Mason (2020)

Mason Dale Mayer Mason Kill or be killed Part of an elite SEAL team Mason takes on the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do or can do When he s on a mission he s focused and dedicated When he s not he plays as hard as
  • Title: Mason
  • Author: Dale Mayer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Mason Dale Mayer Kill or be killed Part of an elite SEAL team, Mason takes on the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do or can do When he s on a mission, he s focused and dedicated When he s not, he plays as hard as he fights Until he meets a woman he can t have but can t forget Software developer, Tesla lost her brother in combat and has no intention of getting close to someone elKill or be killed Part of an elite SEAL team, Mason takes on the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do or can do When he s on a mission, he s focused and dedicated When he s not, he plays as hard as he fights Until he meets a woman he can t have but can t forget Software developer, Tesla lost her brother in combat and has no intention of getting close to someone else in the military Determined to save other US soldiers from a similar fate, she s created a program that could save lives But other countries know about the program, and they won t stop until they get it and get her Time is running out For her For him For them
Mason Dale Mayer

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    154 Dale Mayer
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One thought on “Mason

  1. Stevie

    I got to page 64 and COULD NOT READ ANOTHER WORD Who doesn t love a SEAL romance right I received as a recommend, the reviews were high and I thought okay, I ll give it a go Apparently wrong definition of high there Absurd doesn t really cut it Sappy isn t strong enough and completely ridiculous still won t encompass this vacuous story This is the stuff that discredits the romance genre We have Navy SEALs, you know the best of the best, baddest of badasses, executing a rescue, danger is everywhe [...]

  2. Wendy Hodges

    This was an arc copy for an honest review.This is a great Seal Team, friendly, supportive, efficient, deadly and instinctive of each others moves They can read each other and have a way of signaling, communicating without words Tesla is strong, determined, honest, loyal and loving She is also extremely intelligent and keen to save military lives, even at the risk of her own She s a fighter determined to do something to stop needless death like her brothers, and to keep up with this team of Seals [...]

  3. Dita

    3.5 hot SEALS stars.I m a big fan of Dale Mayer and I ve been reading the books out of order, in each book I m so intrigued with other characters, so now I m going to read in order.This is the first book of Seals of Honor series It s about Mason the leader In this book the team got a mission to save and bring Tesla the genius tech back to base.It started with actions and since then it never stop and I love it There are some scenes that keep repeating that got me OMGAGAIN How and there s also ina [...]

  4. Eva Millien

    Mason is part of an elite SEAL team that takes on the dangerous jobs no one else wants to do or can do, so he s usually focused and dedicated until he rescues a woman he can t have but can t forget in this thrilling military romance.Tesla developed a program to help save US soldiers lives but there are others out there that will stop at nothing to get their hands on it and Tesla and the readers can t help but get pulled into all the danger that surrounds Tesla and with time running out, pressure [...]

  5. Kathy

    I made it just past chapter 6 All the reviews seemed to love this book I love a good military romance book but this one was just so cheesy I couldn t go on Everytime Tesla opened her mouth I wanted to duct tape it for her The whole beginning was so ridiculous with so much repetitve explanation that I felt like I was rereading parts It s a DNF for me I tried Clearly I am not as strong and determined as Tesla because I couldn t go on.

  6. Kristi

    Ok, so this was a free book I got from , it also has another story with the next Seal, but I won t be reading it Just can t grasp the silliness of the storyline.

  7. Toni Lewis

    I totally loved this book I love seal books and this one defiantly keep me interested to the very end Mason a seal thru and thru has to go and find Tesla a computer programmer that has designed something to help save lives after her brother was killed What she didn t expect was to be kidnapped Mason and his team are on the job and what a job they do a must read

  8. Linda Ellis

    I don t normally even read the blurb for books featuring naked torsos on the cover, but SEALs caught my attention, and it was free It s not a bad quick read The characters are quite engaging, but the plot is very Perils of Pauline The heroine is rescued from one absurd kidnap attempt after another, getting, drugged, beaten up, injured, but still functioning enough to complete complex programming and deliver a presentation to a large audience And she is always rescued in the nick of time by her t [...]

