Planetary: Crossing Worlds (2020)

Planetary: Crossing Worlds Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday Planetary Crossing Worlds Three fantastic crossovers all written by Warren Ellis are collected in one spectacular Softcover Featuring gorgeous art by fan favorites John Cassaday Phil Jimenez and Jerry Ordway Collecting Planet
  • Title: Planetary: Crossing Worlds
  • Author: Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday
  • ISBN: 9781401202798
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
Planetary: Crossing Worlds Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday Three fantastic crossovers all written by Warren Ellis are collected in one spectacular Softcover Featuring gorgeous art by fan favorites John Cassaday, Phil Jimenez and Jerry Ordway Collecting Planetary The Authority, Planetary JLA, Planetary Batman
Planetary: Crossing Worlds Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday

  • UNLIMITED BOOK ↠ Planetary: Crossing Worlds - by Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday
    125 Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday
  • thumbnail Title: UNLIMITED BOOK ↠ Planetary: Crossing Worlds - by Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday
    Posted by:Warren Ellis Phil Jimenez Andy Lanning Jerry Ordway John Cassaday
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One thought on “Planetary: Crossing Worlds

  1. Jedhua

    Book Info This collection containsPlanetary The Authority Ruling the Worldissue 1,Planetary JLA Terra Occultaissue 1, 645 650, andPlanetary Batman Night on Earthissue 1.ABSOLUTE RATING 3 5 stars STANDARDIZED RATING 3 5 stars

  2. Feather Mista

    Le cada historia por separado, y seguro guarde esta rese a para cuando me compre el tomo que a na las tres y ma ana pongo los links que lleven a esas pobretonas rese as Si promedio para abajo es porque el resultado general es un poco m s bajo que el de la serie, pero sin duda es mucho mejor que muchos otros que voto con tres estrellitas.

  3. Paul

    This is a compilation of crossovers of Planetary with other DC Wildstorm characters They are enjoyable but not necessary to understand the basics of Planetary.

  4. Fizzgig76

    Reprints Planetary The Authority Ruling the World 1, Planetary JLA Terra Occulta 1, and Planetary Batman Night on Earth 1 August 2000 August 2003 Elijah Snow, the Drummer, and Jakita Wagner are no strangers to the dark side of the world, but they are about to experience different types of adventures all together In one reality, they come together with their opposite in the world ruling Authority when a threat from the Snowflake could mean doom for Earth In another reality, Planetary becomes the [...]

  5. Richard Guion

    This collection features 3 cross overs between Elijah Snow s Planetary group and other teams but Ellis isn t going to follow standard superhero meeting rules The one featuring the Authority had the biggest promise Ellis team of super powered overlords, who share knowledge of the Bleed which features prominently in Planetary What would happen when these 2 teams meet Would Jenny Sparks have another romantic interlude with Snow Alas, the teams never really meet, they just intersect What a letdown P [...]

  6. Gayle Francis Moffet

    It s a 3 star because one of the stories here is basically an Elseworlds Alternate Reality if you don t know DC lingo , one is a not team up but sharing space with The Authority, and one s just a damn fine Planetary story that happens to include Batman.None of these stories are bad, but I don t like seeing evil Planetary, and while it was interesting to see The Authority and Planetary be in the same place and not interact, I kept hoping for it The one that really sings in this collection is the [...]

  7. jeremiah

    Don t want to spoil anything, and these three stories have a TON of spoilers in them Glad I read them after reading the entire main series as each comes from different points within the Planetary storyline universe I wasn t as big of a fan of the first two stories, though they were still good, but the third was great.The first story takes place sometime in the second half of the Planetary storyline, but not sure when It seemed to be of a vehicle for another of Ellis s comics but it was neat to [...]

  8. Sunil

    In a series that explores the multiverse in all its complexity, it s only natural to send Planetary into other comic book universes In the first story, Planetary teams up with the Authority to save the world, and because I have no experience with the Authority at all, I didn t really know who was who, but that didn t really make the story hard to follow This is the weakest story, as the team up isn t really a team up there s hardly any actual character interaction , but it does have a nice endin [...]

  9. Robert

    Okay, two of the three stories don t necessarily fit into Wildstorm canon Hell, Planetary JLA is an Elseworlds title, so it doesn t fit anywhere Both are good but not great stories So what makes this a five star book Planetary Batman Night on Earth.When this came out as a Prestige format in 2002 or 03, Planetary proper had been on hiatus for almost two years Warren and John felt they needed something to get the reading public back into the world of Elija, Jakita, Drummer et al So they got togeth [...]

