She’s Too Young (2020)

She’s Too Young Jessa Kane She s Too Young She s too young but I can t help myself Until she danced onto the roof of my Manhattan skyscraper the one with my name emblazoned across the top my life was devoid of color or meaning Now it s rushin
  • Title: She’s Too Young
  • Author: Jessa Kane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle Edition
She’s Too Young Jessa Kane She s too young, but I can t help myself Until she danced onto the roof of my Manhattan skyscraper the one with my name emblazoned across the top my life was devoid of color or meaning Now it s rushing in from all sides, carrying me closer to the forbidden If the only way I can have this sweet, wide eyed girl is to purchase her from her father my employee so be it TheShe s too young, but I can t help myself Until she danced onto the roof of my Manhattan skyscraper the one with my name emblazoned across the top my life was devoid of color or meaning Now it s rushing in from all sides, carrying me closer to the forbidden If the only way I can have this sweet, wide eyed girl is to purchase her from her father my employee so be it The contract is signed Now she s mine.
She’s Too Young Jessa Kane

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    Jessa Kane

One thought on “She’s Too Young

  1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads

    This was pulled from But it can be obtained for FREE here jessakaneauthor Thanks to my buddy Maya for passing that along Yes, this book was basically statutory rape with some daddy ick comments thrown in It was TOTALLY wrong.Totally shameless Totally OTT insta love smut And you know what Cause I loved it lol ZeroMoralsApparentlyFind me at

  2. Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    So this review is about a pervy book that features a seventeen year old girl with an older guy It s a dang fantasy people so if you don t like it leave the room now I m gonna gif the heck out of this review too ETA It looks like people think I m being all judgy and shit because I said that GOOD GAWDS people have you seen the crap I read I m not judging anyone I don t care if you don t want to read this book Get a damn life Maybebut I still expect a few people to read it anyways just so they can [...]

  3. Candace

    What can I say about this one At just under 70 pages, this super quick read clearly can t compare to a full length novel It just isn t that type of story If you go into it expecting a well developed backstory and beautiful prose, you ll be sorely disappointed This is straight up kinky, taboo smut The story is about a thirty year old billionaire who is obsessed with a seventeen year old girl After a single chance encounter, he decides that he must have her and is willing to go to any length to ge [...]

  4. Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)

    I really wanted to like this one I really did I mean it has an OTT alpha, hot sex, but OMG the heroine was annoying She acted like a child Of course she is only 17 in this book, but she acted like a brat 99% of the time I wanted someone to smack the ever loving hell out of her I didn t believe forONE SECONDthat a 30 year oldMAN , who owns a company, a billionaire, would give thisCHILDa second of his time once she opened her mouth.Then there was this little diddy I ve got a little secret for you, [...]

  5. Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Uhhhhhhh yeah So this happened Send your hate mail to Val, she s gotta be used to it by now As for me, I thought I had unleashed the beast and was able to tackle any kind of porno, but apparently that is not the case sadly shoves freak flag in the back of dresser drawer where it belongs She s Too Young is not your typical girl meets boy tale That s because the girl in this story isn t quite 18 yet When Ramsey Beckett first lays eyes on Lolita Veda he fee [...]

  6. Maya

    When I saw the title of this short but cute and at the same time sexy story I just couldn t help myself from sneaking a peak And let me tell you folks, if you are an Alexa Riley fan then this book is sooo for you I really enjoyed it I was only curious if death staring me in the face might prompt some kind of revelation Or just give me a goddamn feeling.I m hungry and lonely and she s got life radiating behind those eyes and I want it for myself.Ramsey s world is filthy wealthy and successful but [...]

  7. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

    Ugh I feel like I need a bath in Purell, antibiotics, and holy water This book made me depressed and horrified The story is about 30 yr old Ramsey buying 17 yr old Veda He s obsessed with her and pays her dad to go to Europe and let her stay with him until she s legal That s horrible and all, but that s not what made me get out the rosary beads for protection No, Veda made me hide behind crucifixes Veda seems like an innocent young girl that s delicate, sweet, and gentle It s all a big lie, she [...]

