Splinterlands (2020)

Splinterlands John Feffer Splinterlands Part Field Notes from a Catastrophe part part World War Z John Feffer s striking new dystopian novel takes us deep into the battered shattered world of The European Union has broken apa
  • Title: Splinterlands
  • Author: John Feffer
  • ISBN: 9781608467242
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
Splinterlands John Feffer Part Field Notes from a Catastrophe, part 1984, part World War Z, John Feffer s striking new dystopian novel, takes us deep into the battered, shattered world of 2050 The European Union has broken apart Multiethnic great powers like Russia and China have shriveled America s global military footprint has virtually disappeared and the United States remains united in namePart Field Notes from a Catastrophe, part 1984, part World War Z, John Feffer s striking new dystopian novel, takes us deep into the battered, shattered world of 2050 The European Union has broken apart Multiethnic great powers like Russia and China have shriveled America s global military footprint has virtually disappeared and the United States remains united in name only Nationalism has proven the century s most enduring force as ever rising global temperatures have supercharged each against all competition and conflict among the now 300 plus members of an increasingly feeble United Nations.As he navigates the world of 2050, Julian West offers a roadmap for the path we re already on, a chronicle of impending disaster, and a faint light of hope He may be humanity s last best chance to explain how the world unraveled if he can survive the savage beauty of the Splinterlands.John Feffer is the director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies In 2012 2013, he was also an Open Society Fellow looking at the transformations that have taken place in Eastern Europe since 1989 He is the author of several books and numerous articles He has also produced six plays, including three one man shows, and published a novel.
Splinterlands John Feffer

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    John Feffer

One thought on “Splinterlands

  1. Glenn Rolfe

    The wolf is at the door I don t know why you can t hear it But I hear it And I know how hungry it is Am I glad that I ve started using the library Heck yes Browsing the New Arrivals shelf introduces me to works I might otherwise never come across Such as John Feffers SPLINTERLANDS Is it horror Not genre wise, but it is scary as Hell Water boils fiercely just before it disappears And so it is, evidently with human affairs Its a short dystopian novel that is eerily tied in with far too many things [...]

  2. Jill Goldstein

    This is not a feel good book This is a take a hard look at what is happening now, as it effects the future , book While not post apocolyptic in a zombie kind of way, it certainly is a bit scary.I enjoyed this quick read despite the dark nature of the story.It was well written with enough reference to real events 2008 current that make it hard to believe that Splinterlands is fiction Or is it And just the right amount of futuristic advancements to make it believeable I would recommend this book f [...]

  3. Lori Carlson

    Splinterlands by John Feffer is a dystopian novel set in 2050 Julian West is writing a report updating events of the world since his book Splinterlands was published in 2020 before the Great Undoing, the global collapse of economies around the world Julian, sick and old, visits his children Aurora, Gordon and Benjamin via virtual reality He witnesses the damage to the world he had predicted in his book, the careless lack of empathy from those who d profited off of the world s demise, and his you [...]

  4. Bridget

    Dystopian fiction that comes from an academic whose career is think tanking for the future repercussions is where I was intrigued to start this book Unlike many of this genre there is no glimmer of hope, of a matter of fact documentary along the route in the handbasket You feel the authors strengths in reporting and making global connections yet I would have liked him to have a harder science background as well when approaching this future The shared protagonist role of the story and the editor [...]

  5. R.J.Cicisly Jr.

    Wow Makes me look at 23andMe , and all those other DNA data hoarders with even suspicion than before

  6. Holli

    The premise was interesting enough, but I found the layout to be a bit disjointed It s set up as a futuristic sequel manuscript to an academic book Splinterlands about how nations splintered in the future decades, but was also set almost as a memoir of the author s life The novel also had added footnotes to establish an academic feel analyzing the manuscript Personally, reading it felt like reading a sequel before the first book and the added footnotes gave the impression that I was supposed to [...]

  7. Erin Stuhlsatz

    This was written like a nonfiction account, complete with footnote commentary, of the United States after climate change and political upheaval and disunited it It was a little dire I hope.

  8. Peter Orvetti

    Full disclosure I have known the author for several years and had a small part in a production of one of his plays, in which he also performed Our acquaintance has not led me to soften this review if I hadn t liked the book, I just wouldn t have reviewed it Splinterlands is about Splinterlands , a popular political tome of the early 2020s on a par with books by authors like Francis Fukuyama and Thomas Piketty in terms of its popularity and notoriety And it s also about the Splinterlands, the dis [...]

  9. Lighthearted

    Geo paleontologist Julian West contemplates the state of the world and his family in the year 2050 and tries to piece together where it all went wrong The climate has changed dramatically, as has the political landscape Most of the countries we know today 2017 have been torn apart by internal conflict, dwindling resources, and terrorism.Using virtual reality to visit his children and his ex wife, West brings readers into this broken new world War zones and kidnappings are now the norm in Brussel [...]

