The Ribbon Trap (2020)

The Ribbon Trap Shine Syamaladevi The Ribbon Trap How can one reclaim life Smita asks the question a thousand times when an unexpected incident devastates her life Then she was not any other girl Smita soars from the ashes of her past to reclaim h
  • Title: The Ribbon Trap
  • Author: Shine Syamaladevi
  • ISBN: 9789382536901
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
The Ribbon Trap Shine Syamaladevi How can one reclaim life Smita asks the question a thousand times, when an unexpected incident devastates her life Then, she was not any other girl Smita soars from the ashes of her past, to reclaim her life The she went ahead, darker the world become And there was no light at the end of the tunnel Smita had to fight the battle, alone Alone For her For herHow can one reclaim life Smita asks the question a thousand times, when an unexpected incident devastates her life Then, she was not any other girl Smita soars from the ashes of her past, to reclaim her life The she went ahead, darker the world become And there was no light at the end of the tunnel Smita had to fight the battle, alone Alone For her For her love For her life.
The Ribbon Trap Shine Syamaladevi

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    374 Shine Syamaladevi
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One thought on “The Ribbon Trap

  1. Aditi Malhotra

    The Ribbon Trap is the first publication of its Author Shine Syamaladevi born in a small village in Kerala.Himself an avid reader and a daydreamer he got the opportunity to travel across the nation on various official appointments.The journeys across fuel led his passion and resulted in this, his first book a true labour of love.The Ribbon Trap is a poignant love story of Krishnaprem and Smita.The author beautifully captures the undying love of both right from the very young age of school going [...]

  2. Sanil Pai

    Took the risk of of reading this debutant and frankly speaking, was a bit skeptic abt th price of this book However, after first two or three chapters both did not matter any This writer has some skills and does not let u put down his book I had to finish the book in one go Characters are well portrayed and the writer handles the complex plot skillfully Interesting twists and suspense make u feel like watching a thriller movie.This book is a must read friends and I am eagerly waiting for his nex [...]

  3. Indrashish Mitra

    Author Shine SyamaladeviMRP 295Pages 272Publisher Lifi Publications One Liner A unique novel that moves with lightning pace through the events, taking your breath away into one solid plot and breaking the stereotype of male protagonists.Ratings Cover 3 5Title 4 5Theme 4 5Characters 4 5Story 4 5Overall 3.8 5 Plot Spoiler The story with the first person perspective story of Krishnaprem who, being really talented and quickly climbs up the professional ladder to obtain a post far beyond the capacity [...]

  4. Kamal Paneru

    Review Point 3 out 5Author Shine SyamaladeviPublisher Lifi PublicationsGenre Fiction Romance SuspenseISBN 978 93 82536 90 1Pages 272Platform Smita and Krishnaprem are true lover since their teenage They spend their lives much happily together Krishnaprem is alone in his life and lives in orphanage, while Smita has well setteled family They secretly get married in their teenage and on the other hand, do not let any people know about this truth Later, Smita clear civil service exam and Joins polic [...]

  5. Varma Ila

    Review The Ribbon Trap by debutant author Shine Syamaladevi is an interesting work of an author and kudos to the author who started with this type of work, a different type of genre wherein, in the first part, you will find romance but as the story progresses, thriller, crime and mystery sets in giving a story an unexpected twists and turn The idea of storytelling of the author is astounding as he has managed to advance the story with the flashback of gruesome incidents that the protagonist Smit [...]

  6. Neha Tannavi

    Cute, innocent, pure childhood love, these are the few terms you d be using when the story, The Ribbon Trap, begins The first taste of surprise you get is when you read the prologue You ll be like Huh Murder, right in the beginning It gets you excited, and the expectations rise for suspense and thrill.But then, as the story progresses, the story teller, Krishnaprem travels back and forth in time, remembering his sweet, oh so cute encounter of true love right in his schooling days and how the eve [...]

