Siren Sisters (2020)

Siren Sisters DanaLanger Siren Sisters A soon to be siren finds herself responsible for the lives of her sisters and the fisherman they curse in this haunting debut novel that Kirkus calls an exciting fantasy with a heart stopping ending b
  • Title: Siren Sisters
  • Author: DanaLanger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Siren Sisters DanaLanger A soon to be siren finds herself responsible for the lives of her sisters and the fisherman they curse in this haunting debut novel that Kirkus calls an exciting fantasy with a heart stopping ending by an author to watch Lolly Salt has three beautiful sisters When they re not in school or running their small town s diner, they re secretly luring ships to their doom fromA soon to be siren finds herself responsible for the lives of her sisters and the fisherman they curse in this haunting debut novel that Kirkus calls an exciting fantasy with a heart stopping ending by an author to watch Lolly Salt has three beautiful sisters When they re not in school or running their small town s diner, they re secretly luring ships to their doom from the cliffs of Starbridge Cove, Maine With alluring voices that twelve year old Lolly has yet to grow into not that she wants to anyway the Salt sisters do the work mandated by the Sea Witch, a glamorously frightening figure determined to keep the girls under her control With their mother dead after a terrible car crash, and their father drowning in grief, the sisters carry on with their lives and duties until a local sea captain gets suspicious about the shipwrecks.On the day before her birthday, Lolly watches in helpless horror as her sisters are lured themselves by curse reversing fishermen and suddenly it s up to her and her best friend Jason to rescue the sirens of Starbridge Cove.
Siren Sisters DanaLanger

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One thought on “Siren Sisters

  1. Hannah Greendale

    Lolly Salt and her sisters are the cursed sirens of Starbridge Cove Maine Most nights they walk to the cliffs along the ocean, beckoned by the Sea Witch, and sing to the ships in the dark Their voices lure trawlers and cargo ships to their doom Lolly only has to watch, but soon she ll turn thirteen and her transformation into a siren will be complete Time is running out if she s going to break the curse and free her sisters from the Sea Witch s enslavement My sisters are already sirens, and it s [...]

  2. Jennifer ☼

    Why did I read Siren Sisters How could I resist a beautiful cover depicting middle grade girls luring fishermen to their deaths The StrengthsThis was a great read Lolly wants to be normal like any 12 year old wants to be , but she s turning into a siren I remember what it was like to be 12 Siren Sisters resonated with me despite how far I am from being a siren or a 12 year old.It s wonderful to read about strong, loving, capable, supportive sisters These are characters you want to spend time wit [...]

  3. Elise (TheBookishActress)

    Maybe she wants you to use it Maybe she s tired of the shipwrecks as we are Maybe she just wanted somebody to hear her story and understand Maybe she just wanted somebody to listen.Ignore my rating this was just not a me book I think you might like this if you tend to enjoy middle grade Siren Sisters is a good middle grade novel with a creative plot and some clever character work The two main characters, Lorelie and Jason, both read fairly real It s got the perfect amount of optimism, but with s [...]

  4. Mary Booth

    I absolutely loved this supernatural story of sisterhood The youngest of four girls, Lolly dreads the day she turns thirteen when she ll become a siren, just like her older sisters She ll have to sing and lure ships to crash in the waters of their hometown, Starbridge Cove, Maine Turning thirteen seems like the least of her problems though, when her best friend Jason s violent stepdad lets slip his plan to catch the sirens he s sure are destroying his business Lolly s sisters are captured, and L [...]

  5. S.F. Henson

    Gorgeous writing, original story, and truly awesome main character I loved everything about this book Lolly is a smart and fierce character who is hard not to fall in love with But the things that really set this book apart are the impeccable writing, the bits of mythology Langer expertly weaves through the story just enough to be familiar without being overpowering , and the thoughtfulness with which Langer treats certain subjects in the story no spoilers It would be a mistake not to pick this [...]

  6. Amanda Searcy

    I want to be friends with Lolly and her sisters This book was so fun The writing grabs you right from the very start I didn t want it to end I could spend a lot of time with these characters and the rugged Maine coastline Lolly is such a beautifully developed character who is dealing with school, friendships, griefd turning into a siren The twists and turns of the story are very clever and you will be routing for Lolly the whole time.

