A Quiet Death (2020)

A Quiet Death Cari Hunter A Quiet Death In book three in the Dark Peak series things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr Meg Fielding Dating each other seems to be working their families are behaving themselves and the worst
  • Title: A Quiet Death
  • Author: Cari Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781626398153
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
A Quiet Death Cari Hunter In book three in the Dark Peak series, things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr Meg Fielding Dating each other seems to be working, their families are behaving themselves, and the worst of the post Christmas crime wave is over.The discovery of a Pakistani girl s body out on the moors changes all that No one knows who she is, who hurt her, or how she cameIn book three in the Dark Peak series, things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr Meg Fielding Dating each other seems to be working, their families are behaving themselves, and the worst of the post Christmas crime wave is over.The discovery of a Pakistani girl s body out on the moors changes all that No one knows who she is, who hurt her, or how she came to be there As pressure mounts on East Derbyshire Special Ops for a quick resolution, it becomes ever apparent that the case won t provide one.With the Pakistani community closing ranks, and threads of suspicion reaching farther than anyone could have predicted, the investigation leaves Sanne facing an ordeal she may not survive.
A Quiet Death Cari Hunter

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One thought on “A Quiet Death

  1. Lex Kent

    Get your hands on this book I am starting to think that I am developing a fangirl crush on Hunter Three books in a row, by her, I have given 5 Stars That does not happen often I can count the number of authors, on one hand, that can put out this kind of quality, every time Also, to have all the books in a series get 5 Stars, that s even rarer I m in awe really, and only mad about one thing That it took me this long to actual read her books Okay, enough kissing butt, let s get to the book A Quiet [...]

  2. Jem

    Giddy with excitement that best described how I felt when this book dropped on Netgalley Of course, that was immediately tempered by the realization that this is the third book in the series, featuring the same couple, in the same general settings, with essentially the same cast of supporting characters and handling yet another violent crime The novelty has worn off long ago Son the author still come up with something fresh and exciting, while reusing all the usual elements from the previous two [...]

  3. Tiff

    I have said it before, and I will say it again Cari Hunter writes fantastic books She is hands down one of the best authors in this genre The Dark Peak series has been an absolute delight I completely adore the two main characters of this series, Meg and Sanne I have loved seeing the progression of their relationship and the craziness that they have had to endure With that being said, I was not floored by this particular book To me it s good It s just missing some of the sparks of the previous t [...]

  4. Penny

    Oh man, I really like San and Meg.And Eleanor.I really do.Also, my brain is probably gonna keep reading english sentences with a british accent for a few days.

  5. Just a man's point of view

    The Dark Peak series stands out in the whole lesbian fiction panorama, because of its realism Both the darkest aspect of crime and the love story are described meticulously in the cold, hard light of day Mannerism and romance forgotten, crime is violent, cruel, perverted and life is anything but peaches and cream Sanne and Meg are real women who stumble, have fears and uncertainty and their heroism is the heroism of all real people refusing to give up, loving each other in front of every circums [...]

  6. Samantha Luce

    Sanne Jensen and Meg Fielding rock So glad they are finally embracing being a couple Now, about the book itself Awesome Very vivid settings Crimes you desperately want solved and they are solved in realistic ways by very capable characters The characters, not just the mains, but the co stars as well are well written and easy to relate to This is book 3 in a series I ve read them all and given them high marks To me I think it s best if you read them in order to to get enjoyment out of this book, [...]

  7. Endlesscribbles

    Absolutely loved this book and a wonderful series from Cari Hunter.Seeing Sanne and Meg relationship moving forward, to all the twists and turns of the police investigation, and learning about the people on Sanne s squad.Hoping that this series continues and looking forward to a fourth book.

  8. Diane Wallace

    I loved the lighthearted underlying current of chemistry between both leads yet added to the mix was this genuine serious story and plot that i devouredwas a well written book that treats its characters as than stereotypes or cliches,was very impressed with the author s attention to detailing where the storyline was heading,pacing and editing was awesome,love love the UK dialects.ry risky topic justice cause that i admire the author on writing about,great supporting cast and well written side a [...]

  9. Agirlcandream

    Brilliant If you have not read the first book in this series, No Good Reason and you love a good thriller, stop reading this review and buy that book You won t regret it With this third book in The Dark Peak series, Cari Hunter establishes her place at the top of the growing genre of thrillers police procedurals with lesbian leads A Quiet Death is than just Romantic Intrigue Sure, there is a lovely romance featuring the ongoing relationship of Meg and Sanne Theirs is a friendship which has bloo [...]

  10. T

    I loved every audiobook in this series Cari writes superb crime drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat and still manages to infuse great romance and humor She also was fortunate enough to get a great narrator, which is dreadfully rare in lesbian fiction audio books I wish she had books out, I m never disappointed.

  11. Gaby

    I didn t want to read this book Despite the fact that I ve previously read a couple of Ms Hunter s books and loved them, I tend to avoid gruesome stories and I normally go for romances or light mystery action books However, after seeing so many good reviews about this series I decided to take the plunge and read it I read the series chronologically starting with No good reason and I suggest that you do the same Not because these are not standalone novels but because you will lose the chance to e [...]

