Jamison (2020)

Jamison Niquel Jamison Some people call it puppy love But I know the truth Even though we were kids too young to know better I knew I was absolutely head over heels in love with Cody Jamison There wasn t a moment in my lif
  • Title: Jamison
  • Author: Niquel
  • ISBN: 9780996149259
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
Jamison Niquel Some people call it puppy love,But I know the truth.Even though we were kids, too young to know better,I knew.I was absolutely head over heels in love with Cody Jamison.There wasn t a moment in my life that he wasn t a part of.There wasn t a part of me that didn t belong to him.And just as I was about to tell him He left.Left town.Left me.Shattering my heart into pieces.BuSome people call it puppy love,But I know the truth.Even though we were kids, too young to know better,I knew.I was absolutely head over heels in love with Cody Jamison.There wasn t a moment in my life that he wasn t a part of.There wasn t a part of me that didn t belong to him.And just as I was about to tell him He left.Left town.Left me.Shattering my heart into pieces.But now, he s back.Just like that.But, we re no longer those bright eyed little kids we once were.He just re emerged,Claiming a spot as the lead guitarist in my brother s band,As if nothing ever changed.But it did.Everything s different now.And I won t let this asshole strum his way back in,Reclaiming my heart,Not without an explanation.He s going to have to work for it,For me.Cody Jamison can t have me,Until I have the truth.
Jamison Niquel

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One thought on “Jamison

  1. Ginny Deffendall

    I received an ARC for this book in exchange for a fair and honest review I wanted to like it I really did It had so many of my favorite plot devices in love with the boy next door, the older brother s best friend, the sexy rocker who seemingly can t be tamed until he is.That said, this is going to be the first bad review I ve ever written I did not like this book I did not like it at all.I d have given it one star, but the book actually started off pretty well Shannon and Jamison or sometimes CJ [...]

  2. Candice

    Good book to read The beginning is so very cute with three kids two brother and sister and one brothers best friend It s adorable to see how these kids have feelings for each other Then bam the story goes astray You have to read it to feel the emotions it throws your way As the story unfolds you get lots of the background you missed in the beginning Great story Was interesting and attention grabbing Glad everything worked out in the end Excited to see the next book in the series

  3. Tiffany Readz

    I m TornAfter thinking about it for a while, I m still not too sure if I liked this book or not While there were elements that were interesting, for example the band starting from the ground up I didn t like the star of the book, Jamison himself The guy did absolutely nothing for me, even as the story unfolded Actually, I disliked him .Everybody loves the long lost romance, young lovers reunited after years apart and Jamison had that going for it early on However, once Cody left town abruptly an [...]

  4. Jan

    3 Sun kissed starsJamison had potential to be great The beginning I loved, CJ and Shannon growing up, how he cared for her how they grew up together and then one night his parents moved away taking CJ with them Years later CJ and Shannon are reunited I love a childhood to adult lovers romance and this was good I struggled with the way the story jumped a lot Certain scenes like CJ was told his parents had died and that was it no feelings or emotional, explanation, the plot then jumped onto someth [...]

  5. Karin

    This book had so much potential, so much But fell short for me I thought Cody was a complete fuckin douche I love you so much I always have but step aside so I can bang randoms in the bathroom I hated how Shannon was so weak and was always at his beck and call He would barely apologize for his douchebaggery and she s like ok Shannon was a weak heroine and, I can t stand a weak heroine And Cody I just wanted to punch him.This book just jumped around to much The gaps didn t make sense to me.If thi [...]

  6. Wendy Livingstone

    I received an ARC for an honest review.This is the first time I have read any of author Niquel s work, and it will not be the last Cody and Shannon loved each other as children, but when Cody leaves town with his family, they lose touch Years later Cody returns to join Shannon s brothers band Spasm There are secrets, and twists and turns in this story I enjoyed the banter with the supporting characters as well.I enjoyed this book, although at times it felt a tad disjointed I look forward to read [...]

  7. Socially Book Nerd

    I was given a free copy for an honest review, Her big brothers best friend was her 1st crush He promised to be her boyfriend, but forces to move away almost disappear Years go by and Jamison comes back Seeking a spot in his former best friends band And the heart of the girl his sister he left behind.

