The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity (2020)

The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity Devon Hartford The Bad Boy Next Door Lance Chastity My new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude crude and totally irresistible My mom hates him She calls him a bad influence She says he s going to corrupt me That s what I m hoping I m tired of the boring c
  • Title: The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity
  • Author: Devon Hartford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity Devon Hartford My new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude, crude and totally irresistible.My mom hates him She calls him a bad influence She says he s going to corrupt me.That s what I m hoping.I m tired of the boring careful little life Mom has built around me like a prison Besides church and school, there s not much else I may as well be living in a convent.Lucky for me Lance doesn t cMy new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude, crude and totally irresistible.My mom hates him She calls him a bad influence She says he s going to corrupt me.That s what I m hoping.I m tired of the boring careful little life Mom has built around me like a prison Besides church and school, there s not much else I may as well be living in a convent.Lucky for me Lance doesn t care what Mom thinks From day one, he makes it clear he s going to have his way with me no matter what Mom says about it.Works for me.I know Mom will crucify me if she finds out about all the sinful things I ve been doing with Lance But I m enjoying his tongue too much to stop My guilt isn t the only thing eating me alive That s why I ll do whatever Lance says.No matter how kinky it is WARNING Just when you think you know where this book is going, it doesn t Read with caution unless you want your fingers burned Recommended for ages 18 The Bad Boy Next Door is a steamy standalone with an HEA
The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity Devon Hartford

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One thought on “The Bad Boy Next Door: Lance & Chastity

  1. NMmomof4

    DNF 13% I couldn t handle this one The H started off trying to figure out a way to have sex with both the h and her mom when they first meet He totally hits on the mom, and even rubs his hard cock on her thigh He was a total ass When the h s mom asked him what he did for a living or if he was in school , he was proud to say that he did nothing and he is 26 living with his dad Yeah Real winner of a H there I just got to the part where he snuck in to her bedroom and h was all about to offer him he [...]

  2. Pea

    DNF at 3%I really like to read and I can read about anything I can t say that I have my triggers, because I can read about cheating, abuse, menage, kinky sex, illness, death, murder, mobster I don t mind this things as long as I feel the story, in other words the story has to be believable But with this one I have reached my limit I think my new trigger is stupidity By stupid I don t refer to people who are uneducated but rather to people who are uber assholes.Score Fine Ass Chastity s mom is as [...]

  3. Genice Cassidy

    I ve read all of Devons books I absolutely love his writing but I think this one is by far my most favorite In this book we follow chastity who is turning 18 The day before she meets lance her new bad boy next door neighbor Chastity lives with her mom who s a total religious nut and her sister Charity who s just starting high school Their mom and dad divorced years ago and though they still keep in touch regularly he lives far away for work Lance moves him and his father to this quiet neighborho [...]

  4. Jennifer Lessard

    I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book very much If you are looking for a book that has very down to earth issues in it but is packed with some of the hottest and steamiest sex scenes in it, this is one for you to read But not only is it chock full of panty wetting sex scenes it has lots of laughs in it as well as some of the very issues that come up in our every day lives The characters in this book face some of the very same life altering decisions and d [...]

  5. Hayley

    What a way to start 2016 I am a huge fan of Devons work and have read every single one of his publications but wow what a fantastic read This is one seriously HOT read When life seems to have be a one way street nothing ever changes until you get a hot neighbour turn up and he has every intention of living life to the fullest and turning your world upside down.Chastity and her sister charity live at home with there mom who lives her life by gods rules but when lance turns out to be there new nei [...]

  6. Paul Triegaardt

    Well, once again Devon does not disappoint The characters are amazing and while Lance and Chastity are the main characters other various characters lead to further intriguing scenarios Leaving the reader wanting to know A bad boy next title might lead the reader to think that this book might be similar to other novels with the same title but in true Devon fashion I m always so surprised by the hook and foreshadowing Which in my opinion lend to great reading and hopefully novels to include the [...]

