Second Coming (2020)

Second Coming Amanda Carney Second Coming There is no sanctuary without him At last she has it all Everything she thought she d never have Acceptance Friendship Love Parsley Walker is finally home Allswell the magical refuge for supernatura
  • Title: Second Coming
  • Author: Amanda Carney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Second Coming Amanda Carney There is no sanctuary without him.At last, she has it all Everything she thought she d never have Acceptance Friendship Love Parsley Walker is finally home Allswell, the magical refuge for supernaturals, is all she d imagined and She s making friends Learning not to hide her telepathic and telekinetic abilities Learning not to fear And, most importantly, plaThere is no sanctuary without him.At last, she has it all Everything she thought she d never have Acceptance Friendship Love Parsley Walker is finally home Allswell, the magical refuge for supernaturals, is all she d imagined and She s making friends Learning not to hide her telepathic and telekinetic abilities Learning not to fear And, most importantly, planning a future free from that ever present sense of foreboding with the vampire she loves Her life, the life she was always meant for, is about to begin.Then she gets the letter that turns her new world upside down.Jesse Linwood has just made the most difficult decision of his life to turn his back on the only girl he s ever loved Now he must return to his sire the ancient, wicked vampire who lusts for Parsley s blood to eliminate the threat to her once and for all, even at the expense of his own life Because love isn t about the heart Love is about the soul and how much of it you re willing to lose.This book includes erotic scenes and graphic violence.
Second Coming Amanda Carney

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    Amanda Carney

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  1. AJ

    4 supernaturally exciting starsBook 2 in the First Fruits series, this follows immediately on from First Fruits, picking up right at that nasty cliffhanger and diving us straight back into the story Be aware that this review will contain spoilers for book 1 With Jesse s sadistic sire, Patrick, looming ever closer and danger now on their doorstep, it s time for Jesse to make some tough decisions to protect the woman he loves And the only way for him to truly do that is to hide her in the supernat [...]

  2. Meigan

    Author Amanda Carney continues the story of Jesse and Parsley in the second installment of the First Fruits series After the mother of all cliffhangers from Second Coming s predecessor, I was left with such a feeling of dread, especially with such a tense ending.After the situation is resolved from the aforementioned cliffhanger, Jesse realizes that Patrick s obsession with Parsley isn t something that s ever going to relent He, along with Felix, come up with the plan to send Par to Allswell, a [...]

  3. Lakshmi C

    What made Second Coming a great sequel Do you ever read a book which sucked you in, moved you, kept you up at night A book with grey heroes, obsessed villains, survivors and high stakes First Fruits was one of those books and it ended with a cruel cliffhanger This is what happens next 1 Parsley and Girl PowerMy only problem with the first book was Par s passive nature She had the gifts but didn t use them Here, Par taps into her abilities and kicks ass She refuses to back down, to run to safety [...]

  4. Z-squared

    I have a low, low tolerance for cute So the fact that I finished this book despite a setting that makes Disneyland s Storybook Lane look like a crack den should tell you something about the strength of the characters and plot After Jesse makes a desperate, heartbreaking move to keep Par safe, Par has to pick up the pieces of her life post Patrick Luckily, she meets a whole community of magical refugees that can empathize She finds her way in her adopted homeland and even starts to unravel the my [...]

  5. Carmen

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Parsley finally has everything that she s ever wanted friendship, love, and mutual acceptance However, not all is as it seems in Allswell because vampires are not on the list of potential refugees Faced with planning a future without Jesse or risking everything to be with him, she must choose between living a safe life or risk everything to reunite with Jesse What will she do Second Coming picks up right where First Fruits lef [...]

  6. Denise

    I thought book one, First Fruits , blew me away but I was wrong with that assessment Book two, Second Coming knocked it out of the ballpark I absolutely loved it The storyline was incredibly creative and descriptive The way the story played out was full of epic battles that were awesome, action packed, mysterious and suspenseful This book was a work of beauty, both scenic and as a whole The hot and steamy romance was hubba hubba hot The characters were an array of awesome beings and personalitie [...]

  7. Kat Loves

    Oh my wow Ok so before you think about reading this book, you need to read the first one, First Fruits, because it will give you a better understanding of the storyline, characters and the dynamics.In this book, Jesse takes Par to Allswell as safe place for supernatural beings to live without fear only Jesse don t tell Par that as a vampire he is not allowed there.Par makes new friends and settles into her new home still believing that Jesse will return to be with her but then she gets a letter [...]

