Cold Stone and Ivy (2020)

Cold Stone and Ivy H. Leighton Dickson Cold Stone and Ivy Jack the Ripper gave her his heart Now he wants it back The year is the clockwork British Empire is crumbling and young writer Ivy Savage has literally received a heart in the post Terrified h
  • Title: Cold Stone and Ivy
  • Author: H. Leighton Dickson
  • ISBN: 9781505658521
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
Cold Stone and Ivy H. Leighton Dickson Jack the Ripper gave her his heart Now he wants it back.The year is 1888, the clockwork British Empire is crumbling, and young writer Ivy Savage has literally received a heart in the post Terrified, her father sends her north to a strange sanitarium in Lancashire where the brilliant but unpredictable Mad Lord of Lasingstoke makes his home.Here, Ivy finds the dead are aJack the Ripper gave her his heart Now he wants it back.The year is 1888, the clockwork British Empire is crumbling, and young writer Ivy Savage has literally received a heart in the post Terrified, her father sends her north to a strange sanitarium in Lancashire where the brilliant but unpredictable Mad Lord of Lasingstoke makes his home.Here, Ivy finds the dead are as dangerous as the living, and she is immediately swept into a world of manners, mystery, and supernatural intrigue, uncovering a secret that will lead both her and the Mad Lord back to London and the dark streets of Whitechapel.
Cold Stone and Ivy H. Leighton Dickson

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    431 H. Leighton Dickson
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One thought on “Cold Stone and Ivy

  1. Mei

    I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review The old silent movie Metropolis pictures are just perfect to convey the feeling of this book The story is very confusing at the beginning and all the while I read it I was imagining the piano music that accompany the silent movies I was expecting the old caption to appear too at the beginning of each chapter too LOLThe whole story is like a mystery book from the twenties the tone of voice of each character, the steampunk elements, the love [...]

  2. Megalion

    I read this because a fellow ARC reader read and loved it Our tastes are very similiar And this book proves it yet again.It s an interesting combination of genres You have a murder mystery two in fact A bit of steampunk, there are airships Qualifies as period fiction as it s set in Victorian England times complete with lords Add one feisty woman who refuses to be constrained by society s rules for women You ve got a rollicking adventure of a book The sanitarium bit was a bonus for me Highly reco [...]

  3. Zippergirl

    Heather Dickson puts the steam in steampunk and the super in supernatural.Okay, I admit it, sometimes my first impressions are wrong I was a few chapters into Cold Stone and Ivy and thought I had stumbled onto a young adult steampunk Nancy Drew story There _is_ a character with the corny name of Penny Dreadful, and a girl detective wanna be WRONG I was wrong Wrong I deserve to be pilloried In the end I was grateful that there were four hundred and fifty pages so I could hang onto this absorbing [...]

  4. Jacqie

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This book was fun That s the short version.Here s detail the book is about a smart, plucky young woman who s trying to figure out what would make her happy We can all relate to that, can t we Ivy Savage is a policeman s daughter who writes pulp fiction about a girl detective named Penny Dreadful also the daughter of a policeman when she can So, fun, right The setting steampunk London Maybe it s just me, but just abou [...]

  5. Susan Rogers

    Much to my surprise I was totally enthralled by this novel, a fascinating hybrid of historical fiction and fantasy with the new to me label of Steampunk Neither fantasy nor sci fi are my favourite genres, so I started reading with trepidation But Dickson s world where Victorian life and characters mix with steamships and automatons drew me in immediately It is a vivid, fast paced read with lots of winks and nudges to well known personalities, both real and fictional, that add yet another stratum [...]

  6. Bard Constantine

    Jack the Ripper gave her his heart Now he wants it back.So goes the tagline for Ms Dickson s Gothic steampunk novel, featuring plucky heroine Ivy Savage and many historical figures of 1880s London, remade in Dickson s singular vision Cold Stone Ivy is less Penny Dreadful than it is a paranormal thriller mystery with Gothic touches.The story follows the misadventures of Ms Ivy Savage daughter of a detective and a writer of mystery thrillers, who is at a crossroads of sorts Her engagement to a han [...]

  7. Elizabeth

    Originally reviewed at West Coast Book Reviews.So humour Such chills Very mysteryI finished reading Cold Stone and Ivy a few days ago and still have a big stress relieving sigh when I think about it H Leighton Dickson has brought together a clever combination of 1888 Jack the Ripper history, steampunk Victorian England, a daring heroine and four and six wheeled steamcars and airships and ghosts and dogs and murder and severed armsAs with her fantastic Tales from the Upper Kingdom series, Dickson [...]

  8. Vanessah

    I had a fantastic time reading this book The synopsis really doesn t do it justice.If a sequel is ever written, count me in

  9. Liesl Ross

    Eeekkk I loved this book SO MUCH I ve been singing its praises to anyone and everyone A fantastic steam punk jaunt into Victorian England, with spectacular imagined characters and a crackers story It s so different from anything else I ve read and I m dying pun intended to read the next 2 books in the series Please hurry with the next installments, H Leighton Dickson If you re into steam punk, read this Even if you don t think this I d your kind of book, read it You can thank me later

  10. Alexander Kosoris

    It s rare for a story to really stop me in my tracks early on but, with Cold Stone and Ivy, Dickson did something that I was beginning to think I d never see outside a Kurt Vonnegut story, and she did it in a way that was utterly foreign to me You see, when combined with the blurb on the front of the book and the synopsis on the back, the first chapter has an added layer of suspense and excitement that authors rarely achieve in their work by providing the reader with information than her charac [...]