  8. Samantha Potter

    Jamison is my very first Niquel book and I throughly enjoyed being a part of this bad boy rockers world for a short period of time Jamison is one sexy, dirty and troubled bad boy What is it about a bad boy that makes a girl swoon no matter her better judgement Shannon is admittedly the good girl She is the girl who may like to have fun but at the end of the day she s the girl who follows the rules.Niquel s story of child friends finding their other half is equal parts sexy, lovely and angsty I l [...]

  9. Yomari Suarez

    Completely in love with CJ and Shannon s love story There is sweetness, passion, drama and a bada rock band in the making This book grabbed me and didn t released me until the end and I was so happy that I was able to read the next one right after I was done This series is definitely a must read CJ was literally the boy next door and Shannon knew from a young age that it was that puppy love But circumstances separated them, but now he s back all grown up, becoming lead guitarist in her brother [...]

  10. Nicky

    WOW what an amazing read it had me hooked on page one this is one very emotional story absolutely loved it I laughed some I cried lotshad some very early mornings reading but Niquel you had me totally hooked so I thank you then I read Reginald the 2nd book in the series yet another WOW and even tearsbut what a story that was read that in a day now I have to wait for book 3 I hope it doesn t take long for that to be released I am addicted to the spasm seriesonce again thanks Niquel for an awesom [...]

  11. Summer-SSBR-

    I throughly enjoyed this rocker book It is a unique story and a fresh take on a rocker series Cj and Shannon have known each other for as long as they can remember and have loved each other almost as long When Shannon is 10 and Cj turns 13 he up and leaves with no trace but a letter he gave to Shannon 11 years later he shows up at a bar and auditions for a new band and the rest is written in the stars.

  12. Hannah

    Not my type of HEAI loved the story don t get me wrong,but I had so many unanswered questions When I noticed I was on the second to last chapter I was wondering this can t be it I would never tell an author how to write a book She might continue the story in the other books, but not sure I would continue the series right away I will sooner or later get the others, but not one I have to have.

  13. Mollien Fote Osterman

    Title JamisonSeries Spasm Rockers Book 1Author Niquel Publisher Niquel Reviewer MollienRelease Date September 21, 2016Genre s Rocker RomancePage Count 269 pagesHeat Level 2flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5Blurb Special release week price of 0.99 The book will move to its permanent price of 2.99 after This book is recommended for adults 18 due to the use of mature language, adult content, and violent situations Some people call it puppy love, But I know the truth Even though we were kids, to [...]

  14. Michelle "Chelle" Thompson

    I really liked the book and the story was good I like Shannon and I liked Cody at times This is a hard review for me to write because while I enjoyed the book, there are things about it I didn t like The characters words versus their actions just didn t add up many times and the jumping of timeline and storyline The beginning was amazing then when we get to the later part is just started jumping to me One minute the band meets then they are talking about each other like it s been weeks or months [...]

  15. Rachel Humphries

    Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review 3 a half starsThis author is completely new to me so I didn t know what to expect but looked forward to reading the book.Brother sister Ambrose Dean Shannon spent all their time with best friend Cody CJ Shannon had a serious crush One day CJ disappeared leaving only a note behind Shannon was left devastated.Fast forward 11 years CJ auditions to be in a band that was put together by Ambrose Their bromance is quickly rekindled with no awkwardness Howeve [...]

  16. Cally

    I received this book in return for my honest opinion This book about second chances and rock stars.We meet CJ Cody and Shannon as kids As kids Cody and Shannon who loved one another but Cody moved away with his family and they lost all contact with each other Fast forward a few years later and Cody is back in Shannon s life when he returns to his home town to join Shannon s brother s band Spasm.There are secrets and twists and turns that will keep you reading but to be honest there were a few pa [...]

  17. Judy

    Niquel is a new to me author and WOW I was captivated from the beginning I loved how the story started out when Dean, CJ, and Shannon were kids It was cute how Shannon trusted her brother and did whatever he asked her to do, no matter how stupid it was And Dean did get in trouble but Shannon loved her big brother She also started having these strange feelings for CJ that she didn t understand When CJ turned 13 he just disappeared out of Dean and Shannon s life Why You gotta read and find out Fas [...]

  18. Smashlybookalicousreviewingchicks

    Being young and in love doesn t always mean just a crush or lust This may be true for many of us however, CJ AKA Cody Jamison and Shannon had than lust CJ being a few years older and friends with her brother, Ambrose AKA Dean saw something in Shannon even as a young girl They had a special bond until one day CJ had to leave unexpectedly and tore her heart apart CJ returns as they are adults to be in a band, Spasm with her brother He always had a place for Shannon in his heart and seeing her aga [...]