  7. Heather andrews

    Lance is an action oriented guy, I m not going anywhere He stands up and unbuckles his belt and pushes his jeans down to his knees He bulges in his boxers Lance is a handsy man, you wear that to the office and I ll have to bend you over my desk and spank you while I eff you, Lance muses behind me His hands grab my hips and he yanks me into him, pulling my butt up like he wants to start right now I enjoyed this book Lance was kinky and sexy exactly how I like my men.

  8. Debbie Hastie

    Omg Devon you never disappoint His books just get better and better Chastity Lances story is hot right from the get go The bad boy new neighbour The 17 year old virgin 18 the following day Then throw in his alcoholic father her religious none swearing mother Recipe for a brilliant story Really love the cameo appearance from previous characters Thankyou Devon just keep good books coming.

  9. Amber

    This is truly a grippingly, heart stopping story that will steal your breath and tattoo its powerful message on your very soul This story has amazing twists and turns than I could keep track of, and every one of them tilted my world until I could no longer tell whether or not is was every righted again This story will make you lose your mind and your heart, and you will find yourself not caring one bit if you ever get it back again The captivating power of this story will enchant and entice any [...]

  10. Emma Jefferson

    I revieved this book in exchange for a honest review I will warn all those who read this book to make sure they do not have work shortly after starting and are not busy This story between Lance and Chaz is a fast paced story which has you guess at each turn.Chaz is a young women who has to put up with a crazy religious mother who goes over the top with every think Chaz wants to be free and experience life without her crazy mother Never has Chaz done a sin, she is sweet pure innocence with a hidd [...]

  11. Kelly Sloane

    Wow Lance is one of those Bad Boys you Hate to Love He s cocky and arrogant with a foul mouth and a player to boot but he s also sexy as sin and completely irresistible Chastity lives up to her name she s a pure church going sheltered 17 year old well for one day when she meets her new bad boy neighbor she s been dying to break free and live and Lance is her opportunity what starts off as 2 people not looking for anything serious leads to a scorching hot but extremely complicated affair This bo [...]

  12. Constanza

    Qu puedo decir Desde que empec a leer las historias de Devon, me convert su fan de pies a cabeza En esta historia, vas a poder escuchar los ritmos de la m sica que fluye entrelazada con vida de Lance y Chaz Un amor que inicia como el de esta pareja, termina siempre bien, y Devon se ha encargado de eso desde el principio What can I say Since I started reading Davon s books, I became one of his fans Top to toe His words, phrases, and all are always fresh In this story you can feel the power of mus [...]

  13. Tracy Trixy

    Flipping heck was that a steamy book That being said, I enjoyed reading it We meet Lance and Chastity If you want to know what happens, read the blurb but in a nutshell, Chastity s mum is a religious nut which at times drove me crazy, Lance moves next door to them that s Faith the mum, Chastity and her sister Charity with his alcoholic dad.Cue the hot sexy scenes which are a lot runaways, arguments, raves, and as I said before crazy Faith and you have yourself a pretty great read Would definitel [...]

  14. Michelle

    This is a story of a total bad boy with a good heart Love how one person can help the other come out of their shell and make them who they need to be Throw in a unique storyline and some crazy friends and family members and you have one fun story to read.

  15. Danielle Harris

    WhoaThis was a very super hot read I m so glad I picked this up I can t wait to read from this author.

  16. Rachel Webb

    I really liked this book a lot I loved the characters, Lance and Chaz were great It was well written and had a great flow to it The storyline was great Awesome

  17. Julie Clarke

    Generously gifted a copy of this book, this is my review in return with thanks.Wow, cough, cough.I am a 45 yr old mother of 2, married for almost 17 yrs, and consider myself to be pretty open minded yeah I ve read and seen Fifty Shades several times But phew eeee this is one hot and steamy book From the first page, Lance is loud, arrogrant, brash, cocky and many of those types of decriptives This book hits you like a big, fat, wet and sexy slap in the face I raised my eyebrows at the last sente [...]