  11. Brianne

    This book was a delightful hodgepodge of different genres that even includes characters from other Victorian era stories It blends steampunk, paranormal, murder mystery, and thriller, with a dash of romance to boot I was initially worried because I have read many books and seen many movies and tv shows that have involved Jack the Ripper and I didn t think there could be any new ideas on who he was This book surprised me, even at the very end About halfway through I thought I had it figured out A [...]

  12. Ronda

    Holy crap Just finished this roller coaster ride of a story that kept me up till 3 a.m two nights well, mornings, in a row I am thankful it s summer break At first, I was thoroughly confused, because, much as I wanted to like the characters and that s pretty amazing so early in a book I thought I was losing my mind Who the hell was this Tad fellow and how did I miss him being introduced Later, I thought, ohhhhh, it s a typo should be dad Turns out I was close, but no cigar tad was indeed dad, in [...]

  13. Elise Edmonds

    I thought this book was a gripping read I loved the paranormal Victorian style atmosphere and the steampunk setting The world was very immersive Great plot, which escalated towards the end and kept me turning the page And all the ends were neatly tied together Very satisfactory Ivy was a good female lead, a strong woman in a frustratingly male environment A writer looking for freedom, she came over well The de Lacey gentlemen were interesting characters with foibles and backstory that kept me gu [...]

  14. Emily (Infinite Lives, Infinite Stories)

    NetGalley ReviewRead my Review HereVictorian London Automatons Mysterious murders What could you possibly ask for This steampunk and supernatural story will sure leave you on the edge of your seat Immediately, you are transported back in time Dickson s diction creates vivid imagery and curious characters I thoroughly enjoyed the snippets from Ivy s story and newspaper articles woven in throughout the book Very rarely do the readers actually get to see a fictional character s work, especially if [...]

  15. Jean Pendziwol

    Steampunk Gothic Thriller Dickson s ability to combine historical fact, science, and fiction has created a unique thriller with a spunky lead character and numerous twists and turns Ivy Savage has received a heart in the mail, and her detective father and medical student fianc think it best that she leave London until the mysteries of the Whitechapel murders are solved All good, in theory, but mystery and intrigue follows, and Ivy isn t really one to hide Memorable characters, automatons, airshi [...]

  16. christel l. doucette

    Loved this book Hoping for a a sequel So many reasons make this a great book One I fell in love with the characters So many characters of them Complex and unique and fallible Two The twisty storyline Impossible to predict Three Names you already know Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden Four The settings, from a creepy sanitarium to the dirty streets of London after dark And Five superb writing Be prepared to turn off your phone and do nothing but read for hours, because you won t be able to put this [...]

  17. Nicki K.

    This book was awesome It pretty much had everything mystery, steampunk, romance, humor It was killer The characters, especially Sebastien, we re really unique and loveable The plot kept me guessing The ending was amazing.I will admit it took me a while to get into the book, due to it changing POV s and then going to newspaper clippings and Ivy s books But once I got into it, I couldn t put it down Which is saying something because this book is long I m really pumped that the author is releasing [...]

  18. Sherry Ramsey

    This imaginative book takes us to a Steampunk London where Jack the Ripper stalks the streets, ghosts demand justice, and our brave heroine writes novels to escape into a world she can control There s a lot going on in this book, both in the characters personal lives and in the streets of the city, but all is interwoven into a fast paced story about family, love, murder, and loyalty I really enjoyed it Highly recommended.

  19. Alejandra

    A delightful supernatural thriller, with an interesting twist on Jack the Ripper I loved the historical setting and the cast of characters, specially, Ivy and Rupert The book is quite fast paced, but takes it time to build up the characters and the setting I liked all the different cameos from historical figures I couldn t help but smile when hearing the name of Remy s neighbor, and a certain patient in the sanitarium.

  20. Robbin

    Well done Enjoyed this book very much This is the first book of H Leighton Dickson that I have read and was pleasantly surprised The charters are well thought out, fun and lively The story itself was refreshingly different It wasn t all about sex and romance, granted there was romance but the mystery and suspense where the main attraction I would highly recommend this book to ages 17 and up It does have some gruesome and graphic disruptions of murdered women.

  21. veronica trammell

    An old tale amazingly told I did not want to stop reading I loved the charters the base of the story is an old one but the thrilling way it was written by H Leighton Dickson was wonderful and fantastic Loved every page This is the first time I have read any of authors books , I am looking forward to read of her books and hope to read of Cold Stone Ivy

  22. Diana Reeve

    Jack the RipperLoved this supernatural, steampunk take on Jack the Ripper I love Ivy, the female Victorian sleuth, who loves to wear men s breeches and Chase a mystery There are fun and thrilling moments, as we follow the trail of the killer in the back alleys of London and fly on the airships with the clockwork Royals.

  23. Louise K.

    I usually find it difficult to get into steampunk novels However, this book held its appeal the entire way through With a wonderful range of characters and personalities, steampunk technology which doesn t feel forced, and the well written backdrop of Victorian England, this is definitely a book I ll be recommending.

  24. Rachael Ryan

    An interesting book with a lot of cool steam punk and Victorian elements throughout It captured the time quite well with language and tone The heroine is engaging and the story strong A little too long for my liking, but that is not to its detriment.

  25. Piper

    Steam punk and mysteryThis is a unexpected read It s not straightforward filled with twist and turns Ivy is smart and feisty ready to stand up for what she believes in A good read.

  26. Dani

    Wow Let s say this book isn t what I expected I was interested in it by chance and boredom and wanted something different than what I was use to and I could barely put this book down it hooked me and I m ready for

  27. Elaine

    I received this book free from.This book was so wonderfully intense and full of twist and turns.I couldn t put it down.I can t wait for book 2.

  28. Cristi DiGenova

    What a weird and wonderful little book Historical steampunk fantasy mystery, all wrapped up in a penny dreadful Or maybe that is a typical penny dreadful.

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