  7. Kati Bartkowski

    Siren Sisters is a wonderful MG fantasy with likable and relatable characters The writing is absolutely gorgeous from its spot on MG voice, to settings so vivid it made me miss my old East Coast home.Siren Sisters follows Lolly Salt, a girl who has had to sacrifice dreams after a tragic accident, and is only days away from becoming a siren, like her older sisters Lolly s love for her sisters is deep and real feeling, as is her budding romance with her best friend Besides the beautiful settings, [...]

  8. Kitkat

    I thought the ending wasn t really an ending Also I didn t fall in love with the characters Also I felt like the sisters could have been developed I don t know I thought it was okay.

  9. Karina

    This is the story of four sisters who are under a curse to be sirens in their small coastal Maine town Lolly Salt, the youngest, is a few days away from turning twelve, the age where she turns into a siren herself The day before her birthday, she watches her three older sisters get lured into a trap and then put asleep by a local sea captain.Lolly is an intriguing character who is torn between fighting her destiny and standing by her sisters An action packed debut filled with so much heart.

  10. Erica George

    This was such a well written book Langer combines mythology, adventure, and beautiful prose to create a story that stuck with me for quite some time Lolly, on the verge of joining her sisters and becoming a siren, must find a way to save them from the hands of her best friend s father The characterization was realistic and well developed, and it was the perfect middle grade adventure to add to my collection I recommended it to the media specialist at my school, and she will be adding it to the l [...]

  11. Corabel Shofner

    Oh me oh my, Siren Sisters by Dana Langer I might just become a Siren myself, but there s that little problem of sinking ships and the even bigger obstacle, like Lolly I can t sing like they can Not yet, anyway I try to join them, but every time I open my mouth, instead of that beautiful strawberry sound, it s like the croaking of a frog The musical equivalent of a lump of mashed potatoes Beautiful book of loss and sisters and love.

  12. Scott Fillner

    Like the sirens upon the rocky shores, this book called to me and I couldn t resist I really enjoyed the characters and the adventure and action of this book I found myself numerous times getting lost into the life of the main character I really liked her age and her challenges I thought Dana did an amazing job of displaying that conflict through works and phrases I can t wait for MG early YA readers to get their scales, I mean toes.

  13. Wendy MacKnight

    Wow The book pulls you in from he very first page and doesn t let go until the end The story of a Lolly, a soon to be siren like her sisters thanks to a spell cast by the Sea Witch, this book is part myth, part thriller, part friendship tale, with two unforgettable characters willing to risk everything to save their town and themselves Langer waves a beautiful tale that had me turning every page to see what would happen next A must read

  14. Alexandra Ott

    SIREN SISTERS is a unique, compelling middle grade fantasy with gorgeous writing and incredible atmosphere Lolly is such a great character with a truly authentic voice The story is fast paced and fun, with bits of mythology and magic woven throughout I love the family relationships, too they re honest and well drawn Highly recommend for fans of middle grade fantasy

  15. Eilonwy

    Lolly Salt is anxious Her thirteenth birthday is coming up fast, and on that day, she will become a full fledged Siren, just like her three older sisters Her hair will change color, she ll get scales on her feet and ankles, and she ll have to stay up all night luring boats to their doom Her sisters don t seem to mind But Lolly doesn t feel any enthusiasm for this fate She wants to go to school and do normal things with her best friend Jason But how can she change a destiny that s already in moti [...]

  16. Jeannie

    Three sisters have a secret life on a coastal town in Maine as sirens who lure sailors and ships to their death and destruction This not a willful deed but the result of a promise made in desperation to the Sea Witch Their younger sister, Lolly, anxiously watches awaiting her 13th birthday when she too will become a siren, trying to find a way to break the curse This is an exciting story.

  17. Eva

    A very cool concept but definitely a first novel Felt extremely rushed in places with not as much padding as the premise and setting called for.

  18. Meagan

    It took a couple chapters for me to really get into this, but I am so glad I stuck with it This turned out to be a fantastic story I love how it dug into the history of the small town its set in, uncovering various threads of the cultures, people, injuries, grudges, and wrong doing both past and present that had taken place there It s not a long book, but its scope is hundreds of years worth of town history, as well as the mythology, magic, burdens, and guilt the townspeople brought with them fr [...]

