Howling at the Moon (2020)

Howling at the Moon Darshana Suresh Howling at the Moon Tell me Atlas What is heavier the world or its people s hearts In her debut poetry collection Darshana Suresh explores what it means to be alive and how hurting and healing can often be overwhelmin
  • Title: Howling at the Moon
  • Author: Darshana Suresh
  • ISBN: 9780993532108
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
Howling at the Moon Darshana Suresh Tell me, Atlas What is heavier the world or its people s hearts In her debut poetry collection, Darshana Suresh explores what it means to be alive, and how hurting and healing can often be overwhelmingly intertwined.She does not write about recovery Instead, she writes about carrying on until you are ready to recover.
Howling at the Moon Darshana Suresh

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    131 Darshana Suresh
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One thought on “Howling at the Moon

  1. elena

    Here s another secret some days I am fallingin love and other days I am just falling.Here s a bigger secret I cannot tell those days apart.Here s the biggest secret I don t want to fall any.I don t want to die.

  2. Katie

    I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher.This is a poetry collection about not being okay, and about dealing with that until you can recover It s about being human and loving others and loving yourself It s about sadness and hope.I don t tend to read poetry quickly It s something I m unused to, compared to novels, and I like to give it time to sit with me I like to make sure I m understanding and taking it all in, and it s common for me to read only a few pages at a time But [...]

  3. Mia Ivy

    I read the entire thing within a few hours because I felt physically incapable of putting it down and leaving it for than five minutes Suresh s work isn t preoccupied with hiding the true meaning of the words or drawn out metaphors, making it wonderfully accessibly and a lovely, lovely read Not that poetry like that is bad, or someone Howling at the Moon is lesser it isn t, it is on par with many great collections out there, however unlike a lot of prestigious collections, I devoured this and c [...]

  4. Lexi Vranick

    This is an exquisite collection of poetry It s so thoughtful and heartfelt, and is truly written from the soul It s a book that grabs onto your heart and doesn t let go Suresh is such a wonderful talent and I m so grateful to have found her words She has an incredible of writing about hard topics, about things that a lot of people would consider ugly or would want to hide, with a gentle but honest hand Though the content of the book can oftentimes be heavy, Suresh s spirit remains light and hope [...]

  5. Abigail

    What a wonderful collection of poems I was very lucky to get a copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for a review I had seen the the collection going around twitter and was hoping to get a copy eventually Then this opportunity came along and after being able to read it I want to buy a copy than ever Howling at the Moon is not a long collection, just over a 100 pages It s filled with lines like Love is the way your body fights to keep you alive Day after day or like this There s this [...]

  6. Eve

    After following a lot of Darshana Suresh s poetry on tumblr, I was ecstatic to read Howling at the Moon.This poetry collection is beautiful, melancholy, soft, and powerful I m so grateful I got a chance to read this collection, and will treasure the experience I had reading it for a long time.

  7. Megan

    This wasgood god, where do I start The world is in this book Your world Your body It s a mirror you didn t realize you were longing for.Please read it.

  8. cheyenne raine

    submerged in moon phaseshere s what i thought a lunar cycle of healing, of hurt, of emotions i don t know how else to describe this piece the poetry was well crafted and the word choice was beautiful but, it was the topics and the expressions that truly draw you in and ask you to heal ask you to hurt to give in to the moon.

  9. Laleska Alves

    i just don t feel like me any, it s not fair to answer the phone whenthe person they re looking for is no longerin this body when the girl they all used to love now looks looks wolf than girlnow.i want to say that i m sorry,but she s eaten even the ache.I don t know what to say I m just so glad I read this book Mental illness and heartbreak aren t beautiful at all, but her writing sure as hell is.

  10. Meryana Salem

    this anthology is as magical, as kind, as honest and as deserving of admiration and unconditional love as its author beautiful than moonlight.

  11. ankita

    Bombs Blood Pretence is my favorite poem out of the book But there were some other poems that really stuck out Here s another secret some days I am fallingin love and other days I am just falling.Here s a bigger secret I cannot tell those days apart.Here s the biggest secret I don t want to fall any.I don t want to die.This line is great Definitely going to include this in my journal Even the biggest miracles weremade from the smallest moments.I bought this for Kindle but it s so good that I mig [...]

