I grunden utan skuld (2020)

I grunden utan skuld Viveca Sten I grunden utan skuld En m rk h stkv ll f rsvinner en ung flicka sp rl st p Sandhamn Kriminalinspekt r Thomas Andreasson fr n Nackapolisen deltar i s kandet som f rsv ras av stormar och regn Till slut ger polisen upp och
  • Title: I grunden utan skuld
  • Author: Viveca Sten
  • ISBN: 9789175035062
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
I grunden utan skuld Viveca Sten En m rk h stkv ll f rsvinner en ung flicka sp rl st p Sandhamn Kriminalinspekt r Thomas Andreasson fr n Nackapolisen deltar i s kandet, som f rsv ras av stormar och regn Till slut ger polisen upp och flickan antas ha drunknat.N gra m nader senare r Sandhamn inb ddat i sn och is N r Nora Lindes barn en dag leker ute i skogen g r de ett makabert fynd.Den saknade flickaEn m rk h stkv ll f rsvinner en ung flicka sp rl st p Sandhamn Kriminalinspekt r Thomas Andreasson fr n Nackapolisen deltar i s kandet, som f rsv ras av stormar och regn Till slut ger polisen upp och flickan antas ha drunknat.N gra m nader senare r Sandhamn inb ddat i sn och is N r Nora Lindes barn en dag leker ute i skogen g r de ett makabert fynd.Den saknade flickan har bragts om livet och sk ndats p ett fruktansv rt s tt Vad kan ha v ckt ett s dant raseri Kommer m rdaren att sl till igen I grunden utan skuld r den tredje kriminalromanen i Viveca Stens serie Morden i Sandhamn.
I grunden utan skuld Viveca Sten

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    Viveca Sten

One thought on “I grunden utan skuld

  1. Jan Lehman

    Love this series I can not wait until the next book is translated into English This series has been an unexpected find The author is a great storyteller,and her the combination of likeable interesting characters and captivating stories makes it a wonderful read

  2. Gary Van Cott

    I think there may be a good book hidden in here somewhere but you have to go through so much detail it is hard to find The author seems to be interested in writing about people and their problems then creating an interesting mystery.

  3. Emma

    Guiltless is my third trip to Sandhamn, a small island off the Swedish coast with a population of only a couple of hundred people but seemingly a lot of murder I have to say, it sounds beautiful there, but given the death count I would think twice before visiting.This time, the victim is a young girl, missing for months before Nora s boys find her body She is an island native vs the visitors that flood the island in the summer and so her death is possibly shocking than it might have been otherw [...]

  4. Luana

    Ogni tanto entro nel tunnel del giallo Svezia e parto a nastro, leggendo un sacco di libri tutti in fila e provando ad approcciare nuovi autori O, in questo caso, autrici Viveca Sten fa parte di quella banda di autrici svedesi che mettono in scena crimini e indagini ambientati negli idilliaci paesaggi scandinavi, come la piccola isola di Sandhamn, a largo di Stoccolma Com possibile scomparire nel nulla su un isola cos piccola Questa la difficile domanda a cui deve trovare risposta l ispettore Th [...]

  5. Ken Fredette

    I enjoy reading about Sandhamn by Viveca Sten each story is totally different from the others except for the characters The Island life is very fascinating and interesting and yet you have this weird feeling about whats going to happen Nora Linde is a fantastic person who has diabetes, a cheating husband, and two small boys that she is fanatical about and a curiosity that happens to be right on the money Her best friend, Thomas is a policeman who been through a lot of finding fault with blaming [...]

  6. Kirsty

    I picked up Guiltless for the Sweden stop on my Around the World in 80 Books challenge I had not read the first or second novels in the series, but that did not seem to matter at all I found that it worked very well indeed as a standalone novel Guiltless takes part on a small island in the Swedish archipelago named Sandhamn, and is engaging from its very first page Throughout, the novel is really well plotted and structured, and its translation is fluid The sense of place and characters are well [...]

  7. LindaBranham Greenwell

    The story goes back and forth between a current story and one from the early 1900 s I wondered how the 2 stories connected The current story is the death of a young girl She had been missing for several months when suddenly her arm was discovered by children playing in the snowThe older story is about a family with 2 children The father is very controlling and abusive Since I have read the other two books, I was familiar with the main characters and their past stories I felt as if I were catchin [...]

