Reputations (2020)

Reputations Juan Gabriel Vásquez Anne McLean Reputations From the brilliant mind of the author of The Sound of Things Falling a powerful novel about a legendary political cartoonist Javier Mallarino is a living legend He is his country s most influential p
  • Title: Reputations
  • Author: Juan Gabriel Vásquez Anne McLean
  • ISBN: 9781594633478
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
Reputations Juan Gabriel Vásquez Anne McLean From the brilliant mind of the author of The Sound of Things Falling, a powerful novel about a legendary political cartoonist.Javier Mallarino is a living legend He is his country s most influential political cartoonist, the consciousness of a nation A man capable of repealing laws, overturning judges decisions, destroying politicians careers with his art His weaponsFrom the brilliant mind of the author of The Sound of Things Falling, a powerful novel about a legendary political cartoonist.Javier Mallarino is a living legend He is his country s most influential political cartoonist, the consciousness of a nation A man capable of repealing laws, overturning judges decisions, destroying politicians careers with his art His weapons are pen and ink Those in power fear him and pay him homage.At sixty five, after four decades of a brilliant career, he s at the height of his powers But this all changes when he s paid an unexpected visit from a young woman who upends his sense of personal history and forces him to re evaluate his life and work, questioning his position in the world.In Reputations, Juan Gabriel V squez examines the weight of the past, how a public persona intersects with private histories, and the burdens and surprises of memory In this intimate novel, V squez plumbs universal experiences to create a masterful story, one that reverberates long after you turn the final page.
Reputations Juan Gabriel Vásquez Anne McLean

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    393 Juan Gabriel Vásquez Anne McLean
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  1. Orsodimondo

    IL RUMORE DELLE COSE CHE CADONO C sempre l amico che vuole convincerti dov che si mangia la pizza migliore della citt , e l amica che invece sa dove si mangia il gelato migliore M venuto in mente scorrendo le recensioni dei critici di mestiere e dei colleghi, che hanno gi eletto V squez il miglior scrittore colombiano, forse addirittura il migliore dell intero Sudamerica.Le stesse cose che ho letto recentemente di un altro scrittore colombiano, Santiago Gamboa E quindi, chi il migliore Bogot , C [...]

  2. Diane S ☔

    2.5 Mollarino is a political cartoonist, in Bogot , a man who after many, many years is going to be recognized and lauded at a public dinner At the event, a young woman his daughter Beatrice s age, claiming to be a reporter asks him for an interview The next day at his home he discovers not only is she not a reporter but she wants his help remembering an event that happened at his house when she was seven.It is easy to be seduced by Vasquez and his wonderful prose and I loved his insights on mem [...]

  3. Gorkem Y

    Vasquez e ilgim, phesiz latin edebiyat na ilgimle ba layan bir ok yazar n ke fi s ras nda ortaya kt T rk e bas lan kitaplar n nedense g n m z latin edebiyat kapsam nda bitirdi imde okuyacak bir ey bulamam korkusunu T rk e ye evrilen son kitab yla biraz da olsa rahatlayarak sonunda ilk ad m att m yi ki de atm m.Vasquez, di er latin edebiyat lar gibi kendi toplumunu her a dan hiciv ve kara mizah elerini ustaca harmanlayarak okurlara sunan bir yazar erik tibarlar, b l mden olu maktad r Politik bir [...]

  4. Jill

    Caricatures might exaggerate reality but they can t invent it They can distort, but they never lie So says Javier Mallinaro, the protagonist of Reputations, and one of the most influential and legendary political cartoonists in Colombia A caricature from him can define someone for life and make and break a reputation He fancies himself a humanist, a satirical illustrator, a driller downer of complicated personalities and a revealer of the true core of what lies beneath.But at the heart of this s [...]

  5. Rebecca Foster

    This razor sharp novella about a Bogot political cartoonist who faces up to a professional decision he made than 20 years ago would be perfect for readers of Ian McEwan and Julian Barnes It also reminded me of The Plimsoll Line by Juan Gracia Armend riz As you d expect from the title, it s all about how reputations can be formed and destroyed in a trice I liked the metaphor of the political caricature being a stinger dipped in honey A big thank you to Nancy for passing this book on to me.Favori [...]

  6. Jude Watson

    I didn t realize this books was going to largely be a man s reflections on a woman s sexual assault, because that is not revealed in the book s description Would not have read it if so Beautifully written, some great thought on art and satire s effect on society, but I just don t need to give space in my brain to a man s defensive reflections on a young girl s assault in his house.

  7. jeremy

    the fifth and latest book to be translated into english from the alfaguara winning colombian author of the sound of things falling, juan gabriel v squez s reputations las reputaciones is the story of javier mallarino, a late career political cartoonist one with the power to make or break elected officials and shape the course of national public opinion mallarino has enjoyed the benefits and accolades of a successful career, despite a failed marriage and self enforced mountaintop isolation he esc [...]

  8. Célia

    Quando peguei neste livro, n o sabia absolutamente nada sobre o escritor colombiano Juan Gabriel V squez nem sobre As Reputa es, que por sinal at o segundo romance que v publicado em Portugal o primeiro foi O Barulho das Coisas ao Cair, em 2012 E, s vezes, muito bom partir para um livro sem saber absolutamente nada sobre ele, sem ideias pr concebidas ou qualquer tipo de preconceito Foi isso que fiz aqui, e a boa not cia que fiquei agradavelmente surpreendida.A personagem central desta hist ria J [...]