  12. Bobbi

    My favorite non couple is back and finally a couple I tried to nitpick this title to try to find some flaws so as not to sound so biased, but I really couldn t find anything glaringly wrong with A Quiet Death Sanner and Meg are just so perfect for each other and Hunter does a good job of showing the love and support these two provide each other The crime mystery was a good as past books and I really didn t see coming who the antagonist was The other minor characters are present and we learn a bi [...]

  13. Alexis

    Another absolutely riveting read by the amazing Cari Hunter This is the third installment in the Dark Peak series and we once again tag along with detective Sanne Jensen en her girlfriend Dr, Meg Fielding Finally they got their act together and started dating which I ve been waiting for since book 1.The story I found incredibly well written and I loved that we got a glimpse in to DI Eleanor Stanhope s mind It added just that little extra to really round out the narrative Plot wise this story is [...]

  14. Luce

    5 STARS for the audiobook In reality, I listened to the much of the book and also read on my own I listen at work and read at home The narrator, Nicola Victoria Vincent is excellent as always She has narrated all but Hunter s Snowbound and a couple of Jenny Frame s books.I really liked this book I love Sanne Meg They have been BFFs since they were kids, then friends with benefits and here they are finally a true couple What a great romantic arc Hunter wrote in this trilogy I love Sanne s co work [...]

  15. Kennedy

    I am hooked and it feels so very good The plot involving police procedural and medicine is interesting by itself Add two very likeable main characters that fight for what is right and for each other Well, in my opinion, you have intrigue, mystery and a winner Although the crimes are horrific and there is quite a bit of pain, Sanne Jensen and Meg Fielding are so very resilient Continue to like Sanne s partner, Nelson Turay The writing is solid and makes you not only feel but care about what happe [...]

  16. Stephanie

    I m not sure I can say anything that hasn t already been said This is an amazing 3rd installment of an amazing series by Cari Hunter If you haven t read themyou should This 3rd book did not disappoint I can t decide if it s my favorite or not It s definitely the most exciting Literally filled with pretty non stop action and just enough twists that you can t see what s coming Please Cari Hunterlet there be anotherAn absolute 5 star plus read.I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in e [...]

  17. Cari Hunter

    I m not going to rate it because that would be tacky as hell, but Nicola Vincent has done a splendid job with the narration and I loved every damn minute of it.

  18. Heather Henkel

    Great readI really enjoyed this book and i love this series I find meg and sanne very captivating and i love their relationship.

  19. Angela Koenig

    A Quiet Death is the most recent book from one of my favorite authors and it did not disappoint Hunter tells a story with solid pacing and well chosen if sometimes gritty detail Something I like is her use of colloquialisms that add authenticity to her portrayal of the Peak district I m assuming that chooks are chickens Sanne and Meg are two unique characters whose lives I enjoy sharing and I m growing fond of the supporting cast in the stories More please.

  20. Alicia

    This series to me seem to get better with each series can t wait to see what happens next and thanks to no cliffhangers Arc give by NetGalley for an honest review.

  21. Flowerscat

    AQD is my favourite of the Dark Peak series I ended up binge reading all 3 books back to back With each book we see the characters growing and developing, and the writing and the plot just kept getting better After the first slow ish couple of chapters in AQD, the pace really picks up and draws the reader into the story that is hard to resist The icing on the cake is the nail biting finish I can imagine that if someone was narrating this story to me I wouldn t want them to stop till the end I es [...]

  22. NollySepulveda

    It was nice to once again read about Sanner and Meg, these characters were fun to get to know as well as their dysfunctional family I enjoyed the intrigues and thrillers involved in this series, trying to get to the whodunit and why before getting to the end of the telling of these stories is one of the best parts I like about reading books and these have been fun to solve Looking forward to reading books by this Author.

  23. Alena

    Whew, waiting for my heartbeat to return to normal.Really good thriller and police procedural I love the utter northerness of this series I like how this series does not fall into the will they won t they trap many crime series fall into in regard to the main character and I greatly enjoy reading about Sanne and Meg s quiet domesticity that sharply contrasts with both their childhoods and what they encounter in their respective workplaces.I have wee complaints in that the violence here in this s [...]

  24. Dreaming

    The third book of the Peak District series was for me a tad less spellbinding as the other two, but I m not sure if it s because of the book itself or because I was preoccupied by too much work.Trafficking of Eastern European woman is a serious problem for the police in Western Europe and then we only talk about the legal, traceable side of prostitution The illegal side is much much worse and harder to fight, as it s so well described in this story.I really enjoyed the main characters new stage [...]

  25. Val

    Sad that this may be the last book of this series Great stories and I would certainly miss Sanne and Meg Come on, Cari Give us another Btw, I would definitely read these books in order Otherwise, you ll not understand what this couple went through to be together.

  26. Penelope

    An honest review thanks to NetGalley Hunter is an amazing writer and did awesome once again with this book I must say I think this is my favorite in the Sanne and meg series The case as well as how it connected to Meg s work and the drama with San s father brought this book together The investigation and San herself were amazing This is a fantastic read, and you won t be disappointed

  27. Jam

    I really like this books The characters are fun and the mystery is very good You get the best of both worlds.

  28. Velvet Lounger

    4.5This is the third book in Cari Hunters Dark Peak series, it stands alone, but the back history is nice to have and all three are absolutely excellent thrillers with a side order of gentle romance.Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr Meg Fielding have been friends forever supporting each other as they fought to escape the dead end estate they grew up on After years of an on and off casual fling they have finally realized that they are far better together than apart and their lives are settling down i [...]

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