Maximum Bob (2020)

Maximum Bob Elmore Leonard Maximum Bob Hilarious Strange and risky A right on pitch perfect novel with wide social scope comic genius page burning storytelling magic and juicy characters who wrench your heart and gut Washington Post B
  • Title: Maximum Bob
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: 9780060084080
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
Maximum Bob Elmore Leonard Hilarious.Strange and risky.A right on, pitch perfect novel, with wide social scope, comic genius, page burning storytelling magic, and juicy characters who wrench your heart and gut Washington Post Book World A character so outrageous he could only have come from the ingenious imagination of El Leonard, lewd, lecherous, law bending Florida jurist Judge Robert M Hilarious.Strange and risky.A right on, pitch perfect novel, with wide social scope, comic genius, page burning storytelling magic, and juicy characters who wrench your heart and gut Washington Post Book World A character so outrageous he could only have come from the ingenious imagination of El Leonard, lewd, lecherous, law bending Florida jurist Judge Robert Maximum Bob Gibbs has been judged guilty by a grudge bearing malefactor and sentenced to death by alligator, if necessary Maximum Bob is a delightfully dark classic thriller from the greatest crime writer of our time, perhaps ever New York Times Book Review , and any reader who loved getting gleefully lost in criminal mayhem of Get Shorty, Rum Punch, Out of Sight, The Hot Kid, or any number of the inimitable Leonard s numerous crime fiction masterworks will get maximum enjoyment out of this one.
Maximum Bob Elmore Leonard

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    331 Elmore Leonard
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One thought on “Maximum Bob

  1. Dan Schwent

    When someone wants hardliner judge Bob Isom Gibbs, aka Maximum Bob, dead, how does he narrow down which of his enemies it is Can probation officer Kathy Baker and cop Gary Hammond stop the would be killer And do they even want to And what does Bob s flaky wife have to do with it After reading The Cut by George Pelecanos, with its obvious El Leonard influence and multiple references to old Dutch, I decided to dust this one off and give it a shot I was not disappointed.Maximum Bob is a womanizing [...]

  2. Kemper

    Treasure of the Rubbermaids 15 See Ya Later, Alligator The on going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent s house and untouched for almost 20 years Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths.This is not the El Leonard book I wanted to be reading I thought I would be able to achieve a Raylan Givens nirvana because not only was t [...]

  3. Steve

    3 starsMaximum Bob is the nickname given to Judge Bob Gibbs although he is called Big throughout the book , who is well known for handing out maximum sentences for even the most minor crimes Dale Crowe Junior had the misfortune to draw Maximum Bob, and gets five years He also appears to threaten the judge at the end of his sentencing His probation officer, Kathy Baker, has her hands full, trying to fending off the amorous advances of Big, keeping Dale in line, and dealing with Dale s uncle Elvin [...]

  4. Jim

    Definitely gritty, full of quirky characters, some real world issues that the system faces Excellent heroine, too As usual, I could really feel the area Florida heat, gators, dirty streets Not Leonard s best work, but a fun read.

  5. Jeff

    I regret having not read an El Leonard book in such a long time The man can write This is a well crafted book Interesting characters, compelling plot, the very definition of a page turner His sense of humor is there without being forced like Carl Hiasson His characters are well rounded, especially the women unlike Carl Hiasson I don t mean to pick on Carl Hiasson, I have enjoyed the books of his I ve read, it s just that Leonard is the granddaddy, okay daddy, of this type of fiction, to which al [...]

  6. aPriL does feral sometimes

    Maximum Bob is a Florida good ol boy Unfortunately, he also is a judge However, since he works in Palm Beach County, Florida, progressive or decent police officers cannot do much about his sense of justice or womanizing For example, unless miscegenation is involved, sexual harassment and rape of women is perfectly understandable and a victimless crime in most of what is understood by the Florida legal establishment and particularly in Judge Bob Gibbs courtroom Justice is practiced only against c [...]

