Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat (2020)

Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat Doug Moench Dennis O'Neil Batman Brotherhood of the Bat Brotherhood of The Bat a Batman Elseworlds
  • Title: Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat
  • Author: Doug Moench Dennis O'Neil
  • ISBN: 9781563892516
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat Doug Moench Dennis O'Neil Brotherhood of The Bat, a Batman Elseworlds.
Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat Doug Moench Dennis O'Neil

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    170 Doug Moench Dennis O'Neil
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One thought on “Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat

  1. Sam Quixote

    I ve read enough Elseworlds standalone what if stories and Doug Moench Batman books Knightfall, Prey, Unseen to know that this Elseworlds book by Doug Moench was going to be complete garbage before I read it and it was I just think sometimes reading a really bad Batman comic puts in perspective the Batman comics of today because no matter how bad someone like Tony Daniel fouls up the Dark Knight, he s head and shoulders above the likes of Moench Plus you get a few chuckles out of Moench s awful [...]

  2. Martin

    Set in the future, fifty three years after a strain of the Ebola virus has wiped out 97% off the world s population, Ra s Al Ghul is still alive thanks to those convenient Lazarus pits and returns to Gotham City to Wayne Manor, to be precise There he finds a book with costume designs that the original Batman though now dead had come up with So Ra s then decides to have the cream of the crop of his League of Assassins each wear a Batman costume, one each for every design in the aforementioned bo [...]

  3. Dena Burnett

    Fun Elseworlds romp You never know what you re going to get with an Elseworlds, and it was pretty ok.

  4. Andrew Ives

    Whilst many of these Elsewords books lose their Batman ness , this mostly retains that quality, and reads much like a normal Ra s Al Ghul story The artwork is mostly of a high standard, the printing is really glossy, the story is not too crazy and the length is just about right One of the better one off Elseworlds TPBs.

  5. James Clark

    Quite a good story, but not really what I would class as an Elseworlds This could just be set in the future, and does not have the alternative universe feel that the other graphic novels have had.

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