  9. Laurie Gyd

    Woot Love strong military heroes Wonderful writing with strong minded, hot alpha Seals, determined to keep one smart, brave lady who s developed software to assist those who serve in military Add in Loy s of bad guys who want that software, several kidnappings, danger and the 6 kickass Seal team members who keeps rescuing her and wants to make her a honorary seal Loved story.

  10. Elizabeth Neal

    4.5 Stars Two people with a tenuous connection in common, go on to forge a bond so strong that nothing can separate themd many will try.Mason and his SEAL team are tasked with rescuing Tesla, a woman that is in high demand by those that want her work and her brain See, Tesla, I love that name by the way and the irony of her being somewhat of an inventor herself, has developed something that will help save the lives of military members This is an emotional project for her as she has recently lost [...]

  11. SusanBurgess-Ryan

    This is the first book I have read of Dale Mayer and I have to say I Loved It I am definitely going to look at reading some of her work Especially reading the rest of this series because I fell in love with all the Seals that rescued Telsa just like she did I loved how the author had so much action packed into the rescue of Telsa from her kidnappers My emotions ran deep with the story talking about how she lost her brother and how she didn t know that the Seals that rescued her knew him very we [...]

  12. Jo-Anne

    In this story we met Tesla who had developed software that would help protect our troops Her brother, Harry, was a SEAL who died as a result of an EID and she didn t want others to suffer the same fate Unfortunately the bad guys wanted this software so they were trying to steal it, kidnapping Tesla to get it.Mason and his team of SEALs were sent to rescue her not knowing who she was or that she s Harry s sister He had heard about her many times and was half in love with her even though they d ne [...]

  13. NJ

    Action packed and a fast pace read Written in dual perspectives of Tesla and Mason, it is a gripping tale of heroic rescues and battle camaraderie Recommended for lovers of romance novels and GQ model worthy male special force warriors There s definitely the smurfette effect since all the male characters adore the only female character in the story, the difference is, the female character is no shrinking violet Fun read

  14. Eirene Ritznore

    I am not ordinarily a romance reader, but sometimes I like to shake up my reading habits Who could resist a Navy SEAL storyline Well, in this case, I very much wish I had There are innumerable things I could quibble with, but I have four main ones that I ll address 1 Let s just talk about the implausibility, the sheer absurdity of Mason and Tesla s first kiss Picture this You ve been held captive by a thoroughly nefarious ruffian and his band of henchmen You re not really sure why you re being h [...]

  15. Lindsay

    Okay so as my dad pointed out this book was free so my complaining should be to a minimum but I couldn t help getting upset a little bit with the writing and the plot line Okay first big problem of this story The really strange connection Mason already seems to have to this girl because he heard a few stories No offence but he s probably heard a dozen little sister stories from everyone that has one so I can t seem to figure out what made those ones special I also can never figure out where they [...]

  16. Linda Carlson

    I found a gold mine I was looking for a quick book to read and I had recently downloaded this one to my kindle So I started to read itd was hooked I couldn t put this book down I had to finish it before I did anything else Lt Mason Callister, part of an elite, 6 man, Special Operations Seal Team, is sent to find and rescue software developer, Tesla Landers who is developing new military tracking software for the Pentagon She has been kidnapped by mercenaries hired to deliver her and her research [...]

  17. Teresa

    Can Mason and is SEAL Team keep Tesla from being kidnapped Tesla Landers has developed a program that helps identify IEDs before they are triggered by someone like her late brother Harry who died when his vehicle ran over one Except she has a little problem someone wants her software for different reasons and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her Could it be someone she knows and trusts Lieutenant Mason Calista has one goal to find Tesla before the secret buyer takes her out of the count [...]

