Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee (2020)

Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee Melanie Milburne Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee The perfect lie Violet Drummond can t face another office Christmas party as a singleton but charismatic family friend Cameron McKinnon seems like the perfectly platonic plus one for the festive seas
  • Title: Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee
  • Author: Melanie Milburne
  • ISBN: 9780373139637
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee Melanie Milburne The perfect lie Violet Drummond can t face another office Christmas party as a singleton, but charismatic family friend Cameron McKinnon seems like the perfectly platonic plus one for the festive season Until he reveals his plan to make Violet his convenient fianc e Wealthy architect Cameron sees this charade as the perfect escape hatch from the unwelcome attention ofThe perfect lie Violet Drummond can t face another office Christmas party as a singleton, but charismatic family friend Cameron McKinnon seems like the perfectly platonic plus one for the festive season Until he reveals his plan to make Violet his convenient fianc e Wealthy architect Cameron sees this charade as the perfect escape hatch from the unwelcome attention of an important client s wife, but soon fake feelings shift to real attraction There s only one thing Cameron wants to unwrap on Christmas morning the staid suit from Violet s lush body and he s willing to push the boundaries of their agreement to accommodate his growing desire
Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee Melanie Milburne

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    253 Melanie Milburne
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One thought on “Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee

  1. Jenny

    seriously is this what Harlequin Presents has come to heroine having a foursome with 3 men but of course she was drunk when it happened so no problem I am not surprised this author wrote something like this to be honest I like her writing style but she is far too modern for me.

  2. Helen

    MS Milburne has a way with words that will draw the reader into a world of love happiness and of course some ups and downs along the way and this one is fabulous.Violet Drummond is Scottish and comes from such a loving family her siblings are happily married and her parents still so much in love but sadly Violet is still single and she would love nothing than to find the one, the one man that will melt her heart and give her what she has always wanted and maybe that person has been there for a [...]

  3. Fran

    I am with the previous reviewer, Jenny What the heck is Harlequin publishing these days I ve been a long time Harlequin romance reader, but what they are printing publishing is a new low for them I am so disgusted with this one that I could barely finish then a few pages and couldn t even write the backstory here at this review because honestly I could not recommend this book at all

  4. Danielle

    When I heard that this book was a friends to lovers story I was really excited to read this book, however I quickly found out that it wasn t a friends to lover but older brother s best friend story, which is slightly different And though Violet and Cam were family friends they didn t have that best friends vibe that I was expecting so I was a little disappointed not gonna lie But it did create the complication as well as created a backstory between the two I liked they weren t strangers and the [...]

  5. Amanda

    Romance aficionados are in for a delicious treat with Unwrapping His Convenient Fianceee latest Harlequin Presents novel by Melanie Milburne This story will take you on a tempestuous journey where deep, pulsing romance ignite and captivate you from the onset as one innocent plan spins Violet Drummond and Cameron McKinnon into each other s arms Sparks fly, things happen and before you know it decisions have to be made So be prepared to be swept away and possibly worn the pages along the waye you [...]

  6. Lynn Brooks

    I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story The characters are great and really draw you into their relationship right from the start and have you pulling for their happily ever after Violet Drummond just can t stand the thought of yet another office Christmas party by herself, so when she runs into family friend Cameron McKinnon who is also looking for a hand, they agree to accompany one another to their events as a couple.Cam loves Violet s big, loving family than his own stilted one Their [...]

  7. Dottie

    Violet Drummond has a problem she doesn t want to go the company Christmas party alone again but must go Mulling it over who appears but her brothers best friend Cameron McKinnon After a few words he offers to take her to the party and she will in turn be his guest at an affair which will help him keep a clients wife away Sounds simple, friends helping each other out except what starts out as fake ends up differently Cameron s parents past weighs heavy on him and he feels all relationships fail, [...]

  8. IamGamz

    Amazingly sweet friends to lovers story Violet and Cameron, her brother s best friend, went into an agreement to pretend to be engaged for her office party and to keep his client s thirsty wife from trying to jump his bones What was supposed to be pretend turned into a whole lot Loved Violet She s sweet, shy and survived an awful experience in college that made her leery of parties and drunk men Cam s reaction to her experience made me adore him He s a great guy with lots of hang ups because of [...]

  9. Jan

    This is Melanie s second book up for Ruby award and another wonderful delightful read I loved Violet and Cam so much Friends to lover s story Facing another Christmas party on her own, terrified Violet Then she bumps into Cameron, her older brother s best friend and after some misunderstanding, not wanting a pity date, she first said no at his offer to attend with her He also needed her help to keep a very important client s wife sniffing around him like a filly on heat It was meant to be helpin [...]