  7. Carl R.

    When does a fascination turn into an addiction If it is an addiction, I guess it s harmless to me and other living things So it s back to El He s always good for a few chuckles, but Maximum Bob kept me laughing pretty much the whole time Bob is a judge, famous for handing out maximum sentences Thus the nickname He s also famous for what today we d call sexual harassment, but when the book was written in 1991 it wasn t a disbarment offense to invite a court reporter into his chambers and ask her [...]

  8. Ruel

    I read at least one El Leonard novel each year and I m never disappointed The pace, style, and characters of most of his books are similar there are unsavory people doing unsavory things, often double crossing each other as the quick pace of the plot builds to a crescendo It s no wonder why so many of Leonard s books have become movies and TV shows I liken his books to action movies although not as dumb as the typical Hollywood blockbuster.Maximum Bob sticks to Leonard s formula, which can be su [...]

  9. Sam Quixote

    Judge Bob Gibbs gives out the maximum penalty in all of his cases earning him the nickname Maximum Bob Unfortunately, his zeal for hard time in all instances earns him a number of enemies When a plan to rid his wife by having a trapper plant an alligator in his backyard goes wrong, Bob finds there s an ex con out to shoot him, a drugged out former doctor now under house arrest putting out contracts on him, and the alligator trapper is blackmailing him And all he wanted was a date with the Correc [...]

  10. Jamie

    I ve got a stack of these I ve been using as palate cleansers between other books, and thank God El is so prolific because it would break my heart to run out any time soon.Kathy Baker is like Karen Sisco s little sister, and Dewey Crowe and maybe Dale Jr are by far the bright shining lights of the Crowe family, holy shit.

  11. Harry Connolly

    Interesting characters with unique voices A plot that is unpredictable but feels inevitable A setting that has tone than detail I m a fan of Leonard s work, even though I haven t made a dedicated effort to read all of his books This book, about a judge who wants to drive his wife away and blackmails a defendant into helping him which naturally goes completely haywire, and stirs up a great deal of trouble is a bit shaggy in the best way I m not sure what I m going to read next, because this will [...]

  12. Mike Rider

    This is definitely one of my favorite Leonard novels The story has lots of twists and surprises It takes place in Florida, so naturally there are some dumb criminals named Crowe The characters are believable As to be expected, there are many humorous moments Like many of Leonard s stories, this would make a great movie.

  13. Jason

    It s a breezy, pulpy crime novel with some of the best dialog around, and a pretty solid lead in Kathy Baker Leonard cuts out a lot of description that litters a lot of fiction and it results in extremely clean and lean copy It s journalistic in its treatment of prose And his style elevates a story that just didn t do it for me It seems like a really good pilot episode with a lot of promise for a series, but as its own stand alone story, it doesn t hit the high spots.The main antagonist, Elvin [...]

  14. Dan

    Short version this is an El Leonard book, and it does what it s supposed to do.I picked this book up as a piece of brain candy after reading Gravity s Rainbow the literary equivalent of running a Tough Mudder with a hangover and a sprained ankle , and to that end it does not disappoint It has a cast of colorful, mostly stupid characters, as you d expect, and they stumble and bumble their way through half baked schemes, as you d expect, until law enforcement and criminal underworld come face to f [...]

  15. David Williams

    Maximum Bob is the nickname given to Judge Bob Gibbs Judge Gibbs is known for handing out hard sentences from the bench Dale Crowe Junior has the misfortune to draw Maximum Bob Dale gets five years and threatens the judge His probation officer Kathy Baker has her hands full She is trying to fend off the advances of Judge Gibbs, keep Dale in line, and deal with Dale s uncle Elvin Things get complicated when an attempt is made on the Judge s life Now the list of suspects long, and Kathy seems to h [...]

  16. Tim Niland

    Maximum Bob is Judge Bob Gibbs given the ironic nickname for his propensity of giving the criminals he convicts the toughest possible sentence possible So when somebody sends a live alligator rampaging through the judge s home one morning there are any number suspects who could have committed the crime against him and his new age guru, multiple personality wife who he cheats on regularly and is desperate to be rid of There is El Leonard s usual rogues gallery of well drawn characters Kathy Baker [...]

