Cupid's Match (2020)

Cupid's Match Lauren Palphreyman Cupid s Match In a world where everyone has a perfect match what if you were matched with the dangerous notoriously good looking original bad boy Cupid himself Dear Lila I am contacting you on behalf of The Cup
  • Title: Cupid's Match
  • Author: Lauren Palphreyman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 207
  • Format: ebook
Cupid's Match Lauren Palphreyman In a world where everyone has a perfect match, what if you were matched with the dangerous, notoriously good looking, original bad boy.Cupid himself Dear Lila, I am contacting you on behalf of The Cupids Matchmaking Service You will not have heard of us but we are an organisation that work behind the scenes of society, identifying each person s perfect match UsuIn a world where everyone has a perfect match, what if you were matched with the dangerous, notoriously good looking, original bad boy.Cupid himself Dear Lila, I am contacting you on behalf of The Cupids Matchmaking Service You will not have heard of us but we are an organisation that work behind the scenes of society, identifying each person s perfect match Usually we would not contact our clients We prefer to work in secrecy setting up the ideal environment for the two matches to have a chance encounter Recently, however, we ran your details through our system andwell your case We think you d better come in Please respond at your earliest convenience Yours Urgently, The Cupids Matchmaking Service
Cupid's Match Lauren Palphreyman

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    207 Lauren Palphreyman
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One thought on “Cupid's Match

  1. Filipa

    Disclaimer Not sure if this is the official page for this wattpad story but it was the only one I could find After so many attempts to find good stories on wattpad, and after so many let downs, I d lost hope But, when this story came up on the Discover page, I was immediately drawn to it I mean, it s about cupids who run a matchmaking service How often do you read something as quirky as that Sure, it wasn t brilliant, but it was damn good and very entertaining The characters were all very likabl [...]

  2. camilla

    When I came across this on Wattpad I expected a high school love story where it is a badboy who chases some good girl However, this story doesn t even include that plot at all It came as a surprise This can t really be called a love story, it s like a action adventure fantasy fiction, although it contents romance of course I spent a whole day reading this whilst smiling like the Chesire Cat from Alice s Adventures in Wonderland In short, this story is about how the main character Lila who s a h [...]

  3. Murugesh Selvaraju

    Reading this book was like peyton telling bedtime story to joe Kingman Once upon a time there was a princess and she had a lot of beautiful dresses.She had a pink dress, a red dress, a blue dress, a green dress, a purple dress, an orange dress, a yellow dressSo each dress had a secret power The pink dress, which had pink sparkles all over it, could make her fly And the blue dress, which had blue sparkles all over it, could make her tiny And the green dress, which had green sparkles all over it, [...]

  4. Anusha Narasimhan

    This book does an interesting take on mythology I liked the way many fandoms were referenced The female lead s constant questions and her stupidity reminded me of Tessa from Infernal Devices The cardboard characters made me want to drop the book, but the suspense at the end of almost every chapter forced me to continue.I ve been on wattpad for only about a month and this is the first book I didn t absolutely hate Granted, there are flaws but it was a fun read and I won t complain.

  5. SophiaL

    I have never been as disappointed in a book as I was with this one.I thought the book d be a great love story, but no It wasn t even close to that The start was interesting and some characters were great, but it was just a false mythology book where the author mixed everything.I am going to say it again I am a huge fan of mythology Therefore, I hate it when people change things in mythology Small changes are okay, but this no comment.First Since when was Cupid a bad boy Cupid was Eros, the greek [...]

  6. Jasmine Carlisle

    This book was a bit different from the books that I usually read, but it was surprisingly one of the best There s obviously romance, some action, a bit of a love triangle going on It had the same feel of a supernatural story, but I don t think I d classify it as that If you re looking for a quick read with romance, action, funny dialogue, loveable characters, and an amazing plot, I recommend this one.

  7. Tahsin Fahmida

    After trying to find decent books on wattpad failing, finally I ve found Cupid s Match The idea intriguing, plot good, characters decent.

  8. Ondraya

    Going into reading this book, I expected your typical cliche high school love story Boy, was I wrong This book had some many shocking twists and turns The world Lauren Palphreyman built up for this story was based on Roman mythology The way she adapted it to regular modern life was breathtaking I did not expect to see into this world as much as the audience does We see far than just a love story i recommended this story to my sister who also reads on Wattpad, and she loved it This has easily be [...]

  9. Clarissa

    Read this on Wattpad Cupid s Match was amazing The cover The cover is pretty simple yet very adorable.The characters I loved most of the characters in this book especially Cal .The plot Cupid s Match is one of the most creative and unique stories that I have ever read It s truly one of a kind Why isn t this book published yet

  10. Sayara

    I loved the cover and that is what got it in my reading list, but story didnt impress me that much, especially the later chapters including the god ly wars I skipped all those scenes just to reach the ends.Not a must read.

  11. Breanna

    I was scrolling through Wattpad a few years ago and was looking through books I could never find the right book because everything was all the same and boring until I came across this one From the moment I read the sentence I knew I puod love it From the first sports Lauren seems to lull you in like a magnetic you can t help to move your eyes as the world seems to be brought to eyes before your eyes From every page and every word my eyes just kept moving faster and faster and I couldn t seem to [...]

