Unwrapping Noel (2020)

Unwrapping Noel Jennifer Theriot Unwrapping Noel Noel Calabrese hates the holidays as much as she hates her life Overweight insecure and heartbroken she retreats into a world of misery While in the Silicon Valley on a business trip she meets Leon
  • Title: Unwrapping Noel
  • Author: Jennifer Theriot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Unwrapping Noel Jennifer Theriot Noel Calabrese hates the holidays as much as she hates her life Overweight, insecure and heartbroken, she retreats into a world of misery While in the Silicon Valley on a business trip, she meets Leon Hallas Could he be her ticket to happiness Can she learn to trust men again Are second chances at happiness even remotely possible Unwrap this steamy little contemporaryNoel Calabrese hates the holidays as much as she hates her life Overweight, insecure and heartbroken, she retreats into a world of misery While in the Silicon Valley on a business trip, she meets Leon Hallas Could he be her ticket to happiness Can she learn to trust men again Are second chances at happiness even remotely possible Unwrap this steamy little contemporary romance, complete with a palindrome about second chances, discovering self worth and watch as the sexy silver fox falls for the full figured beauty just in time for the holidays Is Leon Hallas Mr Right and will he and Noel find their happy ever after This short story contains adult language and situations, and is intended for readers over the age of 18.
Unwrapping Noel Jennifer Theriot

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    Jennifer Theriot

One thought on “Unwrapping Noel

  1. Kristina Applegate

    In this world there are givers and there are takers, and Noel Calabrese just happens to be the biggest giver there is Giving all her free time helping her unfaithful, uncaring, good for nothing ex who happens to have cancer get back on his feet while he s off taking care of his secretary if you know what I mean With Christmas coming faster than she d care for, Noel is at a complete loss of what to do with her life Taking an invitation from an old friend and customer, Noel takes a business trip N [...]

  2. T.M. Payne

    Book Unwrapping NoelAuthor Jennifer TheriotPublication Date 12 8 2015Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW May contain spoilers This is a fantastic love story We have Noel who is a public relations specialist She has done very well for herself Noel had a crap marriage though and finally divorced her husband Dave after 13 years of marriage But he reeled her back in at least to get her help after being diagnosed with cancer Do you think that changed him Nope think again b [...]

  3. Barbara Watts

    This is the first book by this author I have read, I am hoping there is a second part to this story I could not put it down Noel Calabrese s husband Dave had cheated on her so they got a divorce, but when he gets cancer she moves in with him to help him through it She decides to surprise him with lunch, well the surprise is on her He is found with another woman , but the worst thing is that he did not tell Noel his cancer was in remission for awhile, so she could move on with her life Noel decid [...]

  4. Jan Mcclung-short

    I understand Noel s unhappiness at Christmas How do you survive a marriage that has torn your self esteem from you, made you feel unloved for years, and thinking that life isn t ever going to change for you Until she gets dragged to California and meets the sexy silver fox Can Leon change my life

  5. Carol

    Unwrapping Noel presents a story about learning to break free of the past while being willing to walk into the future The story is well paced with adventure, intense romance,twist and turns with interesting characters.Checkout the play on names until it was explained in thestory, I missed it.It is a short, power packed read.

  6. Robyn

    Unwrapping Noel is a wonderful story about hope and healing Noel owns a Public Relations Firm in Texas Her client and long time friend Tony is getting married in California and he asks her to fly there a few weeks before the wedding She thinks the trip is to help him with the wedding plans, but he wants her to run the public relations for his new business venture She was having troubles at home with her ex husband and is having doubts about her own self worth It s Christmas time and she wants to [...]

  7. Kathy Heare Watts

    ME AND YOU, BACKWARDS AND FORWARDI enjoyed this emotional story of two people in a second chance romance Noel Calabrese was married to Dave for thirteen years but caught him cheating and divorced him Then he finds out he has testicular cancer and who does he call to help him through it, yes, Noel Dave is a user and player and some things in life never change Noel is called to Silicon Valley by Tony, former Nascar driver, her friend, and client for a new project that will offer services for child [...]

  8. Anna Salamatin

    I really Liked the cast of characters in this story They developed into true to life people These are adults, with adult issues and all the good or bad that implies I like it when I know who they are, and I really idenified with Noel and her struggles, within herself and in her life Like, being curvy, she can t see how beautiful she really is And coming out of a toxic, 14 year marrage to a cheating husband hasn t helped Now, being single for about a year she is starting to develope some independ [...]

  9. Holly Bargo

    Nicely written, mature romanceI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This romance is realistic than many and I like that the main characters are mature adults, not teeny boppers Noel has baggage insecurities and a manipulative ex husband who uses her as an unpaid nurse and housekeeper She s a successful businesswoman professionally and a doormat personally Sexy silver fox Leon has just enough of assertive alpha male tendencies to make a woman swoon and he is perfect for helping [...]

  10. Jennifer Garcia

    Unwrapping Noel was a short story jam packed with a lot of feeling One of them was anger, I seriously wanted to knock Noel s ex husband out He was so selfish, taking advantage of Noel s kindness I saw her kindness, in the beginning, as weakness because I wished she would have had self value to be someone else s doormat But it s when she meets a gorgeous silver fox of a man that she starts to see how much she s worth and she grows a backbone Yes Noel and Leon look, their names are the same just [...]

  11. Michelle

    Noel has her own Public Relations Firm She and her cheating ex husband Dave still live together due to Dave needing her help after he was diagnosed with Cancer A long time client of hers asks her to come out to California to help with a secret project Noel is undecided until she uncovers a secret that Dave has been keeping from her.In California, she meets Leon a gorgeous, caring perfect man Feelings of insecurity arise as their relationship progresses Her ex really did a number on her self este [...]