  9. Sonia

    A veces resulta sorprendente como un libro sin acci n o intriga consigue hacerte disfrutar de la lectura igual que la m s trepidante novela de detectives En este caso se debe sin duda a la pluma maestra de Juan Gabriel V squez su pericia para retratar personajes sus conversaciones espor dicas pero precisas, necesarias y su talento para describir ambientes y momentos S lo con esto ya ser a suficiente para considerar Las reputaciones un buen libro pero es que, adem s de estas buenas maneras de esc [...]

  10. Lemar

    In this short novel Juan Gabriel V squez and translator Anne McLean dig into issues of personal integrity, divorce, memory and how news coverage informs and crystallizes public reputations The main character, Javier Mallarino is the leading political cartoonist of Colombia This important and fun tradition is explored and cited, names were introduced that had me looking up and appreciating work from Daumier to Oliphant They have power What was the mysterious mechanism that turned a journalistic a [...]

  11. Book Riot Community

    A revered political cartoonist whose illustrations wield power and influence over his country must take a hard look at his life after an unexpected visit from a young woman has him reevaluating everything he has done and how he remembers the past A masterful, thought provoking novel about secrets, celebrity, and escaping the past from one of the most talented writers working today.Tune in to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books, All The Books bookriot listen shows allt

  12. Cari

    Great first read of 2017 about a political cartoonist in Colombia This is a beautiful translation with the atmosphere and weighted artistry of a darker Almod var film Meditative and thought provoking.

  13. Linda Abhors the New GR Design

    I liked it at the beginning, dense and introspective than I had expected Not sure that I liked the end result But not sorry that I ve read it it s so short

  14. Pascale

    I found this book quite engrossing, but realize with the passage of time that the disappointing ending sabotages a lot of what V squez has achieved here At first blush, it looks like the subject of the book, in keeping with its title, is the effect of fame on a man, and the many ironies implicit in a celebrity culture, for instance the almost inevitable canonization of authors whom most members of the establishment have reasons to hate Yet it turns out that equally important is another sensitive [...]

  15. Bastet

    Si algo me fastidia de un escritor es que pase de puntillas por los temas escabrosos Si tu novela trata sobre la pederastia, m jate y entra a saco, no est s mareando la perdiz con circunvoluciones pueriles Cada vez tengo menos paciencia con los escritores constre idos, que escriben pensando en la familia, en los hijos o nietos que les van a leer cuando sean mayores, no sea que se escandalicen Por otra parte, la vida del reconocido caricaturista pol tico colombiano Javier Mallarino trasunto de Ri [...]

  16. J

    Somewhat interesting, short book, and thought provoking after the fact rather than during the actual reading of the book But even while the story was taking place, the psychological plot hole was already fairly obvious, and on reflection that particular plot hole gapes open even worse Also really something of a cop out of an ending, although certainly one could argue that it ends in exactly the right place.Tight third person narrative concerning a Colombian political cartoonist, Javier Mallarin [...]

  17. Sarai - Sarai Talks Books

    Beautiful translation, I wanted to read certain passages over and over The ending frustrated me at first, but after thinking about Mallarino and who he is as a character and narrator , the ending makes perfect sense.

  18. Virginia

    I received this book as a present, and I m glad I did I don t think it would have been on my radar otherwise The book is about a political cartoonist and the events in his life that enabled him to move from a stance of amorality an idea that talent provides transcendence of moral doubt to something one in which he finally saw himself as a moral actor who must weigh his decisions about how he treats others in order to be in good stead with himself It was a satisfying reading experience because t [...]

  19. Sebastian Uribe

    Mi calificaci n esta vez va por el lado emocional Por esa decisi n de Juan Gabriel V squez de narrarnos una historia donde la protagonista sea la memoria, a secas La memoria y el peso del pasado La tragedia universal de un hombre La imagen como un artificio que usamos para enga arnos o humillar.tantas cosas m s que espero escribir m s tarde y m s tranquilo en mi blog

  20. Ruth

    Several of these passages were really lovely Some of this was really great writing I ve wanted to read some Vasquez for a while and I found this scrolling through my kindle I m glad I finally did something I ve vaguely thought about for a while That said, I really didn t take to this book that well like I said, some of the writing is lovely I feel like it s a very rich setting This isn t very long, but it is a good set up and it feels almost luxurious There s a depth to the writing and a certain [...]

  21. Amelia

    It s 2017 and I m watching men s reputations crumble left and right Interesting commentary on the subject, even if I ultimately disagree with the conclusion.

  22. Andrés Abril Barrios

    Nuevamente una obra ficticia con la dosis perfecta de contenido narrativo para hacerle creer a uno que fue una historia real Una creaci n de di logos tan precisa que le dan vida a los personajes sin haberlos conocido mucho.

  23. Kelly

    The English translation of the book was so beautiful, I can t even imagine how it is to read the original Spanish The plot is only a means to examine bigger issues reading the book was only the first step Now I feel like I should think about it for another few weeks

  24. B

    All character, not that well developed little plot but lots of setting.It s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards, the White Queen famously tells Alice, in a line that the protagonist of V squez s new novel, Reputations, cites often That quotation is a key to the book, and also exhilaratingly a direct challenge to The Sound of Things Falling, which had much to do with going backward in memory Reputations opens with the crowning of a rebel Javier Mallarino is a famous political cartooni [...]

  25. Alysson Oliveira

    Ainda na primeira parte de AS REPUTA ES, do colombiano Juan Gabriel Vasquez, nos contado que seu protagonista Javier Mallarino, um famoso cartunista, certa vez n o tinha nenhuma ideia para uma caricatura, ent o desenhou se a si mesmo com uma l mpada apagada, e o desenho saiu no jornal como de costume Naquela mesma noite, houve um apag o num bairro pobre e perif rico de Bogot e muita gente interpretou a ilustra o como uma cr tica ao governo, parabenizando o desenhista Ele nunca desmentiu a hist r [...]

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