La Divina Comedia (2020)

La Divina Comedia Dante Alighieri Roberto Mares La Divina Comedia The Divine Comedy describes Dante s descent into Hell with Virgil as a guide his ascent of Mount Purgatory and encounter with his dead love Beatrice and finally his arrival in Heaven Examining quest
  • Title: La Divina Comedia
  • Author: Dante Alighieri Roberto Mares
  • ISBN: 9789706668509
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
La Divina Comedia Dante Alighieri Roberto Mares The Divine Comedy describes Dante s descent into Hell with Virgil as a guide his ascent of Mount Purgatory and encounter with his dead love, Beatrice and finally, his arrival in Heaven Examining questions of faith, desire and enlightenment, the poem is a brilliantly nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265 and belongeThe Divine Comedy describes Dante s descent into Hell with Virgil as a guide his ascent of Mount Purgatory and encounter with his dead love, Beatrice and finally, his arrival in Heaven Examining questions of faith, desire and enlightenment, the poem is a brilliantly nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption Dante Alighieri was born in Florence in 1265 and belonged to a noble but impoverished family His life was divided by political duties and poetry, the most of famous of which was inspired by his meeting with Bice Portinari, whom he called Beatrice,including La Vita Nuova and The Divine Comedy He died in Ravenna in 1321.
La Divina Comedia Dante Alighieri Roberto Mares

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    243 Dante Alighieri Roberto Mares
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  1. Manny

    You can recognize a small truth because its opposite is a falsehood The opposite of a great truth is another truth Niels BohrI was thinking about Dante the other day and wondering how one could approach him from the angle of a GoodReads review One of the obvious problems is that he lived a long time ago, and many of the cultural referents have changed You re constantly having to think Well, nowadays what he s saying would correspond to THAT It isn t so bad in Hell, when there is plenty of entert [...]

  2. Lisa

    I once thought I d write an essay on how long it takes a serious author of fiction or nonfiction before he or she inevitably quotes Dante If I were to write a novel myself this is a hypothetical grammatical construction , I d probably manage about a page before I d exclaim that I am lost, and middle aged, and in the middle of a dark forest I d try to kill off annoying acquaintances and punish them severely for their lack of admiration for me and my creativity not to mention my sarcasm and irony [...]

  3. Kalliope

    THE DARING, somewhat COMIC, and also DIVINE, INVENTIOIt is very difficult not to be lured by the highly intelligent craft of Durante degli Aliguieri DA And may be it is not a coincidence that he was the exact contemporary of Giotto, his fellow Florentine For if Giotto planted the seed for a pictorial representation of the world in which man, at the center, and through a window, delivers to us a naturalistic depiction of divine stories, Dante also used his writing to posit himself as the Author w [...]

  4. Fernando

    S mbolo inequ voco de su poca, esta obra de arte inmortalizada en letras, es un legado universal que Dante nos dej para siempre Cl sico de proporciones picas que disfrut de principio a final Algunas consideraciones Mucha gente lee La Divina Comedia interesada solamente por el Infierno, y no es para menos Si alguien tiene la inmensa suerte de leer la edici n ilustrada por Gustave Dor , llega al Para so como si acompa ara a Dante buscando a Beatriz El Purgatorio es tan, pero tan bueno, que me atra [...]

  5. Carlos

    Aclaro algo no soy religioso, ni intelectual ni estudioso de los dioses o lo que pasa antes o despu s de la vida y la muerte Le el libro y lo encontr muy bueno.Le la obra en un solo libro, pero no sab a que estaba dividido en 3 partes Al parecer, Infierno es la obra m s conocida, y no es para menos, pero vale la pena leer todo.Mi cabeza vol y vol con tanta informaci n e imaginaci n en mi cabeza, el camino en el purgatorio, una vez estando en este, etc Un viaje maravilloso y un libro muy denso pa [...]

  6. MJ Nicholls

    I propose an extra level in the Inferno for procrastinators and abandoners I was planning to write a novel where three protagonists commit suicide and end up in Scottish Hell Since overcrowding has plagued the old Scottish Hell HQ, the protagonists are forced to queue up for weeks on end before arriving at the building for processing Upon their arrival, their sins are assessed by an administrator to determine which circle of Hell is appropriate for them But due to cutbacks and financial instabil [...]

  7. Darwin8u

    Plumbing the crucible of happenstance.I should give a quick intro and say that I rarely EVER, EVER re read a book I should also mention that 3 years ago I had never cracked Dante s Divine Comedy Now, I am finishing the Divine Comedy for the 3rd time I ve read Pinsky s translation of the Inferno I ve read Ciardi I ve flirted with Mandelbaum and danced with Hollander, but from Canto 1 of Inferno Hell to Canto XXXIII of Paradiso Heaven, I can t say I ve read a better version than the Clive James tr [...]

  8. Mohammed Arabey

    , After listing the vast array of famous composers, artists, and authors who had created works based on Dante s epic poem, Langdon scanned the crowd So tell me, do we have any authors here tonight Nearly one third of the hands went up Langdon stared out in shock Wow, either this is the most accomplished audience on earth, or this e publishing thing is really taking off ,

  9. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Commedia Divine Comedy, Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy Italian Divina Commedia is a long narrative poem by Dante Alighieri, begun c 1308 and completed in 1320, a year before his death in 1321 It is widely considered the preeminent work in Italian literature, and is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature The poem s imaginative vision of the afterlife is representative of the medieval world view as it had developed in the Western Church by the 14th century It helped establish the [...]

  10. James Capp

    I first read this poem four years ago as part of a dare And by dare, I mean a professor listed it on the syllabus and I had to read it and then write papers about it The next summer, I wanted to read it again on account of the graphic imagery of Inferno and Purgatorio The punishments reparations are mindblowing, scary, and beautiful Everyone should at the very least skim Inferno Particularly in Inferno, the political references are funny and provocative, and the historical significance of this e [...]