  8. Rene

    This is book 3 in the Sandhamn series by Viveca Sten I have read it in a Dutch translation, but it will doubtless also exist in your language Viveca Sten is definitely an upcoming talent in Scandinavian crime novels In her third book, the best so far in the series, she gets even better than in the former two books.A girl of around 18 years disappears, and later evidence shows that she has been murdered So far for the plot, because I do not want to introduce spoilers in this review.Between the ch [...]

  9. Aquila Reale

    Nel nome di mio padre un giallo svedese con delle caratteristiche che ben lo distinguono da un giallo americano La violenza, pur presente, ha radici nella vita sociale e mostra i difficili rapporti nell ambito familiare La supremazia dell uomo sulla donna dilagante e l esaltazione religiosa complica le cose.La lettura di questo romanzo procede in modo fluido, l unica difficolt leggere i nomi dei luoghi dalla pronuncia impossibile L architettura della narrazione svela una trama principale a cui s [...]

  10. Lysiane

    Me being me, I never start a series by the first book It s like a curse, I pick up a book at the store thinking that it sounds fantastic and forget to check if there might be other ones before it You think I would learn after reading quite a few crime novels They often come in series, especially nordic crime, but I still can t remember to check Anyhow, as I was going to purschase the latest Agatha Christie book for my granny, this book was standing next to it and it caught my eye The I read the [...]

  11. Veerlez

    Onschuldig verleden fijn geschreven, verhaal verloopt prima, in n avond uit gelezen, maar toch iets minder fan van deze dan van de vorige twee ui de serie

  12. Gea

    Ik vond dit boek een hele verbetering ten opzichte van boek 2 Nora laat eindelijk zien dat ze een ruggengraat heeft.

  13. Kathy

    Prior to this book, I had not heard of this author, let alone read any books After reading the book, I can say this is an author who writes quite well, knows the setting well and delivers a pretty good picture of life and society on this Swedish island as well as an interesting plot, with several fascinating twists and turns The setting is well done and is one I had never heard of or even thought about, but now find fascinating As I said, the author provides a good picture of the tiny Swedish is [...]

  14. Christine

    In the summer, the small Swedish island of Sandhamn is known for its beautiful beaches and delightful regattas , but on a stormy Fall night, a young woman named Lina Rosen has disappeared Four months later, the case is still unsolved and it s up to D.I Thomas Andreasson, his partner Margit Grankvist, and his friend Nora Linde to find out the truth about what happened to Lina.I ve read quite a few Scandinavian mysteries and I really like this novel by Viveca Sten This is third in a series, but th [...]

  15. Lynda Kelly

    And here s a hat trick of 5 reads from this author Very well done I am loving this series of stories Poor Nora s having a bit of a time of it right now Henrik is being a bigger dick than he usually is This was very different in style to her usual way of writing It had a dual timeline and I always enjoy those types of books Some of the characters in the earlier timeline I felt horribly sad for Their lives were pretty grim most of the time and a lot of bad behaviour was exacerbated by booze, and o [...]

  16. Sandrine Novembre

    3 me livre o l on retrouve nos 2 h ros, Thomas Andreasson et son amie d enfance Nora Linde.04 11 20106Lina la vingtaine dispara t trangement un soir de temp te22 02 2007On retrouve Nora, de retour sur l le de Sandhamn en pleine rupture avec Henrik son mari qui la trompe Elle essaie de traverser cette preuve comme elle le peut.Lors d une partie de cache cache des enfants, dont ceux de Nora, retrouvent dans un sac un bras d capit.Thomas d p ch sur l enqu te pense tr s vite , qu il s agit de l un d [...]

  17. Joyce

    4 starsNora Linde accidentally finds out that her husband has a girlfriend She demands that he leave the house and goes with her two sons to the vacation home on Sandhamn Her boys, out playing with their friends in the snow come across a severed arm It turns out to belong to a young woman named Lina Rosen who disappeared some four months earlier During the course of the investigation, Nora meets up again with Thomas Andreasson, a police detective and childhood friend of Nora s.This book goes bac [...]

  18. Ms Kathryn Pizar

    An different and interesting plot but that s about it.I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first two, because yet again it was let down by the overtly Americanised translation, which appeared prevalent than in the first two books.Apart from the obvious spelling mistakes ie leaving the u out of neighbour and harbour, and gray instead of grey etc, there were the strange phrases I told her a bunch of times You have a bunch of flowers Should it not have been I told her many times, or even lots o [...]