  18. Margaret Watkins

    In this fast paced military romance, Mason and his comrades rescue his deceased team member s sister Tesla, not once but four times over Tesla has developed software that is wanted by the enemies of the US almost as much as it is needed at home Tesla is made of stern stuff having been brought up by her military father and her brother Harry, and she stays calm whilst in captivity Despite her vulnerability and pain, she manages to keep with the team of SEALs that rescue her Mason had always been f [...]

  19. Lisa Gibbs

    This is the first of a series about sexy, strong, dedicated SEALS This story is about Mason and Tesla.This had everything a romantic SEAL story could have There was not stop action and I couldn t put the book down because I was afraid to miss something Mason and Tesla are perfectly matched She was raised by a former SEAL and because of that she is a strong, fierce, independent woman Tesla is in constant trouble because of the software she is working on but she is no damsel in distress, she is as [...]

  20. Dawn Cruikshank

    MasonWOW This book is entertaining in many ways It is funny as Tesla kept surprising Mason and his team around every corner It was intense as Tesla kept getting kidnapped four times Not only is Tesla smart, she has survival skills The men thought she had cat like features since she survived all those kidnappings and beatings Didn t find out they loved each other til the end So happy these two found their happily ever after Great job Dale I would recommend this book.

  21. Daisy White

    I had a hard time keeping up with this one To much catty and not enough man dominance I felt that this poor woman was kidnapped to many times for my liking, I mean come on About 1 4 of the book I became bored and just finish so I could move on.It was great to see some of the character builder but I will not be moving to the next I guess was just looking for something that grab my attention and this book did.

  22. Deb Diem

    Mason by Dale Mayer is an awesome read Ms Mayer has delivered a well written book I totally love the characters Mason and Tesla s story is packed with action, adventure, drama, humor and sizzle I enjoyed reading Mason and look forward to reading from Dale Mayer in the future Mason is book 1 of the SEALs Of Honor Series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

  23. Sonia Goforth

    This was actually a really good read I was pleasently surprised at how much I enjoyed it The only reason it didn t get 5 stars was because she got kidnapped one too many times and that got old Would have liked to see it go a different direction There were also a couple of rushed sections Overall, the story was done well and was different and refreshing.

  24. Barbi

    I liked this book because of Mason and his fellow SEALs Tesla was kind of annoying because she kept getting kidnapped but at the same time, for the most part, she tried to get herself out of the situation I did like how quickly she bonded to the team that rescued her but that was probably due to the fact that both her father and her brother were SEALs and they knew her brother.

  25. Merry Jelks-Emmanuel

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review This book had me from the very first page Talk about intense Mason and Tesla were a dynamic pair This story was well written and the action and drama between characters had me on the edge of my seat not to mention the suspense of the enemy coming for Tesla Who knew that developing tracking software could cause so much trouble Great Story.

  26. Cindy Hardegree

    Thrilling, dangerous work never hampered Mason, until protecting Tesla from those who want the information she has A bit of a reach on some of the happenings, but hey, it s fiction I loved loved the sizzling sex and the excitement from page one and can t wait to read the rest of the series and learn to know of the Seals of Honor.

  27. Kat Mibus

    Oh my goodness Over the last few weeks I have come to love dale mayers books I have never really been s fan of SEAL or Navy books, but I love these books First one done for this series, now on to book two.

  28. Cait

    Such a strong heroine This book is the kind I like to read It had a really strong heroine, a capable and hot hero, great supporting characters and a ton of action All of that combined made for a great book.

  29. Michael

    A Step Too FarOverall a good adventure story but could do without the gratuitous sex And, four kidnappings stretch incredulity to the extreme Reality dictates care and caution as the story unfolds.

  30. Maureen Hoar

    A pleasant surpriseI was pleasantly surprised by this book I figured this was a bodice ripper with a little action I was completely wrong This was non stop action with a bit of romance This was a race to the end with a band of super SEALs at the ready.

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