  12. Jennifer Roche

    Sensually Descriptive Read Unwrapping Noel by Author Jennifer Theriot is a sensually, intricately described piece of literature that shows women can be sexy at any size as long as they have good self esteem and self confidence The word choices Jennifer Theriot uses to set her scenes in this book help create vivid images in the reader s mind The character of Noel becomes empowered as the story takes shape gaining confidence This character is an excellent choice of role model for young girls toda [...]

  13. Mary Williams

    I think this is Jennifer Theriot s best book so far It is a view of real life Noel has been divorced from her cheating husband for a year She delayed moving on with her life for a year to care for her ex while he is treated for cancer, only to find out he is still cheating and lying to her Noel owns her own company and is asked to come to California for a special project by her best client She meets Leon on her arrival in California, neither know they are there for the same meetings.Noel and Leo [...]

  14. Lovebites Andsilk

    This is a lovely story about a woman who s had to put up with deceit and betrayal from her ex She isn t exactly full of the Christmas spirit until she meets a man who makes her feel good about herself again Noel and Leon nice play on words sizzled together and I really wanted them to get a happy ever after But there is so much left unresolved at the end of this book I really wanted so see hear of these two on the page and it s a shame that we waste so much time on the ex at the start of the sto [...]

  15. Stacey

    this is a really late review and i do apologize for that this was given to me in exchange for an honest review i also used my KU to read it so what do you do when you live with your now ex husband but because of something that turns out is no longer existent and what if you are called to help a friend who knows someone who is a stranger but becomes so much and can she believe in christmas as she once had can she find the one man who can mend her heart or will he break her heart and make her fee [...]

  16. Mystipul

    Just in time for the holidays The Story of Noel and Leon was wonderful and very insightful Noel has had a rough few years where her husband cheated on her, she divorced him, but then he became sick and she got suckered into taking care of him and still living with him Time and again the guy abuses her trust and she keeps catching him in one lie after another Then she meets Leon, but is she willing to open up and trust another man after being so abused by the last one Will Leon realize in time th [...]

  17. Rachel- Goodbye Borders

    Noel has been divorced from Dave for a year They were married for 13 years before that Dave s an asshole and was cheating on her Then he was diagnosed with cancer, and being the nice person she is, Noel moved back in with him and helped him through his treatments This was a good story of a doormat, who finds her self worth again And someone who loves her Just As She Is Nice that Leon is Noel spelled backwards.

  18. Ashley Hedden

    I loved reading Noel and Leon s story First off I absolutely loved the play on their names It was something that I didn t catch until it was mentioned I loved this story and as you read it, you want Noel to experience great things She has been through hell and has become a better woman for it Leon and Noel make a couple that you completely root for I loved this story and can t wait to read of it.

  19. Danielle Goodwin

    Jennifer Theriot s Unwrapping Noel is a standalone read It s gritty and real Poor Noel, we have all been someone s doormat Very realistic and the characters are very well written The sexy stuff is hawt I will definitely see what else this author has out there.

  20. Kim

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I couldn t put it down once I started Strong characters and story line The things that Noel has to endure with her Ex makes her hesitant to move on with low self esteem Will she be able to stand up and move on with her life

  21. Gale Stanley

    This is steamy novella about love and second chances It s an entertaining read, well written with interesting characters.

  22. Heather

    Fresh off a nasty divorce with her cheating husband, Noel isn t looking forward to the holidays When a client invites her to California to help with the PR for his new business venture, Noel is happy to jump on a plane and escape her ex She meets a handsome silver fox at her hotel and sparks fly and passion blooms But can she leave her insecurities behind and enjoy her holiday fling This is a steamy read with explicit sex scenes and some cursing If you like your heroines meek and mild, Noel is a [...]

  23. Bradley Spoon

    Of course this wasn t my favorite book, it s not really my favorite genre it s a sexcapade that made me cringe at the language at times However, I found myself really invested in the story Noel is a big ole girl who finds herself in this horrible relationship rut with her ex husband who treats her like garbage She gets flown away for work and meets this hot silver fox, Leon.Obviously, things get steamy and Noel gets to spend a glorious Christmas in the arms of a real man Yasssssss Get it Honestl [...]

  24. Barbara

    If Noel wasn t such a negative human being, screaming, bitching, yelling a lot of the book I might have given it 4 stars I just couldn t stand her, she goes from angry to whiny when the man she falls for leaves her It also seems to end on a cliffhanger.Okay entertainment for a day.I received this audiobook for free from the author or narrator in exchange of an honest review.

  25. InD"tale Magazine

    Unwrapping Noel a very hot and steamy short listen that is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.Read full review in the 2017 December issue of InD tale Magazine.

  26. M. Maria

    Adorable holiday story about two wonderful people who have been treated very badly in the past This was such a romantic story Theriot truly knows how to write a woman as a woman Noel is a very realistic heroine with a big heart who shares many of my own insecurities I found it very easy to step into her shoes Leon, our silver fox hero is a delightful gentleman with a kind manner I really enjoyed this and I can t imagine anyone not enjoying it Gave me the warm Christmas feeling in March

  27. Linda

    Read in one dayI enjoyed the main character and can empathize with her body image issues It was a book where you want her to win in the end It was a bit too erotic for my taste but the storyline was well written although it seemed to end too abruptly and could have been developed I would have liked to see about the quad and Tony They seemed to be dropped too quickly without that storyline evolving into completion In conclusion, it was a fast read that I wanted to continue reading to the end I [...]

  28. Leslie

    Loved What a great little read Noel and Leon fit so well together Both have a past filled with ex s who demean them Dave, Noel s ex husband, is a real douche too He cheats on Noel, they divorce, but immediately needs her help Pffft I d have junk punched him myself so Noel was a saint.

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