A Buss from Lafayette (2020)

A Buss from Lafayette Dorothea Jensen A Buss from Lafayette Fourteen year old Clara Hargraves lives on a farm in Hopkinton a small New Hampshire town during the th century She has a couple of big problems First of all she has a stepmother Priscilla who
  • Title: A Buss from Lafayette
  • Author: Dorothea Jensen
  • ISBN: 9781939371904
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
A Buss from Lafayette Dorothea Jensen Fourteen year old Clara Hargraves lives on a farm in Hopkinton, a small New Hampshire town, during the 19th century She has a couple of big problems First of all, she has a stepmother, Priscilla, who used to be her spinster schoolteacher aunt Clara, still grieving for her mother, resents that her late mother s older sister has not only married her father but is about toFourteen year old Clara Hargraves lives on a farm in Hopkinton, a small New Hampshire town, during the 19th century She has a couple of big problems First of all, she has a stepmother, Priscilla, who used to be her spinster schoolteacher aunt Clara, still grieving for her mother, resents that her late mother s older sister has not only married her father but is about to have a baby To make matters worse, Prissy Priscilla keeps trying to make the rambunctious, clever, and witty Clara act like a proper young lady Secondly, Clara has red hair, making her a target for teasing by a handsome older boy, Dickon Weeks, and by her pretty seventeen year old Dread Cousin Hetty Clara, however, has a secret plan she hopes will change this.During the last week of June, 1825, Clara s town is abuzz because the famous General Lafayette is about to visit their state during his farewell tour of America In those eventful seven days, Clara learns a lot about her family, Hetty, Dickon, and herself In addition, she hears many stories from her family, neighbors, veterans, and from Lafayette himself Through these tales, she comes to understand the huge and vital role the French aristocrat played in American s Revolutionary War She might also come to see that her own problems are not quite so terrible after all.
A Buss from Lafayette Dorothea Jensen

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One thought on “A Buss from Lafayette

  1. ❇Critterbee

    Clara Hargraves is the heroine of A Buss from Lafayette She is a young teenager living in New England, and the book is related from her point of view She is dealing with a new step mother her deceased mother s older sister a spiteful cousin, a clueless brother, and all the intensity of being required to act like a young lady than like a child Add to that the visit of a nationally adored hero, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the result is a sometimes overly sweet narrative.Clara is quite charming, [...]

  2. Stacie

    A Buss from Lafayette is an exquisitely detailed and beautifully penned historical fiction novel that chronicles a week s worth of events that ultimately transform a girl into a budding young woman.It s the summer of 1825 and General Lafayette is on a farewell tour as the Nation s Guest People are lining up in the big cities just to catch a glimpse of this remarkable man who helped secure America s freedom from the British At the same time, in the small town of Hopkinton a girl named Clara Hargr [...]

  3. Tonja Drecker

    THIS LOVELY JAUNT INTO THE YEAR 1825 HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DUSTY HISTORY BOOKS, BUT RATHER, BRINGS TO LIFE THE LESS KNOWN HISTORY OF GENERAL LAFAYETTE THROUGH THE EYES OF A SPUNKY GIRL Clara is a 13 14 year old girl, who s still coming to terms with the death of her mother, quick marriage of her father to her aunt and the fast approaching birth of her half sister Add her strong dislike for her red hair, a pesky brother and the horrid idea that she should give up the most fun aspects of life and [...]

  4. Cat Michaels

    Clara is a likeable teen and a 19th century tomboy of sorts, who strides a horse and swims in the pond On the cusp of adulthood, she experiences conflicting feelings toward Dickon, a childhood playmate who suddenly asks her to a dance The book ended connections about Clara s auburn hair tie the plot together in a charming way The narrative moves forward, in part, through Clara s diaries and letters which offer unique insights into the red haired protagonist This epistolary style keeps the story [...]

  5. Melanie

    This story takes place in New Hampshire in 1825 Clara is 14 years old and adjusting to a new family situation Her mother died one year ago, and one week later, her father married her spinster aunt On top of that, they re having a baby Clara misses her mother and the way her life used to be She is also sorely disappointed with the color of her hair red But she has a plan to change that At dinner one night, her father talks about the Nation s Guest, who arrived in New Hampshire that day His name G [...]