  8. Jennie

    The second book picks up where the first left off Jesse and Parsley travel to Allswell, the only safe place for Parsley to hide where Patrick can t reach her She thinks that she will be able to start a new life here with Jesse However, Jesse has other plans and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means throwing himself at Patricks mercy.I really enjoyed finding out about the new characters in Allswell and the place itself It was good to see how Parsley interacted with them and [...]

  9. Christina

    One of my favorite duet series ever I loved Parsley and Jesse s relationship and I couldn t put this down, wanting to know if they were going to end up together Make sure you read First Fruits before this one since this is book 2 and the conclusion First Fruits ends on a cliffhanger so you ll want to read this one right away Amanda is an amazing author and the book is beautifully editedI can t wait to read future works from her

  10. S

    One word Wow I did not expect this ending I did not think Parsley would actually get her happily ever after in the second book, but I was surprised I was on the edge of my seat when I first started this book because I was frightened about how the readers would find Parsley That ending in the first book had me literally shaking Although the cliffhanger was cruel, it was a brilliantly clever move for the author to make I also loved the introduction of the new dimension, Allswell, because it allowe [...]

  11. Lisa D Friedrichs

    Great readGreat read with lot of action keeping me reading There were some steamy parts but it doesn t overtake the plot Some the close calls had me on the edge of my seat Overall a great read.

  12. Maria

    Movie Worthy I enjoyed this story tremendously I can soooo see it making a great movie or even tv series I can t wait till the third book.

  13. BostonTerrierLuv

    5 5 Magical Action packed stars There may be flowers, pixies, and all things beauty this time around but don t be fooled one heck of a storm is brewing in Amanda Carney s latest novel It was the chance of a lifetime The hope of a lifetime A second coming Second Coming is the second book in the First Fruits series and this continuation is even magical and enthralling than the previous book In Second Coming comes a fairytale land where there is a city that literally never sleeps and those creatu [...]

  14. Carol

    I was approached by the author to read and review the first and second book in the series However the opinions expressed in this review are my own SOME SPOILERS After reading the first book I was super excited to read the second one from where the first book left off it left us on a huge cliff hanger Par and Jesse were running and hiding from Patrick with the help of Jesse s brother Felix who longed to help and reunite with his brother.Bane ,Patricks other creation who is truly evil had caught u [...]

  15. Charlotte

    Source I received this book directly from the Author Amanda Carney In exchange for my opinion and Honest review The Second Coming First Fruits 2 By Amanda Carney.He sacrifices everything to make Parsley Walker safe Allswel, home to the supernatural, refuge for the gifted It s everything Parsley had imagined and Making friends fast and for the first time, to completely be herself Not having to hide who she truly is or her gifts All she has to do is wait for Two Weeks for the vampire she loves Je [...]

  16. Taylor

    I received this book from the author in exchange for a review This is the second book in the First Fruits Series, and after the cliff hanger in the first book i was extremely eager to read this book Second coming picks up exactly where First Fruits finishes as the blurb explains Par finds she s truly at home, a place called Allswell Allswell is a magical safe haven for all people with magical abilities, with the except of vampires, which is problematic considering that is exactly what Par s mate [...]

  17. BookWormAli

    I feel like no matter what I write, it will not be enough to describe this book This book starts off where Book one ends, if you really need to read book 1 first.In this book the confrontation with Bane is brought to a resolution Not going to spoil what happens Par and Jesse head to Allswell a safe haven for the supernatural beings of the world as a last resort Only problem is Jesse fails to mention that vampires are not welcome there, and that he wont be coming back after 2 weeks to stay with P [...]

  18. Rochelle

    I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review SECOND COMING by Amanda CarneyParsley Walker has everything she s ever wanted A new safe home in a magical place, new friendships, acceptance for who she is, and love Par is planning a future with her vampire, that is free of anyone who would want to hurt her or her mate For Par there is no sanctuary without Jesse, and all she has to do now is wait for his return Then she receives a letter that devastates her, but not everything [...]

  19. Suzanne

    4.5 stars Book 2 in the First Fruits series follows immediately from where First Fruits left off after that cliffhanger I liked this second book even than the first It was suspenseful, action packed, heart breaking and happy with many new magical characters.Once the cliffhanger situation is resolved, Jesse realizes that Patrick s obsession with Parsley isn t ever going away and he ll stop at nothing to have her Jesse and Felix come up with a plan to send Parsley to Allswell, a safe haven for su [...]