  8. CC

    I read this so I could write this review Prepare to be totally offended by me and my high horse so do not bother reading if you have ANY interest in this story ok I have to correct my review since 17 is the age of consent in New York However, I will stand by my outrage since he did BUY her But I do stand corrected on it being statutory rape I looked and am appalled by how low the age is in many states Only 5 states still have 18 as the age of consent Some are as low as 13 Yep thirteen years old [...]

  9. Gi"s Spot Reviews

    Oh Lordy, was this a HOT one I would have rated higher if not for the unfinished ending I want to know Now excuse me but I have to go and take a cold shower Damn

  10. Maria...

    2 stars Nothing and no one touches you when you re with me This was an insta love book with a possessive alpha male who took whatever he wanted including a 17 years old girl from her father just because she made him feel alive.It was HOT I can t deny that much, but there were things that bothered me like view spoiler when he mention her dad during sex or promising to buy her things if she let him cum on her face hide spoiler She was a spoil brat and had him wrapped around her little fingerGood f [...]

  11. Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮

    What am I doing with my life This is so wrong and yet I devoured it in one sitting hornbag3 Stars

  12. La-Lionne

    3,5 stars When you hear about a book being pulled from due to inapropriate content, you got to read it to find out what all the fuss is about That is exactly what I did Luckily, for those curious like me, author made the book available to download for free on her website I ve read the story and I don t get why the book was pulled from sales The age of consent in New York is seventeen, that makes both characters consenting adults So what s the deal The creep factor is that there is a huge age gap [...]

  13. Mercedes

    This was an interesting read It was your typical quickie with hot sex and a mega alpha male but I m thinking there was a bit to the heroine than met the eye I ll have to wait for book two to confirm.Veda was a unique character I know a lot of people commented on her childlike attitude but she was an extremely sheltered 17 year old girl, and I definitely don t think that s all there was to her She had this fascinating manipulative streak I think she was much aware of her ability to control men [...]

  14. ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

    I d be all over this one if the hero view spoiler didn t talk about her father jerking off to her and being ok with it Glad about it and turned on about it That made me want to vomit I can t go anywhere near stuff like that Also I do realize a lot of readers were happy with that part and ok with him being excited about her father wanting to have sex with his daughter Fantasy maybe But gross still Saddest part will I ll be put down for not liking it.I d want him to hate the idea of any man wantin [...]

  15. Bark

    I read it I knew better but I did it anyway I have to say, the book was pretty well written I was expecting much worse because I ve read much worse but, yeah, the billionaire ugh hero is a controlling fool who loves to buy people and that is impossible to ignore and the heroine is the definition of a brat and a user These two kind of deserve each other Just pretend she s 18, ignore the entire offensive premise and go with the flow and you may love this I dunno I do know there is another in the w [...]

  16. Jacqueline

    Dear me In my defence, she s young but still 17 He s an obsessed 30 year old gazillionaire anxious to buy something that money can t buy.Alexa Riley recommended this, even she said it was crazy insta lust and she should know after all although this also had a strong daddy vibe running through the set up and in the dirty talk if that s your kink I cannot lie, parts of this were hawt as fuck, but other scenes, particularly the exhibitionist style scenes were a bit much for me icky even I loved the [...]

  17. Hana ♡

    The characters in this story were bat shit crazy.Honestly I thought the story was super hot for the most part But the h Veda was such a brat, and manipulative that it bordered crazy and the H Ramsey was so bloody obsessed with her that he listened and provided her with whatever psychotic plea came out of her mouth Besides that I did like the insta lust and the possessiveness But please tell me WHY Ramsey had to bring up her father when they were having sex, and WHY she had to be turned on by it [...]