  6. Sara

    Great story I m glad I discovered this author She writes so well and makes her characters so believable Her other book of historical fiction about the American Revolution is The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, which was published a while back in 1989 It got all sorts of awards and I m sure this one will too This one is about a 14 yr old girl, Clara, who lives in Hopkinton, NH in the 1820s when General Lafayette was on his tour of the US to celebrate the 50th year of American independence that he helpe [...]

  7. Kathy

    Very Impressive I am wonderfully impressed by this book The author brought so many facts about the Revolutionary War and General Lafayette out in such an organic manner All of the conversations I can clearly see taking place in my mind as the characters discuss events of the War and the actions of General Lafayette While it is a little difficult to see a very young female as being outspoken enough to interrupt adult male conversations without rebuke given the time of the setting, her growing in [...]

  8. Charlie

    The SkinnyA historical fiction book that heavily focuses on the American Revolution and the Frenchman known as the National Guest in the States General Lafayette It is set in June 1825 The story is told from the point of view of 14 year old Clara Hargraves from New Hampshire She is struggling with some major changes in her life like her spinster smarmy schoolteacher aunt now being her stepmother and pregnant As if that is not betrayal enough, now Prissy Priscilla is trying to conform Clara into [...]

  9. Julie Hayes

    I wanted to like this book so badly because it s about Lafayette, and I love Lafayette, but I couldn t It s not badly written, but I couldn t get into it The author obviously did her research, but that s the trouble If you notice the research, there s something wrong She didn t incorporate it into the story as much as she incorporated the story into the research I think she would have been better off telling the story in third person rather than first Her heroine does not come off very well Plus [...]

  10. Elaine Milks

    A Buss from Lafayette, by Dorothea Jensen, is a delightful historical fiction for younger women And if you didn t already know, the word buss means kiss Being a grandmother, I must say that I enjoyed every word of it It is well written, entertaining and a wonderful peek into the life of a girl who had just turned fourteen in 1825 The book gives the reader a small window into the history of the American Revolution, when General Lafayette, a man who played a critical role in the victory, is passin [...]

  11. K

    Did you ever watch Pop up Video as a kid This feels a lot like that, in that you pretty much already know how the plot is going to go and vaguely on theme facts randomly pop up in ways that are only tangentially related to it 2.5 stars for holding my interest in spite of that.

  12. Kelly

    Fun, educational storyI learned a bit of history through this story It is a fun way to teach about the revolutionary war.

  13. Ila Jo Harrell

    An ageless delightThis book is a great read whether you are 9 or 90 It has a bit of a history lesson as well as a life lesson in it for all of us I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  14. Michelle Perry

    In this coming age novel, Clara Hargraves must come to terms with a step mother she feels is trying to take her dead mother s place, her flaming red hair that draws attention and teasing, and just being a 14 year old girl.The book takes place in 1825 and as the title suggests, central to the story is the tour of The States by revolutionary War Hero, General Lafayette While Clara navigates the inevitable and timeless pitfalls of being a 14 year old, the world around her is a buzz with Lafayette s [...]

  15. Christina

    I found the story charming and very educational I learned a lot about General Lafayette s role in the American Revolution I liked Clara s personality and the evolving relationship with her stepmother, cousin, and Dickon, who used to tease her I think if there had been a little interaction with each of those characters, it would have been even better.I think fans of Laura Ingalls books, Anne of Green Gables, and Larkrise to Candleford would enjoy this.Some young people might feel this is too muc [...]

  16. Readnride

    As a fan of The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, I was hoping A Buss From Lafayette would be as good, and it is The characters really came to life for me and the story moved along at a good pace The heroine, Clara, has some of the same issues as girls of today, even though she s living almost 200 years ago Historical fiction fans will enjoy this book, especially as it was based upon a real historical event, General Lafayette s visit to New Hampshire I found the glossary helpful and informative Read itY [...]

  17. Kay LaLone

    This book takes the reader back in time to the year 1825 Clara is fourteen and her stepmother is trying to teach her how to be a lady Her stepmother was looking like a fairy godmother and less like a wicked stepmother Clara wanted to learn as much as she could about this Frenchman who had done so much for her country Entertaining and educational read I received this book free for an honest review.

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