When Demons Walk (2020)

When Demons Walk Patricia Briggs When Demons Walk Sorceress Lady Mistress Thief Just call her an overachiever To survive Sham has spent most of her young life stealing from Southwood s nobility Now as the city s nobles fall prey to a killer Sham i
  • Title: When Demons Walk
  • Author: Patricia Briggs
  • ISBN: 9780441005345
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
When Demons Walk Patricia Briggs Sorceress Lady Mistress Thief Just call her an overachiever.To survive, Sham has spent most of her young life stealing from Southwood s nobility Now, as the city s nobles fall prey to a killer, Sham is called on to help, and must use all of her magical wisdom to send the demon away.
When Demons Walk Patricia Briggs

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    470 Patricia Briggs
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One thought on “When Demons Walk

  1. Crystal Starr Light

    Bullet Review Decent beginning with an ending that deserves a better book In between is a glorified mess that is the hallmark of an early writer a half ed romance , a shoddy mystery, a wandering plot.This summer of love is turning out to be a miserable bust.Full Review Shamara Sham is a wizard apprentice thief who makes her living off tweaking the men who tortured her master, Maur One day, she comes back to his cottage and he is being killed He whispers the words Chen Laut.Fast forward two month [...]

  2. Beanbag Love

    I can t say I was disappointed in this book, but I think it s much weaker than Briggs s later efforts The world is interesting although this is the third in a trilogy, apparently, it s the only one I ve read , but the story itself is uneven Toward the end the explanation of the magic was complicated and, after reading one segment about three times I decided to trust it would all work out and moved on That s not to say it s bad, perhaps just a bit technical and convoluted It led to a very excitin [...]

  3. Seth Kenlon

    Sham is a low ranking mage, female but sometimes mistaken for a young male in part for her rogue ish penchant for petty thievery She returns to her master only to find that he has been slaughtered by who knoweth what So it becomes Sham s job to find the killer, and this leads her to a wide variety of smaller tasks, resulting in a pretty good ending.I quite liked this book Could have been a little graphic and I would not have minded, but as it is, it s suitable for any age It s a good fantasy wi [...]

  4. Marsha

    One of the things I enjoy most about the writing style of Patricia Briggs is she takes average females and makes them heriones by their cunning, personality, empathy, self discovery and shear determination Briggs is a master at weaving an alternative reality and making you feel like you are there Sham Shamera has entered a life of crime when her island was invaded and taken over by Cybellians She formerly lived in the palace with her servant parents However, they were killed and she now is an ap [...]

  5. Susan

    read 7 5 1999sometimes I pick up a book JUST because of who did the cover and this Luis Royo cover was no exception I ve now been enjoying Patricia Briggs since 1999re read 3 27 2015

  6. Jacey

    This gives the impression of being a slight book slighter than it actually is from Patricia Briggs early work 1998 It s set in the Sianim universe though with no crossover characters from Steal the Dragon except for the Prophet of Altis who s mentioned but doesn t appear on the page It s slight but it s absorbing, a crossover between fantasy, murder mystery and romance Sham, sorceress and thief was exiled to Purgatory the bad part of the bad part of town when the hated Cybellians invaded Southwo [...]

  7. Elizabeth

    Shamera is a wizard, she has been a thief for the last 12 years protecting and caring for her Master the Wizard Maur, who was blinded and tortured 12 yrs ago when the kingdom was overrun Her father and mother were murdered then also Now she is just Sham the thief Kerim is Reeve of Southwood He rules from the palace where Sham used to live One night while he rides through Purgatory he sees Sham and speaks to her at the docks By the time she gets home it is to find Maur in a battle for life with a [...]

  8. Miki

    It s a good thing I did not read When Demons Walk before I discovered Mercy Thompson With due respect to Patricia Briggs, this is not her finest moment If a Harlequin Romances had a Paranormal line, this book would be in it Consider A spunky heroine, not classically beautiful but striking, meets a slightly older man in authority She is a master of magic, he is steeped in reality She goes undercover as his mistress, wears some stunning clothes, they have adventures together, she wears stunning c [...]

  9. Meep

    I love this book it s not as polished as Brigg s later series this is the third book in the verse though they all read as standalones but it s light easy reading.The story is Sham s Sham is very self assured and enjoys her dressing up and shocking people I liked Kerim s enjoyment of her mischief, there s no great romance or sparks but a warm playful appreciation of each other, I could see these two getting together amongst a lot of laughter Their both strong independant people It would have bee [...]

  10. Lisa Denn

    Patrica Briggs When Demons Walk was good but it lacked the 1,2,3 punch I experienced after reading Masques and Steal the Dragon.When Demons Walk follows the adventures and missteps of the story s main characters Sham, a mage and thief, and Lord Kerim, the Reeve of Southwood Hired by Kerim to pose as his mistress, Sham uses her knowledge of magic and skills as a thief to slip in and out of rooms in the Castle as well as the homes of Southwood s upper class to find information about the elusive de [...]