  18. Indie Editor Nancy

    This Author writes great young adult stories with interesting characters who turn out to be nothing like the reader expects them to be This is Lance and Chastity s story Lance and his dad move in next door to Chastity who lives with her single mom and her younger sister Charity Chastity s mom is a bible thumping woman who finds Lance and his dad to be crude, rude and disgusting men and forbids her girls from spending time with them after a near tragic event.Chastity grows in this story from the [...]

  19. Raine

    My first Devon Hartford book and I loved it I gave it 5 stars because there was just something about the story which I really liked I m not sure whether it was that Lance was an ass in the beginning and was scoping out both Chastity and her mother and was planning on having sex with both of them and then learning about Lance I slowly changed my mind and thought that he was such a sweetie I really loved the storyline and there was drama, but not as angsty as I thought it would be It just seemed [...]

  20. Irma

    OMG, what a fantastic read Wow I m still dumbfounded, even though I finished this book last night I got immediately sucked into the story and couldn t let go.Lance what a guy When I started reading this story I tought of him as a cocky bastard but that soon changed There are layers of his sweetness that you are revealing chapter after chapter and can t help but to fall in love with him.Chastity lives with her mom who s a total religious manipulator and her younger sister Charity Mom drives the t [...]

  21. Sarah

    This was another great book by Devon, I really loved Lance and Chastity s characters and the story from beginning to end kept you on your toes There was a slight change to Devon s usual style of writing in this book, which was really refreshing and left the reader anticipating the impending disaster if you ve read his other books you will know what I mean , however it never came in this book, yes there were a few hiccups but these were easily resolved between the couple and there was no unnecess [...]

  22. Saskia 'follow my shoes' Smith

    I really enjoyed this book, from the start you can see the humour I love the sassy side of chastity what a name ha ha who when with her mother is a virginal angel due to her mothers overbearing lifestyle and dedication to church life, but away from her, she is quite the fox then you have Lance, who is a confident sex crazy, typical male, who just has to have little miss perfect I found the story very real life then this is the book to read, away from the sex scenes yes there are some the story l [...]

  23. Lindsay

    So I ve got to be honestI hated Lance at the beginningabsolutely hated him This is the first book of Devon s I ve read and I thought, oh boy what did I get myself into And I didn t like because I am jealouse I m kinda wishing my 18 year old self could have had some of her experiences But, I kept on reading and I m glad I did I FLOVED Lance and Chastity I love how he loves her I love how he loves her sister I love how Devon wrote the thoughts of a 14 and 18 year old girls so well And [...]

  24. Laure

    Completely engrossing and believabe characters Chastity is a good girl, being raised by her religious fanatic mother Lance is the bad boy that just moved in next door with his alcoholic father The moment they meet the sparks will fly, and soon the two are heavily involved An abusive mother and alcoholic father insures a book with lots of emotional ups and downs for Chastity and Lance This book is definitely sizzling hot sexy, but it also made me laugh I loved this book, and the characters, and i [...]

  25. Samantha Sheeley

    Once again Devon has created a masterpiece I absolutely LOVE this story Yet again I laughed, cried, got angry and even turned on over the chemistry and stories behind these two AMAZING characters Lance stole my heart through the book and Chastity had me feeling for her through it all this story has a strong Dominant male AND a strong willed and independent female who will do anything to have what she wants MUST READ

  26. Shontaye Harkness

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Love this book, the cover This is a great storyline, with intriguing characters Always up for ready one og my go to authors, never let s me down.

  27. Julianna Ranelle-Hensley

    I absolutely love this book Devon You are honestly the best author out there and you always leave me on my toes wanting 3 I never thought you could top the fearless stories but you did this book is amazing and it leaves me wanting

  28. Pinky

    Loved it This was such a sweet romance with just enough hottness Lance and Chastity were hot for each other from the beginning This book has romance, adventure, and mystery all rolled into one sexy tale I highly recommend it to you to read You will not be disappointed.

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