  12. Bon

    This book is YA and by that, I mean it s YA You can tell by how characters are described with reference to their abs, eyes, or hair That aside, it s a nicely written story The myths aren t consistent here meaning, not only is Cupid not married to Psyche, but he, for some reason, is a 17 year old, like all the other love agents reason not given Or was it There were also inconsistencies when it came to Greek and Roman gods, so if you re coming at it expecting a story honest to the myths, this isn [...]

  13. Mar

    Me gust bastante Es, como se dir a, cortito y al pie No tiene mucho desarrollo de los personajes de hecho, ten s que hacerte tu propia idea de c mo lucen en l neas generales , pero la historia es linda y est bien escrita view spoiler Supongo que lo que hizo que no me gustara tanto es el maldito tri ngulo amoroso, y encima entre hermanos y poco claro en mi caso particular, no entend mucho por qu Cal se enamor de Lila No s , me tiene un poco cansada ese tema Pero el resto es entretenido y super ll [...]

  14. Avery De Witt

    I began reading this book with expectations of it being a cheesy high school romance story, with love triangle dramas and such, but oh, how was I very wrong This book deserves a lot recognition than what it already has now It starts off simple, almost humorous, but the plot really gets going when the match is made and the Arrows start coming for Cupid, Lila, Crystal, and Cal That s when it starts to get really good.I love that the characters are taken from both Greek and Roman mythology, but im [...]

  15. Liv Johnsen

    I hold nothing against Wattpad I have found many a good book on that site, but this however was not one of those good books It had potential Are you out of the roof, it had potential The plot was pretty good and the creativity in thoseSims blew me away But the characteristics No No thank you I was so frustrated by the main character and all her stupid questions I have no idea how she didn t understand anything, but it seemed like it just went round in a ring Everything would be clear and explain [...]

  16. Italy

    Ok, so overall this book was amazing I absolutely adored it The characters Lila, Cupid, Cal, Charlie, Crystal, Selena, Venus, etc, were for the most part great and loveable characters I only had problems with Charlie because she tended to be a back stabbing whore for most of the book and Venus was just a psycho mother A major problem I had with a Cupid s Match was that they referred to Aphrodite as Venus her Roman name but referred to Hermes, Medusa, Icarus, Daedalus, etc as their Greek names, a [...]

  17. Mary

    I thought it was different and cute, definitely one of the better Wattpad books I ve read I wanted development for the match to happen though, moments between Cupid and Lila Practically insta love for Cupid is pretty unbelievable since he s been alive so long Cupid admitted his feelings, Lila didn t, but I didn t really feel that either of their feelings had gotten to the point of completing the match I really really didn t like the allusion to Cal liking Lila too and heading towards a whole C [...]

  18. Lyra

    I ve never really been a fan of the romance genre, especially when romance was thrown at your face at every possible chance in the story, but I couldn t help myself but be intrigued by this particular story.Greek mythology has always been a passion of mine and to see how this has been utilised in the story is quite unique in my opinion since I ve never come across a book centrally focused on Cupid.With the right amount of humour and quirky, memorable characters, this was a most enjoyable book fo [...]

  19. Sari Riveros

    I hardly find good books on wattpad, I read this one because of the pilot in the CW SEED , and I actually liked the plot is very new and fresh, because now we are in a era of vampires, werewolves, witches and a lot of others myths, even de greek gods themselves But I ve never read anything about Cupid and I, particulary, find it very interesting the way things were written and focus Although is not a very neat writting , I did enjoy reading something easy and fun So, my advice READ IT

  20. Aliyah

    Initially the plot was what grabbed me and the start of the book was great However, what let this book down for me was the potential love triangle happening or rather love hexagon It seemed everyone had a thing for everyone I felt no connection to Cupid even though he s the main love interest This book wasn t bad and I did enjoy reading it but there was only about two or three characters in this book that I actually cared about Lila and Cupid were not one of those characters.

  21. Aletha

    Entertaining and a fun world to enter into I hadn t read any Wattpad stories since high school, but it was great to have a chance to escape into one again The story line ran smoothly, although it was still lacking some stand out factor in the writing department and I could get 100% the relationships in terms of believability Cute idea.

  22. Sophia

    Great book The plot was very well done and the idea was really original and thought out Definitely a must read The characters were amazing and I fell in love with them all Just a well rounded book over all

  23. Ruby

    This book was incredible I read it on wattpad and I couldn t stop reading it Lauren Palphreyman is an amazing author and the style of which she wrights not only this book, but the other books in this serious is captivating I truly recommend this book for people who like romance and action.

  24. Tiniestreader

    Finally a fantasy or paranormal ish book with a different concept Definitely picture this as a TV show ugh

  25. sarcasticseal

    I really enjoyed reading this book I couldn t stop reading P Recommend to people who like romance fantasy paranormal type books.Also TeamCal

  26. Patricia

    Intriguing plot, at least at first, but then I got bored too easily and the characters started being messy, especially Lila.

  27. Fati Genez

    Best thing I have found on wattpad This book is simple but good You will find yourself being team Cupid or team Cal Just read it

  28. Alina

    I can t describe my trill reading this version of the book on Wattpadeverybody needs to give it a go just read it and you ll understand

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