  11. Katie

    The 3rd book by Briggs set in this particular world, it s ok I think I would have enjoyed this if I hadn t read the 2nd book in the series This book introduces a completely new set of characters, which would be ok, but it references large scale events from the previous bookbut doesn t really address what had happened from book 2 to book 3 Since book 2 s plot pretty much revolved around this event the gathering of information about an impending war the identity of the enemy s army , it seemed re [...]

  12. Anna

    I love you Paticia Briggs.Everything in this book was awesome In fact, it was so awesome that it was awesomer not a real word, I know than the other books in this series, which are also awesome I tried to find a picture of what I imagine Sham looks like, but I couldn t find anything that would work, so have some happy minions instead.

  13. Estara

    Still on my comfort rereading trip this book holds up extremely well on a second reread You have the mystery, lots of great characters, lovely descriptions of sexy wardrobe , a nicely understated romance and a villain who is so alien that you can eventually feel sorry for it Not to mention that at least the setting of Purgatory and the Shadow Tides come alive.We get two memorable women in this one, other than the heroine, which is better than usual for P Briggs Also this is very much the heroin [...]

  14. Miranda

    So far of Patricia Briggs AU medieval fantasy books that I ve read, I d say this was her weakest The characters didn t seem to go through much development which is normal for a medieval fantasy because they grow throughout the series, but as far as I can tell these characters aren t getting another book The previous books in this world, the characters actually seemed to face tough choices that helped them grow instead of just going through the plot as they seemed to in this one Personally, I am [...]

  15. Elena

    This was better than I remembered A fun, uncomplicated sword and sorcery tale The denouement felt a little abrupt, especially the romantic resolution, but other than that this was an enjoyable read.

  16. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    I read this a while ago when I first started reading Ms Briggs I gave it a four star yet I can t remember the story How is that possible I think my ratings are harder now than before.

  17. Aurélie

    Une lecture fort sympathique, qui m a t recommand e pour d couvrir Patricia Briggs avant de me lancer dans ses s ries plus longues, notamment Mercy Thompson M me si ce roman ci est le 3e dans sa s rie, il peut se lire comme un standalone.J ai trouv le style agr able, fluide, les personnages, tout en restant des arch types de la romance paranormale, ne sont pas aussi pr visibles qu on pourrait l imaginer, et a fait du bien L aspect romantique est trait au 2nd plan, loin derri re la construction d [...]

  18. Mary Hartshorn

    I am a big Patricia Briggs fan and have loved all of her books so far but never read this I was not disappointed Sham is an orphaned sorceress who had to grow up on the streets after her world was completely shattered One day her world is completely changed once again when the Reeve of Southwood enlists her help to find and stop a murderer on the loose Since Sham believes that this murderer is also the one who killed her master she will do everything she can to help Even go so far as to pretend [...]

  19. Ilkay

    Better than the previous novels in the series with a rich world and backstory I just wish some of the characters had depth, the heroine was a bit well rounded she has very few flaws , and the romance was fleshed out I liked the diverse cast however, and the explanation of how magic worked in this world Nice clean fantasy adventure where you can tell Briggs is getting better and better.

  20. Shannon Lawrence

    I m a big fan of Briggs Mercy Thompson books, so I thought I d try this one out, though it s hard fantasy than I typically read The characters were engaging, the story line interesting It fell a little flat for me sometimes with the risk, as I kept waiting for to stand in the main character s way All in all, a good book I haven t read the previous two, so can t say where it stands according to the rest of the series.

  21. Vorbis

    3 1 2 stars Really fun tropes This isn t a particularly bright book, but it s fun and fast to read Thief, magician, dresses like a boy until the man she s going to fall in love with needs her to spy for him so she has to pretend to become his mistress it s so blatant Wish fulfilment fantasy, and as long as you turn your brain off it s a good way to pass the time.

  22. Meredith

    Another of Patricia Briggs earlier works It s not perfect there were some issues that I haven t noticed in any of her recent books , but I mostly didn t care This was really, really enjoyable I liked this better than Steal the Dragon, based largely on how much I liked the main character She was pretty cool.

  23. Francais Parker

    World Building A Mythology A Plot Twists B Villains B Girl Power AGuy Hero A Love Interests A Suspense BFeels B For you clean readers this book does NOT have mature content Though, there is some off page coupling.

  24. SJ

    I m all caught up with Mercy Thompson So, I thought I should read some of Patricia Briggs s other books I found this one hard to put down, but I also found the villain to be predictable, and I wish there was to the romance Still, I would love another book about Sham and her adventures.

  25. Sandra

    SpellboundI was spellbound and spent a night reading because I couldn t put the book down I hope I will read further adventures with these characters

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