  18. Elle

    2 STARS I loved possessive alpha male with power and money He s way over the top DBUT I hate the girl She s only 17 yo and too slutty for my taste Not sexy At all She has daddy issues and attention whore as well Yeah, that s my opinion.The sex was just okay I was hope for dirty fuck but only happened couple times Twice, maybe UghUGH There is the most disturbing scene ever when he mentioned about her father when they have sex.Also there s so much feeling So confusing _ I think the girl has bipol [...]

  19. Rhea_sways

    So basically its a guilty pleasure kinda book everything is wrong but it feels so good Just put your brain aside for a couple hours and enjoy yourself some vain but hot smut OFC I LOVED IT

  20. Ebru

    4 YoungBeautiful Stars Ramsey Beckett has everything money can buy yet he isn t happy He knows noone thinks twice if he suddenly disappears And one depressing moment, on the roof of his building, he looks into the possibilitiesBetween life and death.And that moment a sun shines through his life, dancing her way to his heart ButShe is too young.Ramsey was an alpha male who is extremely possesive and likes to spend his money on his little girlfriend It was a little over the top but that has never [...]

  21. D.D. Prince

    This was absolutely taboo But holy shitoli it was freaking panty soaking Not just soakingnty melting Taboo is kinda my thing a lot of the time and this is fiction plus the h is the age of consent where this takes place and she absolutely consented For those who know me read my books you know that I go taboo and dark with my own novels This was a fun lil escape.This heroine was a bit annoying and it was a bit short for me but that alpha Mmm mm Mmmm He was OTT, obsessed, fuckhot, dirty talking, an [...]

  22. RCK

    What the hell did I just read I m usually a fan of an older Hero and younger heroine but in this book I seriously thought the heroine was like 12 years old Wayy too immature, whiney and in general just annoying Not sure what the Hero saw in her And ofcourse the Hero mentioning how the heroine s dad probably got off on her which in return made her cum really hard had me vomiting in my mouth a bit.

  23. Daniella

    He the heroine s father probably couldn t help it, Veda Couldn t stop picturing all the ways you ve filled out over the years Or maybe that one time he peeked through your closed bedroom door and caught a glimpse of such coveted pussy pukes NO, JUST NO, YOU SICK BASTARD.Thanks for the warning, sraxe and Eve Eve s Review review show

  24. Spoiler Whore of Pettysburg

    This story was pulled from due to content Her being 17 to him being 30 Did I have a problem with it No The sex is consenual Dirty words and thoughts are there It s a great storyline with great writing The only issue I had was the ending An epilogue would have been welcomed Read thru Kindle Unlimited

  25. ◊♦ Naomi

    I don t know what I just read LOL This is a very short read and it was free so why not Honestly didn t hate it but it was still fucked up in many ways She s seventeen and he buys her I mean She s annoying and childish and the entire situation is way too weird honestly And the fact that every men want her Literally every man she encounters is lusting after her, her teacher who asked her to get naked in front of him, all the men working for Garrett that s not the hero s name but I can t remember w [...]

  26. Selene

    I wanted to know what all the hoopla was surrounding this book so I caved and got it While I was repulsed by the male lead for various reasons apart from his age, the female lead was just as unlikable, in addition to being very whiny and annoying Her hot and cold moods left me cringing and feeling headachy, but I sort of wished the reader atleast got a snippet of Veda s POV because Ramsey s POV read like a seventeen year old horn dog.

  27. Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books

    Just didn t dig it Nope Did not like the mains all I mean if you re going to be ridiculous the least you could do is make one of the characters likeable Sex was still kinda hot though so yeah my standards are really low apparently.

  28. S.J. Abbo

    It s Taboo, it s too much, it s dirty, it s crazy, it s over the top and hot as hell, and I would probably love it, but somehow, it ends up ridiculous in some moments

  29. J. McCoy

    Totally unrealistic but who the hell cares when it s fucking filthy and so taboo A definite LeftHandRead

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