  19. MegL

    I liked idea behind Jamison but I had a really hard time with the actual writing It s a bit choppy which made it difficult to connect with the story Aside from that the first few chapters had my attention but then it just went downhill from there I felt like I could feel of a connection between the main characters in those first few chapters when they were younger, but as the story progressed, that connection just wasn t there There was a lack of depth and the story was rushed which made it see [...]

  20. Melody Grabeel

    Cody Jamison is back He and his parents seemingly disappeared on his 13th birthday, His best friend Dean and his sister Shannon didn t know where he went or what happened Now that he s returned, he plans to get the girl back along with the life he should have had all along.Shannon Moore has dreamt about this man with the images of the boy who left and broke her heart She has measured all of her boyfriends by the ideal of CJ Now that he s back and he intends to have her, she will learn than she [...]

  21. Trisha

    This was a different rocker story Some unexpected twists Just when you think it s a sweet puppy love and friendship things change Dean and Shannon are siblings Their next door neighbor and friend is CJ We see the beginning of their friendships and then we see It s amazing how we get to see the changes in their lives New band and new paths in their lives The band members are all a family It took some time but Dean, CJ, Alexis, Reg and Chad all seem to work well together Throw in Shannon and her [...]

  22. JoAnna G

    I loved the beginning of this book It showed their start I loved watching these two as children and their love and friendship Yes friendship, however they had love like I said You would think that these two will be together someday They knew even at that age they loved each other He treated her with respect and didn t act like she was a nuisance to him when he was hanging around her brother Ambrose Dean Why are you looking at me like that I was looking at the small dots across your face What are [...]

  23. Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)

    I love childhood friends to lovers stories I love to read about the issues that possibly kept our main characters away from each other only for them to come together when they re older We get some of that in this book.Jamison and Shannon have known each other for years He was her brother s best friend growing up and spending so much time together helped create that bond between them But he moved away unexpectedly and upon his return, things are just not the same.That right there is what hooked m [...]

  24. Caroline Ferriday

    This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.This author was new to me, so I wasn t sure what to expect The idea of the book held promise, as I loved the initial plot, but I didn t like the execution as much Niquel was able to write like a child wonderfully and it set the back story off in a way that was hard to top I was intrigued with the ending of the past, but I felt like the present day could have been better The story is from a dual perspective, which I love, and you got a re [...]

  25. Lorie Glowania

    Shannon has always had a crush on CJ her brothers friend He was much older then her but both seemed to hit it off Now on his birthday he disappears promising to write but never dies Shannon is heart broken Shannons brother is going to start a band and low and behold standing right in front of her is CJ Vowing not to make thing easy of CJ for breaking her heart she is soon drawn back in But where has he been all this time Can she trust her heart or will it be broken again Can love come out of thi [...]

  26. Elizabeth Horbaczek

    This book was given to me for an honest review.3 starsSo when I read a book I look for certain things This book appealed to me because it was a childhood romance to adult romance and they are one of my favorite books I love seeing them grow into their love and I was hoping this would be like that This is the first time I was wandering why would Shannon still like him after everything, but I will get to that I understand that kids can t tell their parents to stay or tell them they won t go, but i [...]

  27. Melony Hobgood

    Cody Jamison just disappear and left Shannon heart broken at very young age The puppy love between the two was so cute to read and a great touch to the story The grown up love between the two was much different The give and take was not always even and Jamison had me ready to stop reading at one point Shannon doesn t back down from people she may have to step back and regroup but she didn t back down, and that made me love her.I love this band and can t wait to read the next story.

  28. Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend

    I have to make a note this is a 3.5 stars review not a 3 star I enjoyed the story line and flew through the book but I did have a few issues that held me back from making it a 4 star read Anyone who follows my reviews knows I love the childhood friends in love story even better when it is your big brothers best friend Then to have the separation last years and now as adults coming face to face I can t ever say no to that BUT a few things should have stood out and taken time while other things [...]

  29. Christie72

    3 Stars Shannon, her brother, and her brother s best friend, CJ aka Cody, are the best of friends as children I adored the special relationship they had, especially between Shannon and Cody They begin to develop feelings that they are unsure of except that it goes beyond normal friendship They are each other s first loves, but before the feelings can grow into something stronger, Cody is forced to move with his family He promises to stay in touch with Shannon, but he doesn t She is heartbroken, [...]

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