Bitch Planet #6 (2020)

Bitch Planet #6 Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Taki Soma Bitch Planet Extraordinary Machine uncovers the past of the Bitches secret weapon Meiko Maki how she went from promising engineer to killer and the ace up her sleeve From KELLY SUE DeCONNICK PRETTY DEADLY Captai
  • Title: Bitch Planet #6
  • Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Taki Soma
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bitch Planet #6 Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Taki Soma Extraordinary Machine uncovers the past of the Bitches secret weapon Meiko Maki, how she went from promising engineer to killer and the ace up her sleeve From KELLY SUE DeCONNICK PRETTY DEADLY, Captain Marvel with guest pencils by TAKI SOMA Takio, The Victories.
Bitch Planet #6 Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Taki Soma

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    375 Kelly Sue DeConnick Valentine De Landro Taki Soma
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One thought on “Bitch Planet #6

  1. Melissa

    Great backstory in this installment, and it was my first single issue read I bought the first 1 5 in vol.1, so I enjoyed getting my first taste of the essays and articles included in the back of the single issues.

  2. ☆♥☆Kotyonok★♡★

    This was going so well until the violence kicked in and the stereotypes against women were depicted 100 times dramatic and worse This is not realistic This series lives on one dimensionality, especially when it comes to men The author gave a statistic on the sexual assault rate on women that are incarcerated, which is terrible But then this whole issues has simply represented men as the oppressors, men as the violent ones im aware they commit violent crimes, but the way this series does it is [...]

  3. Genesee Rickel

    Initial thoughts review ok, I think I am developing a preference for the character back stories Not a huge surprise, I love a good origin story than just about any other kind This and the Penny issue just hit so deep Also, another fantastic essay and I m excited to read the works it referenced Also, Danielle did such a good job hitting all the points in her reply to Stephen Many of Danielle s points were in my mind when reading Stephen s letter, but mostly I just glared at the page and got angr [...]

  4. Kristen

    There are two standards Bitch Planet and everything else For the series, this issue gets 4 stars Compared to other comics in general, I d give it a 5 While this character backstory isn t something that hit me as hard as Penny s story, it s still high quality writing and art that s worth the read Plus, single issues come packed with the amazing social essays in the back.This series is a must read for Well, everyone should read this series at some point in their life It ll improve society as a who [...]

  5. Kay Dee

    i liked the story although it didn t have enoughke had Meiko been in prison since that incident and the teaser on the back Eleanor lives i so want to know what that is about.i liked the essay and the interview.i had never heard of schemas before but it explains people s natural bias and that model she did of just 1% difference in promotion between men and women being hired at the same time is like whoah i bet the difference is higher for POCe problem i see is that soooooooooooooooooo many people [...]

  6. Caitlin

    Bitch Planet is one part feminist manifesto, another part incredible story My only real complaint is that it has been released so slowly and I am incredibly eager impatient to see where this goes In this issue we see Meiko s story, and find out why she was sent to prison The story and the imagery with the violin was beautiful and tragic like a sonata I am hopeful that her dad is actually still resisting the protectorate, but we ll see next time as the story picks up again.The articles and letter [...]

  7. Heather

    This is my favorite issue yet I enjoyed learning Meiko s backstory as tough as it was Megumi Igarashi s QA on the state of manko vagina in Japanese and her art was spellbinding I ordered her graphic novel memoir that just came out because of this interview The patriarchy has a worse hold on Japan than America based on her experiences with the law and Japanese media Unreal The essay by Debbie Chachra on schemas and their role in the workplace is so good I re read it three times Lastly reader Step [...]

  8. Ithlilian

    Not a bad side story, but not quite as exciting as the main plot I don t mind a glimpse of detail behind the prisoners, though it s all very Orange is the New Black, and that runs the risk of some of the side stories with characters that aren t that interesting not being as goodill love it

  9. Seonaid

    A fantastic stand alone issue that develops the backstory of Meiko one you can choose not to read if themes relating to sexual violence are likely to trigger you, with a helpful warning on the first page.I think one thing I hadn t seen in the book volume of the first five issues was the letters page correct me if I m wrong but in this issue one response to a letter in particular made me want to punch the air.

  10. Marielle

    If this trend continues, the character backstory issues are going to become my favorite This time we dive into Meiko Maki s past and what exactly landed her on Bitch Planet The comic alone is beautifully constructed and wonderfully drawn, but it s all of the details we get about the society in which Bitch Planet can exist that make it so worthwhile This series remains the best thing I m reading right now.

  11. Sarah

    Amazing as always I already loved Meiko and after this issue her death is even heart breaking The essay at the end was fantastic The Megumi Igarashi interview was everything But the letters section where a man named Stephen was completely and utterly eviscerated for his not all men fuckery and misogynist whining was FUCKING GLORIOUS I truly wish I could get everyone I know so read this series

  12. April

    This was a side story which involved the back story of one of the characters and how she ended up on Bitch Planet Issue 7 will resume the main story line with no further mention of this back story I really enjoyed getting the back story, as this is one of favorite aspects of storytelling I m hoping they do this with other characters as well.

  13. Bridgette

    I m a sucker for character origin stories, so this was right up my alley I appreciate the warning before the story got started, so I could mentally prepare The essays at the back were amazing, and I m citing the one on Gender Schemas for a writing assignment for grad school I can t wait for the next issue.

  14. Rainey

    The continued depictions of treatment of women in a way that doesn t sugar coat society s malevolence is difficult to read but important An issue addressing the ever growing number of sexual assaults by law enforcement figures could not have come at a appropriate time The author s have done an impressive job showing a disturbing subject with care for the female characters involved.

  15. Amber

    Bitch Planet volume 2 is going to be released soon, but, I couldn t resist picking this one up Why haven t I been reading the single issues Bitch Planet at least, issue 6 is half amazing comic, and half feminist magazine It s a oasis It s a revolution It s perfect Story wise Damn, bitch, get it Art wise Not my favorite style, but good in its own way and memorable

  16. Izabel

    I would give this issue 5 stars for the replies to letters alone There s a full page trigger warning, which I can honestly say I have never seen in a printed anything ever before This issue is a backstory to the main narrative, so you can skip it if you re not comfortable, but it s so so good if you are So far, one of my favorite issues.

  17. Debbie Kinsey

    It s back Again This is one of the special third issues, this time about Meiko Maki s history A short, dark origin story with some really great lines and imagery There s also an absolutely brilliant reply by Kelly Sue to a not all men letter, and a nice tease on the back page about the beginning of the second arc

  18. Nicole

    For having a full page content warning I was expecting something intense but it was great to see Meiko s background and I felt her anger and helplessness Also, Danielle s response to the dude s letter at the end was amazing

  19. Arlene

    a brief history about one of the inmates from the previous issues I m glad they had a little blurb about what happened in the previous issues, cause it s been a min since I read it solid 3 stars, a sad and ugly history.

  20. Mary

    This series never pulls any punches It s so beautifully raw, every time I love that this issue had a content warning at the beginning for anyone whom sexual assault could be triggering , and I wish comics did that sort of thing when dealing with tough content.

  21. Hayley Williamson

    Man, the essays at the end and the question answered by Danielle Henderson I would buy this comic just for those So good 4 stars for the story itself, 5 stars for the bonus material.

  22. Ashley

    Every single issue is so good and so thought provoking This one is no different The essays and letters and the end of this issue were especially good.

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