  12. Connie

    5 5 starsThis was so good, I m not sure I even have the words I read this using Kindle Unlimited but I honestly regret not just buying a physical copy through the publisher s website straight away It s a phenomenal collection, and Darshana Suresh writes poetry so beautifully it left me with chills at points I read a lot of this on one bus ride, and I teared up quite a lot on that journey Definitely, 100 percent my new favourite poetry collection, and one I ll be recommending to my friends.

  13. Rishika Aggarwal

    I ve been following Darshana on Tumblr for a while now, and I ve been waiting to read Howling at the Moon since it first published, and I have to say it did not disappoint in the least.Darshana Suresh s poetry is collection is exquisitely painful but it s the beautiful kind of painful, the kind that tears at the places that need to be torn The kind that is necessary and gorgeous, and keeps you going back for .This collection is an intensely private collection, filled with stories of love and los [...]

  14. Cam

    Aaaaah, this made my heart hurt, these poems stung like the alcohol used to clean wounds does They made me wanna cry, felt like a loving hug and someone saying I hear you, I feel you It felt like validation Maddie I wouldn t have found this if you hadn t reviewed it and i d like to thank you for that 3

  15. Daneil Newcomb

    This collection swallows me whole I see my depression in these pages, and it s a little terrifying and a little astonishing.

  16. Molly

    I didn t know anything about the author before reading this, but it makes absolute sense to me that she is 19 a lot of these poems read like early experiments There are some great, surprising lines Paper decorations, punchglitter smudged cheeks the whole set Silver dress,gold hair piled up into a crown but too often they are undercut by tell y, conventional language, like this toward the middle of She Told Me She Wanted to Mean Something You re gonna turn arrow,turn sword, turn bloody battlegrou [...]

  17. Laurel May

    I m not biased here but Darshana is one of the best contemporary poets I ve read and I m so happy I finally got to read this collection It was heartbreaking and beautiful and full of so much soul I m inspired and awed The world is so heavy, but somehow, sometime along the way, we got used to the weight I love.

  18. Kyra

    4.5 stars You know how, eventually, there is one past lover whom you compare every other potential partner They weren t perfect They made you cry, but they also made you feel deserving of a bright and happy future.This is the poetry book I shall compare most others to.Imagine being 19 and writing so beautifully you make grown ass adults cry like babies.

  19. Caitlin Conlon

    I ve been following Darshana on tumblr for quite some time now I ve been meaning to read her book for ages, as I ve always adored what I ve read of hers Even with all of that expectation, I was blown away As a first collection this is one of the most poignant ones I ve ever read Hell, not even just first collections This is the book I have been trying to write ever since I began my love affair with poetry This is the mantra I needed to chant My only regret is that I didn t purchase this book as [...]

  20. Marina

    Me lanc a este libro porque d as antes me hab a cruzado con un peque o poema de esta chica que me hizo vibrar el coraz n Tell me, Atlas What is heavier The world or its people s hearts Sin embargo, no encontr mucha de esa misma resonancia en estos poemas son mucho m s sencillos y llanos, algo que podr a haber disfrutado cuando ten a quince o diecis is a os.

  21. Limi

    How lovely is this book I am in love This is quite possibly my favourite book of poetry The words live in me now, I ve read this so many times I ve smiled with it, cried with it and sighed with it I absolutely fucking love this gorgeous book.

  22. Jacky

    Each piece of this book is a blessing.Each piece if this book either broke my heart and made me cry or made me feel happy and confident.

  23. Margaryta

    It s moments like these I feel that I feel extremely sad that I don t live in the same country as the author and have no chance of meeting them Howling at the Moon is a masterpiece of the most personal and heartbreaking sort, taking the reader into the inner workings of the poet s mind I admired the poems not just from what emotions they conveyed, but also the way in which they did so As a poet I fell in love with the wording, with both the subtle and the outright ways in which emotions came to [...]

  24. sarah

    When was the last time you felt this this warmth Uh, well I don t remember A while ago Weeks Months Years I don t know You stop counting when the numbers become higher than the people who love you.3 1 2 4 stars This book of poetry is simply enthralling Upon finding one of the author s poems on tumblr, I was intrigued I had to read this book Though I had my doubts at first, this collection of words drew me in It made me feel the hunger, and the breaking and the healing And I loved that about it I [...]

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