  10. zxvasdf

    Three alternate reality tellings of the Planetary quartet Brilliant and chilling, Warren Ellis brings it I enjoyed very much the teaming of Bruce Wayne, Diana, and Clark Kent It also brings up the question Where does it end People with power always start with good intentionsBut the most brilliant entry in this book is Night on Earth, in which the trio seeks out John Black in a Gotham without Batman John Black has an ailment which results in a lot of killing, and incontrollable phases through rea [...]

  11. sage

    The Batman one is pretty good Seeing the different iterations of Batman in the same circumstances is nice I m not sure how I feel about Jakita flirting with him, though On one hand, that would be an awesome pairing on the other, this feels really OOC for her and I kind of resent her getting turned into a sex object just because it s a mainstream DC crossover The Authority crossover is silly and doesn t really hang together as a coherent narrative at all, which is sad because the Lovecraft joke h [...]

  12. Danijel Jedriško

    It s hard to rate comic like this First of all, there are three stories inside, all three connected to the Planetary series As it s the case with most of such books, stories vary in quality First, Planetary Authority story is sort of broken and inconsistent, but two last stories compensate that Story two, with the alternate Batman Superman Wonder Woman gives an interesting take of the characters connected to the Planetary universe Such take will not be welcomed by everybody since here we have Br [...]

  13. Raúl

    Tres historias alternativas bastante prescindibles, la verdad Nada que ver con la historia original.El crossover con Authority es mal simo No est ni la esencia de Planetary, ni la de Authority por ninguna parte Una mierda que no deber a ni de haberse publicado.El crossover con la JLA no est mal Al menos podemos ver uno de los mundos alternativos que se intuyen en la serie original Y bueno, realmente podr a haber sucedido si los de Planetary fueran diferentes A n as , un dibujo nada destacable y [...]

  14. Nuno Vargas

    This is a collection of the three crossover stories from Planetary The first one is with The Authority and, although I don t read that title, I did enjoy the plot with the Lovecraftian references, and the art, though not by Cassaday, was nevertheless very good The second crossover was the one I least liked, mixing an alternate universe JLA with an also different Planetary The plot was interesting, but the art felt a bit out of place The third story was in my opinion the best We re back with Cass [...]

  15. Dave

    Not as thrilling as the Planetary series itself, as I m not really sure where each of these stories fits in, but fun to watch the team interact with other WS and some DC heroes several versions of each Par for the course for Planetary, a lot of them end up dead We even get to see the Planetary team as The Four just as deadly and thoroughly evil as the ones they deposed in the main timeline.Unfortunately, The Authority doesn t do much for me Aside from Jack Hawksmoor, who is a brilliant and aweso [...]

  16. Joe Young

    4 5Warren Ellis writerPhil Jimenez Jerry Ordway John Cassaday artistsThree stories featuring cross over type events where the Planetary group comes into contact with the Authority during an attempted alien invasion, an alternate Earth Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman rise up to overthrow the tyrranical, secret rule of their alternate reality Planetary group, and a story where the Planetary group investigate a victim of the city zero science camp and are accidentally shifted through various alte [...]

  17. Pturingan

    Three stories featuring the Planetary team in cross overs with different DC Wildstorm characters.The first story, Planetary The Authority was the weakest story in the collection, somewhat confusing and not at all satisfying Quite pointless even, in my opinion The art was pretty good though.The second story had alternate versions of Planetary vs alternate versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman This was a really good story weakened only by the so so art.The third story, Planetary Batman was [...]

  18. Mitchell Bird

    Planetary is an alright series I am not as big of a fan of the comic as most other readers have been That being said this was a really good volume It has one of my all time favorite single comic issues of all time The Planetary Batman crossover I am busy tonight You are wasting my time and letting a lunatic escape was all Frank Miller Batman had to say to make Elijah Snow quake with fear as Batman simply put his hand around his throat lightly We were also treated with a guest appearance of Adam [...]

  19. Cliff

    Much as I enjoyed some tales about Planetary, I m not sure that all of these were very good The first of the three crossovers takes place within the Wildstorm universe and as a result, it makes sense in the continuity of the storyline But the second story deals with an alternate version of the Planetary team, making it a bit confusing We ve come to consider the Planetary team to be working for the good of their universe, but here we see one with different goals The last crossover seems to be li [...]