  19. Jen

    The previous two books have taken place during the summer season when Sandhamn is crowded with tourists and summer people Guiltless is set during the winter, and the island is largely deserted except for the 120 or so people who live there year round Nora Linde has taken her two boys to Sandhamn during their school break The problems in her marriage that have been building in the earlier books have come to a head, and although Nora has not mentioned anything to her sons, she needs this time away [...]

  20. GoƩwin Dulhoste

    Une enqu te prenante Sandhamn, petite le de Su de.Lina Ros n, jeune fille de 18 ans, dispara t dans la nuit du 4 novembre 2006 Malgr toutes les recherches entreprises, elle demeure introuvable Quelques mois plus tard, Nora Linde participe une f te et apprend accidentellement que son mari la trompe avec une infirmi re Bless e et en col re, elle se r fugie Sandhamn avec ses deux fils, Adam et Simon Alors qu ils jouent cache cache dans la for t, ils tombent sur des restes humains cach s dans un sac [...]

  21. Marsha

    I ve read two other mysteries by Viveca Sten that take place on Sandhamm Island, Sweden Thomas Andreason is the main character a detective inspector and his old friend, Nora Linde, a lawyer who works for the banking industry They both have ties to Sandhamm or the islands around them and collaborate on the murders that take place on and around the island The plotting is interesting, and the translation is wonderful These novels don t have the usual glitches that some Scandinavian books have.This [...]

  22. Jillian

    There is irony in the title of a book which is about the visiting of the sins of the fathers upon the children until, in this case, at least the fourth generation It is also picked up in the sub plot of the cot death that has resulted in Thomas s sundered marriage Affluence does not overcome the damage of the past There is an argument for understanding the search for evidence of a psychological kind, both through profiling and through personal records as well as physical evidence It is when thes [...]

  23. Rose Valkyrja

    PotentialGuiltless starts out with a bang and dives right into something horrible The story goes back and forth between a current story and one from the 1900 s 1920 s There were 2 things that kept me reading 1 I was curious about the connection between the 2 stories 2 I wanted to know the answer to the classic question, who did it and why.It was a fairly easy read even though I m not familiar with Sweden or the surrounding areas The characters were mostly just that, characters There was only one [...]

  24. Joan

    I really enjoyed the first 2 books in the Sandhamn series, and this one did not disappoint me It is set in the winter, so we get a look at Sandhamn at a much different season than the summer setting of the first 2 books This book is really 2 stories, one in the present and one in the 1920 s, and it is not till near the end of the book that the reader understands how they fit together We don t see as much of Thomas in this book, and it is interesting that Nora seems to be the star of this series [...]

  25. Patricia

    Riveting ReadCan t Wait for More In Book 3 we learn about Sandhamn s history and its atmosphere in winter, without the summer visitors and carnival atmosphere There are mysteries aplenty, with a riveting mix of historical and present life with its joys and tragedies We meet again with Nora, Thomas, Margit and their families and the Nacka police Nothing is quite what it seems and history plays a big part in the story I wait impatiently for Book 4ere are mysteries left unsolved

  26. AngryGreyCat

    Guiltless has been on my kindle for a while and I finally decided to read it The story follows two plotlines, present with Nora and Henrik and their impending divorce, and past, with Thorwald and Kristina and their childhood This is really a story of the crimes of the father being visited upon the sons Nora discovers a body in the modern setting and in the course of the investigation links to the past point to the motive This was at times a very creepy thriller The pacing was good and both story [...]

  27. Ana Elena Romero

    Pesad sima e insustacial novela polic aca en la que la investigaci n de un asesinato parece ser un tema absolutamente secundario.Es la tercera entrega de una saga centrada en la localidad de Sandhamn y en la vida de dos de los protagonistas Nora y el detective Thomas.La he abandonado cuando hab a le do m s de la mitad del libro, porque no consegu a avanzar en ning n sentido ni en la investigaci n policial ni en las historias personales de los protagonistas.Adem s el estilo narrativo de intercala [...]

  28. Fran Barrero

    Me ha parecido asombrosa Esperaba mucha calidad por lo que hab a o do pero no imaginaba que me gustar a tanto como para leerla en 5 noches Buena descripci n de los personajes, lugares, buena trama, bien hilvanada la historia, intriga creciendo desde la primera p gina, final emotivo e inesperado Lo tiene todo.Compr este libro en un kiosko junto a otro de la misma autora Estoy deseando empezarlo tambi n.Muy recomendable.

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