  7. Neha

    The Ribbon Trap is a story of a young and promising girl who becomes a victim of a political conspiracy As her entire life, as well as her mental wellbeing, is trapped in this intricately woven political ribbon, her fiance stands by her throughout her ordeal and refuses to give up, either on her or life.The novel begins on a rather slow note, but builds up word by word The female protagonist, Smita, becomes a victim to a huge political controversy and loses not only her job, but even her reputat [...]

  8. Arpita Dash

    Complete review is on my Blog The first thing caught my attention was its attractive cover and second thing its description So I decided to pick it up for my reading shelves The story moves slowly in the beginning and after some initial chapters two things struck in my mind First was it s a typical a boy fall for girl story and together they overcome the difficulties Second was the summery written in the back cover of the book doesn t match with the chapters But all of my thoughts came to halt w [...]

  9. Amit Yadav

    The Ribbon Trap by Shine Syamaladevi is a delightful read It s a romantic love story of Krishnaprem Smita The story of romanticism and struggle survival of Smita in the hospital go hand in hand that makes it even enjoyable On one side the author introduces us with funny endearing conversations between Krishnaprem Smita from the past on other side it s the melancholy reality ofthe present that Krishnaprem suffers from seeing his beloved lying in the hospital.After Krishnaprem Smita have a secret [...]

  10. Shine Syamaladevi

    is asking me to review my own book It is as if I would say my baby is ugly Isn t it funny The result of 18 year long dream,05 years of struggle,and countless sleepless nights,I expect the book to entertain you, provide you with some information you never heard, or read, and remain in your hearts for a long time, if not forever A Romantic Thriller, the book has received good reviews across all platforms I am neither a celebrity nor wealthy enough to go ahead with a mammoth advertising campaign Do [...]

  11. Sandeep pai

    perfect book for me finished it in one sitting full of surprises , twists compelling enough to keep us turning the pages brilliant writing His writing style has an elegant touch to it If you are a fan of mystery surprise novels , this is for you.I absolutely loved this book and to my biggest surprise , the author is a debutant All the very best for your next one Will be waiting eagerly.

  12. Tushar Mangl

    Received a copy from the author courtesy of the Good reads Giveaway program The book is a very well written piece of work by a first time novelist The story moves at a pace that is gripping and quick The characters are well written, especially Krishna Prem and Smita the main protagonists An intriguing suspense and a thrilling page turner.

  13. alisha

    Well presented story while reading initial chapters i doubted if the book was worth reading But the surprising turn of events revealed in the later chapters, were convincing enough for me to turn the pages without any speck of doubt.The author has worked well with the story to give life and soul to the same.A really good book

  14. Sweetha Sreekar

    The Ribbon Trap by author Shine Syamaladevi is an interesting work ,the author has worked wellworth reading this book.

  15. Saheli Chatterjee

    This book is something I would like to suggest all women and girls specially because you are special and you are not going to stop no matter what obstacle may come forth.

  16. Abhilash Ruhela

    I am just done reading the 7th book of the year in the first month itself and I am quite happy with the speed I am about to complete my year s target of 60 books I hope I achieve it without any further hurdles in this odyssey of reading This time I picked up the debutante Shine Syamaladevi s The Ribbon Trap publishing by LiFi publication The book is 271 pages thick but the disappointment is its price tag which is Rs 295 In the country where even famous pulp authors like Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy [...]

  17. Prashanth Srivatsa

    Romantic thrillers with flashbacks and knifepoints are a sceptic s playground Words like predictable, anticlimactic and lost the plot are thrown around quite easily to dismiss what could have been a genuinely humble attempt to bring a story to life That said, the Ribbon Trap is all of them, a simplistic portrayal of affairs and conundrums, of muddled pasts and bleak futures, out to be set right with characters who are, as the trend in Indian writing goes, relatable, but are also magnets of sympa [...]

  18. Hetika Sanghani

    I urge everybody to read this one It has all genres in one and clubbed oh so beautifully Bravo to Shine Syamaladevi Will definitely look out for your future endeavours.Please read my full review onhetikasanghani 201

  19. Madhuri Varma

    An intriguing story which will entice you to live life to the fullest 3.5 5 Full review wp p2vbKI xf

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