sir Philip Dapifer Philip must smuggle Makepeace aboard a ship bound for London and save her life at the expense of the world she knows Rich in period detail, bringing the years of colonial rebellion to vivid life, A Catch of Consequence is a stylish novel of Boston and England, and of a woman who defies convention in both worlds.
A Catch of Consequence Diana Norman

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    Diana Norman

One thought on “A Catch of Consequence

  1. Misfit

    It s 1765 and Boston is in an uproar at taxation without representation Tavern owner Makepeace Burke catches an English lord drowning in the harbor and brings him to her home to care for his injuries Sparks start flying between Makepeace and Sir Phillip Dapifer as she tries to find a way to get him back to the English without the locals finding out she s harboring the enemy I really enjoyed the tension between these two, along with their very dry but highly amusing banter The story is told in th [...]

  2. Jamie Collins

    This was very good I enjoyed the medieval mysteries Norman wrote as Ariana Franklin Mistress of the Art of Death so I thought I would try the historical novels she wrote under her own name.This begins in Boston in 1765, the year of the infamous Stamp Tax, when the city is rioting and the Sons of Liberty are organizing under the fiery leadership of Samuel Adams Makepeace Burke is a respectable tavern owner, indignant about the tax but uneasy about the violence in the town Her life is disrupted wh [...]

  3. Barb

    Makepeace Burke is a hard working Puritan tavern owner who makes her living on the Boston waterfront It s 1765 and the Sons of Liberty are some of her regular patrons, she shares their political views and hatred for the English Redcoats She is catching lobsters one morning when she rescues a man drowning in the harbor, he turns out to be a wealthy Englishman She keeps him hidden from her customers, nursing him back to health when she promptly falls in love with her patient When the neighbors fin [...]

  4. Mela

    It is a good historical fiction, without a doubt.I have learnt about Boston in 1765 Sons of Liberty, protests against the Stamp Act and so on , about another side of British aristocracy especially I was interested in Almack s in those times, it is a different view than in Regency romances and about coal mining in the end of XVIII century in UK But most of all, I have learnt about life of various people, their everyday life From Prime Minister to a slave In this book you have really varied occup [...]

  5. Roman Clodia

    This is a novel which strikes out for itself in new directions When so many historical novels are simply history dressed up in doublets and hose, with characters taking up far less room than events, this is a genuine novel with a story of its own to tell that happens to be set in the C18th.It is a novel of three parts, which don t necessarily always sit well together but they do keep the pages turning It s partly a romance but so much than a romantic story, and certainly not in the happy ever a [...]

  6. Brittney

    I am so disappointed in this book The first three or four chapters were so good and then the book went downhill from there well written, but anti climatic and very boring once it got to the coal mining part I did not appreciate trying use the f word in as many places as possible either, considering the story is set in the late 1700 s Don t bother unless your a big history buff and don t mind profanity It barely got two stars from me, and that s only because the first few chapters were so good an [...]

  7. Tamora Pierce

    An excellent historical novel about a Boston tavern keeper who rescues an English nobleman in Boston harbor the day after the famous tea party Rejected by her pre Liberty friends for the act, she must make her way among an English upper class that snubs her, dealing with her new husband s former crazy wife.Diana Norman is the pen name of Ariana Franklin, author of CITY OF SHADOWS and MISTRESS OF THE ART OF DEATH, so you know the book has to be good

  8. Lia

    This anti heroine in Makepeace is so familiar to me She s betrayed, cast out for death, and only the burning vengeance sustains her in years after I don t understand the disconnect with her daughter, the only thing she was able to salvage from her short marriage It is still a great tale and worthy of 5 stars.

  9. K

    A Catch of Consequence is absolutely one of the best books I ve ever read With it s Dickensian plot and richly detailed characters and settings, even down to authentic dialects from various regions, this book is an absolute modern classic I can t even imagine how much research the author had to do to write this masterpiece, as it is stuffed to the gills with obscure and as far as i can tell from my limited fact checking accurate history However, it is not at all the sort of book i was expecting [...]

  10. Beth

    I m somewhat familiar with Colonial history, being a product of public education with a love of living history But in this novel, Diana Norman a.k.a Ariana Franklin presents a rich tapestry of daily life, both for Americans and residents of England The depth of detail included in every page, from dress to dialect, made for a very real world to sink my teeth into.The characters, as well, were each varied, three dimensional, flawed, and fully realized Makepeace Burke, the main character, is especi [...]

  11. Kelsey Burnette

    I fell in love with Diane Norman s writing while reading her Mistress of the Art of Death series written under the pen name, Ariana Franklin , and I couldn t wait to read A Catch of Consequence did not disappoint Though set in 18th Century Boston and England, the characters were delightfully familiar Norman has her own set of favored archetypes The smart, working woman who challenges all societal norms The charming man who loves her despite the societal taboos simultaneously irritated and spell [...]

  12. Rosina Lippi

    A Catch of Consequence is first rate historical fiction, but that is no surprise as it is the work of Diana Norman.The first line of the Booklist review hits the nail on the head, and so here it is Makepeace Burke hates waste, so it is only logical that she would fish a drowning man out of the ocean Norman has always been a master at complex characterization, but she s outdone herself with Makepeace When the story opens she s a committed revolutionary who owns a tavern in Boston Rescuing a Tory [...]

