Trick or Treat (2020)

Trick or Treat Richie Tankersley Cusick Trick or Treat Soon after Martha moves into the Bedford house the threatening phone calls begin The murderer of the girl who had been killed the previous Halloween in that very same house had never been caught and
  • Title: Trick or Treat
  • Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick
  • ISBN: 9780590442350
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
Trick or Treat Richie Tankersley Cusick Soon after Martha moves into the Bedford house, the threatening phone calls begin The murderer of the girl who had been killed the previous Halloween in that very same house had never been caught and now he s backr Martha
Trick or Treat Richie Tankersley Cusick

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    264 Richie Tankersley Cusick
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One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Ana

    This is a good read I do have a few complaints, however.The thing that bothered me the most were the irresponsible parents I don t know too many people who go on vacation and leave their teenage children to fend for themselves They re having a gloriously relaxing time in Hawaii Meanwhile, their kids are stuck in an unfamiliar town, in a creepy murder house Not even a phone call I ve been reading about this a lot lately Is it an American thing I don t get it SPOILER ALERTI m also pissed about the [...]

  2. Kelly

    I read this when I was a teenager and just reread it I didn t remember anything about the story, but I did remember the cover well used to love that picture of the old house So spooky looking FYI, I pretty much give 5 stars to all my old favorties from back in the day, b c I remember how much I loved them at the time Rereading this one today, at 33 years old, it wasn t nearly as exciting or scary as it was when I was a teenager, but it was still a fun and good read Happy Halloween D

  3. Sandra

    Martha s Dad has just remarried, and his new wife, Sally, has found a perfect house for them to move into When Martha and her Dad arrive at the house, which is isolated in the woods, Martha really hates the house It s dark and creepy with shadows in the corners, her bedroom is abnormally cold, and she feels as if she s being watched Also living in the house is Sally s son, Martha s stepbrother Conor, who is a year older than sixteen year old Martha After Martha makes some friends at school she f [...]

  4. Peter Monn

    It was a fun Halloween book but not a great read You have to go into it knowing it s probably not going to be that great My full review will be on my booktube channel at Youtube peterlikesbooks

  5. ✰☽♥✰Unsolved Mystery ✰♥☾✰

    In my opinion, this was not Mrs Cusick s best novel I did enjoy the descriptions of the weather I m a huge fan of meteorology Weather descriptions especially Fall and Winter in books really set the mood and place me there I ll post later.

  6. Richard Denney

    I wish they still made audiobooks like this it felt like was listening to a movie I listened to Trick or Treat on YouTube link here youtube user WrappedIn and I was enthralled I have never listened to an audiobook where nearly 9 different voice actors are included and sound effects such as rain, music, bells, and birds were used If you love YA Horror, you need to grab a pair of headphones and listen to Trick or Treat now Richie is a wonderful writer and the actors, though a little cheesy, were b [...]

  7. Jessica

    Here s the honest truth My teenage self would have ravenously read this book, only to pick it up again a few weeks later and read it again Why Trick or Treat utilizes all of the classic and slightly cliche horror aspects that keep you turning pages at a manic pace Creepy house Check Hot guy who takes the girl s attention Yup Add in a haunting back story to the house, a well situated honeymoon, and you ve got yourself quite the set up for a good horror story I ate up books like this back then, an [...]

  8. Kimberly

    Perfectly creepy, perfect for Halloween Short and sweet, totally unexpected ending I love Point Horror books from back in the 80s Great read

  9. Georgia

    First of my Point Horror re read.This book is ludicrous I loved it However, I can t possibly give it 5 stars because my loving something doesn t necessarily mean it is good I love Take Me Out, I m partial to a KFC and the last song I downloaded was Will2k Recap of the story Martha and Conor are step siblings thrown together after their parents whirlwind romance they ve been moved out from Chicago to the town of Bedford and a ramshackled roaming house with potential They go to school, meet Blake [...]

  10. Janie Johnson

    This was a great choice for a Halloween read It had mystery, creepiness, and horror all wrapped up into a great treat pun intended I love this authors style of writing She gets me every time I pick up one of her books She gets you to believe one way and then something totally different comes about I get sucked in so fast that it is hard to turn away from the book, and it is hard to enter this realm of creepiness at the same time She brings her readers slowly and steadily to the climax of the sto [...]

  11. Liliana

    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookMartha s life changes drastically when she, her father, her father s new wife, and her new stepbrother Connor move to a new house in a new town Martha barely knows her new family, she s new in town, and weird things keep happening in the new houseuld it possibly be haunted It s very probable You see, Martha soon learns that there was a murder in that house not that long ago Then someone starts pranking Martha, just like they did Elizabeth, the girl who was murdered [...]

  12. Abbie

    I didn t find this creepy or interesting at all, so the story dragged for me unfortunately Overall, Not an enjoyable read for me.

