Girl in a Band (2020)

Girl in a Band Kim Gordon Girl in a Band For many Kim Gordon vocalist bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth has always been the epitome of cool Sonic Youth is one of the most influential and successful bands to emerge from the post
  • Title: Girl in a Band
  • Author: Kim Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780571309351
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
Girl in a Band Kim Gordon For many, Kim Gordon, vocalist, bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth, has always been the epitome of cool.Sonic Youth is one of the most influential and successful bands to emerge from the post punk New York scene, and their legacy continues to loom large over the landscape of indie rock and American pop culture Almost as celebrated as the band s defiantly dissonantFor many, Kim Gordon, vocalist, bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth, has always been the epitome of cool.Sonic Youth is one of the most influential and successful bands to emerge from the post punk New York scene, and their legacy continues to loom large over the landscape of indie rock and American pop culture Almost as celebrated as the band s defiantly dissonant sound was the marriage between Gordon and her husband, fellow Sonic Youth founder and lead guitarist Thurston Moore So when Matador Records released a statement in the fall of 2011 announcing that after twenty seven years the two were splitting, fans were devastated In the middle of a crazy world, they d seemed so solid.What did this mean What comes next What came before In Girl in a Band, the famously reserved superstar speaks candidly about her past and the future From her childhood in the sunbaked suburbs of Southern California, growing up with a mentally ill sibling who often sapped her family of emotional capital, to New York s downtown art and music scene in the eighties and nineties and the birth of a band that would pave the way for acts like Nirvana, as well as help inspire the Riot Grrl generation, here is an edgy and evocative portrait of a life in art.Exploring the artists, musicians, and writers who influenced Gordon, and the relationship that defined her life for so long, Girl in a Band is filled with the sights and sounds of a pre Internet world and is a deeply personal portrait of a woman who has become an icon.
Girl in a Band Kim Gordon

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    Kim Gordon

One thought on “Girl in a Band

  1. Lauren

    Interesting and at times even moving, but mostly, there is a distance there and whether or not it s because there are places she doesn t want to go or doesn t care to take you, I m not sure There is something very unresolved about it as a memoir but again, that s ok she s in the middle of a major life change and you can feel it Not that different from how I feel about Sonic Youth, a band I liked and even admired, but never felt a heart connection to All that said, I still enjoyed reading it and [...]

  2. Sgossard

    I finally understand why they say you should never meet your heroes I thought just like you that Kim was the coolest ever in the hippest band ever If you want to keep thinking that, don t ever read this book Read this one instead If you re already set on reading it anyway or got it as a gift or pre ordered it just like me, at least let me help you a bit Out of the 288 pages in this book, around 150 are about how growing up was for her, how her brother emotionally abused and traumatised her, who [...]

  3. Jane Settles cigarran

    A very fast read and quite illuminating though not for the reasons one might expect I was pretty dismayed at how Kim s elitism and namedropping goes hand in hand with her playing punk rock contests and speaking really harshly about other women It s one thing to say Courtney Love is crazy but quite another to complain just chapters before, how sexist it was to call a brash woman crazy It s one thing to admit to dating older, influential, stifling men as a young women but quite another to say in t [...]

  4. Lynx

    Kim Gordon s life has certainly taken her to fascinating places Growing up in the sixties, traveling, infiltrating the NYC art scene, Sonic Youth s formation and success, starting her own fashion line, producing others music and films, becoming an artist in her own right and all while being female and a mother, something ignorant journalists never fail to ask her about Theres certainly never a dull moment in this book Kim opens up about all these things as well as her personal relationships, gro [...]

  5. Jim

    I think its telling that after spending 270 pages with the author I don t really have a sense of her as an artist, musician, or a person I know a lot about her projects and things that happened to her, but at the end of the book she remains a cipher For someone who has accomplished so much the book feels thin, understandably disjointed, yet lacking in depth It s also oddly humorless, but as many have remarked, the memoir begins and ends with her break up with Thurston Moore and it colors the pr [...]

  6. Ettore Pasquini

    This book gave me a different view not just on Kim Gordon herself, but also on women s rights and the role of visual arts post 1960s.I listened to the audio book, main reason being that she is reading it herself It was my first audiobook, so I don t have anything to compare it to, but I have to say that her performance adds something to this memoir Even if a few times her reading stutters, in my opinion this makes the experience all the intimate The level of intimacy here is pretty unique, in f [...]

  7. Anhelo

    I was disappointed by this book for several reasons Call them personal if you may I didn t think it was healthy to vent so much about Thurston Moore s affairs Kim actually sounded desperate for validation, and a book was not the place to do it, in my personal opinion I agree with some other reviewers who suggested that telling a story of a couple falling in and out of love seemed to make sense, rather than labeling as a middle age male crisis to center the traitor as the main character or villa [...]

