A Muddied Murder (2020)

A Muddied Murder Wendy Tyson A Muddied Murder When Megan Sawyer gives up her big city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family s organic farm and caf she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome
  • Title: A Muddied Murder
  • Author: Wendy Tyson
  • ISBN: 9781635110050
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
A Muddied Murder Wendy Tyson When Megan Sawyer gives up her big city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family s organic farm and caf , she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome, Pennsylvania Instead, her goat goes missing, rain muddies her fields, the town denies her business permits, and her family s Colonial era farm sucks up the remains of her savWhen Megan Sawyer gives up her big city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family s organic farm and caf , she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome, Pennsylvania Instead, her goat goes missing, rain muddies her fields, the town denies her business permits, and her family s Colonial era farm sucks up the remains of her savings.Just when she thinks she s reached the bottom of the rain barrel, Megan and the town s hunky veterinarian discover the local zoning commissioner s battered body in her barn Now Megan is thrust into the middle of a murder investigation and she s the chief suspect Can Megan dig through small town secrets, local politics, and old grievances in time to find a killer before that killer strikes again
A Muddied Murder Wendy Tyson

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    Wendy Tyson

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  1. Linda

    Whether you are an animal lover, someone who loves a good mystery or you just enjoy engaging characters, Wendy Tyson s first story in her Greenhouse Mystery series has it all Megan Sawyer had returned to her roots after the death of her husband in Afghanistan and a burgeoning career as a big city lawyer Her grandmother, Bonnie Birch affectionately known as Bibi , was approaching her mid eighties and needed someone nearby Megan wanted to make a life change and her return to Winsome, Pennsylvania [...]

  2. Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies

    Megan Sawyer, an ex attorney, leaves the hectic city life of Chicago to return to her grandmother Bibi s, organic farm and nursery Aptly named Washington Acres legend says George Washington stayed there during the Revolutionary War Megan is ready to open their Cafe in town but can t seem to get her inspections passed Simon Duvall, a local history buff, with a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde personality wants Bibi s land zoned for historical preservation and is pushing Bibi to sell Apparently, others also have [...]

  3. Lisa Ks Book Review

    A fabulous start to what I hope will be a long running series This first book in the Greenhouse Mysteries by author Wendy Tyson had everything I look for in a great mystery A perfect setting, an interesting profession for the protagonist, and characters I would love to know in real life By the end of chapter one of A MUDDIED MURDER I was besotted with character Megan Sawyer, an attorney turned farmer caf owner, her grandmother Bibi, and local vet Dr Finn As I read of the story I was laughing hy [...]


    Tyson gives us an evocative sense of place, a bit of romance, and dimensional characters with interesting backstories Readers are left looking forward to the next book in the series and hankering for organic mushroom tartlets Publishers Weekly

  5. Jonathan

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest review from Henery Press and Netgalley All opinions stated in this review are entirely mine A lawyer turned farmer, a murder, a flood, and tons of suspenseful yet cozy action go together to make A Muddied Murder a winner The main character, Megan, has recently transitioned from her job as a big city corporate lawyer to a small town organic farmer, and she loves it But when a man is murdered on her farm, and she becomes one of the suspects Megan k [...]

  6. Mark Baker

    Megan Sawyer s plans to revitalize her family s farm and open a small store and caf are constantly hitting the road block of Simon Duvall Simon is the head of the local zoning commission, and he keeps failing her on every inspection After the latest one, Megan finds Simon murdered in the farm s barn Naturally, the police are looking at Megan as a suspect, but all Megan can wonder is why Simon was killed in the barn.This is a wonderful debut There are some secrets in Megan s family that come to l [...]

  7. MomToKippy

    Unfortunately for me this was written in a style that was mostly telling and not showing which became tedious and well, boring And there were some events and behaviors that just did not make sense to me It could not keep my attention The last two books I read have been contemporary and I did not enjoy them so perhaps I should just not go there.


    Dollycas s ThoughtsLike our author, Megan Sawyer is a lawyer Megan feels like she is leaving the rat race behind when she returns to Winsome to help her grandmother and open a store and caf featuring things grown on her family s organic farm But Winsome has its own share of rats, namely Zoning Commissioner, Simon Duvall He is holding up her permits and keeping her from her grand opening She can handle the rain and her goats wandering but she can t let one man keep her from her livelihood.With th [...]