  20. Loyd

    Another great Planetary offering from Warren Ellis Co It s an anthology of three stories, starting off with the Planetary The Authority cross over Ruling the World which I liked the least of the three But then again, I don t really follow The Authority so that may account for it The other two stories, Terra Occulta a Planetary Justice League cross over , and Night on Earth, a Batman cross over, are far better Night on Earth is one of the cleverest Batman stories I ve ever read, bar none Too bad [...]

  21. Lloyd

    This is a book of one shot crossovers with Planetary and other various characters namely The Authority, The Justice League, and Batman.While this book didn t have as much of that underlying intrigue and all of the homages paid in the regular series volumes of Planetary, it really did have some great moments The regular series team of Warren Ellis and John Cassaday put together a not soon to be forgotten Batman story in Night on Earth , the final chapter of the book And while I didn t enjoy the o [...]

  22. Jansen Valenzuela

    I never actually picked up or read a Planetary book before and I was encouraged to read this one because of tenenenenenenenenen Batman But man excuse me for the pun , I was glad I actually got my own copy It was an amazing ride I would give it a perfect 5 stars but it fell a little bit short because I was not that aware of the characters However, and this one is what I love about Ellis, is that you can pick up this book and enjoy the ride without worrying about any of convuluted back story at al [...]

  23. Joseph

    While the Authority crossover didn t do too much for me I got a little tired of Jenny Sparks yelling Air Cav a million times , the DC trinity story was pretty good, and made me regret how quickly Superman and Wonder Woman or at least, their non copywritten facsimiles were done away with in the actual Planetary continuity But the real gem of this collection is the absolutely silly Batman story, which pulled together so many versions of the character in a way that was not just entertaining, but ac [...]

  24. Gonzalo Oyanedel

    Abrazados como una f cil excusa comercial, los llamados crossovers entre personajes del c mic book rompen de tanto en tanto la rutina para sorprender Es el caso de los ac recopilados, donde los buenos guiones de Warren Ellis justifican la reuni n de su PLANETARY con otros personajes en historias amenas como son la muy esperada reuni n de sus equipos m s vendedores en PLANETARY THE AUTHORITY y los mitos Pop reinterpretados de PLANETARY JLA Sobre ambas se alza PLANETARY BATMAN, homenaje cuya espec [...]

  25. Kirsten

    This collects three stories in Ellis s Planetary series The Authority Ruling the World, JLA Terra Occulta, and Batman Night on Earth These were the first Planetary stories I d read, and thus the whole thing was a bit confusing, but I still enjoyed this I thought the Batman crossover was particularly good, with the artwork and style shifting from one incarnation of Batman to another I think I would have gotten out of this if I d read of the whole series, though.

  26. Shane

    Mr Ellis how I love thee, let me count the ways.This is 3 different stories The first one was just kinda great The second one was probably the darkest comic story I ve ever read and therefore really freaking great The third was also you guessed it great This is solidly 5 star territory I m SOOOOOO glad I picked this up.Sorry to go into such excruciating detail but I think you get it READ THISW.

  27. Justin

    It was pretty much what I expected out of a series that is both phenomenally written, drawn, and involves a multi verse The inclusion of other DC heroes teams villains was great, and I really liked seeing alternate universes where the protagonists were less than amazing, moral, and ethical It really gives a rounded view of reality that I think can be easy to lose sight of in comics, but very important to keep in mind.

  28. Gavin

    This was the first Planetary Book I ve read, and while I was barely able to follow the first of the three stories, the other two were very interesting, and the Batman story especially was fascinating I love looking at different perspectives and alternate realities of characters and how they would change in different settings, so this was a very interesting read for me definitely It also made me very interested in getting into some Warren Ellis work.

  29. Francorum Martinezku

    tres demostraciones de por que Planetary fue el mejor comic producido entre 1999 y el 2010, viendolosentre los heroes mas poderosos de su mundo y siendo mas determinantes manteniendose con un perfil bajo, demostrando que si ellos fueran los malos de la pelicula serian aterradoredejandonos agradecido que sean los Buenos y finalmente mostrando al unico rival a la altura del Mito de Batman Snow su equivalente en su universo

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