  8. Darwin8u

    Maskenfreiheit The Freedom Conferred by Masks In general, though women aren t really allowed to be kick ass It s like the famous distinction between art and craft Art and wilderness, and pushing against the edges, is a male thing Craft and control, and polish, is for women Culturally we don t allow women to be as free as they would like, because that is frightening We either shun those women or deem them crazy Female singers who push too much, and too hard, don t tend to last very long They re j [...]

  9. El

    Last night I came across a journal I kept in late 1997 and early 1998, a journal I completely had forgotten about, but it seemed fitting to come across it now since reading this book has taken me back to around that period when I was listening to a lot of Sonic Youth It was like being 19, 20 again and feeling like music was actually accomplishing something All that really meant was I was listening to music that affected me in some way, regardless of what it was doing to the rest of the listeners [...]

  10. Michelle

    Didn t like this quite as much as I thought I would Some weird tone problems, too much name dropping as opposed to in depth reflection , some randomly dropped in feminist sloganeering that felt artificial, and holy moly, some really questionable decisions about the framing of the breakup of her marriage and band I m still totally Team Kim, but dang, some of it was really, really cringe inducing.

  11. Tosh

    i know I m in the minority of most readers of Kim Gordon s Girl in a Band, but I think the book would be a lot interesting if she focused on her childhood and then the New York years I liked her descriptions of Manhattan life in the late 70s and early 80 s and also the sections that deals with her ill brother If I was the editor, I would ask writing about her family as well as the early stages of being an artist among other artists in the New York world The marriage part is too recent and raw [...]

  12. susie

    COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED Edit Ok, now I ve read I savored This book was everything I hoped for and sometimes and sometimes less That it was just a little bit flawed makes it feel intimate a portrayal.Kim Gordon is an icon of counter culture I looked up to her when I was a teen, and she s one of few people I looked up to then that I can say I still do now She has a whip smart internal compass that has guided her through decades of style and dozens of interesting experiments, projects, and expr [...]

  13. Jayne Lamb

    I m hoping that this will turn out to be the biggest literary let down of 2015, because I can t think what could be worse You know how Gordon is famous for being icy, opaque, inscrutable This memoir is icy, opaque and inscrutable Page after page of naming art dealers, a statement at the beginning about her whole reason for writing the book was because of her marriage ending and you find out nothing about her relationship with her former husband, Thurston Moore She disses several other well known [...]

  14. Julie Ehlers

    What I found most interesting about Girl in a Band was the way Kim Gordon s experiences in the Manhattan art world of the 1980s affected her other creative pursuits, including music There s a lot of appropriation going on, and Kim speaks quite openly about the ways various songs, album covers, and other projects were influenced by other artists and creative works she admires This was a new way of looking at creativity for me, and I enjoyed it.Some reviewers have complained that Kim should not ha [...]

  15. Leah

    I can t believe I m about to use this as the definitive word for a book by Kim Gordon, but, than anything, Girl in a Band is boring.I don t doubt that she wrote this book because she wanted to I don t doubt that she wanted to tell her story, but Girl in a Band just skirts the surface of her very interesting life, coasting along until we get to what who broke up Gordon and Moore It feels like she had a kind of tunnel vision in writing this, giving us enough detail to lead us to this conclusion.A [...]

  16. Sofia Teixeira

    Acho que estou apaixonada pela Kim Gordon Okay, bvio que j conhe o os Sonic Youth h anos, claro que sabia que ela e o Thurston tinham uma filha, mas tal como quase tudo na vida me passa ao lado, tamb m as raz es pelas quais se tinham separado passaram E, caramba, que mulher brutal descobri no seu livro Girl in a Band Sempre que me desafiam a escrever um livro, debato me com o tipo de registo que empregaria, caso algum dia o fizesse, porque normalmente sou t o segue em frente e t o sem paninhos q [...]

  17. Jenna

    First things first Having recently read a few memoirs of women in music, I can confirm I m reliably mystified enchanted by Read a sucker for some of the reverse Pygmalion like conventions of these stories Specifically, an influential countercultural musician who claims at the outset to Have had no actual musical training I mean, we re talking has barely held an instrument what s an instrument territory And then suddenly, is Just Playin It Up at some point in the not too distant future, problem f [...]

  18. Vanessa

    This was a really entertaining rock memoir the short chapters, the photographs, and the anecdotes within all built up to educate me on Kim Gordon, one of the founding members of Sonic Youth, providing me with a lot of things I had never known about her before.In under 300 pages, Kim Gordon details her life growing up with a troubled, emotionally abusive older brother, her coming into her own in New York, her work in the art scene, her musical career with Sonic Youth and other bands, and her fami [...]