  20. Angel

    I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.Oh wow what a story Packed with action and magic.It picked up right where First Fruits left off With vengeful justice, followed by heartbreaking betrayal Jesse knows his sire will never stop hunting Parsley His only hope to keep her safe is to take her to Allswell A sanctuary for the supernatural However only one race is forbidden entry His Leaving Parsley there will protect her from Patrick But in order to do so he will have to let her g [...]

  21. Ashley

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review The First Fruits series is by far the best paranormal series that I have read in a long time Second Coming picks up on a major cliffhanger from First Fruits I highly recommend you read the series in order, and not skip the first book, or you ll be lost Perhaps what I love the most about this book, is Carney s ability to take Vampires, Fairies, Witches, shape shifters and other mythical creatures that have been written about for centu [...]

  22. Tanya Prasad

    If you thought the first book was good, well this one just gets better The story picks up right where the first part ended Now with Bane out of the equation, Jesse realises that he can t really always protect Par She need to be safe Even if that means he has to separate himself from her Hence Par lands up in Allswell Allswell is as cheesy as it sounds Everything is perfect and feels like it is straight out of some fairytale Par is happy for once She feels accepted But only till she realises that [...]

  23. Sarah Davies

    I was given a copy via the author for an honest review.Well, what a way to start the second book straight from the cliffhanger of the first book into this book and it doesn t stop there I enjoyed the first book in the First Fruit Series, but the second book blew me away It starts at such an in important point in the series.Par and Jesse are in love, Par has telepathic and kinetic powers while Jesse is a vampire But both are being hunted by Jesse Sire Patrick and he will not stop until he gets th [...]

  24. Mirela

    You cannot believe the whirlwind that Second Coming causes If you have not read First Fruits by Amanda Carney this post will have spoilers for you The story jumps right into where the last one ended and had a great inception of characters Par was amazing and Jessie was as secretive as ever Now as the reader we know what is coming but waiting for Parsley to figure it out was almost painful The characters were well developed and super unique keeping you pulled into their independent struggles I wa [...]

  25. Zoltán Orosz

    Here comes the solution of the cruelest cliffhanger EVER and I didn t like it.BUTThis book was the best.I really liked the First Fruit It was first in its genre that I could really enjoy and had a really unique tone to it So I was really eager to jump into the second book and I loved it It becomes much slower at some part in the magical kingdom tiny spoiler and it certainly has a simple, predictable story line However it widens its world without any hiccups and without ruining the already set ru [...]

  26. Sarah

    Jesse and Par s story continues where the previous book left off It becomes obvious that Patrick will stop at nothing to get to Par Jesse knows that she will never be safe with vampires after her and suggests that they seek sanctuary at Allswell, a refuge for magical mythological individuals protected from the outside world by strong and old magic In Allswell, Par meets a diverse cast of characters, which really jumped off of the page Eventually, Par realizes that she must make a decision to liv [...]

  27. Maria Dodd

    This is the second book in the First Fruits series DO NOT read this book until you have read the first The first book ended on a really tough cliffhangerI hate cliffhangers Luckily this book picked up exactly where the first left off The first book draws you in, introduces all the characters and totally captivates you This book continues on the journey It has everything you could want from a book, emotions of all kinds, intrigue, humour, hot guys, strong women and all manner of supernatural bein [...]

  28. Ramona Plant

    Amanda beautifully pics up where she left her readers in the first book The second part is extremely imaginative and I truly enjoyed Allswell The pace is spot on and carries you through the story that is fully of excitement There are a few unexpected twists that I always enjoy and keep me reading I like those wow I didn t see that coming moments and Amanda had a few of those.Par is constantly developing and in this part there were a few times where I just want to shake her and ask what she is th [...]

  29. Klaudia

    Second Coming is sequel to First Fruits amazing paranormal romance It is just as great as first book from this series Second Coming is packed with action and magic Tension was escalating with every single page Parsley and Jesse were faced with their biggest enemy Patrick I wish I could strangle that sonofabitch My heart ached for them and I cheered for them all along Fortunately they survived and got their happy ending I guess sometimes love is stronger than any obstacle The best part of it was [...]

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