  9. Carol

    Megan Sawyer left her lawyer career to return to Winsome, Pennsylvania She is caring for her grandmother while setting up a organic farm and cafe.The farm and town scenery is described so vividly that the reader will feel as if they are in Winsome.The book is intriguing with believable characters involved in an puzzling plot.Murder, a loose goat, muddy fields, stabbing, historical re enactment, historical society meets, firebeautification projects, the farmer s market, hidden treasure, Washingto [...]

  10. Luli

    Esta historia tiene de todo un poco un sugerente misterio, un inquietante asesinato, un poco de romance y otro poco de humor, un pueblo no tan peque o y sus metomentodo habitantes y entre enga o y secreto familiar, una interesante visi n de econom a sostenible.Muy interesante y muy entretenido Y si no fuese porque se trata de una serie y no todo es descubierto y o explicado en este libro no soy fan de las series le hubiese dado las 5 stars.Te van a gustar todos los personajes, no hay dos iguales [...]

  11. Andrea Stoeckel

    I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Ah, well this new life was certainly teaching her patience Mother Nature had her own opinions about timing, and she wasn t heari [...]

  12. Lisa Morin

    Wendy Tyson is a new to me author and I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review.I was very impressed with this book It had everything I look for in a cozy mystery When Megan Sawyer returns to the family farm in rural Winsome, PA, she has no idea what she is in for.Finding a dead body was not on her list of never ending chores Struggling to keep the family farm going, it seems someone doesn t want Megan to succeed It is up to her to dig up the dirt on [...]

  13. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    A fun new cozy series especially since it centers around food I love the idea of farming or having a garden but don t think you ll find me doing that.There are a lot of interesting characters to round out the story, with several back stories on different characters that I think we will see of in the future.Regarding the mysteryI didn t figure out who the bad guys were until revealed I wanted to throw a few of the characters to the wolves and wanted them to be culprit but no such luck maybe in a [...]

  14. Hilary S

    A fun start to a new series Megan has given up the pressured life of a lawyer to run the family farm after the death of her Grandfather, they want to also open a cafe in a place they own in the town but the local Commissioner seems to be throwing problem after problem in the way, then Megan and the local vet Denver find his dead body in the farm s barn One problem is over but the rest are just beginning and Megan needs to pull her legal training back to the fore in order to sift the truth from t [...]

  15. Floyd

    A Muddied MurderbyWendy TysonA ReviewA Muddied MurderA small farm, a vegetable stand, a small town local grocer, and an organic cafe, make for the perfect location for a murder When located in southeastern Pennsylvania, it seems almost like home In fact, for Megan Sawyer, it was too close to home.Megan was on the verge of becoming a big time Chicago lawyer, but she had the opportunity to return to her roots in rural Pennsylvania after the death of her husband But to do so, she had to hang up her [...]

  16. Kathleen

    In A Muddied Murder, the first book in the Greenhouse Mystery series, author Wendy Tyson weaves a riveting cozy mystery that follows the trials and tribulations of ex corporate attorney turned organic farmer cafe owner Megan Sawyer.Set in the small rural town of Winsome, Pennsylvania, this fast paced tale follows Megan Sawyer as she returns to her hometown to help her Grandmother Bonnie Bibi Birch run their family owned organic farm and cafe Megan s struggles to restore the farm and run the cafe [...]

  17. Jacqueline (Fall In Love With The Sound of Words)

    I found this book a bit difficult to get into at first I didn t have much interest in the mystery, and there was a very in depth look into Megan s life as a farmer Caf owner ex lawyer, that I felt took away from the story a little There was just a lot of information and explaining that I felt wasn t so necessary I actually caught my mind wandering a few times as I was reading.As for the characters, I found them a bit annoying, and the ones I fairly liked were pretty trivial to the story as a who [...]

  18. Peggy R

    This is the first book I have read by this author and I found it to be very enjoyable This is a promising start to a new series The story is well written with a good pace There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged in what I found to be a solid mystery I also enjoyed the historical mystery that was woven in to this story about the ancestors of our main character The author has a wonderful descriptive writing style and I enjoyed learning about organic farming, which is becomi [...]

  19. Donna

    This is the first book I have read by this author Takes place in Winsome, PA where everyone knows your name and your relatives names After working for a large law firm in Chicago, Wendy comes back home to take care of the family farm and her grandmother She also decides to open up a health food caf in town But someone doesn t want her to do that and when the zoning commissioners body is found on her farm, Wendy and or her grandmother become the main suspects With the help from Denver the Vet wit [...]