  19. Christopher

    Sonic Youth is great and Kim Gordon was an indispensable part of the band it wouldn t have been successful without her, and that s something you d rarely say about a bass player However, I should have left it at that I don t usually indulge in artist author musician biographies, because they almost always devalue the subject in my mind I like for the art to do all the necessary speaking for its creator Another way of saying that is the art is what s interesting about the person, everything else [...]

  20. Minty McBunny

    Having read several lukewarm reviews by fellow Sonic Youth fans, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by this book I was not prepared for how amazing it was and how it s been haunting me since I finished it.I have long admired Kim for her toughness and her talent Sonic Youth, particularly Kim s singing, made me feel bold and empowered at a time when I was neither and they have a special place in my heart This memoir is moody and atmospheric, as you d expect it might be It s artsy, it s nostalgic, i [...]

  21. Susan

    I loved Sonic Youth and saw them many times so I was really looking forward to this book Then I read it Once you discard all the pointless and insecure name dropping, there are two main points the author makes 1 All her life she has lived in the shadow of men who have made it impossible for her to figure out who she was and what she was all about 2 She had the most difficult pregnancy of any woman on earth and found raising one child to be an unbearable burden, the likes of which no other woman [...]

  22. Sabs

    I couldn t even make it to the good stuff I was so utterly bored by one of the most fascinating lives ever lived Kim needed a better editor I bet the audio book would be worthwhile Book is just name droppy boring writing Really had higher expectations for this.

  23. Edmole

    So hard to say what I feel about this book It s full of a lot of pain, as Kim clearly and heartily states her case and shows her wounds over her split with Thurston Moore But outside of that, there is an odd blankness, a cool recounting of a sequence of events It reminded me a little of Viv Albertine s book, of a woman at the heart of various scenes and engaged and creative within them, but simultaneously seeming and being swept along by cultural history Maybe women are better able to accept and [...]

  24. Solistas

    die hard fans Sonic Youth myself included , , coolest woman in rock and roll , , , 30 , , , , , , Youth 2 3 , 30 youtube 80s, video clips 90s box set .

  25. Jessica Silk

    There are a lot of things I really loved about this memoir I appreciated her starting with her break up because it felt vulnerable to start from a dark place I admire that as a woman she is speaking her truth about her break up and isn t trying to play the whole I m perfectly fine and things are amicable thing we are forced to present in public She s angry and I m on her side This book very much reads like documentation of someone processing their relationships and grief, and still being in the [...]

  26. Lisa

    Good, though not moving and it felt a little incomplete, somehow Which I know is the nature of a memoir if one isn t dead yet, but somehow Gordon feels like she s still got a lot stuff to settle up It s a panoramic book, not a reflective book But still interesting, anecdotally and all, and a fun read Needless to say, I loved all the old 1980s downtown NYC stuff it sent me off to Google every few pages to see whatever happened to so and so Plus she gets major points for calling Billy Corgan a cr [...]

  27. Antonia Crane

    I want to believe Kim Gordon wrote her own book She is clearly a super smart, intuitive, well read, talented woman with intrinsic style who was born charmed with a nose for timing and unique, refined taste She also simply hung out with the right people during an extremely exciting time in NY that existed before the Internet branded our souls and sold us down the river of Facehooker I heard Girl in a Band on Audible read by Gordon It was kinda romantic and heartbreaking heard that way Gordon s vo [...]

  28. Deb

    Kim Gordon takes an autobiographical look at her personal life and her life as the vocalist bass player for Sonic Youth She is very articulate, and able to describe the various issues associated with life in a well known, touring band over a period of years She starts the book with the deconstruction of the band, and her marriage to one of its members, Thurston Moore, then backfills the story over the many years of the band s life.Being a woman musician is still difficult, although many women ar [...]

  29. Liz

    I will risk losing all punk cred by saying that I ve never been a huge Sonic Youth fan, to say that I don t know ANYTHING about the band other than that they exist, and people hold them in very high regard, so I went into this book pretty blind Not having a frame of reference for the songs she was writing about really changed the impact that reading about them has, but I did find her descriptions of growing up in LA and moving to NYC very interesting After reading a lot of these reviews, folks a [...]

  30. Tuck

    a book of contradictions, but i guess a person has to write the book they have to write kim gordon talks about her band, sonic youth, and epic run of over 2 decades are serious music, a huge and public sort of, public now with this book for sure breakup of her and band and husband in band her childhood and family difficult family too , her being a young woman and artist all that implies, independence, poverty, fame, fishbowl life, success, faking it, and being real but i think kim gordon should [...]

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