  11. Wendy

    I finished it Someone, bring me my medale Inferno is Hieronymus Bosch with wordsA few caveats to this review I am not a theologian, philosopher, medieval historian, Dante expert, nor astrologist I am, however, a reader who wants to read all of teh books and I appreciate vivid imagery and interesting human interactions in fiction I tackled the recent Clive James version of Dante s Divine Comedy no footnotes or canto introductions here because I just wanted to let the story wash over me, to see ho [...]

  12. Steven Walle

    This is one of the best epic poems ever I highly recommend everyone reads this, Homer s works, and Virgil s works This was a great translation and a wonder forward and glossery.5 huge stars Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

  13. Brent Weeks

    Dante Awesome I ve always wanted Brent to review a game from the Devil May Cry series Which one did you play Er well, let me explain I wanted a space with my new website design to talk about video games I love them But I also want to, from time to time, engage with other media What I m Playing fits in a shorter space than What form of media is Brent playing or reading or watching, and what particular title currently, and what is his take on that So, uh, really this sidebar is Brent s Brain at Pl [...]

  14. Liz Janet

    Through me you pass into the city of woe Through me you pass into eternal pain Through me among the people lost for aye.Justice the founder of my fabric moved To rear me was the task of power divine,Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.Before me things create were none, save thingsEternal, and eternal I shall endure.All hope abandon, ye who enter here There is no much one can say about this marvelous poem that has not been said before One of the greatest epic poems to have been written, ever The [...]

  15. Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    I must confess that so much was beyond my comprehension but I think that is the mark of a great work of art allows you to take what you can from it from where you are I was so happy when I finished this book

  16. Marvin

    Written for the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament sung to the tune of Minnie The Moocher Folks, here s a story about Winnie the Pooh cherHe was a chubby Pooh chie koocherHe was fat and loved his honey but he was sweet and his heart was sunny chorus Hunny Hunny Hunny hiHundee hundee hunndee hoPigletee pigletee heeTiggery Tiggery HoHe met a dude whose name was Virgilwho hung around in hellish circles.He took the bear to hell for a matchwhere he planned to kick Pooh s ass chorus Pooh saw thin [...]

  17. Xime García

    Tengo dos razones por las cuales quise leer La Dinvina Comedia.1 Pretendo leer Inferno de Dan Brown en alg n momento de mi vida y me parec a irrespetuoso no leer la obra en la que fue basado antes.2 Porque soy una friki cuasi gamer y s , me gusta Devil May Cry la echan de GoodReads Resulta que en la saga de videojuegos hay bastantes simbolismos con respecto a La Divina Comedia, y cada uno de los nombres de los personajes se corresponde con alguna que otra aparici n dentro de la novela Como obvio [...]

  18. Manny

    For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, The Divine Comedy versus 1984Gabriel, Michael and RaphaelCelestial ArchitectsEternityDear Mr O Brien,Thank you for your response to our recent tender After due deliberation, we must regretfully inform you that we have decided not to implement your interesting plan for restructuring and downsizing the afterlife.Our accounting department confirms your statement that it would be cost effective only to retain Hell and wind up operations in Purgatory [...]

  19. Sue

    I am so glad for the Divine Comedy and Decameron group for providing the structure and encouragement which provided the impetus for my finally reading this classic I am also very pleased that I decided to read John Ciardi s translation as his synopsis and notes added immeasurably to my reading While personally I found Dante s travel s through Hell occasionally difficult, the Purgatorio and Paradiso except for the first few scholarly cantos flowed with beautiful poetry And through it all, Dante m [...]

  20. Fran

    El autor manda a todos sus enemigos al infierno, conoce a su dolo y la chica que ama finalmente lo pesca Lejos el mejor fanfic que he le do 100% recomendado.

  21. Nelson Zagalo

    Apenas 50 anos ap s a sua morte, Floren a que tinha exilado Dante 1265 1321 , resolveu reganhar consci ncia e como tributo criar o Departamento de Estudos da Divina Com dia, oferecendo o cargo de diretor a Giovanni Boccaccio, poeta que tinha j escrito uma biografia sobre Dante 1357 Depois disso nada mais seria igual, a influ ncia de Dante iria estender se no espa o e no tempo, influenciando cria es em todos os media e artes, como nenhuma outra obra, talvez rivalizada apenas pela pr pria B blia D [...]

  22. Poncho

    What can one say about The Divine Comedy that hasn t been said An analysis Many scholars have already done that and quite outstandingly, I must say, to a degree that I would never achieve A funny meta review of sorts It s already been done So I guess it s like Solomon said and there s no new thing under the sun about this masterpiece it needs no explanations about its grandeur and it does itself justice.My only remaining words would be an endorsement upon this edition published by Oxford Univers [...]

  23. Teresa

    How in the World or Inferno or Purgatorio or Paradiso am I supposed to review this work I could review the edition and translator, though I have nothing else to compare them against Ciardi s notes at the end of each canto are always illuminating, sometimes funny and occasionally self deprecating I chuckled at his humor sharing those particular notes with my husband and was appreciative of Ciardi s honesty whenever he used a rhyme forced addition, as well as the instance or two when he asked the [...]

  24. Ben

    I have travelled a goodly distance since I last read the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, and what a long strange trip its been So, it was with an introspective bit of drollness that I embarked on this reread.I was fascinated with Inferno as a teenager and between Dante Alighieri and Robert Smith Rimbaud it is, frankly, nothing short of a miracle that I didn t put enough reasons together to wind up as a fleshy tree with harpies perched in my branches somewhere in the lower circles of hell if yo [...]

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