Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance (2020)

Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance M. Christian Bionic Lover An Erotic Lesbian Romance A powerful and erotic lesbian romance exploring love lust and loss Pell was lost alone and lonely until Arc appeared Fiery enigmatic and with a mesmerizing cybernetic eye Arc was everything Pell
  • Title: Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance
  • Author: M. Christian
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance M. Christian A powerful and erotic lesbian romance exploring love, lust and loss Pell was lost, alone, and lonely until Arc appeared Fiery, enigmatic, and with a mesmerizing cybernetic eye, Arc was everything Pell needed, wanted, and most of all, desired The next time Pell saw Arc the eye wasn t the only thing artificial about her new lover And the time after that, and the time afteA powerful and erotic lesbian romance exploring love, lust and loss Pell was lost, alone, and lonely until Arc appeared Fiery, enigmatic, and with a mesmerizing cybernetic eye, Arc was everything Pell needed, wanted, and most of all, desired The next time Pell saw Arc the eye wasn t the only thing artificial about her new lover And the time after that, and the time after that each time the passionate and mysterious Arc drifted into her life, Pell saw and of her being replaced by refined and precise machinery and with each departure of her natural body for the artificial, Pell grew and terrified One day, she knew, there d be nothing left of her lover but the cold, the engineered the bionic Pell knew what she had to do but the end, when it came, was worse than she ever could have imagined With Bionic Lover, acclaimed erotic science fiction author M Christian spins a mesmerizing tale of bittersweet desire, lesbian romance, and all too human frailty set in a near future San Francisco where cybernetics aren t just commonplace but the stuff of erotic dreams M Christian s stories squat at the intersection of Primal Urges Avenue and Hi Tech Parkway like a feral eyed, half naked Karen Black leering and stabbing her fractal machete into the tarmac Portraying a world where erotic life has spilled from the bedroom into the street, and been shattered into a million sharp shards, this tale undercuts and mutates the old verities concerning memory, desire and loyalty truly a book for our post everything 21st century Paul Di Filippo author of over 100 stories and five novels Rarely is raunch paired with such style and wit this story offers the sizzle of strokebook sex combined with the dark lyricism of the perverse Lucy Taylor, Bram Stoker award winning author of Safety of Unknown Cities M Christian s stories are the fairy tales whispered to one another by dark angels whose hearts and mouths are brimming with lust He goes beyond the pale, ordinary definitions of sexuality and writes about need and desire in their purest forms Readers daring enough to stray from the safety of the path will find in his images and words a garden of delights to tempt even the most demanding pleasure seeker Michael Thomas Ford, Lambda Literary Award winner
Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance M. Christian

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One thought on “Bionic Lover: An Erotic Lesbian Romance

  1. Jim Lyon

    Sierra Kline s spot on narration truly brought to life this enigmatic erotic love story set in a not too distant dystopian future Yes, there are fairly erotic elements to it, but this book is about so much than that M Christian is rightfully celebrated for his command of language and his ability to create unique futuristic worlds and effortlessly transport readers there Bionic Lover is a simply wonderful listening experience that makes you wish it were longer, despite acknowledging that its bre [...]

  2. Lisabet Sarai

    If you re not one of the unfathomably wealthy elite, avoid the streets of San Francisco They re crawling with drug addled, desperate people hustling to survive until their next Subsistence Allotment Check, people who ll do anything to avoid being conscripted to serve in the endless Central American wars People who will literally sell their bodies an eye or a limb for a temporary influx of cash If you don t have a steady job and who does, in this era of chronic unemployment every day is a day on [...]

  3. Sally

    It has been far too long since I last read a book by M Christian, but Bionic Lover instantly reminded me why I love his work so much The man has a way with words that borders on the poetic, but which remains blissfully accessible This is not just erotic fiction, this is erotic literature that owes as much to the shelves of genre classics as it does to sensual, one handed reads.In Bionic Lover we have a vague, deliberately non specific world that could just as easily be a cyberpunk future as an a [...]

  4. Gemma

    I m not going to lie, I couldn t even finish this one That and I just could NOT get into the sex scenes and this is coming from someone who LOVES erotica For me I just felt like it was very clearly written by a man I get that some women will find this stuff hot but I don t think this writing style is appealing to women on a large scale It felt like a poor attempt to appeal to the female audience that failed because it still held onto the porn esque image of women don t actually enjoy this, we on [...]

  5. Ryane

    This book was provide by Wordwooze Publishing and read on behalf of Thorns Ink.This was a surprising read for me It was a steampunkish alternate modern reality It was a little difficult at the beginning to get into Oh my, the characters though So well written This universe that M has created is simply amazing Literally a starving artist Pell and a woman selling parts of her body to survive Arc There is this looming war in Central America and no one wants to go You end up there through a mysterio [...]

  6. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V.

    This was a strange read and I m really not sure how I feel about it I would say it would be classified as a surreal sci fi story The story revolved around Pell and the sometime in the future reality she lives in Where people are basically given an allowance, and when that allowance comes to an end, so do they So some people pad their wallets by doing some unsavory things in the black market , so to speak One such person is Arc, who Pell randomly meets and goes home with that night Pell discovers [...]

  7. Roxy Katt

    This is lesbian erotica in a Blade Runner world with overtones of Thomas Pynchon s V think of Lady V herself, with her clockwork eye and her shadowy past In a dystopian San Francisco where impoverished people are drafted once their money runs out, two women find love I will confess that my own interests when it comes to mechanized erotica have to do with women in robot suits or suits of armour, but what we have here is erotica of the bionic variety So as not to give away too much, I will not sa [...]

  8. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    With M Christian, I know I am going to getting something unique This story does not disappoint with a woman who slowly becomes machine with each gift her fancy client brings This book caught my attention with the cyberpunk element and the f f theme Finding good f f erotica is difficult This one is dark, sexy and a bit disturbing It is never really explained the reason why a man wants to slowly replace the body parts of a woman The perspective is from the woman s lover which makes it eerie Watc [...]

  9. Shaun Putaine

    Prepare to become fully immersed in this story.This was an amazing read The author does a masterful job of not just showing you this story but of engaging all of the reader s senses through his descriptions You don t just see this story you smell it, you taste it, you hear it, you feel it The author embeds the reader in this story you don t just read this book, you experience it.To be honest I was a bit surprised at just how much I enjoyed this book The book is scifi with a bit of steampunkish f [...]

  10. Shawna Hunter

    Review based on audiobook version provided by Wordwooze I have 2 nitpicks for this book and as I like to focus on the positive let me get them out of the way now The first, I m well aware, is based on an atypical opinion of mine M Christian writes very much in the vein of a famous canadian author by the name of Margaret Atwood This style is defined by detailed description and heavy use of simile I hate that style with a fiery passion I get lost too easily in the torrent of adjectives and similes [...]

  11. Melinda

    Spectacular imagery and feel of desperation The figurative and literal struggle to decipher the difference between fake and real of a person s persona comes across as heartfelt with a twist of determination Loved it

  12. Bella

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review On my blog, it received a 3.5 This was a novella that had a strong feeling of allegory to it, which by the end had be wondering if it was a metaphor for the obvious or something deeper It reminded me of Tanith Lee and the Secret Books of Paradys, which is a compliment.At the start, it felt like the author was a little too in love with his own verbal artistry but it did fall into a rhythmic flow The world building was fascinating, and som [...]

  13. Thea™

    Copy provided to me by the author I won this book in the Erotica Group Anniversary Event 2016 Tja je wint wel eens wat, hahah Of ik m ooit ga lezen Only time will tell.

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