  10. Liba

    Violet Vivi is the youngest of 4 siblings and the only single one at almost 30.She has parents and a grandfather.Violet dreads the annual office Christmas party because she has no partner.A chance meeting with Cam changes it.Cameron Cam as a university friend of her brother s, someone Violet has known for years We know he is an architect ,but this aspect doesn t show in the book.Cam suggests he comes to the office party ,while Violet joins him at his father Ross s 5th wedding.But now everyone th [...]

  11. Alexandra

    I do love Melanie Milburne s books She writes such passionate stories, with alpha men who have a sensitive side Violet and Cameron meet in a coffee shop Cameron is an old family friend, best friends with Violets brother As they are chatting they realise they both have a dillema, the other person could solve Violet is sick of being the only singleton at her works Christmas party While Cameron is in the middle of negotiations for a big work contract Unfortunately the clients wife, keeps coming on [...]

  12. TashNz

    Fate had a hand in placing Violet and Cameron in the same coffee shop, after chatting they learn they both have events they have to go but don t want to for various reasons Cameron is her brother s childhood best friend and Violet feels safe in his company, but things get out of control for other reasons I can t share without giving away the story and next thing Cameron has a convenient fiancee.A lovely story which is reminiscent of the Heartwarming category I like how the two have always been f [...]

  13. Adel

    In Unwrapping His Convenient Fianc e by Melanie Milburne, Violet Drummond is a woman who does not like being in the spotlight A bad experience when she was 20 caused Violet to retreat into her shell and no man has managed to draw her out yet The only guy other than family that Violet allows close to her is her brother s best friend Cameron McKinnon Cameron is commitment phobic because of his parent s terrible relationships choices By chance the two run in to each other in a coffee shop and decid [...]

  14. Cheryl Steckling

    Unwrapping His Convenient Fianc e by Melanie MilburneMelanie Milburne writes fantastic books, you will not want to put it down and every now and then I find something in one that hits me and it is like she wrote those lines about me.Violet Drummond had some bad experience back in college and since then she doesn t date and she is has this invitation with a plus one for this holiday season Cameron McKinnon has known the Drummond family for a long time He is friends with one other Violet s brother [...]

  15. Harlequin Books

    received 4 1 2 stars harlequin as of 11 28 16 to view reviews, go HERE harlequin storeitemViolet s past makes her dread the office Christmas party than you usually dread them Cameron is a family friend and should make the perfect platonic plus one and he needs help to so it is a win win situation until things get out of hand and a fake engagement happens Plans are meant to be flexible but that flexible Not usually but the two try to make it work Only it gets and complicated and emotionally ti [...]

  16. Nas Dean

    UNWRAPPING HIS CONVENIENT FIANCEE by author Melanie Milburne is a November 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.Violet Drummond wanted it all A proper love and commitment to a relationship So would being Cameron McKinnon s fake fianc e be enough for her Cam didn t want marriage and commitment but could he open his heart to the possibility of a happy ever after with Violet UNWRAPPING HIS CONVENIENT FIANCEE is full of shimmering emotions and sensual scenes Author Melanie Milburne, in her hear [...]

  17. Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page

    Review Posted at HarlequinJunkieCameron McKinnon knows he shouldn t be lusting after his friend s sister Still, he can t help it There s something about Violet Drummond that he can t stay away from her When he learns about her dilemma of needing a date to her work Christmas party, he s tempted to use her predicament to his advantage However, what happens when their fake relationship starts to become very real Can Violet convince Cameron that not all relationships are doomed and that he ll never [...]

  18. Alexia

    Unwrapping His Convenient Fiancee by Melanie Milburne is a wonderful, quick , classic read Violet Drummond is tired of being the one person at a party without an escort She runs into an old family friend, Cameron McKinnon, they find that they can help each other out by being dates for events that they need to attend The only problem is that make believe becomes real life and the two find themselves drawn to each other.

  19. Nicole P

    SweetA really wholesome, sweet story Almost a normal love story I liked how he was not a billionaire, just a realistic everyday but gainfully employed Joe.

  20. Geraldine Sadiku

    Enjoyed this romance with a few twists and turns that gave you insight into the characters.

  21. Gwessie Tee

    Loved this so much, 4 villans 3 past villans I would love to cheerfully punch though I m quite passive by nature lol, seriously though very good read thank you Melanie

  22. Sandra R

    Excellent book beautifully written and interesting story with some fun parts and dramatic parts Set around Christmas in London and Scotland Lots of steam.

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