  13. Rebecca McNutt

    For what it was this book was pretty good, although it was written in an odd style considering it s for high schoolers and college aged kids.

  14. Donna

    Hooray 90s YA cheese is re emerging My evil plan is working What Yes, TRICK OR TREAT was originally 90s cheese of my now major obsession No, it s not a total turd like some cheese is I was actually really surprised reading this and realizing just how well it transcended time Initially I thought it might have been updated but with the mention of records, cassettes and VHS tapes, my fears were eased.I am always super giddy for horror and sometimes that eagerness comes around to bite me in the ass [...]

  15. Trisha

    This is another of those books I ve read millions of times not literally millions and sometimes revisit even nowadays as an adult It s definitely one of my favourites, and it has one of the hottest guy characters of all time he definitely rivals Neale from THE LIFEGUARD hehe Anyone noticing an ongoing theme with my reviews of these Point books Yeah, it s all about the man meat But NO, that s not true There s to the books than just the boys I actually think this book has one of the absolute cree [...]

  16. Andrea Talarico

    Martha s parents have just divorced and her father decides to move with Martha into a house that his new wife has chosen Away from the city she grew up in, her family and friends, Martha is alone and scared Her stepmother, Sally, isn t much help in the transition and her new stepbrother, Conor, acts like a real creep The house that they move in to is an old, creaky Victorian house in the middle of the woods It immediately frightens Martha Then the tricks start happening Phone calls that always s [...]

  17. Amy Mueller

    It was fun, I actually liked it better than I thought I would I chose it for October thinking that it would be about Halloween, and be kinda cheesy, and we would laugh about it at the meeting It is cheesy in parts for sure, but I really didn t see that coming at the end Ended up being a pretty decent book for the time and its genre.

  18. Michael

    Been a while since I tackled a YA Horror book, and I ve heard good things about Ms Cusick, so when I saw Trick or Treat on the shelf of my local secondhand bookstore, I didn t think twice about picking it up I don t regret doing so in the slightest, and she s absolutely going on my list of YA Horror Writers to Watch For Trick or Treat is delightful You knowr a book where bad things happen to nice teenagers, I mean.Martha Stevenson s world has flipped completely upside down Her newly remarried fa [...]

  19. Gerard Villegas

    What is with me and these Richie Tankersley Cusick novels recently They re like a really bad drug and I m so addicted to them that I seriously need an intervention quick In his Point Horror 6 series, we have the main character going to live with her new stepfamily in some dilapidated house that was built near a cemetery HELLO Has no one seen Poltergeist or thought that this wasn t a good idea Apparently not because you have some paranormal elements and some killer that comes after the main chara [...]

  20. Melissa

    I admit there were a few parts that had my pulse speed up a bit Those moments were few though that the rest of the book lacked I could have loved this book but I disliked the character Martha from the beginning She was annoying, immature, dramatic, and bratty which did not fit well with the story Still it is one of the better Point Horror books I ve read.

  21. Heather

    I don t remember too many details about this one except that I absolutely loved the book and its cover I read this during my R.L Stine Christopher Pike days yeah, long ago Trick or Treat, though quite an unoriginal title, ranks right up there with R.L Stine s Twisted in my book Creepy good fun I may have to revisit this one for the sake of nostalgia.

  22. S. Wideman

    This was one of the books I read on my vacation that made me want to stop in the middle Now, I realize this was supposed to be a teen novel from my childhood, but as an adult, it just annoyed ever loving wits out of me I saw a lot of problems with the characters that it wasn t very enjoyable.The Good A few times I could identify with Martha Things like losing her mom and her dad dating marrying again were relatable Being a new student was relatable However, there were than enough times I wanted [...]

  23. Kim

    Help I ve fallen down the rabbit hole of late 80 s teen horror novels Once I read those Christopher Pike books, kept suggesting similar titles and as soon as I saw the recognizable covers, the pull of nostalgia was too much to resist This won t be the last one I remember the cover of this book so well, and I am 100% sure that I owned it, but the story did not seem familiar at all It is the classic haunted house kind of thing where a girl named Martha moves with her newly remarried dad to a spook [...]

  24. Holly Vane

    Loved point horror growing up The mix of romance, supernatural and horror is fantastic and rarely came across a range that offered it as good as point horror did.Saying that this is not my fave The storyline was good and intriguing But Martha really go to Me and not in a good way She s scared of everything and competely a drama queen.loved Connor though

  25. Audrey

    Hey look, 200 pages of Dawson s Creek mating with a Kate Bush video That s not something you see every day.

  26. Cazzy

    I recently started re reading the Point Horror series that I adored as a pre early teen As this book was the first PH I ever read, I also started with this one second time around My score is relative to YA books and in particular this series.Re reading this novel, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and strong memories of Saturdays spent in the local town centre with my best friend, heading to W H Smith to buy a new PH with my pocket money This was the book that started my obsession with the fran [...]

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