  17. Brad Bell

    This is the first El Leonard book I ever read I just saw it at the library and had heard that Leonard was one of the best crime writers so I decided to check it out and I was blown away how much I loved this book The story of a judge who is known for giving the maximum sentence in all his cases and the recent parolee who decides we would like to get some revenge against the guy who threw him in jail, mix in the strong, take no shit parole officer Kathy and you have a quintessential Leonard caper [...]

  18. Patrick McCoy

    El Leonard died a few years back and I am trying slowly to make my way through his oeuvre I ve enjoyed several already and Maximum Bob 1991 is no exception It is set in Florida like many of his novels and has the usual great dialogue, descriptions, and characters good and bad Maximum Bob is a racist, womanizing judge who sometimes abuses his power to get favors and finds himself a target for assassination Some of the bad guys are familiar to me, there are two members of the Crowe clan Elvin and [...]

  19. Percy

    El Leonard shows how style alone can t carry an entire novel Pretty disappointed in the broad character sketches and total lack of substance to the overall story What the book does have is a dark sense of humor throughout, although not too dark Looking for an easy rip through, light as fat free ranch dressing, pop readMaximum Bob might do you poolside I ll be turning to some of Leonard s earlier works next to try to get closer to his essential thoughts writing I suppose a good writer only has so [...]

  20. THOMAS

    my dad was like, you can read some of those leonards in a day and he s right they re the breeziest kind of crime confection you can get i mean, violence happensit gets tuffbut in a completely relaxing way nice antidote for matt scudder running round figuring out who chopped up a brooklyn housewife and left her in a trunk, you know some liteness.

  21. Bob Walenski

    just for fun and an easy 2 day read, it doesn t get too much better than a book by El.FYI Maximum Bob is a judge, known for his strict sentenceshence the title Full of surprises, laughs and entertainment.

  22. Yong Lee

    A good yarn for a long flight from a master storyteller As usual it is full of characters on the margins of society, and Leonard reminds us that unless you re living on the edge you re taking too much space.

  23. Tim

    Maneuvering and manipulation, backstabbing and skulduggerywhat s not to like Did I mention the alligator creeping around the judges porch and the gorgeous street smart probation officer

  24. Ms Stef

    This is my first El Leonard novel and I not sure if I picked the best one It was a very light read and had all the twists and turns of a TV drama He is a good writer and I may pick up books but I don t think this story grab me like it should have.

  25. IslandRiverScribe

    If you have seen the ORIGINAL version of Mel Brooks movie Blazing Saddles, then you have a fair idea of what to expect from Maximum Bob The time frames are different but the basic attitudes are the same This book was published in 1992, over two decades ago as I write this review, and it was written by one of the masters of social satire and parody Therefore, before you start this book, take your entire sense of political correctness and put it on the shelf It might also be a good idea to stow al [...]

  26. wally

    looks like i read this one late january, early februaryfebruary 1std here it is december the 18th time flies, hey read this one on the kindle great storygins dale crowe junior told kathy baker, his probation officer, he didn t see where he had done anything wrong he had gone to the go go bar to meet a buddy of his, had one beer, that s all, while he was waiting, minding his own business and this go go whore came up to his table and started giving him a private dance he never asked forn t ya hate [...]

  27. Tom Ruffles

    With an El Leonard crime novel you know what to expect unadorned style an ensemble cast a familiar mix of goodness, badness, weakness, arrogance, self delusion and stupidity interweaving plot strands with the odd twist crisp, credible dialogue a good pace masterful cutting of scenes all coming together smoothly to a satisfying conclusion Maximum Bob follows this general formula, the cast intersecting in an improbable but enjoyable dance as the good guys try to work out what the hell the various [...]

  28. Shazza Maddog

    Way back when, I was one of the handful of people who watched the television series based off this novel I liked it The story centers around Kathy Baker, formerly Diaz, a probation officer in southern Florida She gets involved with a client in her caseload, Dale Crowe, a young man of a certain family of ne er do wells Crowe is going into court before Judge Bob Gibbs, aka Big , who s known for having a short temper when it comes to the cases he tries Bob takes an interest in Kathy, as he s curren [...]

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