  13. Julia

    This is a great story It begins in 1765 and takes us very close to the American Revolution We get a glimpse of Boston during colonial times and details regarding the English attitudes toward the American colony All this is revealed to us through the life events of a Puritan woman, Makepeace Burke, first in Boston and then in England The secondary characters are excellent Not one seems superfluous or unnecessary The author makes them all so real and imperative to the story Their presence is not [...]

  14. Jess

    I think I have finally learned my lesson about other people s reviews of historical fiction romance This is one of three books that were recommended to me, and although the book had a promising start, it turned excrutiatingly painful very quickly The book fizzles into rushed romance 1, pointless character death, overwrought and overlong revenge scheme and hackneyed romance 2 The history at the beginning was interesting, but the relationships between characters are poorly developed, and the movit [...]

  15. CLM

    First in an extremely enjoyable trilogy which takes the reader from Revolutionary War Boston to Fall of the Bastille ParisMakepeace is a feisty, untraditional heroine who runs a tavern in what is now Boston s North End and doesn t take nonsense from anyone, Redcoat or would be revolutionary When she fishes a member of the British nobility out of the harbor, she is worried about her own safety but cannot leave him to drown.

  16. Christy

    I just loved this book I loved Makepiece Burke, her family and friends I loved the lessons learned I loved that the characters weren t perfect I loved that the villains were truly bad and unlikable but that the heroes had to work at being good The secondary characters were fully developed and lovable A really good read.

  17. Abigail

    A strong female character who suffers a violent change in friends and worlds after saving a British nobleman from drowning I highly enjoyed it and was really moved She had so many set backs it was amazing to see her overcome them all.

  18. VMom

    I loved this until the middle, when I got so shocked I skipped to the end of the book to reassure myself.

  19. Sarah Oksiuta

    I liked this book I would have liked it , though, if it had been shortened a bit and didn t include so many words I don t know I m not dumb I just don t know what escutcheoned means.

  20. Mori Richner

    Boy, was this predictable and cheesy I always like sagas, so the fact that it was a multi year, multi setting book was a plus.but boy oh boy, was it a smarmy plot.

  21. Jay

    This started out as a 4 star book, but I think I got dragged down by the third section, which everyone seems to agree is the least strong part of the book view spoiler From the beginning I think I was probably spoiled that things don t last with Dapifer since the book is listed as Makepeace Hedley 1 not Makepeace Dapifer , but I was still holding out hope that the Hedley didn t come into play until later in the series I was also deathly bored by the coal mine plot I would have much preferred les [...]

  22. Corgi Folk

    3.5I loved the story and protagonist in this novel and I will read stories with Makepeace I deducted stars because I struggled with the tempo and some historical accuracy The fast nature of the romantic relationship in the first phase of the novel made me wonder if this would be a tawdry romance, but I think it was a general concern of pacing Norman covers such a vast amount of life with a well conceived plot and engaging characters but sometimes I wanted depth and a slower pace to have a bett [...]

  23. Sabrina

    I love, love, love, loved this book up until the issue Then it kinda fizzled out for me, but I was still interested Then towards the end we made a change and I wasn t into it Not sure how or why that happened but ok Just not happy with it The ending sequence at the fleet I get, again just not so sure I would of handled quite that simply.At any rate completely absorbed in this book for a good 3 4 s and then fell flat for me Shame

  24. David Crites

    Intelligent, historically rich and intriguing storytelling Engaging story that surprises the mind and satisfies the heart, while challenging engrossing one s intellect Precious little predictability, but alluringly honest with shamelessly realistic and authentic human thought, and emotion driven action

  25. Jennifer Covington

    This book surprised me than most It seems off at first, one of those authors who don t seem to be in touch with their story Boy was I wrong The best part was her character development I absolutely loved how deep each character is You loved some and you absolutely hated others The story was good and true and real Looking forward to book 2

  26. Bunbun

    Spoilers How could you do that Kill off Pip like that To kill him off AND off screen The first part of the book was strong, but then it just went to crap, woman after woman, and I just felt dejected reading it Baffled that it went the way it did.

  27. Laurel Deloria

    It moves along Another book with a powerful vengeful woman A good read for a snowy day A captivating historical novel from the national bestselling author, as Ariana Franklin, of Mistress of the Art of Death.Makepeace Burke serves Patriots at her late father s tavern on the Boston waterfront in 1765 and hates the redcoats with a vengeance But even she can t watch an angry mob drown an Englishman She rescues him and nurses him back to health and falls in love.In Patriot Boston, hers is an unforgi [...]

  28. Sara G

    What a great book Makepeace is a Boston tavern owner who fishes a wealthy Englishman out of the harbor, after the Sons of Liberty dumped him there, and her life is forever changed The book is told in three parts, for three stages of her life I don t want to spoil anything at all because this was such a pleasure to read, but the amount of character development and characterization that went into this book is amazing I guess I shouldn t have expected any less from this author I didn t realize that [...]

  29. Ricki Treleaven

    This week I read A Catch of Consequence by Diana Norman Norman wrote the very popular Mistress of the Art of Death series under the pseudonym Ariana Franklin I absolutely love that series, and Adelia and Rowley are one of my favorite couples in literature The fourth book ended on a nail biting cliffhanger, and I m sad that I ll never know what becomes of Adelia and Rowley.A Catch of Consequence is a historical fiction novel divided into three books Colonial Boston, Imperial London, and Machine A [...]

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