  20. Betty

    Megan Sawyer returns to her home of Winsome Pennsylvania to save the family farm Washington Acres Immediately she has problems with local Historical Preservation Society The permits she needs are being held back that would allow her to open an organic cafe and store The Society wants to buy the farm On a stormy night, a Society member is found dead in the barn, his head was bashed in with her shovel Megan is beginning a romance with a veterinarian Dog lovers will love Gunther Megan learns secret [...]

  21. Debbie

    I really like this new series The characters were personable, well most of them, and there was a good mix of quirky thrown in This story was not short of suspects as well I had absolutely no idea who did it I was astonished when I found out why there had been so many strange things going on I look forward to the next book in the series when, I presume, the author will tell us about the part Megan left out of the letter Don t understand that last part Pick up the book and see what I m talking abo [...]

  22. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)

    Megan Sawyer has come home After a telephone call from her father, who told her he was moving to Italy, she made the decision to move home and care for her family s farm, along with her grandmother, Bibi She s trying to turn the farm into a completely organic one, and also has plans to open a cafe market in town, but is stymied at every turn by Simon Duvall, the zoning commissioner, and town historian Tired of his endless inspection requirements, Megan and Simon have an argument at her cafe, wit [...]

  23. Kristen

    I loved everything about this book Two women running a gentlewoman s farm Gardening A Scottish veterinarian who goes to great lengths to rescue dogs People who were raised on a commune American Revolution reenactors Wounded warriors portrayed realistically Charming bungalows in a bucolic small town setting Buried treasure Mischievous baby goats And of course, murder most foul Former Chicago based corporate lawyer and widow Megan moves back to her hometown and in with her grandmother to take up t [...]

  24. Kevin

    I can t tell you the last time I read into the middle of the night to finish a mystery, but at 3 38 a.m today I finished A Muddied Murder, the first book in Wendy Tyson s Greenhouse Mysteries series This is the first novel by Tyson that I ve read but it won t be the last.Megan Sawyer leaves her Chicago law firm and returns home to Winsome, Pennsylvania, to be closer to her grandmother and to turn the family farm into an organic enterprise that includes a retail store for her fresh produce and a [...]

  25. Mary Brown

    Synopsis When Megan Sawyer gives up her big city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family s organic farm and caf , she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome, Pennsylvania Instead, her goat goes missing, rain muddies her fields, the town denies her business permits, and her family s Colonial era farm sucks up the remains of her savings.Just when she thinks she s reached the bottom of the rain barrel, Megan and the town s hunky veterinarian discov [...]

  26. Toni

    It took me a few minutes to get into this book but as it went along these characters grew on me slowly like a seedling sprouting out of the ground Each and every page matured the story to a beautiful whole As the characters developed and settled into my mind, I realized how you just need to give a new series a chance to impress you And impress me, it did Megan Sawyer did what many seem to be doing these days She chucked her big city lawyer job for a life that was simpler, joyful and working clo [...]

  27. Linda Baker

    Megan Sawyer has moved back to her hometown of Winsome, PA to try to save her family s colonial era farm After her husband s death in Afghanistan and several years of big city lawyering, Megan wants to get back to work that is satisfying Besides, her 80 something grandmother, Bibi, needs help Megan s father, Eddie, has gallivanted off to Italy with his new wife, leaving Bibi in the lurch not that Eddie was much good at farm management Megan s idea is to convert the farm to all organic methods an [...]

  28. Kim

    There is so much to love about this new cozy series It was the perfect time for me to read this, since Spring is trying to let itself be known here in Wisconsin I am looking forward to the farmer s markets in the area, as well as the pizza farm we try to go to at least once a month in the summer And I was super excited when it was mentioned in the book that they might try to make their farm into a pizza farm in the future I know they are just characters in a book, but I quickly fell in love with [...]

  29. Laura Reading

    I truly enjoy mysteries set in small towns and rural areas Where everyone believes they know everyone else s business but there are still secrets to be discovered Even within families, histories may be rewritten Did George Washington actually stay overnight at Washington Acres If proven, how will that affect the Winsome area Who will benefit A complicated tale of who can be trusted and what are the true motives Megan Sawyer left her job as an attorney for what she hoped would be a simpler, calme [...]

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