  19. K.L. Hallam

    Beautifully written, I was captured by this spellbinding tale of sisters, their secrets, and how they sacrifice for love Magical and real to life characters like Lorelei, who s about to turn thirteen She ll suffer the same fate as her sisters unless she can break the curse and stop the Sea Witch for controlling their lives One of my favorite 2017 middle grade debuts

  20. Mercedes

    I thought the idea of this story was awesome, but I don t feel like it was executed very well The story revolves around Lolly and her friend Joshua, but Lolly s three sisters, Lara, Lily and Lula are completely interchangeable There is no background given for the three sister who are also Sirens , so it s really hard to differentiate between the three whenever they re mentioned.Also, there s really no reason given until the end, and even then it s pretty weak as to why the girls father is totall [...]

  21. Maria Rowe

    I really liked this book I loved the writing and the story was unique and fun to read I do wish there had been character development especially with the Sea Witch and the 3 L named sisters who I could barely tell apart I also wish the chapters had been divided into smaller chunks And I was somewhat annoyed that we never really learned if the parents knew if their daughters were sirens It also bothered me that Lolly killed her best friend s stepdad and neither seemed terribly upset over it Grant [...]

  22. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Langer, Dana Siren Sisters, 247 pages Simon Schuster Children s Publishing Division, 2017 16.99 Language G 0 swears, 0 F Mature Content PG a mild kiss Violence PG 13 death, gun, wolf slash.Lolly is 12 years old, soon to be 13 She is a siren and so are her 3 sisters At the beginning Lolly is always complaining about everything and saying she doesn t want to kill sailors However when she realizes it s a life or death situation she stops complaining and finally embraces her power I really liked the [...]

  23. Suzanne

    Nothing is going quite right in 12 yr old Lolly s life, nor has it been for awhile now Her mother died, her father has moved out of the house, her four older sisters have turned into sirens, the kind that sing and drive boats onto rocks, and her best friend is starting to develop new interests that don t include her The story follows her attempt to gain some measure of control over her life, as any soon to be 13 yr old would, even if they weren t facing their own curse to turn into a siren with [...]

  24. Martha

    Four sisters living near a coast in Maine share a shocking secret, three of them are Sirens who lure ships during storms into the rocky shore, and the youngest of the Salt sisters Lolly will soon turn thirteen, destined to follow the tradition I loved this book, and the believable transformation of Lolly as she realizes how her life as a Siren will drastically effect her future Reading Siren Sisters lures one right to the sea coast, witnessing the world of a tiny town, filled with people who kno [...]

  25. Kylee G

    It s been awhile since I ve read middle grade, and maybe I m just out of touch, but I was a little overwhelmed with how much was going on in this book There was the death of a parent, the absence of the other, an abusive stepparent, first crushes, friendships changing, sister relationships, cultural identity, and so much In such a small space, it was a bit much and I lost the fun of the story I wanted to see of the siren aspect but it was focused on all of these other issues Again, it s been a [...]

  26. Sandy

    Interesting As I was reading this I felt like the book wanted to be YA, but couldn t quite commit to it and ended up as middle grade instead I go back and forth as to whether this is a bad thing because the story sells itself short, or it s a good thing because I loved Lolly and Jason and all of their middle school awkwardness I often felt that this book could have somehow been More complex world building, explanation given about certain events, character development It was still intriguing t [...]

  27. Serenity

    I read this book for my Mock Newbery group I don t think I d say it s a Newbery contender, but it was an enjoyable book and I think middle grade readers will like it I don t know if I d call this fantasy or magical realism I think the premise of the story, sisters in the service of the sea witch as sirens, is a little different and will appeal to fantasy readers looking for something different Although this book is probably geared toward middle schoolers, I think it would be ok for elementary No [...]

  28. Brandi Rae

    I really wanted to like this the plot sounded interesting and that cover is beautiful Overall though, some of the characters just fell flat with all the L names, the main character s sisters just blended together The sea witch scenes and the kidnapping lacked a bit of tension and it seemed to throw the pacing off a bit for me.That being said, I d definitely give this to the 4 6th graders who have read everything mermaid.s are a sort of close read alike.

  29. Keri Douglas

    Langer drew me instantly into this unique and interesting plot about soon to be 13 year old Lorelei who is bound by a spell to be a siren I loved the friendship she has with a boy her age, Jason, and how their friendship helped them both discover and deal difficult truths I loved how original the story is and how family love was not always obvious but wins in the end.

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