  10. Kevin Revolinski

    A speculative fiction book of the near future that extrapolates out of the near past and current socio political elements of the world Written by a slightly unreliable narrator who penned a famous book about the coming fragmentation of the nations of the world, the first person narrative follows the author as he tries to reconnect with his scattered and estranged family Footnotes are provided by a third person to further flesh out both the narrator and the history and state of the world in the b [...]

  11. Alyx

    Gets points for acknowledging the apocalyptic nature of climate change, connecting it to other social crises, and conveying a sense of urgency Doesn t quite succeed in explaining the causes let alone solutions , which is a problem when the premise of the book is a retrospective here s how we got to this 2050 dystopia Its depiction of what the future would look like if we continue on this path is also deeply flawed Nation states have basically ceased to exist, but global capitalism is chugging al [...]

  12. Lauren M

    This may be one of the most unique non fiction books I have read because it is formatted like it is a scientific study I liked that structure, how the footnotes told you of the story and how it shows that people s perceptions of self are never accurate, even if you don t realize you are embellishing or omitting something from a story It looses points for me character wise I didn t really like any of the characters which you can still make a good story out of unlikeable flawed characters, ie Vic [...]

  13. Vanessa Fuller

    I picked up this dystopian novel in the wake of the November 2016 election, as a form of resistance reading, if you will In many ways, it s difficult to keep in mind that it is fiction So much of what we are doing now as a species will most likely have long lasting effects But, what will the world look like in 10 or 20 or 30 years What sort of social and political and economic systems will prevail and how will we sustain ourselves in future It s a compelling read Not exactly uplifting and certai [...]

  14. Steven McKay

    As someone else stated, this is not a feel good book It is not either a total gloom and doom novel It s of a warning.This novel is written as a memoire report, an investigation into how did we get here, where here is in the near future, the mid 21st century Modern society has collapsed inward into a large collection of nominal city states, largely ethnically homogeneous There are clearly still some functioning industries, but how they function in a global conflict zone is never discussed Rebell [...]

  15. Luis

    A bleak piece of speculative fiction written by a policy expert in foreign affairs The premise of this book is based on very real present realities unfolding along a dark vein of possibilities that don t pan out for a very bright and stable future, that is of course if we maintain the current trajectory A welcomed mental breather from all the non fiction reading in recent months.

  16. Kap

    It was different than I was expecting, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it Also, super creeped out by Feffer s imaginings of the near future Rather than a piece of science fiction, this book reads like a history of the future It seems like we ve already started down the road that leads to the Splinterlands.

  17. Stacey Balkan

    Stacey Balkan, Splinterlands Haymarket, 2016 Opening in the wake of Hurricane Donald 2022 , John Feffer s novel Splinterlands is a prescient, and appropriately dystopian, glimpse into the inevitable collapse of our global politico economic system a system undergirded by a hyper nationalist internationalism that narrator Julian West explains as a contradiction in terms West is a geo paleontologist, a profession that emerges in the first decades of the 21st century as the bloodlands of the 20th ce [...]

  18. A.J.

    Feffer delivers a quick reading, elegant warning from the future to today s citizens In Splinterlands, he describes the world of 2050 and what it has become a splintered world of all against all in which the old empires of our day have fallen completely and irrevocably Throughout this short novel, the warnings ring loud and clear whether the description of a United States that exists in name only because an increasingly embittered and armed white minority seemed determined to adopt a scorched ea [...]

  19. Michael

    Clever and very original narrative structure and insightful observations about potential outcomes of the current trajectory the world is on Clearly the author has thought about the future a fair bit and I appreciated his constructing a fiction vs a non fiction to relate his opinions.

  20. Robin Leventhal

    Haunting look forward towards a possible future just ahead of us Written during the 2106 election, it paints the world we are heading toward Chilling, memorable, haunting imaginative Would like to forget about it but can t I remember the characters and situations often.

  21. Daniel Cunningham

    A dystopian essay written as a book, but without any great insight What if nationalism, global warming, jihadism, and unrestrained inequality all run their course Bad things.

  22. Robin

    I love a good dystopian future, but this one wasn t quite far enough in the future, or quite fictional enough for comfort Thanks for the nightmares.

  23. Mélodie

    des id es int ressantes, avec des clins d il au pr sent tr s justes, mais je n ai pas accroch l criture m me moins que ce ne soit la traduction

  24. Geoff Kinsey

    InterestingThe story is thought provoking and contains a steady stream of possible events It is not a light read, so if you choose it prepare to think and expand your vocabulary.

  25. Gretchgriff

    Splinterlands is interesting as a smart piece of speculative fiction by someone who s exceptionally qualified to speculate But it feels less like a story and like a tableau depicting the world of 2050, with asides as to how it got there.

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